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Found 92 results

  1. Paxie

    Jumping bug?

    So 3 times so far today on customs ive encountered a jumping bug. First time was a raid I was doing, killed 2 guys in dorms, one had fort and an m4, other had paca m4, I had fort m4 and a full bag with one dudes fort and m4+ the other guys m4. so I decided to do a little strength training. went around the back of the gas station hippity hopping and got stuck in a constant motion forward until I hit the barrels behind the gas tank. Thought maybe i just desynced and it would fix, after waiting for 5ish minutes it didnt fix. I had killed all gas station spawn scavs so I was fully alone. altf4'd then when I reconnected, I fell over dead. Anyone else have this issue?
  2. 대충 설명하자면 이렇습니다. 이번 업데이트 이전에는 길 가다 보면 죽어있는건지 살아있는건지 모를 PMC 플레이어가 공중에 뜬 채로 아무리 때려도 죽지 않는 거라던가, 총에서 도끼로 바꿔들었는데 그 다음부터 무기가 전혀 바꿔지지 않고 리스폰되라는 스캐브가 안나오고 탈출하려고 들면 탈출이 안되지 않나 어느덧 내 앞에는 다른 PMC 플레이어가 나타나 저를 샷건으로 때려 잡는 모습이 종종 나타났죠. 뭐 물론 들어가지라는 아시아섭에는 어떻게 들어가는지 몰라서 들어가지고 못하고 북미섭에 핑이 150을 찍으니 그러려니 했습니다. 네트워크 문제 때문에 생긴 버그라고 생각했지요. 이번 업데이트 이후 오늘 처음 플레이했는데 우즈 스캐브 플레이 중에 다른 스캐브를 따면서 어헣 개꿀띠~ 하면서 열심히 킬파밍을 하던 중에 사운드가 전혀 안들리는채로 총을 두번 맞고 순식간에 로비로 쫓겨나더군요. 그래서 뭐 소음기인가 보다 하고 대충 상점을 둘러보다가 30분이 지나서야 다시 우즈맵에서 스캐브를 플레이 했는데 이번엔 다른 PMC 플레이어를 발견하고는 쫓아가서 죽이려고 했으나 어딘가에서 총이 저를 향해서 몇번 정도 피탄되었지만 절 못맞추더군요. PMC 플레이어가 탁 트인 벌목소라고 해야 되나 아무튼 부쉬 쪽으로 도망가길래 저도 그 부쉬 쪽으로 뛰어가서 사격 하려고 했으나 부쉬를 통과해보니 그 플레이어는 온데간데 없고 일단 전 부쉬에 숨어있다가 총소리가 안들리니 도망쳐서 다른데나 파밍해야 겠다 하고 이동하던 중에 갑작스레 빈사상태가 되더니 뜬금없이 로비로 쫓겨나더군요. 닉네임은 여전히 생각나네요. FUCK_YOU_bitch라...... 아무튼간에 네트워크로 인한 버그인지 이 게임에도 설마 베타가 끝나기도 전에 핵쟁이 천지가 될란지 모르겠지만 문제가 있으면 얼른 해결되었으면 하는 바입니다.
  3. Hollowman21

    Customs Floor Exploit

    Devs pretty pretty please with sugar on top fix the exploit where you can jump from the first to second floor of the 3 story apartment on customs. I could not see the player model of the person firing on me and two others until they had killed me and my squad. We were able to replicate the bug on our own the match afterword. The player model of the person who does the jump is invisible for approximately 5 seconds after the jump. Love the game. Please patch this out.
  4. Das Spiel hat mich - muss ich sagen schon sehr enttäuscht. Zahlreiche bugs und crashes. Mir ist bewusst durch Internet, dass eine Wiedergabe und Erstattung an sich nicht möglich ist. Gilt es für alle User, oder kann man doch versuchen, ein Ticket herzustellen bzw an wen müsst ich mich wenden?
  5. I've set resolution to 2560x1440 and all icons look blurry and pixelated. They didn't on 1920x1080. Here are some screenshots:
  6. So I just did a scav raid on factory and after killing a few people and angering the locals I left with a full scav backpack. When I got to the next screen I only had sub 100 experience and my character was pushed back to the default scav I spawned with. I lost ALL my loot and experience for 15 minutes of running around. Anyone else experience this?
  7. Hello everyone It turns out that trying to receive the reward of the mission gives me an error 707. He has also given me the mission of the therapist as failed without having made or attempted. Now I'm going to reach level 35 and the reputation is lower than the necessary one. What should I do to finish the skier mission and be able to perform the mission of the therapist? Thanks
  8. GuNZxNUT


