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Found 519 results

  1. I put a DVL-10 on the flea market that I picked up in a raid off a guy that I killed.. I don't think the next day i played the game, so the day after that I get a message saying RAGMAN - the item was not sold incoming package and where it is supposed to say either RECEIVE, GET, or received.. it says OUT OF TIME and the gun is NOT in my inventory, and it's not on the market anymore.. so I just lost the gun? It was the most expensive gun that I had, i'm only level 5 is this a bug? I don't understand, normally it will remain in the messages for you to retrieve
  2. So I just bought EfT about 2 hours ago. I went into 1 game where I changed a few settings and then left the menu. I realized after closing the menu, that when I pressed esc again, nothing happened. I thought maybe something bugged out, but I continued the match/raid (whatever it's called) until I died, after which I restarted the game. After loading the game up a second time, I entered another match where I was able to open up the menu, but again after opening and closing the menu just one time, the esc button stopped working. Also, when I get back to the main menu, my in-game mouse can move around, but I can't click on anything. I've searched for any bugs/issues similar to this and of course haven't found anything. So I wanted to see if this has happened to anyone else and if there's a solution or a known cause for this. Thanks in advance.
  3. Na_Cl_

    Scav Stash Glitch

    So i had just finished a scav raid on factory and escaped. Menu came up to move my scavs items into my PMC stash. I inspected an item which brought up its information, so i pressed ESC to get out of the menu but instead it backed up into the statistics (kills, damage etc) screen, however the info menu was still there. By this point it was impossible to close down the info menu. I clicked the "next" button which should have taken me to the scav inventory screen but instead skipped that and took me to the main menu. I lost all the stuff i had on my scav as i technically didn't remove it. Very annoying glitch after a good run and a mistake anyone could have made.
  4. Anttarax

    Factory BUG + REPORT

    The players are intentionally located in one place and cannot be looted.
  5. germanwarrior

    Server Connection Lost

    Alright im not here to cutie about the state of the Servers but what i can in no way,shape or form understand is why there isnt a fail safe?? Seriously whitin this week alone i lost 7-10 Kits each worth about 500-700k. Friend gets sniped,i kill the sniper and am super happy because of the crazy loot he has but then server connection lost. I try to reconnect (first time it ever happend that i even had the option) but get stuck on wating for session start. 5 minutes later i close the game to retry and it says i left the game and went awol. Similar things have happened so many times now. Im just your average joe so loosing that kind of gear really hurts,cant even imagine how it is to someone who already has an empty stash. Jus tthe last raid i was doing a lenghty Quest killed a decently kitted player and then Server Connection Lost. Back to menu,lost everything and can go do my Quest again. Seriously,why wont you just let us reconnect? Or why if the server fuckes up just count it as extract or at the very least reset it to before your Raid. Just dosnt get in my head. I dont even want to play anymore because i never know if ill make it out or loose everything to bs...
  6. o4ts

    Can't escape?

    I'm a new tarkov player and have been recently getting good enough at the game to where i can kill someone, grab the goods and go. I have been playing the map customs exclusively with the intention of learning one map until i feel ready to learn another. I know where 3 exits are but of the 4 runs where I've got enough loot to leave, 3 times of the 4 i run to an exit, make it safely, and there's no timer when i stand by the door. I'll stand around moving ever so slightly to see if i need to be standing somewhere else but nothing and when i give up i run to another exit, sometimes i make it sometimes i don't and the same thing happens. I've read on forums similar to this one to try and alt+f4 out of the game and reconnect in order to fix it but i tried that and still nothing. Is there a fix to this bug? Am i missing a core game mechanic that will help me understand whats wrong? Can someone please explain the escaping system to me if there is one? I want to love this game because its exactly what i'm looking for and i do understand that its beta so there's bound to be changes, bug fixes, and patches but i'm just very confused right now.
  7. Loaded in and was greeted by a doge armor clad scav that was still there upon reloading. Good times.
  8. So essentially some red dots have weird sighting issues. I put some effort into representing this with a test that took me a long while. I executed this test with all sights ranged down to their lowest range to ensure that it wasn't the problem, and in fact, it wasn't! As you may see, the difference in the sights are quite minuscule, however, these problems make the MPX obsolete in ranges above 100 meters. Some may say that this isn't an issue because nobody uses the MPX, but with the upcoming additions to MPX modding, this issue needs to be addressed (if not already). So down below, I took a bit to screenshot exactly what I'm talking about, using a variety of sights (about 11 of them I think). Line in which I'm aiming at is shown in red whereas the impact of the bullets are shown in green. Also take note of the position of the laser when changing the sights. It seems like the bullets are traveling into the laser rather than the crosshairs (this should not happen as typically IRL you can change the sighting of both the laser and sight). Anyway, let me know if anyone is aware of this issue, and don't be harsh if I'm just too stupid to realize that this isn't a flaw. -Thanks for your time!
  9. TpAnDY

