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Found 21 results

  1. ¡Queridos Tarkovianos! Como habrán adivinado (o no) se va a implementar BattlEye Anticheat para incrementar la protección contra jugadores tramposos (si, esta es la "Gran cosa" que habíamos mencionado antes). Estamos trabajando junto a los desarrolladores de BE para asegurarnos de su estabilidad y eficacia, combinando así todas las medidas contra cheats que tenemos en un sólido sistema. Por supuesto habrá que probarlo bien, así que anunciamos que BattlEye se estará implementando en breve en la versión actual del juego. Les avisaremos cuando esté todo listo y les estaremos muy agradecidos con que nos ayuden a probar el rendimiento del juego y reporten cualquier bug que encuentren al respecto abriendo un ticket de soporte mediante el launcher. Gracias!
  2. Snatch_ttv

    Nikita Must Read

    Greeting Nikita And BSG Teams . Game Question ! :) Can you Guy Make a Real AntiCheat That Work , Because ESP User are Annoying with Their Wallhack and AimBot and What ever you what they Use. I'm Telling you . If you Want to have a cheating Community Keep it Like this So Let it be a Cheat War. If you Could make A DataBase To ''Track & LOG '' Shoot Form Weapon , Hit Accuracy Or Something That Detect Cheat For real . Check Out Youtube For New EFT Cheats They Come Everyday with Poeple Laughing on Cheating , Get The List Of poeple Give a Like On Those Video Get Their Email Adresse and Ban Them also For supporting Poeple Like this , Watching those kind of poo Make my anger go higher everyday , Before Any other Update For the Game Do One For anticheat and Get Them , Add Phone Device as Register Account To make them spend more Money To Play EFT , Add More Information Required , Get them Off the Game , Ingame Scan During Read Analysing File , doesnt mather If it Freeze Keep that for a month and Check Out Who didnt played For a month And you get a list Of those Cheating Poeple You Game Is The best one Ive Seen in a while , One of Unique Style , Don't Let the cheating Community Ruin This . Cheaters Doesnt Care about the Time you guy spend to make Something Out . You Said yourself Tarkov is your own Baby , Don't let you Baby Falls into The one doesnt deserve it. If i whould Catch on my own a cheaters in Real life , I maybe actualy be In prison myself How im Done with them They are Poison , Toxic , Also Add a BSG Lock Into system 32/64 For poeple Who has been Caught To make sure they Never come back , Get the poison Out of the water . These Guy are only There to Destroy The game.
  3. I'm experiencing more often, that i'm getting shot through that much foliage, even while moving, switching positions in so much cover without even spotting the shooter, while he knows everytime exactly where im at. I refuse to call hacks/cheats/glitches easily, but found some russian video on YouTube, where you can see how this could be explained. Every foliage is gone, the game looks shitty though, but you can spot players half across the map. Now.. my question in this whole thing is: Isn't this also some kind of cheating? Will such ppl also get banned? It's such a massive advantage to not have that much, or even no foliage on every outdoor fight situation. Any1 had some similiar experiences?
  4. 4hire

    Check this out.

    Just in case you guys haven't seen this yet. Keep up the good job guys, and bring Aim punch again please.
  5. Moshiro

    Umschreiben des Game

    Ich wollte mal nachfragen ob es erlaubt ist das Spiel umzuschrieben. Ich hab in den Regeln jetzt nicht gelesen das es Verboten ist das Spiel komplett umzuschreiben. Da das spiel in Unity gemacht wurde ist es nicht schwer das Spiel "umzumodden" und alle Texturen und Avatare durch 16K Texturen/.fbx Anime Models zu ersetzten. Den Launcher hab ich schon Umdesign. Aber an Spiel wil ich nicht ran weil ich nicht weiß ob das Billig Anti-cheat was nicht mal ne .dll Injection verhindern kann das als "Hack" oder "Cheat" erkennt und ich dadurch einen Bann bekomme. Zudem fällst mir auf das manche .dll vom spiel nicht Verschlüsselt sind das sollte man soweit noch Vixen damit nicht irgendwelche idioten sich dranmachen diese zu finden und zu Leaken.
  6. Jazztroll