    Ok hello first off as a scav i have died for no reason at all none no one killed me it just logged me out and its like ur done here scav lol that would be ok but not when I have a ton of poo to get out and I get logged for no reason at all think its a bug dunno, Second is when getting on a bus windows break why is this I'm sure that's a bug ty for your time.
  9. kpttr

    Loot disapearing

    I was playing with my friend (hes new) and after he died and i saved his sks, we joined a new game. Upon entering the new game I dropped him some items for his kit, unfortunately he received everything BUT the sks. The sks has seem to fell through the map or something, searched on the forums for similar cases, didnt see any post. So i decided to make a post just so it is known to the devs. Thanks, keep up the great work on this game, no sarcasm love it!
  10. amateurmillman

    Can't talk about hackers

    So we are told that anti hacking software will solve our problems but when you have this blin happening alot and we don't get anything to compensate us for the huge time and funds lost. Whats going on? You give us a stable enough closed beta towards the end patches then break the game again for the new rollouts.
  11. Apachez


    I found a bug when trying to into shoreline as a scav. I tried twice after the wipe and waited 10 minutes both times and never loaded in
  12. Aquí os dejo la traducción de lo que habla un compañero del Reddit americano (@Kullet_Bing), que preguntaba acerca del nuevo parche: -Pregunta del Jugador. (Respuesta de Nikita de BSG.) BUGS Y ERRORES CONOCIDOS. MEJORAS EN CALIDAD DE VIDA / GAMEPLAY: Espero que os gusten los cambios previstos! Nos vemos en Tarkov. Por si quereis el post original: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/7krzce/lets_hope_we_see_most_of_these_changes_fixes_with/
  13. carthagelost

    My Most Frustrating Moment

    So, I'm doing a Customs run looking for the guard key, which I don't find of course. So I figure, screw it, I'll head to the marked room. Why not? Oh my! Look what I found, a suppressed AK and a VSS! My lucky day. Let me just drop my...wait, what? Why is my inventory constantly blinking? Why can't I do anything with my main hand? My hands were stuck like this: I couldn't fire or shoot or even switch to melee. I was completely defenseless in one of the most dangerous areas of customs. I couldn't even reload. Sneaking out didn't work when I hit the gas station and there were three scavs waiting for me. So yeah. I've had other frustrating moments, but nothing that made me want to quit than this bug.
  14. Wildest1

