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Found 88 results

  1. Hey there I bought this game today and can honestly say that I'm having a great time; though I've no idea what I'm doing. Nevertheless, I came across a few wooden wire coils which looked like they would help me get over the fence to the neighbor house. Sadly, the coil was far too round to land in the middle without falling so I slid to the other side. If I had a map, I would be able to tell you where this was, but I sadly don't own one yet. If anyone recognizes where this is, please let me know. It's on the Shoreline map; the only one I've tried so far. I'd more so like to get people aware that this is a problem and hope no one does the same thing as I did, on my main character sadly. Thanks for stopping by.
  2. SlimJimBim


    Ok so literally EVERY SINGLE ducking GAME I play of this, I get disconnected at least once randomly. I don't know what the duck is happening but it really pisses me off how I'll be doing perfectly fine and get disconnected out of nowhere, only to have to go through another 2 minute load in and get killed by someone who wasn't there before i disconnected. Is this something the devs need to fix or is it on me? Cause I know for a ducking fact I'm not the only one
  3. Jaymorg2471

    god mode scavs

    im sure this has already been spoken of but just in case making the devs aware about the god mode scavs that occasionally pop up during raids hasn't really been an issue of late but tonight alone within the hour i have been killed by scavs tonight that well basically cannot take damage, just wanting bugs like this to be one of the first things resolved i know i know beta beta but just putting in my 2 cents anyway thanks for a great game guys! keep doing what you are doing its awesome so far
  4. HappyiestHippo

    Woods broken as f**k spawn

    There is one spawn on woods where you will spawn directly next to another person like literally right next to them its in front of a rock and it is ridiculous its a spawn somewhere near scav house
  5. Pers1Cus


    Game braking: -Inventory I have an alpha container. I moved a map for the woods inside. Something happened that bugged the map and became invisible(couldn't see the icon). If I tried to go on raid it will tell me there's no map, and If I put another item on the same slot it will give me an error (forgot to screen grab the error). But the map appears while on a mission. What I did to get rid of item on my alpha container is while on the mission I moved the map to a backpack while It was visible then I sold the backpack while on the vendor (and still got the money from the map even so it was invisible inside the backpack. -Memory leak? The game seems to stutter more after a few hours of play. -Pathway/Collisions On one of the bunkers on the woods map( I believe east). I got moved and stuck behind 2 barrels and I couldn't get out neither my friend couldn't shoot me to kill me. On big building (where there's military loot boxes) in the middle of the map the small ramp while walking outside of the building makes you very very slow. Visuals: While watching my friend running/sprinting the character animation seems like fast jerking while running(its not smooth like most other shooters games), he can see the problem while I run as well. Sometimes bodies fall on the ground in a unnatural pose. There are some bushes/trees that the moving breeze animation is way too fast on the woods map don't know the others since I haven't played on them. Objects LODS pop in and out sometimes even when im not too far away. ( have lod distance at 3000 settings maxed out). Bushes LODs don't hide the player. They disappears and uncover the player on a distance ( defeating the purpose of hiding there). Some suggestions: GAME NEEDS SPECTATOR MODE asap. While playing with friend/s in a group and you die you have to leave the game and wait for your friend, not fun!. Let us watch the people still alive in the group. I have to invite my friend every time we are going into a raid, how come? I should only have to invite my friend once and be able to finish raid go back to character/traders and go into another raid without having to re invite every, single time!!!!! annoying!!!!! If there's no plan on showing a HUD name above friendly characters due to immersion. Any other ideas on how to know if someone is in your group? Game needs a way of trading with friend while on the raid but also outside while on the character/trader phase. If you have to lock tiers of item per character level its fine ( that way avoids a lvl 50 character giving high end tier weapon to a lvl 1.) There should be a way to know if a SCAV AI killed you or a SCAV controlled by a character killed you or you killed. At least I don't know how to know. Sometimes I spawn with main character on game start and there's already shooting going on? wth? Why is this happening? I understand you enter with the SCAV mid game etc but with main is a new game all the time or no? That's it for now. Since I did all this work the least you guys should do is upgrade my account to edge of darkness limited edition , if....you want to keep me motivated to keep doing the bug testers job for free.
  6. Moin liebe Freunde.... Ich wollte nur kurz ein Feedback zum aktuellen Patch geben , die fps bei mir sind konstant auf 100-120 mit einer gtx108 ti und jegliche Art von ingame Änderung wie zb. Magazin nachladen ... klappt super ! Ich finde den Patch extrem gelungen ! Aber leider ein Problem, ich habe mir auf der inetsite von tarkov das Weihnachtsgeschenk noch mal geholt und da ist der Schlüsselanhänger dabei ... wenn ich den Anhänger in meine safecase rein mache , kommt immer eine Fehlermeldung das mein Inventar unsynchron ist und kann nicht connecten... nehme ich den Anhänger raus läuft alles super
  7. snake877