    Cheating Player

    I'm not sure where to post this so i'm gonna do it here.\ So i was playing Customs behind the gas station there's a couple of trees forming like a little forest.. So i was in prone position at the top of this little hill. I was in the middle of few trees and i was observing the station for someone there (scav's players w/e) and out of nowhere something just hit me, and then again, and again. At first i didn't even understood what the F is happening. I started bleeding so i got up and started running and bandaging myself, i try to hide, i was kneeling behind cars, garbage containers, that little shack with one ammo crate and nothing this dude kept following me and killed me probably with an axe, but i couldn't see him, he didn't produce a sound, not even once. He was invisible ?!? And just kept following me hitting me with his stupid axe, and eventually he killed me?!!?! And i'm like "What the f*ck????" He couldn't be shooting at me from a long distance cause i ran away so far that he has to follow me, find me again and start shooting at me again. It cannot be scav cause he didn't produce a sound. However i got his name bcs the game tell's u who killed you and he was normal player who goes by the name "###" if its not a big problem for the devs and moderators ban this idiot as soon as possible. thank you..
  7. grampaexpozure

    No Report option?

    More anmd more now im running into raids with players who have cheats/ hacks (invincibility, aimbot etc) and there is no way of reporting their account. will this be implemented soon? or is there some spot i can post their IGN so they can be taken care of at some point? it's rather frustrating when i spend hours grinding gear toi just lose it to some player who is bad at the game and decides to toggle on invincibilty and stand in front of extracts wearing absolutly no armor. What can be done to address this?
  8. so nach 14min warten auf synchronisierung der spieler wurde ich rausgeworfen und alle meine sachen sind weg selbst aus mein beta container es reicht was ein poo eh letzter post zu bsg geschickt jetz können die machen was se wollen ich mach mir da keine mühe mehr is ja sinnlos nach knapp 20min ich hab es endlich mal geschafft ohne gear zu joinen und falle tot um clap clap clap einfach nur frust mich nochmal aufgerappelt denk mir so ok is halt broken wie immer, neu aufgerüstet keybar docs alles weg btw... join diesesmal ohne probleme 2min später kommt ein fliegenderspieler vorbeigeflogen...dead...... done
  9. Queridos supervivientes, Somos conscientes de las discusiones acerca de la cantidad de jugadores que hace trampas actualmente. Estamos en proceso de crear una actualización del sistema anti-cheats que mejorará la situación actual, aumentando mucho el número de cheaters baneados. Confiamos en que éstos nuevos cambios lleven a una mejora de la experiencia para los jugadores honestos, bajo ninguna circunstancia aceptamos la situación actual. En otras palabras, el sistema anti-cheats seguirá mejorándose. Gracias a todos por vuestro apoyo y vuestro feedback. Para aclarar: Hay muchos rumores acerca de que el nuevo anti-cheat vendrá con un wipe. Esa no es nuestra intención.
  10. Lemakako

    Cheater on shoreline

    Hi i want to say my storie, it is a little one but there is one proof that this player is a cheater, his name is XXXX he kill my team mate, that was in hab 218 on shoreline by the window. Only 1 shot from 950 meters, there is no loc to do this in this map. my teammate was wearing a Ops Core Fast MT full. On the other hand, developers be care with cheaters, they can ruin this game as fast as warz happen. thx for readme. sorry my bad english,bye!
  11. azerbah

    Cheater at Shoreline

    Me and my buddy got killed by cheater named [username deleted] at 2:50 PM (GMT+1) Shoreline map. Initialy he sprayed bullets at us while we were behind line of sight. When we got across the hill. He aimboted us at full auto flying above the ground.
  12. kyojin70

    To the mods about cheating

    hello mods, how do i report a cheat? (in-game trainers, item manipulation) i was veiwing some tarkov video somewhere and saw a cheat that gets embedded in the game and letting do some broken stuff and its fairly new since the video was just recent thanks
  13. Darkkpriest667

    How to report cheating?

