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  1. The Art of Warfare [TAW] The Art of Warfare [TAW] is a highly organized international gaming community that has been established since 2001 with 2800+ current active members in 40+ games including Escape from Tarkov. We currently have an active player base in Escape from Tarkov stretched around the world including EU, NA, OC, etc, consisting of both seasoned and new players. What we offer you in TAW What we offer you in Escape from Tarkov Division: Requirements to join: If you are either a casual gamer, hardcore gamer or something in between we have something for you here in TAW. How to join us in TAW! Need more Information before joining? We look forward to having you join our Family. Happy hunting and Get Ready for Escape! Come looking for friends, and find a family as we have found ours! The post was updated on April 30th, 2017. The PDF file update is on the way. Our Russian version of this post can be found HERE.

    WCKD Gaming (NA)

    ---------- WCKD Gaming ---------- We're still looking for active members of all time zones. If you want a great community with fun and friendly players to play with, look no further! Discord link: (open in web address bar) https://discord.me/wckd What we value: ⚪ Dedication ⚪ Friendly ⚪ Helpful ⚪ Active ⚪ Strong communication ⚪ Desire to have fun within a community / team setting ⚪ Players who exhibit maturity and integrity What we offer: ⚪ Friendly environment ⚪ Shenanigans (because who doesn't love some random shenanigans) ⚪ Enjoyable experiences ⚪ Active players across multiple games ⚪ Game giveaways (thanks to those who make donations) ⚪ Streamers and streambot to announce if you are doing so (helps draw you a crowd) ⚪ Helpful members who have no issue giving a hand ⚪ Anti-religious and anti-political chat ⚪ Teams! (We have dedicated teams and random teams, looking to build more!) ⚪ Discord that is active and enjoyable ⚪ Leadership that takes care of any issues that may arise ⚪ Anti-cheating community/team -- If you cheat, you are banned for life. NO EXCEPTIONS! If you think this is a great fit for you or you just want to hang out and get a feel for us, please come on in and enjoy yourselves. We don't bite.... unless you're into the sort of thing. Any questions or concerns? Feel free to PM me on here.
  3. Welcome to Havoc Zero, a well-established global gaming community participating in hardcore shooters, striving to build a gaming environment grounded by maturity and loyalty. We’re a quickly growing community, full of both new & experienced players. For us, it’s all about having a fun, engaged, mature community. We pride ourselves in having open doors and being easily accessible, allowing for growth & an interesting member base, with a good team to keep it well run. We also play plenty of other/similar games and hardcore-shooters. We have various members taking on specific roles to help newbies within the realms of Tarkov. Our Guides & Squad Leaders are always up to the task of offering a helping hand, whether for general newbie questions, or being taken on a tactically lead raid, ready to provide effective and immediate in-game knowledge. • Maturity, camaraderie, fun, fair-play. • Mainly NA/EU member-base. • Simple rules, active & fair administration. • Supportive members to help you get started/improve. • Maturity, Respect & Fair-play. • Adhering to the rules, both discord and in-game. You can join/find us through the links below. Check out our amazing new website for more information! Please also make sure to read our rules when you join. https://discord.gg/MjxeTeC https://havoczero.com

    War Dogs Gaming

    Howdy there, welcome to War Dogs! Gaming community centered around Escape from Tarkov and Arma 3, War Dogs attempts to have a more leaned back approach to our gameplay. Our group ranges in age, but we do recommend 16+ but anyone can join. We maintain a simple rank structure for the sake of hierarchy but very rarely is it enforced. New members will be treated as guests until they get their feet wet, then can decide if they wish to join full on. We accept any and all players of any skill level and I personally am willing to sit and help new players better understand the game. If you're not interested in joining a clan, but are just looking for a place to put up your feet and slog a beer, we got you too. Regions: NA (Primary), EU, SEA Languages supported: English, Chinese Discord: https://discord.gg/qc9BymH *NOTE* Our Discord uses roles to keep everything clean and hidden. When joining the server please speak up and say hi and if you need to message MKBADDOG to get permissions. We do recommend you be a little more open to banter, we're a bunch of guys that love playing around and we make jokes. We are a politically charged lot, so politics and the like do get brought up a bit. We maintain a pseudo morality law in our group, so if you think its a questionable subject leave it at home. We're looking to expand so that we can run multiple squads at once, so squad play is recommended. If you are a duo only kind of person, we are open to having you. We do play a slew of other games, ask and maybe we have it.
  5. Kuzneec