    BP Depot quest

    Hello guys, and Devs, I feel like this quest is buggy because at the start i could place every marker on Fuel tanks. but on last one i died at ( Old gas station ) and now i bought new marker from propor but i can`t place it anywhere. on Fuel truck anymore Ps. Other 3 markers are checked as completed + Extraction ( Missing only the one on Nr1 at gas station ) which is bugged
  10. slewis223

    Game keeps crashing

    almost every time I play the game about mid raid my game will crash I updated everything don't know what else to do.
  11. Hey guys. I tried to find this issue online but I can't seem to find a fix for it. My mouse (in-game) seems to always force me to look up. I can't seem to look down at all!
  12. streofficial

    Komische Sachen!?

    Hallo liebe Gemeinde! Vorab ich bin neu in Tarkov! *winken* Ich hab meine Standard Edition auf die Edge of Darkness Limited Edition erweitert, hab den ganzen Stuff bekommen was beschrieben wurde aber jetzt kommst! Ich habe alles doppelt bekommen ich glaube das sollte nicht so dein oder ? liebe grüße STRE
  13. So after selling 1 500 dollars as a pack on the fleemarket i lost ~550k roubles without buying or selling anything. I think its bugged, and have already posted a bug report, if someone wants to test it out and confirm that would be greatly appreciated.
  14. We spawned woods house side and went to leave, and there was a player glitched on top of the mountain where sniper scav spawns, he killed my friend and i finally saw him, he had no helmet and had a suppressed gun with 12x scope. luckily i saw him and captured proof. This ruins the game and should not be thing. Is this being fixed, or is this intened, if so make a set a stairs to the place.
  15. baangla

    Lost all my money?

    Well, I know it is weird but it is true, I`ve been logging in to the game for the last couple days only to upgrade my hideout and suddenly all the money in my "Flea Market Money Stash" is gone, in the picture you can see all the Roubles that I had stashed but after 3 days, almost everything was gone! I could only receive the last 4 things I've sold, now I dont know what to do
  16. Oh good god. I got the issue since you guys banned reshade. Ok cool whatever ill just uninstall it. After i uninstall game refuses to let me play reguardless. I installed and uninstalled old reshade versions, I uninstall and reinstalled the game 3 times, I updated my drivers, I completely uninstalled the game by manually deleting every single file, Tried starting launcher/game .exe in administrator mode, Tried Going back to old drivers, Alt Tab+ Alt tab back in to see if it will load, Deleted every single folder related to this game, Installed and uninstalled reshade again, Turned off discord overlay, Turned off malware protection, Turned off every other overlay, Stopped every other program from running while trying to play the ducking game, Looked it up on google with people that had the same issue from god damn 2017 and nothing worked, I use task manager to close the game now the fuckin launcher just says "oh lol bro ur still ingame! haha sorry bro now u have to close launcher haha!". Ok so after this i say "ok maybe im ducking stupid right? Maybe i uninstalled reshade wrong and its battleeye blocking me? ok ill actually look at youtube video that people linked me. Oh what? Looks like i did that already ahaha oh well!" I don't know if its battleeye, reshade, or god trying to duck my ass but please does anyone know what the ducking issue is the fact that i uninstalled 3+ times and the problem still persists is just- I'm getting over it and ready to just say duck it and give up playing. Ok if you need specifics for what the game is doing it just literally starts up> shows ducking EFT logo and sits there- FOREVER. Circle bottom right freezes for like maybe 3 seconds. Starts back up and just sits there. FOREVER. No error nothing just sits there. I'm sitting here. On the very. First. Menu screen. Staring at this infinite loading screen. Forever. No error code No error message. Apparently been a problem since 2017. For the love of Christ. I just want to play the game. How do you fix this my good lord please i'm going to go ducking insane ive been trying to figure this poo out for the past 3 days
  17. grigoo

    Glitching textures WTF?

    I started a scav raid on reserve and when i loaded in this happened: Look at the attached pictures!!
  18. MandaloreFallen

    User Action Required?

