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Found 60 results

  1. I don't know why people think this is the case (I suspect PUBG is at fault), but in reality these helmets are only rated to stop 7.62x25, 9x18 and 5.45x18 cartridges, they are officially rated as GOST level 2. There are very very few real world helmets that can actually stop rifle caliber rounds, and almost none of them were ever in mainstream production or use with military/law enforcement. Here are the only helmets I know of rated to stop rifle caliber rounds from close range. X-shell MK-1, can resist multiple close range 7.62x39 hits with a backface deformation profile similar to those left by 9x19 on regular IIIA helmets. Vulcan-5, rated to resist hits from steel core 7.62x39 and 7.62x54R at 5 meters. Ceradyne ECH, rated to level IIIA+ with the additional ability to resist hits from 7.62x51 M80 ball that is traveling below 2,450 fps. Those are the only helmets I am personally aware of that can resist rifle caliber rounds hitting directly and without extreme angle (which can allow normal IIIA helmets to deflect some rifle rounds, but this is only at range and with sufficient strike angle). As far as I know none of these helmets are being added to the game anytime soon.
  2. Add taking off helmet and armor animations aswell as vest rigs everything
  3. I propose to reorganize the Weapons Department into a Gear Department with SubForums for Weapons, Armor and Equipment which are then further broken down into Categories (e.g. Pistols, Assault Rifles etc.) which can then have individual SubCategories on specific firearms. Each might have pinned and locked threads giving an overview of each firearm and perhaps a short historical background. As a former industry guy and history buff, I volunteer to help out. Theory and practice are both pretty good but I do not claim to be any sort of ninja. OTH I have a pretty good handle on the commercial side.
  4. CommieJesus


    How many people think that using a helmet should reduce hearing distance/accuracy if not used with comtacs, making viable not using a helmets. (just a thought)
  5. EpicOblivion

    New Helmet Sugg.

    Will we maybe be seeing an american variant to the russian 6B47, maybe we could see the MICH 2000 on PK. https://www.google.com/search?q=mich+2000&tbm=isch&source=iu&ictx=1&fir=ByzralYOPPKHuM%3A%2CDPorI_Wlcami1M%2C_&usg=__5N8RTbsTQBHuqwkoSkE-xPNwKek%3D&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiGvre_3sTZAhVDmlkKHdEVBRoQ9QEIMzAE#imgrc=yJuMHwXiXtweuM:
  6. //Armor tiers// At the moment there are only 4 tiers of armor (Tier 2; 3; 4; 5) and for me atleast the tiers dont make any sense. There is no tier 3 and 4 Body armor , there are 2 tier 4 helmets and 2 tier 2 body armor. Also at the moment there is no tier 1 armor. I think, that There should be helmet and body armor for each tier. Tier 1: Workers Helmet (Should be added), Yellow Vest (Should be added) Tier 2: 3M, Kolpak Tier 3: PACA, Kiver-M Tier 4: UN Body armor (Should be added), 6B47 (UN Helmet armor) Tier 5: 6B43 6A (Fort Armor); Fast MT helmet I think that PACA needs to be made tier 3 armor since theres no point of 2 tier 2 body armor and Fast MT should be tier 5 so it would go together with fort. //HP- Hit points/Health points// //Tier 1: Workers Helmet// In Factory, In Shoreline (At the Pier) and probaby a lot more else there are grey Workers Helmets on the ground. They could be made as tier 1 armor, only protects against 1 hatchet hit to the head or 1 bullet that doesnt penetrate tier 1, has 5 HP and disappears after destroyed, would cost only 2000 RUB, could buy it from Prapor Trust LVL 1. They should be made yellow and you could be able to pick them up from the ground if you find one, so they could spawn every so often. //Tier 1: Yellow Vest// Construction site workers IRL wear Yellow Vests. Since Tier 1 helmet would be workers helmet, then staying on the theme of workers i think, that tier 1 body armor should be Yellow Vest. It would only protect against 2 hatchet hits or 2 bullets that dont penetrate tier 1, it would have 5 or 10 HP and would only cost 3500 RUB, Skier Trust LVL 1 would sell it. Since it would be a light reflective Vest it would be bright in day and night. //Tier 4: UN Body armor, UN Helmet armor// Since recently there was Added the 6B47 Helmet and i think it looks like the helmet that UN guards are wearing in the loading screen it should be renamed UN Helmet and have UN written on the front of it. Also, there should be added the UN Body Armor that the UN guards in the loading screen are wearing. They both would have 30 HP and be tier 4. I think that Prapor tier 4 and Peacekeeper tier 3 would sell the UN body armor, Prapor - for 45 000 RUB, Peacekeeper - for 500 USD. //Durrability, HP of the armor// I think that the HP of the same armor tier should be around the same value. So this is how i think the HP of armor should be. Tier 1: Workers Helmet (5HP), Yellow vest (10HP) Tier 2: 3M (25HP), Kolpak (25HP) Tier 3: PACA (45HP), Kiver-M (40HP) Tier 4: UN Body armor (30HP), UN Helmet armor (30HP) Tier 5: Fort Armor (50HP), Fast MT helmet (All Parts together, 50HP) These Values are mainly chosen due to how much of each Armor I use and wear, how many ammo types there are to penetrate them and the rarity of them.
  7. Sirshroomz