    Could we implement a cheat report tool please? ******** like this have ruined the game for me after my initial purchase. The last several games I've played I was killed in under 90 seconds... The only way this is even possible is if they knew exactly where I was. headshots everytime no hesitation by the other players and it's getting old. Ban these pieces of **** or please refund my money so I can play another game.
  14. GMR


    SWOLE_MARONE literally full auto sprays across the map and doesn't miss a shot. This kid killed me multiple times and is blatantly cheating. It would be nice to not have to face so many cheaters in this game. Its a shame really.
  15. Nikita Buyanov, CEO de Battlestate Games: Veo que la gente se está poniendo nerviosa y hay mucha quejándose, bombardeando el foro / reddit. Y todo esto es tan viejo como el mundo. Ahora mismo tenemos una situación en la que aparecen continuamente "cheats", tramposos así como cheats modificados. Los estaís sufiendo ahora mismo. Estamos tomando medidas. Hacemos oleadas de baneos. Muchas veces hemos hablado de que el juego limpio es lo más importante para nosotros. Ellos evolucionan y nosotros también. Creamos nuevos algoritmos y comienza la locura: ya que cada ola de grandes baneos tenemos las mismas reacciones. TODOS los usuarios baneados están baneados con motivo. Y vuelvo a hacer la misma declaración que hice antes al jugador que se quejaba por el baneo. "Has sido baneado por usar "cheats" de uno de los mayores desarrolladores de "cheats" del mundo, que no podemos nombrar por motivos obvios. Pero fue el motivo exacto y claro del baneo. Tenemos toda la información técnica sobre ésto y podemos usarla en cualquier proceso legal si fuera necesario. "¿Por qué no podemos nombrar el nombre del "cheat" en público? Por ejemplo, porque ellos sabrían que hemos detectado su nueva versión." No vais a ser baneados por el uso de programas de terceros que no sean "cheats". No podemos proveer una lista de "cheats". NO hay programas tipicos, conocidos y bien usados en la lista. NO vais a ser baneados por usar un programa que os diga el tiempo. NO vais a ser baneados por usar limpiadores de memoria. NO vais a ser baneados por usar visual studio / reshade / sweetfix, y otros programas del mismo estilo. Cada vez que una oleada de bans llega, recibimos muchos mensajes, algunos son buenas historias: "Fue mi hermano" ó "sólo lo descargué y me baneasteís". Recibimos amenazas e insultos de hijos de famosos abogados, jefes de la mafia, y muchos más. Y obtenemos esos post en los foros que hablan de INJUSTICIAS. Muchos de ellos. Cada Día. Una última cosa. Sobre el Cheat Engine, funcionando en segundo plano. C.E. funcionando en segundo plano puede hacer scans de los procesos de memoria, y puedes aprender a usar esa información más adelante en el uso de "cheats". ¿Queremos que los creadores de "Cheats" puedan tener la habilidad de no ser detectados? NO. ¿Para qué necesitas tener el CE en segundo plano cuando juegas al EFT? ¿Quizás para hacer trampas? ¿No? No importa. No lo abraís. No creais a nadie que cree un post en ningún lado diciendo que ha sido baneado sin motivo. Tenemos pistas e indicios que podrían ser usados en cualquier proceso legal si fuera necesario. "Haters gonna hate", pero nosotros, BSG, y personalmente yo, estamos aquí para vosotros, los jugadores honestos. Estamos aquí por todos vosotros. Gracias por vuestra atención.
  16. MasterOfPain