    Scenery changing

    So... anyone else noticed scenery changes when looking with scope and then change view? Was just in shoreline and there is that construction yard and when looking from hills without scope, all the fences and other garbage was not there, i saw dude standing in middle of the open area, then scoping to shoot him, fences and poo appeared... so i had to hipfire him.. lol. Dunno where i should put this, so im leaving this just there. Lots of other examples with trees not rendering or are in different places when looking "free eye" and with scopes.
  15. So I've been playing for quite some time now and I feel as if when I first got the game as closed beta was released, it was a lot of fun. The hit-reg was great, yeah SCAVS were a little dumb and the PVP was awesome and everything felt really balanced and fair. But as of lately I cant help but feel like this game has just started to get some loose bolts. I know, it's in BETA stage and I understand it's still in development but something that's always picked at me is, how do you go from having something working, to having it just broken and distorted? My main frustration is the hit reg / armour system and how it works. I won't blab on about how many times I shot a guy, but I'm honestly finding my self putting a lot of rounds into a hatchet runner, lets say 14 - 22 rounds as an average with an AK74N, But all I hear is "augh" and then a lovely swoosh sound an I'm dead, despite me having fort / Kiver. I know what you're gonna say "It's just desync". But, to also counter my previous statement there have been times where I've had a Grach and one shotted a fully armoured player, compared to having an M4 and it taking 20 - 30 shots. Here are a few links to support my points, that sometimes the game decides to poo on you. ( They're all pretty short ) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Fh7H8O7Zho https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MAYRBh8a4NQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pKSKwiCuGjI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MMjGL3G8iC8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SgUZTS-QjI0 After a lot of trying a testing if figured out that Fort armour and PACA are the only two types of armour that actually stop bleeding only, they don't seem to stop damage actually being done to the limb, as in my stomach can still be blacked out by a 9mm or buckshot despite it being covered by what I assume is KEVLAR armour. Another thing, is that KIVER kills you instantly if it isn't fully repaired. I've tested this many times and if my Kiver is even 1% below the maximum repair state, if I'am to be shot in the head no matter the calibre I will die instantly, basically the KIVER looses all it's armour protective purpose after taking any sort of damage at all. I've done raids with, and without and I've always found that i survive and resist more shots without a KIVER than with. Grenades, are broken. I'm not just being salty here, grenades are generally broken and it's very bad. The amount of times I've been killed by a grenade that either I or my friend threw is uncountable, for instance. My partner and I were in upper offices on factory on single player side, there was another player on the opposite side of the corridor. My friend, threw an M67 grenade down the corridor, and yes it went down there and into the stairwell where we intended it to go, we then ran and hid on our stairs, well away from any blast radius, and we both died from the grenade even though the explosion was through 17 meters of concrete and rooms, how? how is that even a thing, this never used to be a thing and suddenly it's arose. Do excuse me if this is construed as whining or whinging but, at the end of the day we are BETA testers, and I feel it's my duty to report these issues, especially on a place where others can voice their perspectives.
  16. DennDeDennDenn

    Factory Game Changing Bugs

    Hello , got no idea where to place this so here it is , When i am playing on Factory (Bathroom/Lockers) i sometimes get shot from nowhere ? no enemies in sight but i get killed anyhow , i've had this a few times now and started recording it the last couple of days , i got 2 clips of me being shot at out of nowhere and 1 clip is .. i dont even know how to call it i glitched out was flying around the Factory. Anyways have a look and let me know if this is known by the devolopers or not. Here's the site where i uploaded the video : https://streamable.com/qt3w0
  17. DukeBarry

    Server sync issues

    Been having a lot of weird issues recently. Today the merchants seem to never supply, The timer just spins on and on. Yesterday I was DC then got back in game but was never able to loot or exit. I tried bot exits on Shoreline but could not get the timer to start. I finally timed out loosing all of my gear. This happened again on the same map and to a teammate the same day. Im guessing the servers are overloaded due to the holiday. Any ideas suggestions? And yes I restarted the game and reentered twice no change.
  18. Gizmo93

    Nie da sie grac w EFT

    Gram w EFT of poczatku CBT, Posiadam 48 poziom na obecny czas, co zauwazylem przez ostatnie miesiace, Nie da sie w to Grac na ten moment. Co chwile giniesz od swoich Granatów przezucanych na 200 metrow, a czasami nawet wybucha ci on w reku, bez dzwieku. Ciagle lagi/desynci ktore trwaja nawet pona 2 minuty ! nie trudno zginac w ten sposob. Gram w Clanie z chlopakami co maja wiekszy staz odemnie, niestety oni tez sa sfrustrowani i wkur.... ta cala sytuacja, desynci naprawiaja ponad rok czasu ! To jest paranoja.
  19. Growtix

    Bug that cost me full gear

    I was playing customs and i get a pretty nice gear and some expensive stuff, so i went to extraction zone where i get damaged pretty hard by camper but i managed it to extract. Then i get xps and in main menu was that my character is still in the raid. I reconnected and i was at the beggining of customs but with all gear that i looted last game, and with legs blacked out, and bleedeing every single part of body. Of course i died, and lost everything.. (: so i guess that this was my last tarkov raid for a long time.
  20. SmittyCC

