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Found 55 results

  1. Hello guys! I have little surprise for you, i will post below key with hidden letters and during the weekend i will be revealing some letters until whole key will be visible for you. First person who will guess missing letters and will activate key HERE- will gain access to alpha test. Good luck and have fun! ------------------------------------------- Cześć Wam! Mam małą niespodziankę dla Was, poniżej zamieszczę kod z ukrytymi znakami następnie przez weekend będę odkrywał kolejne znaki, dopóki cały kod nie będzie widoczny. Pierwsza osoba która odgadnie brakujące zanaki i aktywuje kod W TYM MIEJSCU- otrzyma dostęp do testu alfa. Powodzenia i miłej zabawy! ------------------------------------------ here is the KEY/ tu macie KLUCZ: YNM*I-W*ZTW-L*DID-*DR2U To make things easier for you here are missing letters: N P R S --------------------------------------------- Aby Wam ułatwić sprawę podaję brakujące litery: N P R S
  2. Hello Everyone! Please note this contest is only available to anyone who does not already have access to Escape from Tarkov Alpha Access. DISCLAIMER - Refrain from any trolling, post your piece but try to keep the back and forth chatter to a minimum; breaking the rule will be a disqualification, please keep the posts clean for review. Contest Rules: Just tell a story, maybe it was one you had encountered in DayZ that made your heart race, or a story you've thought up in your head dreaming of what you'll do once you wonder around in Tarkov. Pretty simple contest, a lot of my best moments came from Infestation: Survivor Stories, back when it was called WarZ.. Anyways, hope to have many more to tell while venturing in Tarkov, and one of the lucky contestants will win a key by Sunday morning (To hopefully get some game time in before end of weekend), or Monday morning if the contest doesn't have much attention. This key is only valid for access during Closed Alpha Period. ------------------------------ The winner is @Kleanuppguy, Congrats! You will have the key in a PM fro me.
  3. Kind Regards Escape From Tarkov - Team / EFT Players / EFT Fans. As we have seen, a little more than three months have passed since the beginning of the Alpha (August-November) and activity in public forums has been greatly reduced, we have already been informed of Open Or Close Beta for November, but for now we have been fed with game stories and emissaries of the game. It is not something hidden that many have been disappointed and others more marveled. We have all been able to see how the selection for the participants of the Alpha happened, imagining this we can give us an idea of how frustrating the selection for Beta can be. We were informed that in this month of November we would be starting the initial phase of the Beta, which is in the expectation of all. We all expect a change in the system of choice for participants in the Beta. EoD members expect to be selected first, the Standards (many who have waited longer) to be elected in the same way, but the Alpha choice was not in this way, so what is the best way in such a case? Of course it's not about Waves. Take a look at the big game projects in their Beta stages, including multiplayer mode, it was not about who enters first and who of second, all those selected can enter when it is available, without injustices or privileges. Let's not be desperate, this needs time to prepare, but time is what has been, more than enough for the Beta version. Beta has been expected by many thousands more, either closed or open... we want to enjoy. Now, we only expect the results of the Alpha version in the Beta version, either closed or open. Regards, Rango47
  4. Ayaku

    [New] Alpha Gameplay

    It's legit, I didn't watch it yet, but no commentary, and it's gameplay not seen, same location though. The devs were probably gonna post it here, but I figured I'd post it for people that are eager, and who didn't see
  5. MarcusAurelius

    EU OutLaws

    We are the EU OutLaws!, And we are looking for new people to join us for the alpha, beta and ofc, full release! We currently only have 5 members but are looking for more so we are able to have multiple groups going at once to get more loot and get more cash. We are going to be USEC and will always travel as a group of 5 to ensure we get all the loot possible. We will be using TS3 as I have a server for us to use. We are currently using the DM on the forums to speak about this so send me a message there if you would like to join us! Marcus Aurelius (OL).
  6. Just wondering why it isn't allowed for people to share content about the game? I run a blog and am interested in posting my thoughts and opinions about the game... But I saw the disclaimer and have no particular interest in getting banned lol.
  7. UpperCloud

    How long will alpha be?