    Cheaters in EFT

    Cheaters are being so blatant in this game, ******, for example just ran around the mental hospital shooting 3 different people including me through different doors... As an admin or mod, you guys need to take on the responsibility of creating some way to report players. And the players with a certain amount of reports should be overwatched by an admin/mod to view if they are cheating. Is there any way for you to look at the logs to see how they are doing in the game, ex- 30 bullets being shot through a door or another object and leading to 4 kills in a single match. Stuff like that would help you easily notice who is cheating and who is not. It is very frustrating to play and have fun when a cheater runs along and runs to the exact spot I am at and just kills me through a door. I know you can not find all the hacks and prevent them, but there are ways of checking logs to see who is cheating and who is not based on stats. In loot based games like EFT, cheaters take all fun out of it for any player.
  17. Olá operadores! Gostaríamos de abordar um tema que diz respeito a todos, ou seja, o trabalho contra o uso de trapaças (cheats/hacks); Esclarecer sobre como esse trabalho está sendo feito em Escape from Tarkov. O trabalho contra as trapaças é um processo constante e inseparável do ciclo de vida do projeto, mesmo que pareça que nada está acontecendo, o anticheat está em pleno funcionamento. Escape from Tarkov conta com uma equipe dedicada para esta função, monitorando o mercado de hacks e inventando contramedidas efetivas. A essência de seu trabalho é a análise dos métodos de hacking existentes para revelar como estes estão funcionando, como afetam e interagem com o processo do jogo. Com base nessa pesquisa, os algoritmos de detecção e contramedida são criados. Para que esse trabalho seja eficaz, os jogadores trapaceiros são primeiramente rastreados, monitorados e banidos mais tarde. Nós desaprovamos fortemente qualquer atitude desse tipo e desejamos a todos um jogo justo em Escape from Tarkov! - Tradução realizada com a colaboração do membro da comunidade, o @Mrfall!
  18. Αγαπητοί φίλοι, αναγνωρίζουμε την ανησυχία σας σχετικά με τους αθέμιτους παίκτες, γι 'αυτό θα θέλαμε να εξηγήσουμε πώς λειτουργεί το anti-cheat: Δεν υπάρχουν κύματα απαγορεύσεων, λαμβάνουν χώρα καθημερινά. Μπορείτε να είστε σίγουροι ότι όλοι οι απατεώνες θα απαγορευτούν. Οι απαγορεύσεις για τη χρήση σφαλμάτων ή εκμεταλλεύσεων δεν ισχύουν. Δεν υπάρχουν απαγορεύσεις "χωρίς ιδιαίτερο λόγο", για αντικείμενα Loot ή λογισμικό που δεν απαγορεύεται. Παρακάτω μπορείτε να βρείτε τη λίστα των παικτών που έχουν BAN κατά τη διάρκεια των τελευταίων δύο ημερών. Σας παρακαλούμε να μην αποστείλετε εικόνες των στατιστικών με σκοπό να κατηγορήσετε κάποιον για εξαπάτηση, εφόσον δεν μπορεί να θεωρηθεί ως αποδεικτικό στοιχείο. Επίσης παρακαλώ μην μοιράζεστε βίντεο, συνδέσμους σε ιστότοπους απαγορευμένων παραγωγών λογισμικού και οποιαδήποτε πληροφορία σχετικά με το απαγορευμένο λογισμικό, καθώς πρόκειται για κατάχρηση των κανονισμών του φόρουμ. Τα BAN είναι μόνιμα, οι αποφάσεις που λαμβάνονται δεν πρέπει να επανεξεταστούν. Μαζί με το ΒΑΝ του λογαριασμού του χρήστη ο παίκτης πρέπει να απαγορευθεί μόνιμα στο φόρουμ του παιχνιδιού.
  19. XxLuciferxX

    Hackers.... being ignored?

    Hackers need to be dealt with on a more frequent basis, not just when a big patch is implemented. Im Constantly coming across flyers ect on Woods. EFT members are a common name amoung them, the second one this morning.
  20. HeftyGuy

    Fix the Aimbot?

    It is a rage post yes, Why is it when I see a scav roaming through a forest, I go up to try and kill him, he goes through 2-3 trees in front with bushes everywhere yet he will full spray land every shot through all this cover, day time and night time, its dumb
  21. This just happened: Was this person cheating, or was it something else? If he was cheating, where can I report? Didn't find a specific area in the Forums. Thanks!
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