    make tarkov great again

    well let me start by saying Tarkov already its shaping up quite well . with this latest patch my frame rate is somewhat jumpy stable and for the most part stays above 60 fps for what i could try . i still have to try all the new stuff that they added . BUT the most important suggestion/question i have is please keep focusing on optimization and put the pause button on content , This game desperatly needs to fix server , network and gpu/cpu load in general . it still feels choppy (it improved greatly nonetheless) and subpar , this is a base problem for the game and it kinda spells doom for it future . Let me put some examples; first you have rainbow six (witch i now has a completely different financial situation). r6 was a broken game at launch and it improved slowly, the greatest positive change in popularity , public perception and player count came when the devs took a whole in game season (3 months) off the content grind , and just focused on improving the game in general and in quality of life, this in turn led to the boom of r6 in this past months then you have the golden boy of 2017, PUBG witch for me personally lacks content, but if you see its road map and development for 2017 it added few things content-wise, but in terms of performance/server it improved a lot considering it started so poorly, now its still far from finished but its 95% playable, with that taken care of they can add maps and stuff faster and better like they are doing Now with Tarkov, the greatest problem that i see is that the devs are in a constant content grind and performance its always an afterthought , they really need to set the groundwork for a good game (technically speaking) and then focus again on the content, we have quite a good amount of maps weapons and attachments as of 0.8. And if this is some kind of financial issue also let us now (we all understand that a trailer showcasing new weapons animations or maps brings in more new customers and sells more copies , and its hard to sell a trailer saying *look we fixed desync and gpu load* but its what the game needs to trive on word of mouth , all my friends stay away (even me sometimes) because this game just does not feel and work ok a lot of times Now please focus your efforts on polishing optimizing and QualityOfLifeing the game, Then you can continue with quest, hideout and content . But please give us this first would love to hear what the community thinks m and also if any d
  8. lolikong


  9. So, this issue seems to be quite a bit of a piss-take for me anyway, when I joined as a PMC with a MR-133 shotgun and ammo on Shoreline, I spawned and tried to run around, that was all fine, I noticed though that whenever I tried moving loot into my inventory or anything around, it kept flashing, so I checked the CMD Console and those updates kept spamming every second, clearly this is the source for the lag on either a Client Side or maybe the overflow of missing instances are flooding the network? Has anyone else seen this before? I even recorded the [Exception] errors to show how frequent they are! Full reference lines: [Exception] : NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object EFT.ObservedPlayer. )Boolean ) EFT.Player. () EFT.ObservedPlayer.LateUpdate () Those lines above are the most common ones that pop up!
  10. darkninjastar


    Is there any word on netcode being worked on still? Has and updates come out for it yet? I had a firefight at shoreline today where all my shots seemed to go through the person and into the wall behind him. Also here's the screenshot of the bullets that went through him. You can tell as there's no blood splat on the wall. http://prntscr.com/iu2c0q
  11. pillagemyvillag

    Broken Scav Extract on Factory

    This has become more and more frequent for me the past couple of weeks. Initially my scav on factory would be bugged in the way that only cellars and gate 0 extracts were open. As you all know these extracts are keys only and I can never get out. However in these past couple of days, it is guaranteed for 1 out of my every 3 factory scavs to have the cellars and gate 0 extract, effectively rendering my scav useless. If anyone else is experiencing this, or knows a fix besides not playing factory please let me know as it is getting really annoying now...
  12. GGWPylx0612