    So will it be month or more or just 2 weeks? I just wanna know because you dont get alpha with Left behind edition so iw would be nice to know when alpha ends and beta starts (Yes i did use the search bar so dont judge if there is topic for this)
  8. My son and I have been waiting for this game for ages and I am watching the forums and seeing so many angry people...So to all the angry, frustrated people out there I pose a challenge to you.. It's this simple, put aside your own feelings, just for today, and be happy for other people, especially the people that won the alpha lottery. Take this day, 1 day only, and tell the developers thank you for creating this game for us to enjoy, congratulate the people that didn't have the money to buy EOD but won the chance to be in alpha, thank the moderators for all the hard work and their time for answering all of your questions, give someone else a "grats bro" instead of feeling like you got screwed. Think about how good YOU have it in life, and have some faith in Battle State Games, be happy for the fact that you live in a age that you can even have this form of entertainment to play, I mean you could be living back in the days when there was no television, All I'm trying to say is that you have the opportunity, for one day to possibly change someone elses life and make them feel good. So once again today just for today (august 6th) change your viewpoint, you will be in the game soon, the dev's are working hard around the clock for US to be happy..Give them a break and support them by creating posts THANKING them..with that being said, I hope to be in the game soon so we can all get together and spray multitudes upon multitudes of bullets at each other...We NEED this game to have a healthy, not a TOXIC community....peace..
  9. Your Should downloading prefer to share a few days earlier because of Downloead is determined big? Not everyone has a 20mb / s internet connection. For example, I have a 16mb / s but there are determined people with less so we need but also the chance to download it in time if the download server is overloaded. 3 days ago'd already be ok I suppose at times because it manages to really be any time ready and not overloaded because too much.
  10. MarcusAurelius

    UK/EU Alpha Group/possible future Clan

    Hi everyone, I am looking for other people who have also pre ordered the edge of darkness edition to form a group for when the alpha releases and then maybe form a clan for the full release? I am from the UK, 21 years old, have ts/skype and fully working mic. I am away atm but I will be back home on the 6th feb so hopefully the alpha starts after that. Im not sure how many people you can have in a group at any one time (im sure this was answered) so we can start with a full group then look towards having other groups once we form the clan. Steam Id: Marcus Aurelius.
  11. Just wanted to say, if people will play the actual game instead on finding bugs while in alpha, game will come out later. Very later. So, i suggest all of you EODers should not be happy for the game, but for actual finding as many bugs as possible, which will fix the game and deliver it to Beta phase faster, months faster. If you will only play game over and over again, you will not ease and do any work for devs. For example, if you will report let's say 5 bugs during alpha as for everyone, you may, as a community report 5000 bugs for whole Alpha, the more reports on one certain bug, the more bugs can devs prioritize for terminating. So it may be around 3500 bugs reported which devs can solve one by one instead of actually finding all of them themselves. Just please think about us, rest of the community with not the EOD packs. The faster and more efficiently you will help out the devs, the faster we can get the final product.
  12. Scruffy

    CW Recomendation

    Hi guys, I just decided to play some CW (Contract Wars) , and let me tell you something... I LOVED IT. If ETF gets to be an improved version of CW on a bigger map I will be happy as a kid in a candy store. I highly recommend CW to anyone waiting for alpha and people who are looking to waste some time. I believe that mechanic are similar to upcoming ETF, and this will give you some first hand experience of what will come. Link for CW: http://www.contractwarsgame.com/ I know this wont be interesting to some, but I hope that at least someone find this post useful. Also, this game will run in your browser so no need to download a game to play. Cheers
  13. thecautiousone

    How do you get access to alpha?

    Is registering on the website enough? I have no idea whats going on but Have been trying to follow this game for a couple months. Thank you for any answers. TCO
  14. lordjeewa

    Stop teasing us!!

    Stop teasing us with these awesome looking alpha videos!!! haha who agrees!?
  15. Beaulo

    Weapons on Alpha Launch?

    I was just wondering out of all the guns i have seen in the weapons department how many of them/which are going to be in the alpha?
  16. Arranleehale

    When can we play?

