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Found 519 results

  1. YerMaw

    Bullet Trader Money Glitch

    So I found something interesting when you split stacks with ANY bullets you may have as I'm getting more money that what I should... Observe. FYI, I find a lot of bugs in a short span of time given the resources... I only had the game for a couple of days now lol.
  2. vatt84

    Bug report 12/08/17

    Hi there I'd just like to report a bug from tonight. I was trying to solo Shoreline, but from 00:15 (GMT) onwards it would hit the "Awaiting server response" part of loading then kick me out and accuse me of deserting. I tried to reconnect about 5 times but got the same response and got kicked out at the same time. It is odd as I had some fun raids with friends earlier in the night on Shoreline.
  3. Czapel

    Rozłączanie podczas lootowania

    Cześć. Mój problem polega na tym że zdarza się czasami gdy próbuje otworzyć skrzynkę/szafkę lub podnieść przedmiot dostaje laga i nie mogę zrobić nic po za poruszaniem się moją postacią. Nie mogę nawet wyjść z rajdu czy użyć opcji "disconnect". Ktoś miał podobny problem i wie jak go rozwiązać?
  4. hunter97

    Interesting Sound Bug

    On the map customs where the office that supposed to contain the Factory key is (EVEN THOUGH ITS NEVER THERE) I was bleeding out from my repeated hatchling runs looking for previously mentioned key. After preparing for my death I decided to throw a RGD-5 out the front door at a Scav because he was the one who set my fate. Tip for all those who may think the same, DON'T. As soon as the grenade went off, the loudest window shattering, power lines breaking, light flickering, every sound in the books went off and nearly blew out the speakers in my headphones. It was like the game tried to comprehend the noise it should have made and then got cancer and died, so threw everything it had. Funniest thing ever, but hopefully this helps the devs with sound clashing.
  5. This is like the third time happening... I spawn in as a Scav with either broken legs or I am just shot instantly... Usually by other Scav controlled player. Going to start reporting this as a bug. Players that shoot other Scavs just for the loot either need like a week cooldown on scav or a cooldown on their PMC as well.. I'm really tired of walking past another Scav just to get shot in the face... rant over lol
  6. I've tried loading into both shorelines and forest, and on both occasions, several times to make sure it wasnt just a one time issue, the game freezes as the ambient music changes to white noise, and then I get an error code saying the game crashed. I'm trying to reinstall now, so hopefully that will help. If not, if someone else has had this issue, can you give me a hand? edit: here's a picture of the crash report if it helps.
  7. DraxLfly2

    BUG: Disconnecting

    So I tried connecting to Customs after I died and it loaded the map in and all, everything was fine, until it said, "awaiting server response" then it disconnected me. I tried to reconnect multiple times, but instead the following pictures is what I got...
  8. Veaznor


    [Error] : Could not load traders: Backend error: Backend error: Couldn't connect to server [Error] : Backend error - url:https://trading.escapefromtarkov.com/client/trading/api/getTradersList, error: Couldn't connect to server Traders wont load at all. They don't even show up. I've tried restarting and nothing is wrong with MY connection. My friend can use the market just fine
  9. I did not find "Bug" tread so i posted it here, i'm kind of new for the forums so if i'm not in the right place, please forgive me. I was not able to attach video ( screen capture ) of the problem to in to the inbuild bug report of the game, but i wanted to share it with devs. 1st - I went for Factory raid as PMC, i did get to loading screen, and everything was as usually. 2nd - After finishing the loading ( When you get message -> "Waiting server to respond ") i did get disconnected with out any kind of action by user ( Me ). 3rd - I was redirected to end screen of raid with message "Left in action" ( Even i did never get to the raid ). 4th - I clicked "next, next" to get out of the end screen of raid, i was returned to "main screen" with message "You are still in the raid". 5ft - I clicked to "reconnect" to reconnected to the raid, and i was again loading in to the game, but the same thing happened that i was disconnected after message "Waiting server to response". 6th - After i find out that i'm not gonna be able to reconnect i exited the game via "Exit" button in main screen, and the game crashed. I have video ( screen capture ) of the problem in the link below, and log files are also attached. Video about the bug, log files can also here. Hope that by data can help out the development of the great game ! Keep you'r nice work up ! Best regards, Vis25 08.08 15-05-53 application.log 08.08 15-05-53 errors.log 08.08 15-05-53 traces.log
  10. LlMA

