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Found 519 results

  1. Krallinator

    Kein Craften möglich

    Hey, Weiß nicht genau, ob das hier hingehört, deswegen vorab schonmal sorry wenn es falsch ist. Ich kann seit dem Update auf 12.3 heute Vormittag nichts mehr craften im Hideout. Neuerdings darf man ja die Items, welche genutzt werden sollen, selber auswählen. Allerdings passiert bei mir nichts wenn ich auf die Items klicke. Auch wenn ich die Auto Funktion nutze, werden keine Items ausgewählt. Spiel neustart etc. haben nichts gebracht. Hab nur ich das Problem oder ist das schon irgendwo bekannt? Hatte nichts gefunden, daher hier mal die Frage. Danke
  2. 反馈一下BUG,当人物角色戴上了挡风玻璃带面罩的头盔后,进入HIDEOUT时就会出现这个画面(滑稽.jpeg)。 这也能看出官方是把人物角色吊到天花板上来预览HIDEOUT的(hhh)😂
  3. Hy Leute, wisst ihr ob es möglich ist für einen Bug bei dem man alles verliert die Sachen ersetzt bekommen kann? Es geht um den schönen Extract bug, also den wo der Timer abläuft und am ende nichts passiert. Allerdings hat dieses mal Nichtmal die standard extract auf Customs funktioniert, ZB1011. Hatte einen schönen Raid und viel viel schönes highgear loot das ich ein paar Spielern abgenommen habe. Bin dann Dorms abgelaufen, Auto nicht da. Tanke, kein grüner Rauch. Zb12 oder so, Lampe leuchtet, kein extract. Toll noch 3 min. Also zu Zb1011 und stehe in der Zone und nichts. Timer vorbei Lost in Raid. Toll
  4. Not sure if this is a bug, or just an expected but when trying to put "30 pcs. 5.45x39 7N39 ammo pack on the flea market, I get hit with a FEE that is way more then the actual offered price. For example, if I try to add the offer for the ammo pack at 21920, which is what the FENCE NPC sells it for, the Fee totals to 476,338. Is there something wrong here or is this expected? I guess I could unpack the ammo box, and then sell the individual bullets, but other ammo boxes can be sold so I do not see why it would do this. Attached is a file showing the issue on my end.
  5. Yello! I found a bug with the shop that lets you sell a weapon part for far more than it is worth with possibility of huge gains maybe even infinite money. I stumbled on this when i wondered if the price of a disassembled gun was worth more than a fully built one.
  6. I get this interchange light bug every time I play on interchange does anyone else have this issue and the game will crash right after. Anyone have any suggestions on how to fix it here is a video of the bug My PC specs I7-8700k gtx 1080 ti 16gb ram 1000gb samsung m.2 nvme 970 evo plus
  7. I was gleefully farming Factory on a hatchet run and picked up a shotgun off a scav kill and then killed a few more until i found some upgrades. I tried to drop the shotgun, but it just sat there in my inventory blinking. This also prevented me from reloading my alternate weapons. I could still use the hatchet. Eventually scavs zerged me and I died, so I was not able to "resolve" the issue. Not sure if this is some sort of desync, but it is a highly annoying bug.
  8. HushChild

    Flea Market Bug??

    (Wasn't sure where to post this, move if necessary) I ran into an issue where one of my offers on the market is flagged as "Out Of Stock" after it was purchased, and now i cant get that slot back, and am stuck at only 2 flea market spots..
  9. Rekonsile

    This was a new one for me.

    I believe it has to do with Dysync. This was very scary to run into not on did it happen this time but 2 more raids after this. I tried to drop weapons mid fight and repick them up and it didnt fix the ability to not fire rounds. the only fix was to forclose and relog in. I also killed multiple people prior to this with my rifle so this was interesting and thank god i could melee lol I have had similiar bugs to this but they have always been fised before with droping the bugged item and re-equiping it. Has anyone else comeinto this problem before today?
  10. FreedomFries

    Mentor Quest Still Broken

    The Mentor quest from Peacekeeper is still bugged out. I got the quest about a month ago I believe, and accepted it immediately. It gave me an error and disappeared, and has yet to return. I've seen a few forum posts about the issue, but none of them have an actual resolution for fixing the problem. At this point in the wipe I have enough money for the 50k euros, and I need to complete Mentor to get my sniper skill to the required level for Wet Job Part 6, especially with the skill progress exhaustion now. Is there any solution to this issue, or has anything about it been officially addressed?
  11. There are a lot of players brush power bug
  12. So to be brief about it i hated reaching across my keyboard or leaving my mouse to change my zero distance for going from long range to CQB. So i changed the keybinds to some of the re-mappable buttons i have on my K95 keyboard. Once i did this the function no longer worked. I made sure that the button wasnt changed to continuous or anything and verified it was set to press. I changed the keybinds back to try and revert it to see if that fixed it and now it still doesnt work even on the original keybinds. No matter what key i assign it anymore the zeroing distance never changes. Has any one else experienced this or know a fix? i reset all keybinds and still the same issue. Do i need to uninstall and reinstall ? This just sucks because now sniping is much more challenging to hit the shots taking the fun out of it.
  13. Whenever I ads and shoot sometimes not always my cursor will come on screen and won't shoot just started today watch the video in the center of my screen my cursor appears. any suggestions are appreciated. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CGlOcSMYVEk
  14. xElik203