  13. kha0tiik

    Skier Bug

    Does any one else have this issue? If I buy something he upgrades to lvl 3, but nothing shows up. when I leave the trader page, he goes back to lvl 2. I have tried relogging, as well as getting more exp past just get 20, and the results are the same. Anyone have any Ideas?
  14. So, I have been going to matches on all different maps. I get two, three four kills, gather some loot up. I get to extract, extract! YES! Kill count 0. 384 EXP. How am I supposed to level like this? How many kills do I need? I get Scav kills, PMC kills. Nothing is counting. Sometimes 1 out of 5, 2 out 4. But never as many as I really got. Is the netcode so bad that it can't keep track of my kills? What is wrong?
  15. Crouton

    "Disconnected From Server"

    I live near los angeles, and whenever i try to hop onto a raid as either a scav or pmc, the ping jumps around from 100 ms to 300-600 to 1000-3000 ping, and it disconnects me. Ive only been playing for a few days, and this has gotten old fast. It happens multiple times during each raid. Whenever it gets messed up it messes up my entire internet network, turning my internet connection into a potato. I dont think this game is playable until this problem is fixed, i've been trying to beat the issue but it seems like the game is fucked. How and when are we gonna fix this, this game is a shitshow for me as of now. I can barely get into a fight without disconnecting from the server
  16. VeilsLive

    Game crashing/freezing

    My game will freeze and crash to desktop, mainly only happens when waiting in lobby for 1-2minutes waiting for a friend to invite me or freeze loading into a raid and I have to force quit. This is the error log I end up getting attached below. Things I've tried: Raised priority to above normal, set page file accordingly to my 16gb of ram, ran without MSI afterburner. Settings in game- High preset. Pc Specs: Cpu- i5-8600k @ 4.8ghz Ram: Corsair vengeance 16gb Motherboard: Gigabyte z370 gaming 7 GPU: MSI 1070 gaming x crash.dmp error.log output_log.txt
  17. murivavo

    Cant leave raid

    So yeah i got into a as a scav player i had 2 exits cellars and gate 0 and i got a full loot guy from the back and killed him! But then NONE OF THE EXITS WERRE WORKING Look at everything:
  18. VileValicanth

    Crashing Issues/Freezing

    I've recently been having a lot of issues loading into certain maps, Shoreline being the most difficult to get into due to the density of the resort. This bug happens pretty often upon loading into a match but is worse on that map than the rest. I'll get to the "Loading Loot" section, and somewhere in there it will crash the game and become frozen, causing everything on my PC to die off until it decides it wants to load in. Is this a constant issue for others, or is it only me? I'm just interested in seeing if anyone has fixed this issue in the past, or is struggling with it now. Also if anyone has any way to fix freezing/lag during any gunfights or turning, help would be appreciated. Generally speaking my game doesn't have issues, but when it does it's a HUGE problem.
  19. VileValicanth

    Crashing Issues/Freezing

    I've recently been having a lot of issues loading into certain maps, Shoreline being the most difficult to get into due to the density of the resort. This bug happens pretty often upon loading into a match but is worse on that map than the rest. I'll get to the "Loading Loot" section, and somewhere in there it will crash the game and become frozen, causing everything on my PC to die off until it decides it wants to load in. Is this a constant issue for others, or is it only me? I'm just interested in seeing if anyone has fixed this issue in the past, or is struggling with it now. I posted it here, wondering if any of the devs had been aware of this issue and were working on fixing it.
  20. Buenas, Acabo de adquirir el juego y tengo problemas a la hora de abrir mochilas, abrigos, cajas, ... Me aparece la palabra "search" al acercarme pero pulso la tecla "F" y no hace nada. Gracias de antemano.
  21. Hi, My specs: Ryzen 1700 1080ti Corsair 16gb ram 2600mHz 960 EVO SSD My issues: At random points, my game freezes for 2 seconds. My guess is that it loads nearby players and scavs, i can live with that altough its disturbing. However, it also freezes when i am getting shot at both by players and scav and this happens 7 times out of 10, and we are talking about atleast 2 seconds. Is this a common issue and something that is being a priority? Its a gamebreaker.
  22. Paxie

    Jumping bug?