    Backdoor error

    so I'm trying to join a raid match and it says I have a backdoor error then it sends me to the main menu. It took all my stuff with it and said I deserted. Any help?
  21. Riight as the title says this issue has been going on for a while i got this game about 3 months ago played it enjoyed it. But the biggest problem here is the Excessive network usage EFT is using more bandwith than me downloading games from steam. I was hoping for a server update when the emote system and the questing was added but the issue still remains. The game is unplayable on all standards and there are alot of people with the same issue. What im suggesting is that yall are gonna work on this issue before actually adding stuff. And im pretty sure im on the from subforum
  22. Helix1138

    Beta Participation Feedback

    Figured since I've put in some good time into the game I could give some feedback: Not sure if its a bug, but after the first damage received (to single body limb), any of the first aid kits seem to cause damage or blood loss to all other limbs after applying it to the specifically damaged limb. Or is this just what the blood-loss effect does? Either way I feel the med-kits should be done a little differently. I think it should be a med-kit case you shove your bandages and splints and other medical equipment into. Then you would just use that med-kit on wounds and it would automatically use what was needed, with the time to use being relevant to how many pieces of such and such were needed. The different tiers of med-kits would determine the capacity. You could add quick-clots and tourniquets too I suppose. Also would be cool to have blood dripping that leaves a trail on the ground. Audio for guns is really good and frightening. However everything else really lacks, specifically the location of sound. Sound location is absolutely important for this kind of game. Sometimes even the gunfire nearby seems to be coming from everywhere. Ended up being knifed one time (night raid) and while I didn't take damage at first, it sounded like the guy was 3 meters away until he finally jabbed me in the eye. Sound also seems to penetrate through materials without any dampening or reverb to them. Makes figuring out what level somebody is on confusing and rather easy if you're on top of them. Ambient noises are obnoxiously loud and don't do a good job of reflecting the environment. As everyone else seems to agree, the AI needs some serious tweaking in all conditions. I do like that the SCAVS talk to indicate that for the most part they are scavs. But also perhaps some server modes that don't have scavs at all. Map designs are nice but feel cluttered where they're not supposed to and far too open with others. Factory is actually pretty much set, but really could use some additional paths or entryways in some places. Also would be nice to have a firing range map that lets you play with all the guns and equipment, just to unwind from the stress and suspense of the rest of the game. I know that you can play offline without bots, but you only use your characters equipment which gets boring pretty quick. Could probably use some more servers too. Connecting and gameplay are all synced up really well, but I get the 605 - no servers available error a lot. Would be nice to be able to remap some of the controls too (the options offered currently don't seem to work or just don't do anything) as well as the option to choose the amount of levels we want for speed and stance. Guess that's all for now. Otherwise game is immensely solid and satisfying. Sure I suck at it for the most part, but it's a learning process. I feel as more and more weapons and equipment and stuffs are added, players will eventually have some content to their characters and it won't seem like such an intense grab for equipment.
  23. Joji_24

    Tarkov launcher giving me malware

    So, when I first launched the game when I got home, it said it had a critical update that needed to be downloaded, so when I downloaded it, it gave an error, saying access denied. I tried to reinstall the game twice and it kept giving the same error when I launched the file. I had to restart my pc twice because of it, and I don't know how to fix this. If anyone knows how to get this fixed, please let me know, I upgraded the game this month cause I was really enjoying it too.
  24. joshuahhn

    無法提交BUG報告 / BUG報告

    提交後會出現 另外 發現PMC模式似乎無法進入CUSTOM 地圖 (工廠能夠瞬間入場),只會顯示 MATCHING (超過15分鐘) 剛剛使用"~" ,看到不斷出現 error 602 和 201,然後遊戲跳出視窗(error 602) 並要求重新登入(此時我還有MATCHING) 重新登入後,遊戲顯示我已經在RAID中 這次能夠進入遊戲,但遊戲時間顯示已經開始了一斷時間。
  25. (Realized I posted this in the wrong section so I deleted it and reposted it here.) Right when I load into the game my character moves on its own between forward and left and also aims straight up. When I try to take control I can cancel the movement but still can't take full control of my character. Is this an in-game bug and if not what can it possibly be?
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