    G R O Z A

    Команда "ГРОЗА" приветствует вас! Команда «Гроза», это группа бойцов ЧВК BEAR Россия. Группа образованна выжившими в сложных условиях, которые образовались в следствии конфликта в городе Тарков. После образования команды, было принято решение назвать её Гроза. В задачи команды входит: полное изучение местности, поиск выхода с огороженной территории г.Тарков , ликвидация банд дикиких на данной территории, поиск и спасение выживших бойцов ЧВК BEAR. Теперь реальность, команда образованна в 2017 году. В её состав входят участники с альфа теста и имеют большой опыт в проекте EFT. Для порядка в команде был составлен устав. Устав, это свод правил для комфортной командной игры. Мы не пати и играем по командным правилам. УСТАВ! 1. Вступление в клан: 1.1. Требования к участнику - возраст от 20 лет, адекватность, желание играть в команде и согласие с данным Уставом. 1.2. При принятии в Команду «ГРОЗА», участник покидает другие кланы и команды в проекте EFT. 1.3. Участник получает статус "Рекрут" и должен пройти испытательный срок в 4 недели. В течение данного времени участник пройдёт обучение(при необходимости), изучит обозначения на картах и правила рейда. 1.4. По прошествии испытательного срока принимается решение, по итогам которого, либо присваивается звание "Боец", либо Рекрут остается в своем статусе и проходит дополнительное обучение. 2. Основные положения: 2.1. Участники клана обязуются соблюдать данный Устав, уважать своих соклановцев, руководствоваться принятыми в обществе моральными и этическими нормами, стараться поддерживать развитие и авторитет команды. 2.2. Участники обязуются поднимать общий уровень социального/игрового взаимодействия внутри клана, улучшать свой уровень игры и учить новых участников. 2.3. Участники обязуются с уважением общаться с соклановцами; осознавая тот факт, что поведение члена клана ассоциируется со всей командой, обязуются не провоцировать конфликты как внутри команды, так и вне её . 2.4. Участник в праве создать собственный отряд составом не менее пяти человек после проверки на знание пункта 3. 2.5. Участник должен включить дискорд во время игры в EFT и находиться на сервере дискорда. В случае желания играть в соло, в дискорд есть соло-каналы. В случае игры в EFT без входа в комнаты дискорда, участник получает предупреждение. При повторном предупреждении, участник переводится в статус гостя клана без доступа в основные комнаты дискорд. 2.6. Участники должны сообщать о своей невозможности играть в определенный период времени. Для этого в штабе имеется темка в обсуждениях. Причины вашего отсутствия нас не интересуют, это личное. 2.7. Торговля внутри команды запрещена. Помощь финансовая или имущественная должны быть безвозмездными. Ответная благодарность приветствуется. 2.8. Участник команды «ГРОЗА», замеченный в игре с ЗПО, исключается из команды. 3. Поведение в рейде: 3.1. В рейде участники обязуются выполнять приказы и следовать указаниям старшего группы, назначенного или определённого до выхода в рейд. 3.2. Определение целей рейда, тактика и распределение бойцов производятся и обсуждаются на стадии планирования рейда. 3.3. Запросы/доклады производятся максимально лаконично и корректно, исключая двусмысленные толкования во избежание ошибок и/или дружественного огня. 3.4. Флуд, споры, крики забивающие эфир, любая прочая мешающая восприятию игровой информации звуковая активность запрещена. 3.5. Лутание, осмотр трофеев и прочую хозяйственную деятельность производить только после боя, и только при условии безопасности данного процесса, остальная группа осуществляет прикрытие. 3.6. Лут с уничтоженного ЧВК является собственностью убившего его бойца. 3.7. При гибели бойца группы лут по возможности раскидывается , с тела снимается жетон; выносить снаряжение в следующий рейд не рекомендуется. 3.8. Участник обязуется следовать правилам рейда и следит за соблюдением правил остальными участниками команды. В случае не соблюдения правил рейда последует предупреждение. При повторном нарушении может последовать исключение с команды. Не соблюдение данного устава наказывается исключением из Команды. Наша группа ВК: https://vk.com/comanda_groza Анкета на вступление: https://vk.com/comanda_groza?w=app5619682_-162426917 Всем удачных рейдов!
  6. Добро пожаловать в официальную тему Discord сервера Escape from Tarkov! Если вы хотите пригласить своих друзей, просто попросите их скачать Discord и поделитесь с ними этой ссылкой https://discordapp.com/invite/eft-official-rus Девиз "Присоединяйся и играй с другими!" Правила сервера! Скриншот сервера
  7. Du suchst eine Community im Bereich Escape from Tarkov? Du hast keine Lust mehr alleine zu spielen? Du suchst nach einer 18+ Multi-Gaming Community mit Rund 1300 Membern? Du möchtest dich verbessern oder noch was dazu lernen? Oder einfach nur mit netten Menschen zocken? Dann bist du bei und Richtig. Was wir euch als Community bieten: - TeamSpeak 3 Server mit hoher Aktivität - Eine Homepage und ein aktives Forum - Erfahrenes Community-Management - Ehrlichkeit im Umgang mit Teams und Membern - Freundliches Umfeld sowie Aufstiegsmöglichkeiten - Planung und Teilnahme von Events, Gewinnspielen und Online-Cups - Stetige Weiterentwicklungen in allen Bereichen - Unterstützung für Streamer & YouTuber WIR SUCHEN: Was wir von euch erwarten: - Alter von 18+ mit Absprache der Abteilungsleiter + Kommandanten ggf. 17+ - Zuverlässigkeit, Ehrlichkeit und angemessenes Verhalten sowie Aufgeschlossenheit - TeamSpeak 3 Aktivität sowie funktionierendes Headset Wir suchen Verstärkung in allen Gaming-Bereichen Egal ob Einzelspieler oder Team wir sind stetig auf der Such nach aktiven Spielern. Der Spaß am Spiel und der Zusammenhalt der Community, sowie ein freundliches Miteinander stehen im Vordergrund. In vielen Gaming-Abteilungen besteht die Möglichkeit im kompetitiv Bereich aktiv zu sein. Bei uns ist beides möglich. Bereits seit über 5 Jahren gehört Pyrolyse Gaming (früher Team Pyrolyse) zu den größten, deutschsprachigen Gaming-Communities. Aktuell verzeichnen wir Rund 1300 Spieler. Ansprechpartner für Escape from Tarkov ist:: [HakkeFee], [Blackman] oder einfach beim Support im Ts3 melden! TeamSpeak 3 Server IP: ts.pyrolyse-gaming.de (kein Passwort) Ansprechpartner für Allgemeine Anfragen Alle unsere Supporter, Leader und Co-Leader! Webseite & Forum: Weitere Informationen über uns findet ihr auf unserer https://pyrolyse-gaming.de/ und in unserem Forum worüber ihr auch Kontakt mit uns aufnehmen könnt.
  8. F3mto