    Destroyed Legs Bug

    Hey, when we get destroyed leg status, we can't run/jump, so I found a bug in Shore Map, I was walking on the hill and I fell between the hill and the guard rail in front of a police car, nearby the gas station, so I got stuck in there just because I wasn't able to jump the guard rail or cross or climb the hill all the way back. Then I died after 2 hours there, losing a really decent loot, sad day for me. I know it's hard to do, but implement some mechanics to avoid such things would be great, like jump animation to small obstacles like guard rails.
  11. I log in a offline shore map set for 1500 hrs to test weapon build. When map loads it says it is after 10pm.... I exit come right back and the morning server is correct and it is like 5 am... So how is one completely off but the other is correct? This is happening on all maps I only get time of day = dark. I have tried this multiple times last night and this morning. I searched a variety of syntax regarding this and see no information. I apologize if it is already posted by someone and I couldn't locate it.
  12. ToxicPlayer

    Bugging extraction point

    Hello everyone. Today I have witnessed something weird that led me into dying of starvation/dehydration. I was playing typical factory game where I have killed a buddy with a ak. After doing so I was happy and went to the only extraction point that is free to use without factory key. Unfortunetly I couldn't open it. There were 2 USEC guys that were hitting walls with their hatchets and were shouting with using Y control. The door what completly stuck. Have you ever had the same situation? Where Can I report it?
  13. CaptainIglo

    Spawned with legs broken

    Now i dont know if there is a specific Bug report sub-Forum that i completely missed because im blind but i just hope that i didn't. Anyways i just spawned with my PMC on Customs all normal so far but my Legs were both broken the second i saw the actual Game. And ofcourse i didnt have any medical Supplies to fix myself up which made me loose my Equipment and thats quite annoying. Has that happened to anyone else yet or is there something i can do to prevent something like that from happening again?
  14. I get this message after every raid. I'm worried that once I successfully complete a raid it will not transfer any of my loot. What should I do? P.s Sorry if I posted this in the wrong place.
  15. As I said in the title. The title is the error message, but I paraphrased a little because I got mad and kinda forgot what it said lol. Before this error, I got one scav run in, which was glitchy and didnt let me aim??? Then when I tried to reinsert I kept getting "Backend error" or something like that. I closed the game and relaunched 2 or 3 times, then I was apparently joining a a raid while still being on the home screen? IDRK Fam im just tryin to loot up lol Thanks for any help guys (Feel free to move topic to a new thread or something)
  16. I died once in factory after before it goes to any of the after pages I received error message telling me to contact you. Ignored it the first did another run, completed same thing error right after, So I am now contacting you in fear of if I do a scav run and succeed I wont get able to transfer loot off, why is it telling me to contact you please help.
  17. Tajin

    AI placement

    Apparently there are some issues with how bots are randomly placed on the map... Take a look at tree in the background on this screenshot...
  18. ok so i dont know what this is but everytime i play one martch i will try to go into another ad no matter what map or pmc or scav it wont let me join any of them and says 605 no servers found. if anyone has a fix or something i would really appreciate it
  19. Hi, i recently got into the beta, start loving this game. But i encountered a problem neither google nor the forums search seem to know... I often get that error when i try to buy stuff (critical error: "509 - SCHEME_IS_NOT_VALID"). Is this a know issue and maybe even a workaround? Thanks in advance.
  20. Shaun_The_Sheep

    Not sure where to Report Bugs

    So I'm not too sure where to post bugs. I did send it to support but not sure if that's the proper place so I will post my report here as well. Died to a guy I shot 11 times to the chest point blank when he hit me 3 times with a knife after the first 6 shots. Possibly when he was so close to me my gun was through his body and I was shooting the wall, not sure but just a little frustrating that it happened. Also would be nice to allow backpacks and vests and other items to be swapped by dragging the same type of item to replace the other item e.g swapping backpacks, you can see me attempt this in the video.
  21. hostilehitman

    Night Vision Issues?

    Anyone else having an issue with night vision? When I put them on in the game (no they are not damaged or used) they don't work but my friends say they can see the light come on. Just curious if anyone else is having that issue.
  22. I get a backend error when I alt tab while loading profile at start of game.
  23. i cant play on any servers atm
  24. MommaGoose

    Error 000

    I played a Scav raid and escaped with the loot. Upon loading the menu, it gave me error 000, did not retrieve my loot, and then told me to report the bug.
  25. Just played a round as scav and found 2 aks and 1 shottie. I managed to escape but when I hit the menu loading screen a tab appeared and told me to make a post on forum or something like that. Can someone please help me ?
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