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Found 55 results

  1. Serparus

    Desync or a cheater?

    Did a 2 man on Factory, guy with an AK waited and instantly headshotted my teamate, went sneaking around just to see a naked with a small AK insta headshot me too, and it was the same guy who killed my friend, I cant tell if it was blatant cheating, or that I couldnt see him first?
  2. Hi zusammen, seitdem die Beta Wellen offen sind, habe ich immer mehr Spieler gesehen, welche die Handfeuerwaffe wegglitchen nach dem Tot. Hab mir mal die Mühe gemacht und den Fehler nachgestellt. Und konnte so eine Beschreibung erarbeiten. Nein, wer sich nun freut diese zu bekommen, keine Chance. Das war lediglich um einen Supportfall zu öffnen und die Chance zu haben, diesen Glitch aus dem Spiel zu bekommen. Ich kapiere einfach nicht, wie man in einem Spiel immer nur auf Fehlersuche sein kann, um einen eigenen Vorteil zu bekommen. Haben diese Leute nichts besseres zu tun?! Naja hoffen wir auf den nächsten Patch und viel lieber wäre mir, dass die Leute die dies meinen Nutzen zu müssen in der nächsten Banwelle sind. Cheaten lohnt nicht in diesem Spiel. Das sollte jedem klar sein, denn die Strafe ist hart und fair - aber für die betroffene Person auch gut teuer :-D
  3. greeting guys. (Watch after 20 sec) i played Contract Wars a lot. there was many haker in normal mode and in hardcore we played so good that we killed all hakers, - so after this they managed to play in normal mode. after some time in hardcore mode was ruined again, started a new era on new hakes - player in air with sniper. at first they were at low range so we skill killed them but after they went too far and shooting us with aim-bot or magnet aim.... SO WHAT I SEE IN SHORELINE MAP? IT IS CW HACK INTEGRATED HERE? GUYS WTF IT'S NOT HARD TO WRITE ANTI CHEAT CODE. IF U HAVE NO KNOWLEDGE JUST CALL SOMEONE WHO KNOW HOW TO INJECT IT IN OUR (we pay for it) GAME.
  4. Hazel


    親愛的朋友們!我們在此通知我們正進行另一波的外掛作弊封鎖行動! 在這段時間,超過200位不公平的玩家因為影響遊戲公平性及影響其他玩家的遊戲體驗,現在已經離開了Escape From Tarkov。 作弊行為所導致的封鎖是永久的,而且決定封鎖後將不會有任何變更。一但遊戲帳號被封鎖,該玩家的論壇帳號也會同時被封鎖。 此外,有時候玩家會將技術問題和遊戲漏洞誤以為是作弊行為,部分問題即將會在下次更新被修正: 延遲:普遍令到玩家不能攻擊玩家或是無法離開位置。 導致玩家變得無敵的漏洞:相當罕見,但最廣泛地被認為是作弊。 利用漏洞令到玩家可以穿過牆壁 與我們伺服器無關的網絡問題,發生於服務器和客戶端之間,因為數據傳輸延遲,造成“在不知名地點被殺死”的假象。 利用漏洞及遊戲問題目前不會被封鎖,只有使用作弊程式的玩家絕對會被封鎖。 這次外掛作弊封鎖行動並不會是最後一波!我們會一直對抗黑客及作弊玩家!不要冒險使用作弊程式。被發現的話你的帳號將會永遠被封鎖!
  5. tsmhicks

    Anti-Cheat Homebrew or existing?

    Was wondering how you guys will handle Cheaters/Hackers or what you will do in terms of creating/choosing the anti-cheat for this game because lets just admit it, games like this bring in tons of cheaters because this are hardcore, there is loot, and perma death involved so it does bring out the sad players who want to ruin that intensiveness for others. Look at games like ARMA2, DayZ Mods and Standalone, H1Z1, etc. All very hardcore games (outside of H1Z1 probably) where cheaters/hackers can literally kill a game off. I personally don't think VAC, BattleEye, or even Punkbuster should be used as time and time again have proven to be terrible. I have always been a fan of Metro and Stalker for many many years and see this going in that direction, which is great, and adds a touch of the ARMA feel to it as well. I just don't want something that you guys have worked on so hard get ruined by cheaters/hackers. As a suggestion. maybe getting the community involved to help with cheaters in some fashion could be something?
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