    DSQ - Death Squad Recruiting

    Death Squad(DSQ) Is a gathering of people from across, Skandinavia, US and UK, we are currently looking for more players to join our ranks due to some core members on a break. We play casually and have fun while playing the game, there are no requirements on joining us other than that you behave yourself and respect the fellow PMC and speak English. Most of us have played since last year and some are on a break due to technical difficulties with the game. The Discord chat is mainly in English and Norwegian. If you need a place to hang out and you are tired off solo raiding, or are new to the game, or just looking for fellow individuals, feel free to PM me for more info.
  9. Django-Jocker

    Deutschsprachiger EFT Clan

    Escaper, habt ihr keine lust mehr alleine in die Schlacht zu ziehen? Ihr wollt taktisch im Team spielen und seit über 18 Jahren alt? Dann tretet doch den THE MUSKETEERS bei, wir freuen uns auf eure Nachricht. ----> https://steamcommunity.com/groups/themusketeersofeft <-----
  10. For more information please head to our website or leave your question in the discussion Devils Brigade Website link Discord link Devil's Brigade is a North American, community-centric clan formed by both new and seasoned veterans to Escape From Tarkov and many other games especially in the mil-sim genre (Squad, Post Scriptum etc.) Our members enjoy playing in a casual but structured environment. We pride ourselves on having established a friendly community that strives for the best. Our members are typically sitting in the 30 to 40 range each wipe and we have been around since Alpha. My favorite part of our community is our members are always willing to teach newcomers to the games we support and placing the utmost importance on team play. If you are looking for a community that's competitive and cares more about it's members and the great experiences that come from social gaming you've looked in the right place. What we are looking for: What we provide: What we require:
  11. DutchGG

    EVOL Clan - 18+ Community Recruiting!