    Paca should be useless against rifle/ANY armor piercing rounds, the Sr-1mp should go through lvl IIIa armor like butter, and whats the point of doing 1 point of damage to a paca when using the GDT tomahawk. 15 damage out of 60 is reasonable enough i think. and what about, say if a fast mt gets hit by a shotgun blast point blank and it tanks it, how about that person gets aim punched ducking hard and gets a contusion?
  8. Sirshroomz

    Shotguns vs armor

    I have a suggestion on how shotguns work in tarkov. in the real world shooting buckshot about 10 feet at a target the spread is tight enough to be considered a slug basically. maybe treat buckshot within that range as a slug perhaps? What do you guys think?
  9. Chouette

    Armor effect on maneuverability

    Hi all, I looked at several armor threads and it seems that they always mention the damage system. At the same time, we see topics about 9mm AP ammo, because people want to use the submachine guns more but since they are not as effective as assault rifles against armor, they are just left aside. But what about maneuverability? At the moment it seems armor only has a speed penalty (which is pretty much negated by strength grinding). There is also a turn speed penalty but if that doesn't affect the weapon sway and aiming speed, it is not really a negative effect, people would just use a different mouse sensibility and that's it. Is there a plan to make heavy armors more cumbersome as one would naturally expect? Having pieces of armor getting in the way should generate more weapon sway (i.e. time to align after a rotation) and slower ADS speed that with lighter armor, as well as more noise when turning around. Also loot/search time should be slower with armor than without it. Acceleration from still position to moving should be better without armor. I don't know about sound (should it be muffled with helmets)? That would make good reasons to use lighter armor over the tanky armors. p.s.: heavy backpacks would have similar effects
  10. AirRegalia

    Armor and Sound

    Someone in full fort and fast should not be a ninja just from slow walking compared to a paka or even someone naked
  11. So, I just played a quick game on Customs, heard a dude rushing the Garage, I was behind the counter, I hit him 3 times with an AK-74N, he took all 3 shots for 147 damage, I had PACA and a Kiver, he killed me with 1 shot, why does Tarkov struggle to identify that a non-armored target is more susceptible to bullet wounds, I hit center mass, his heart is there, yet he lives? What the heck is going on with Tarkov and lucky kids sponging bullets consistantly!???
  12. alekskool3

    Scavs with homemade body armor

    This video shows how to make body armor that stops 9mm.
  13. BsgRacetrackPio

    Being hit on wearing Bulletproof Vests

    Hi all. We all know that players wearing Armor Vests (Class 2 or 6) must be hit many more time get killed, you first have to breach their vest and then they get really damaged (or you can score hit on non-covered parts of the body) I know that this fact isn't really realistic due to gameplay problems and this is okay and fun. But when you wear a Fort Armor and you get hit by a Shotgun from 2 meters, you don't die off course because you wear the armor but at least you are very stunned from the hit you got. I suggest to add a Stunned Effect like grenades do, maybe less invasive maybe less durable just a second or 2, but I think this is very important for gameplay. You don't die but the game cannot let you go around like nothing happened, at least a few second of stun must be added, or smomething like this. Maybe the player hit can fall on the ground on his back, being able to shoot back after a second.. I think you understand what I mean Off course you don't die but you got an Hammered in your chest like if it was Thor launched the shot
  14. I searched on google for how to farm fort. I tried wood, shoreline, custom (factory is too hard for me yet // just bought the game) what i have tried is scav or PMC stay on game untill very last like 5min before time limit and try to join the game on night or dawn and wait on scav spawn area I usually kill scavs for next wave but it just doesn;t work for me I'have been farming it for 2 days now but i have never seen single scav with fort armor or helmet what am I doing wrong? any more tips?
  15. fredXbear

    When can I start buyign Armor?

    Hey! Right now I can only get armor from Fence. I'm level 9. When can I buy it from another dealer? Thanks.
  16. migiriboyman

    Skier fortarmor quest??

    How can i get an fortarmor? I checked the quest and it needs 1 helmet and 1 fortarmor..
  17. tigakilla12

    Not receiving insurance

    Anyone else not receiving insurance..... before someone says "maybe someone picked it up?" Playing duos and gear gets dumped in secure location and never get it back. It has been three full days and I should have gotten back a total of 8. Is this happening to anyone else?
  18. Peti0127

    Fort armor

    I need a fort armor before I get that big minus, but I don't find it anywhere. Can someone maybe sell one for me?
  19. SnekFurce

    Buying Fort Armor for 400k

    Ives tried for 5 days now and I just cant get it. Ive tried doing factory runs but no scavs have it. Ive stayed in raids till 30s left and no scavs spawn with it. I am will to buy Fort Armor for 400k roubles,
  20. Tactical_Tracke