    I'm not really sure where I should be posting this but I am at a loss. I just got a second monitor hooked up, and was just figuring out how to run Tarkov and Discord in separate windows on the separate screens. While adjusting graphics, and restarting, I suddenly received a User Action Required message. I have an image posted. After several minutes the game would launch. To try to resolve the issue I uninstalled the game, still received the error while trying to reinstall, so I then uninstalled the game client, but now it won't let me install from the website. If there are any fixes, or if this is a bug on BSGs end, I don't know.
  19. JustHoneyBadger

    Inventory Move Bug

    Hi. I sweeped through the forum searching for someone posting about this bug but I didn't see any. So sorry if this has already been covered. Sometimes, happens every other minute, when I move an item in my stash (or in my inventory in raid) the graphic for the item doesn't "stick" where I place it instead it "floats" between tiles and is duplicated at the same time at the original position in the stash. So I move a magazine from point a to point b. But as soon as I release my left click it sticks floating on the inventory tile and is at the same time still on the original position. Does anyone else have this bug? I'll post a pic next time it occurs, shouldn't take long.
  20. Hallo zusammen, ich habe mir gestern das Spiel gekauft und wollte es über Nacht herunterladen, da ich eine sehr schwache Internetleitung habe (6k Telekom). Spiele zu spielen mit der Leitung funktioniert (41ms) nur die Downloads dauern im Regelfall immer etwas länger. Nachdem ich heute morgen aufgestanden bin und meinen Download überprüfen wollte habe ich gesehen das bereits bei 8% eine Fehlermeldung aufgetreten ist. Zuerst hatte ich den Verdacht es liegt daran das ich Nachts gegen 2 meinen 24h Disc vom Router habe. Also habe ich es heute morgen nochmal (leider auch mehrmals) versucht, die Fehler treten immer wieder auf. Bevor ich die Fehler zeige, möchte ich nur erwähnen das sich mein Spiel nicht in einen Ordner packen lassen wollte. Das Spiel selbst erstellte den Ordner BsgLauncher in der auch mehrere Ordner und Dateien zu finden sind. Später, während der Installation, wollte er aber das ich nochmal einen Pfad zum installieren angebe. Den bereits erstellten Ordner den das Spiel selbst anlegte konnte man aber nicht auswählen. Nun zu den Fehlern in Bildern: Diese Meldung erschien jedes Mal nachdem ich versucht habe zu Downloaden. Egal ob ich es per "Wiederholen" versucht habe oder mit einem Launcher Neustart. Diese Meldung kommt nach unbestimmter Zeit immer. Leider verstehe ich nicht richtig worauf sie mich hinweisen möchte. Der zweite Fehler (welcher bisher ein einziges Mal auftrat): Der Fehler kam, nachdem ich auf "Absagen" gedrückt habe (siehe erstes Bild). Eventuell habt ihr Tipps für mich wie ich das Spiel erfolgreich downloaden und spielen kann. Vielen Dank.
  21. BlackCockDown


    I've been having issues searching up peoples usernames. I ran into 2 people during a raid and they decided to carry me through without killing them. I have their usernames but when I search either of them up, nothing is showing up for me. I think there may be some sort of bug involved in trying to find other players usernames because I would like to send a message out to those players but I cant as I cannot find their in-game usernames. it would be greatly appreciated if something could be done about this down the road as it would be nice to actually play with other people I meet in game. Thanks a lot
  22. matovelkystrele

    Waiting forever, cant see teammates

    Hello, I've been waiting forever to join a raid with my friends, and yet we can't see each other. Waiting took too long and then everything was bugged. It happens a lot, almost everytime we play together. Any fix?
  23. Well the title says pretty much all I gotta say. As much as I love the changes in 0.12, such as way less micro stutters (at least for me), every time I try entering a raid in anywhere else than Factory and Woods, the game crashes with a 'bad_module_info' error during the loading screen, usually around 'loading loots' phase or the next one. I mean, this never happened before the patch and I tried everything (ex: complete uninstall-reinstall, changing compatibility, resolution etc.) and nothing seems to work. So whilst I'm waiting for the dev's response, I was just wondering if it's only me P.S: Keep up the good work devs! This is by far my favorite fps of all time ❤️
  24. 这周更新突然碰到了在战局内无法开枪的bug,对于是如何引起和如何解决完全没有头绪,大家有遇到过这种情况吗? ps,Nov 30th 22:00左右服务器是炸了吗
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