    Karten Bug v 0.12

    Ich habe eine Karte vom Zollgelände gekauft. Wenn ich sie vor einem Raid öffne, wird mir alles normal angezeigt. Sobald ich auf dieser Karte ran zoome, wird sie komplett weiß. Muss dann das Spiel neustarten damit ich wieder was auf der Karte sehe, wenn ich aber wieder ran zoome, passiert das selbe. Ist das bei euch auch so ? Hab schon nach Lösungen gesucht aber nichts gefunden was mir geholfen hat.
  15. PrinzScheisser

    Cannot download game

    whenever i try to to download the game, i get an error saying that "Unable to load the file "Client." Unable to read data from the transport connection: The connection was closed" it causes my download to pause, and i get it every 10-20 mins or so. i just need a fix or i need a way to get a refund. anything you know that might help, please share.
  16. austinbuso

    Mouse wheel not working in raid

    im not able to use my mouse wheel for anything in raid, it works fine in the stash and flea market. just not in raid. i've tried uninstalling my mouse software and resetting the game to default controls
  17. ke1gen

    Kill Cam (Hear me out)

    Alright hear me out here. There's been quite a few instances where me or one of my friends, if not all of us, suddenly just fall to our deaths. So sound of explosions, shots or anything. Sometimes we aren't even that close to each other. Sometimes it wont say what killed us, simply that we died. Other times there'll be a name attached to our death. I feel like something is afoot here and we suspect hacking. A kill cam would be nice so people can verify what killed them. Could make it delayed by like, a minute, maybe more, or something so groups of players can't abuse it. The game is great, but suddenly dying with no indication of what killed you can be game-closingly infuriating. Thoughts?
  18. I was playing on Woods in an attempt to unlock Jaeger. He is a very important merchant, so I brought some extra firepower with me. I just wanted to have the opportunity to at least fight back longer range, so I brought my semi-expensive Mosin (around 100k Roubles, give or take 10k) The server I noticed connected me to a not US server, despite living in North America (Canada). I was unable to shoot the Scav in front of me due to the fluctuating ping between 150-350ms(normally between 30-90ms).He was rubber-banding and so was I. I wish I had NVidia highlights turned on, when he shot me, he was still entirely behind cover. As I was dying I caught what I thought to be a glimpse of him moving out of cover but it's hard to tell without a video, but that's irrelevant to the topic at hand. Please don't place people on servers outside of their region. Implement a region lock stopping people entirely from connecting to the wrong hemisphere. I was lucky and only lost around 180k roubles, but someone else might die to some serious rubber banding and lose more. Either way, it's frustrating and it makes me not want to play the game until the problems are resolved. If the game did select the proper server in the US, then I had a very uncharacteristic experience anecdotally for myself. I've never seen the server sit between 150-350ms, but there was one occasion is connected me to an east coast sever, where the ping was sitting somewhere between 80-130(which is manageable, but not ideal) I'm not going to ask for my stuff back, because that can be easily made again, it'll just take some time. All I want is that this gets resolved so people do not have to suffer as I did. This game is good, when it works, you only die to your own mistakes.
  19. Was playing as a scav and couldn't extract no matter what I tried. Included screenshots of the timer reaching -1min. Had about about half a million worth of kit which is why I'm mad enough to post. Pretty gamebreaking bug. Nobody wants to spend 40- 60 minutes in a raid risking gear and kitting out only for the game to rob you of your time and loot. Things I tried to resolve the bug: >Use both extractions. (Both did the same thing) >Alt + F4 >End task in task manager >Drop item >Pick item back up >Loot a searchable container >Stay in the extraction for ages
  20. MK_FlicK

    Game needs constant repair

    i noticed a pattern. one day the game is working fine, a small update comes out. and the game never launches and after each repair im greeted to more repairs. after giving up and seeing a small random update. the game out of nowhere starts to work i have verified the game reinstalled the launcher and game itself cleared cache downloaded the file directly off the site and through support ticket link moved it to an SSD done countless repairs submitted multiple tickets asked the reddit community (still no fix) i have tried everything and the game still is not working and i dont have to wait until an update comes up just to play. its literally broken if there is any fix i really need it
  21. Hello, After today's patch my keytool and all key's inside it in my gamma container have become uninsured. That is all.
  22. Binxxx

    Player Killa

    I currently have the Jaeger quest to Eliminate Killa and I found in one raid recently, Killa's body had a pouch slot. Was this a bug, a hacker or a new thing? I don't recall ever seeing Killa have a pouch slot and looking at videos and clips of people looting him, he doesn't have a pouch slot, but this body did. I have a screenshot but not on this pc, I can add it later today.
  23. Long story short I was handing over MVSS backpacks to Skier for a quest and the game decided in its infinite wisdom to hand over the backpack (out of the 6 MVSS's I had in my inventory) with all of my currency stored in. In an instant I went from 800,000 rub, 2200 eur and 11,000 usd to 0 across the board, this CANNOT be working as intended as I am now effectively screwed, had to sell all my barter items and most of my weapons to get some currency back, please please please address this issue, dump players inventory into there stash if a backpack being handed over has items contained within, or better yet inform the player when performing the handover that 'you are about to lose *items listed here* in this handover would you like to proceed? Sincerely, One very perturbed USEC
  24. Lindstrom3

    Is this a known issue?

    https://streamable.com/bq931 my pov https://streamable.com/0hako friend pov Same match https://streamable.com/7tfbz my pov https://streamable.com/wdhau friend pov
  25. SlimGravy

    1000 Backend Error I Guess

    Got a 1000 Backend Error when I left my PMC raid. Tried reloading the game and still getting it. Says to contact the forum, but based on previous posts I've seen of this, I'm not really sure what can be done. I'm just doing what the message says, and hope my stuff is there when the servers stop shitting out.
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