    Model Body Armor Correctly

    Righto, I'm going to try and keep this as short and sweet as possible while still getting the point across. In short, The current Body Armor system is not only entirely inaccurate, But drives up the requirement for Armor-Piercing rounds in order to combat them. While the Durability of the Item is important, It is also important to note that various sorts of firearms will completely ruin several types of body armor. Elaboration: Currently you have two types of Body Armor that are commonly used. Soft, and Hard Body Armor. Soft body Armor, In game would be akin to 3M and PACA. Soft body Armor is only typically resistant to Pistol caliber rounds, and Buckshot (although shot will completely trash the vest) Hard Body Armor, As the name suggests, uses hard plates, either Steel (AR500 is most common) Or Cermanic plates to stop Rifle caliber rounds in addition to pistol caliber rounds. (reference chart below for specifics). To summarize, A Rifle caliber round will punch clean through Soft body armor with little to no resistance and would provide zero meaningful protection, Same with shotgun slugs. Pistol caliber rounds would effectively be largely incapable of penetrating the plates and in most modern body armors (IOTV and 6B45) Are a combination of soft and hard body armor. Plates covering torso, back and small portions of the sides. And Soft armor covering the majority of the area (most often rated to stop 9mm and shrapnel). Implementation: With Soft Body Armor, simply remove it's ability to stop rifle caliber rounds and shotgun slugs, while still retaining the ability to stop pistol caliber rounds of most types. Hard Body Armor, Add 'pocket slots' to the current FORT armor in game, and potentially add 'Plate Carriers' and other type of hard armor apparatuses in game. In short, You'd have the Vest which would have it's own 'item durability', then the plate that would have it's own item durability. Obviously rifle caliber rounds would have increased changes to shatter the plate (cermanic) or penetrate (steel) based on what ever individual aspects of the round. Make the Vests more common like Chest Rigs, but restrict the Plates themselves to higher level traders. Make it so that the Plates can NOT be repaired and must be purchased new. This is a very early idea, so i'm well open to ideas and suggestions. https://www.safeguardarmor.com/support/body-armor-protection-levels/
  21. Finale

    Too much Fort Armor

    Played the new patch now for 80 hours and i have to say that the new spawnrates of bots with fort armor and goldchains in safes seem a bit off to me. Maybe even 100% more than what we used to from the last version. I knew its a beta and giving out rare items to players so they can test them is fair but for me it seems like those items are not rare anymore. Kiver helmets that doesnt protect you that well dont have a trade up anymore. You can just buy them now. In generell the game got easier this way which i dont support. If the spawnrates are well thought out than maybe consider lowering the spawns on the factory map because the time you need to clear the hole map is way shorter in comparisn to any other map. For me it was always a challenge to search for and find rare items. This feeling is quite dwindling with the new patch. What are your thoughts on this topic? Finale
  22. Dendrophilia

    Armor Seriously Bugged?

    So are Fort Armor and Helmets seriously bugged right now? First game i played with full gear i get 1 shotted by a pistol in the head. Second game I play I have a friend hit me once with his hatchet in customs and I instantly died.... What the hell am I suppose to do if people can kill me so easy especially when I am fully geared.
  23. TheWendigo

    Armor--Proper Armor

    So right now we have fort armor, soft armor and so on, I would like to suggest bringing in AR500 and AR550, AR650. Things like level I, II, III, IIIA, IIIA+, IV and ect. I feel the current armor system is kind of lackluster, usually armor is a plate or set of plates that go into the PC.
  24. Dr_Shafty

    Body armor too OP???

    Hey... loving the game so far... as long as the lag doesn't screw me. But lets talk about the body armor. Scav wearing body armor, takes an ENTIRE 30 rd Magazine (AK74u) from 20 yards to kill him while shooting chest and legs. I mean really? I know it's in beta and the d-sync in the server sometimes makes these situations happen... but that's just it. It happens over and over and over and over and over. Something is screwy So since the lag continues to be a problem can we please NERF the stupid armor to give us scrubs a freaking chance. I wanna love this game but right now... peppering a scav or a player with a 2/3 magazine of an AK74U rounds just to have the lag kill me... then on the post-game screen see I got 12 hits for 160 damage registered?!?!? that is seriously stupid. and infuriating.
  25. xioaxioa10

    Several types of armor

    So in the interest of variation. In real world many armors exist and cover different parts of the body. As it is now the only thing getting protection is your chest and shoulders from Fort armor. You could turn armor into a modable object like weapons. You could then add soft armor onto the Fort or Paca armor. Nothing over powered like Fort protection on your arms and legs but just the soft style armor you could attach. Then you would have protection on most of your body. If this seems to over powered you could make it where only ONE module can be added. So you could have combos like Chest and arms, Chest and legs, Chest and neck, Chest and crotch. So then you would not be un killable but just have a choice depending on what map you are going into. For instance you could take chest and waist for Factory since battles are quick and brutal. For woods or Customs you would bring Chest and legs armor so when getting shot at from far away you have a high chance of your armor stopping the bullets. Just a suggestion and I really enjoy the game so far though.
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