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Found 115 results

  1. As the title suggests, this is a theory about online multiplayer...Just a theory. This is not my work this is from an anonymous source who did not want to post this. Even though AbsolutSoft, and Battlestate are separate, their projects live in the same world. It only makes sense that they would utilize each others best practices, and innovations. That being said... My Theory: Hired Ops is using the same server COMPANY EFT is using, and planned to release Early Access before EFT released multiplayer in order to take what they learned, and apply it here. This would drastically remove any unforeseeable issues. I imagine that AbsolutSoft has helped the EFT Team, and came to the conclusion that the whole image of CW needed to change, and have some small, but significant similarities that CW did not have, and neither would CW:SA. We hear nothing about CW:SA, and then all of a sudden, they change their name to Hired Ops, the website goes up, and shares a common feel, and design, like they were done by the same person, or group. Hired Ops announces Early Access, and proceeds to flood us with information, and I started telling everyone I know that it would drop by the end of Oct, while suprisingly, a good few said Nov, and the rest ofc said Dec/Never. I thought it would be Oct, because EFT was going dark, and we were thinking that another patch should have dropped, and that there was no news on multiplayer. Then, wouldn't you know it, Nikita drops that bomb of screenshots, announces a graphic overhaul, AND let's us know they have been, and still were on schedule for multiplayer... "At this stage, we are preparing several game modules, among them - a large-scale online testing and performance optimization update. In other words, we are losing no time in bringing the start of the beta-testing closer! At Gamescom the Devs said they planned Beta in November, and people doubted it, and they didn't think it would be released in early 2017 either! So after Nikita made his announcement ^^^ Hired Ops just drops the next day?! I mean, c'monnnn. My final prediction is that the online testing will start around Nov 14th, [JUST A GUESS!] and open beta at the end of Nov. This will go on through Dec, and release in Jan, possibly Feb depending on how it goes....but that's my point...they would KNOW that they could release in early 2017 because they utilized the findings of the Hired Ops test, and knew what they would be in for, and how to fix it quickly. Again, this is only speculation and not my work, this was from an anonymous source who asked me to post this for him.
  2. Tactux

    Any word on the closed beta?

    ::: Please read completely before you post, give the same respect that I would give to you ::: It is now October, 17 - 2016 and we are now just two months past the notification from Battle State Games, stating the final wave of closed alpha participants had been granted access. I am well aware of the strict embargo regarding closed alpha information, so I am not asking for any "inside info" from any alpha testers; however I would like to know if the closed alpha is still in progress, and if so when will it might conclude. With that information, I would be able to get an idea of plausible time frames for which the closed beta may fall into. One would assume that if it had ended in September, that either later this month or sometime next month we may see the closed beta; however if the closed alpha has yet to end then knowing the date it may conclude could prove useful, as well as the date it concluded if it has. "Thanks much" ~ Tactux
  3. nick2270


    So when can the community be expecting a beta for eft? Also, will it be a free too play beta? Thank you.
  4. My son and I have been waiting for this game for ages and I am watching the forums and seeing so many angry people...So to all the angry, frustrated people out there I pose a challenge to you.. It's this simple, put aside your own feelings, just for today, and be happy for other people, especially the people that won the alpha lottery. Take this day, 1 day only, and tell the developers thank you for creating this game for us to enjoy, congratulate the people that didn't have the money to buy EOD but won the chance to be in alpha, thank the moderators for all the hard work and their time for answering all of your questions, give someone else a "grats bro" instead of feeling like you got screwed. Think about how good YOU have it in life, and have some faith in Battle State Games, be happy for the fact that you live in a age that you can even have this form of entertainment to play, I mean you could be living back in the days when there was no television, All I'm trying to say is that you have the opportunity, for one day to possibly change someone elses life and make them feel good. So once again today just for today (august 6th) change your viewpoint, you will be in the game soon, the dev's are working hard around the clock for US to be happy..Give them a break and support them by creating posts THANKING them..with that being said, I hope to be in the game soon so we can all get together and spray multitudes upon multitudes of bullets at each other...We NEED this game to have a healthy, not a TOXIC community....peace..
  5. Arranleehale

    When can we play?

    Hi, I hope everyone is well, developers and future players. My main question would be, when do we get to experience this game?. I'm sure we are all waiting in great anticipation for this release. On the website we see a pre-order page. Now I was about to purchase the most expensive pack.. this pack is something I will be purchasing. What stopped me though?.. well the main thing that stopped me was the release.. when would I get to experience the game I've just paid over one hundred euros for?. Also I see in this pack a lot of additional add on's. When do player who buy this pack get access?. For other people who pre-order the other packs. What information is available to them and are you willing to open up and share any information you may have?. Will the alpha/beta be released in waves?. In light of all of this, the game looks amazing and the graphics are beautiful so fantastic work devs!. Do you have any leading information into the main objectives of the game, the story, the purpose?. Will we get a choice of hardcore servers to stop those wall peaking players for third person?. As you can see there are some burning questions here which we would all love to read your replies!. I think what nerves most of us is a delayed release. We see this happening so often nowadays with games and it becomes ever so frustrating. The division for example being one of the games which seemed forever to come out since the announcement. Community, feel free to share your thoughts. Devs we would love to get further information. Best Regards, Arran-Lee
  6. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Hi, I am wondering if there is a difference between the Early access (left behind and +) and the beta testing (standard edition). Just a question, thanks. Best reguards, ~Evan ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  7. When will we be able to see a alpha/beta test out?
  8. IH23

    Alpha and Beta news!!!!

    regarding this controversial topic, i have spoken with myself and have a answer for you excited Alpha buyers (including my self)!! > The Alpha and Beta testing will come out in 2016! or *SOON* hope its helpful in no way possible
  9. The alpha arrives soon, and I would like to start looking for some alpha mates. If your looking for few good players lets some R6 Siege together on pc. Will be playing to bide the time till the alpha. I will set up a public match called "TarkovAlphas", with hard core rules, open to both teams mic(for friendly banter). Good way for us to get used to each other. Feel free to set your get together below. So lets join up, play a little r6 siege, and plan our alpha experience.
  10. suelo

    early access?

    Hi, i just wanted to pre order the game now. I saw that there are 4 different version of the game. My question is if the normal edition (standart edition) dosnt have the access to the early access version of this game? Isnt the amount a little bit too high to buy the game for 58€ for just playing the alpha? thx for the anwsers
  11. brewweed

    Когда же уже ALPHA?

    Ув. разработчики, пожалуйста, намекните район чисел когда выйдет ALPHA )
  12. danielmadden

    when is beta?

    hi guys! i just preordered the game and it siad i get access to beta and got email conformation. but now beta link to dload.. i mean i waited like 2 seconds after paying on paypal and nothing. Are you guys mad at me? i hope not oh well i keep looking at my emails every 1.5 seconds . and when i get in you guys better hide because i am coming after you!!!
  13. Do i have to pre order the game in order to download and play the beta, also will the game be released on steam?
  14. fourskineater

    Beta date please?

    May we please get an estimate for when beta (closed) will be coming in Q1 2016? Thank you my friends :~)
  15. Hey guys, As a Youtuber/Twitch Streamer, who specializes in Tactical Shooters/Survival Games, I was wondering if there will be an NDA on the Alpha/Beta Tests? I am gearing up to create a lot of content, but haven't seen anyone ask this question yet! Thanks in advance!
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