    Hi, I hope everyone is well, developers and future players. My main question would be, when do we get to experience this game?. I'm sure we are all waiting in great anticipation for this release. On the website we see a pre-order page. Now I was about to purchase the most expensive pack.. this pack is something I will be purchasing. What stopped me though?.. well the main thing that stopped me was the release.. when would I get to experience the game I've just paid over one hundred euros for?. Also I see in this pack a lot of additional add on's. When do player who buy this pack get access?. For other people who pre-order the other packs. What information is available to them and are you willing to open up and share any information you may have?. Will the alpha/beta be released in waves?. In light of all of this, the game looks amazing and the graphics are beautiful so fantastic work devs!. Do you have any leading information into the main objectives of the game, the story, the purpose?. Will we get a choice of hardcore servers to stop those wall peaking players for third person?. As you can see there are some burning questions here which we would all love to read your replies!. I think what nerves most of us is a delayed release. We see this happening so often nowadays with games and it becomes ever so frustrating. The division for example being one of the games which seemed forever to come out since the announcement. Community, feel free to share your thoughts. Devs we would love to get further information. Best Regards, Arran-Lee
  17. howie3601

    Alpha date questions?

    My name is Howie and I pre ordered the limited edition of Escape from Tarkov. I know there is no official date when the Alpha is out but could it be estimated to have a playable alpha released with in the next 3 - 4 months? I'll be at US Army Basic Combat Training soon. Thank you for reading and have a nice day.
  18. REEEEnegade

    Where's my alpha/beta/game?

    That's it. Peace.
  19. When will we be able to see a alpha/beta test out?
  20. KREION

    It's March!

    Just FYI.
  21. IH23

    Alpha and Beta news!!!!

    regarding this controversial topic, i have spoken with myself and have a answer for you excited Alpha buyers (including my self)!! > The Alpha and Beta testing will come out in 2016! or *SOON* hope its helpful in no way possible
  22. The alpha arrives soon, and I would like to start looking for some alpha mates. If your looking for few good players lets some R6 Siege together on pc. Will be playing to bide the time till the alpha. I will set up a public match called "TarkovAlphas", with hard core rules, open to both teams mic(for friendly banter). Good way for us to get used to each other. Feel free to set your get together below. So lets join up, play a little r6 siege, and plan our alpha experience.
  23. kurgyn

    Developer News (2-21)

    Skimming through EFT's vk.com (similar to Facebook) page, stumbled across a recent post from yesterday morning (11:30 a.m. Russia time?). Translated: Nikita Brawlers: "What disguise, gentlemen? The exact date, no one called. And yes, we do not want to run crude alpha. We want to run cool alpha, which feels to be a beta. And so we plow. In any case, planned publication of new material. * Everything your time and do not go crazy " * At the beginning of next week will roll out the second edition of BSG Diaries developers and tell / show about his yesterday's march in Lobaev Arms. Included in this post was a photo of a developer holding a sign that I believe translates in to, "We live at work". According to translated comments on this post, it seems there is some dissent among the Russian EFT community regarding the alpha release. The first few sentences suggest that fans were accusing Battlestate of operating under a disguise (or shroud of secrecy) and that they're not going to release the alpha in February "as promised" (no one ever promised February alpha release; only estimated), to which Battlestate counters with "No one ever said that was the exact date". Perhaps developers are worried about releasing alpha too soon (suggesting that the current alpha state is "crude" and they "do not want to run 'crude' alpha", they "want to run cool alpha that feels more like beta") and are attempting to ease on the notion of an alpha release post-February without being straight? "In any case" might mean that if they don't release alpha in the coming week or so then there will still be "planned publication of new material" (second BSG diary and Lobaev Arms report) to ease hype and tension over alpha's postponement. Anyway, thought my fellow English-speaking fans could use a bit of news given to the Russian community regarding their status to ease your hype. I wouldn't get too excited about a February alpha release; too much hype and you'll end up infuriated and sour when they announce that it alpha isn't ready yet. NOTE: Please don't reply with anything other than positive criticism / optimistic comments; I am in no way trying to instigate a riot. I'm just trying to give possible news for alpha and such to eager fans.
  24. As the title says,what are your predictions? All we know it may be in Q1.
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