    So 3 times so far today on customs ive encountered a jumping bug. First time was a raid I was doing, killed 2 guys in dorms, one had fort and an m4, other had paca m4, I had fort m4 and a full bag with one dudes fort and m4+ the other guys m4. so I decided to do a little strength training. went around the back of the gas station hippity hopping and got stuck in a constant motion forward until I hit the barrels behind the gas tank. Thought maybe i just desynced and it would fix, after waiting for 5ish minutes it didnt fix. I had killed all gas station spawn scavs so I was fully alone. altf4'd then when I reconnected, I fell over dead. Anyone else have this issue?
  23. 대충 설명하자면 이렇습니다. 이번 업데이트 이전에는 길 가다 보면 죽어있는건지 살아있는건지 모를 PMC 플레이어가 공중에 뜬 채로 아무리 때려도 죽지 않는 거라던가, 총에서 도끼로 바꿔들었는데 그 다음부터 무기가 전혀 바꿔지지 않고 리스폰되라는 스캐브가 안나오고 탈출하려고 들면 탈출이 안되지 않나 어느덧 내 앞에는 다른 PMC 플레이어가 나타나 저를 샷건으로 때려 잡는 모습이 종종 나타났죠. 뭐 물론 들어가지라는 아시아섭에는 어떻게 들어가는지 몰라서 들어가지고 못하고 북미섭에 핑이 150을 찍으니 그러려니 했습니다. 네트워크 문제 때문에 생긴 버그라고 생각했지요. 이번 업데이트 이후 오늘 처음 플레이했는데 우즈 스캐브 플레이 중에 다른 스캐브를 따면서 어헣 개꿀띠~ 하면서 열심히 킬파밍을 하던 중에 사운드가 전혀 안들리는채로 총을 두번 맞고 순식간에 로비로 쫓겨나더군요. 그래서 뭐 소음기인가 보다 하고 대충 상점을 둘러보다가 30분이 지나서야 다시 우즈맵에서 스캐브를 플레이 했는데 이번엔 다른 PMC 플레이어를 발견하고는 쫓아가서 죽이려고 했으나 어딘가에서 총이 저를 향해서 몇번 정도 피탄되었지만 절 못맞추더군요. PMC 플레이어가 탁 트인 벌목소라고 해야 되나 아무튼 부쉬 쪽으로 도망가길래 저도 그 부쉬 쪽으로 뛰어가서 사격 하려고 했으나 부쉬를 통과해보니 그 플레이어는 온데간데 없고 일단 전 부쉬에 숨어있다가 총소리가 안들리니 도망쳐서 다른데나 파밍해야 겠다 하고 이동하던 중에 갑작스레 빈사상태가 되더니 뜬금없이 로비로 쫓겨나더군요. 닉네임은 여전히 생각나네요. FUCK_YOU_bitch라...... 아무튼간에 네트워크로 인한 버그인지 이 게임에도 설마 베타가 끝나기도 전에 핵쟁이 천지가 될란지 모르겠지만 문제가 있으면 얼른 해결되었으면 하는 바입니다.
  24. Hollowman21

    Customs Floor Exploit

    Devs pretty pretty please with sugar on top fix the exploit where you can jump from the first to second floor of the 3 story apartment on customs. I could not see the player model of the person firing on me and two others until they had killed me and my squad. We were able to replicate the bug on our own the match afterword. The player model of the person who does the jump is invisible for approximately 5 seconds after the jump. Love the game. Please patch this out.
  25. Das Spiel hat mich - muss ich sagen schon sehr enttäuscht. Zahlreiche bugs und crashes. Mir ist bewusst durch Internet, dass eine Wiedergabe und Erstattung an sich nicht möglich ist. Gilt es für alle User, oder kann man doch versuchen, ein Ticket herzustellen bzw an wen müsst ich mich wenden?
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