    Hey all, EVOL is a Escape from Tarkov community clan that is currently looking to expand within Escape From Tarkov. Our main goal as a gaming community is to ensure everybody who joins have a really good time, meet new players/teams and dominate the game! We are looking to expand our current player base with like-minded individuals who share a good passion for the game and who are looking to have fun along the way. We don’t like to take the game to seriously and enjoy it as much as possible. REQUIREMENTS - We require our player base to be 18+ so we can keep a mature environment. - We require the player base to be English speaking at all times. (if your English is not good I’m sure someone will help you along) - Any knowledge of the game is accepted members of our community will be more than helpful should you require it. - Positive attitude and willing to learn and adapt. - Be active regular within the server. Our discord has multiple sections that players can learn all aspects of the game and a really good current player base that are more than willing to help at all times. If you’re bored of playing alone or just looking for a new clan today then join us at EVOL! https://discord.gg/pup4Yba We look forward to you joining us soon! Thanks, Dutch.
  12. pryce2k15

    Death Squad recruitment open 18+

    Hey all, Death Squad is a gaming community that is currently looking to expand within Escape From Tarkov. Our goal as a gaming community is to ensure everybody who joins have a really good time, meet new players/teams and dominate the game! We are looking to expand our current player base with like-minded individuals who share a good passion for the game and who are looking to have fun along the way and enjoy it as much as possible. REQUIREMENTS - We require our player base to be 18+ so we can keep a mature environment. - We require the player base to be English speaking at all times. (if your English is not good I’m sure someone will help you along) - Any knowledge of the game is accepted members of our community will be more than helpful should you require it. - Positive attitude and willing to learn and adapt. - Be active regular within the server. Our discord has multiple sections that players can learn all aspects of the game and a really good current player base that are more than willing to help at all times. https://discord.gg/vUvmMx2
  13. Graveprophet

    Delta 6 Order

    D6 Order Here at D6, the clan is established and focused about fun and tactics. We have some of the veterans of Tarkov that utilize success at all costs. Cheeky breeki is the way of life here. Established like a good wine and dining on everyone else money like a good date. We are here to take loot and dog-tags in name of D6. Have you ever had a bounty put out for your clan leader of 400k? Have you ever squad wiped and gave out the gear of the squad to hatch-lings? Have you ever had so much you cant fit it in your inventory? Here at D6 that is daily problems we incur ever day. What you can expect from D6 Tactical Gameplay with high success rate Coordinated leadership with success behind its belt High Quality players to play with, not everyone can run with the big dogs. We have the rest stay on the porch Gameplay and fun. Even tactical and serious we still laugh like we are drunk and have more fun than other groups. High success and exfil rates. We have majority 50-60%+ survival rates, with some as high as 80% Knowledge and capability in squad leads What D6 can expect from you You need to be mature and have the ability to make calls in voice comms of discord You need to have enough gear to loadout with to run with the group, if you come out with no armor when everyone else is dressed to the nines you can expect that you wont last here. You need to understand the callouts of the game, and its locations, and understand the extracts/maps completely. Our D6 specific callouts can take time, basic knowledge is a must to apply Any full fledged member can vouch for trial recruits, that means you wont be separated from friends even if they are not cut from the same cloth as the rest Your kill your loot, you cant be in such a state that your willing to die over loot, and you can not loot someone else loot unless they state it is free for all. All kills are claimed by the killer. You need to not be a hatchling with gear when you play with D6. Rushing to a safe to get a bitcoin and then dying in the procces wont earn you membership You need to work with the group and follow the squad leaders calls Minimum of level 20 in one of the wipe periods to apply efficient experience To apply Simply apply by joining https://discord.gg/GDSeH3M You will get messaged by an officer/leader for voice interview. Join today and look like this
  14. We are a fun community looking to grow our members and would love more tarkov players. If you are bored of playing alone and would like to have some friends to play with then this is the place for you. We accept all from noobs to pros and from all around the globe so players can always find someone to play with. Can setup private rooms on the discord for streaming times and events if need be no problem. https://discord.gg/5TQhjqD
  15. Join us on Discord JAG is a Military Style structured community full of active/retired military players as well as civilians from all over the world. We were founded back in 1998, formerly an exclusive military member only community after 9/11 most of our members were deployed and the group was put on hold. Two years ago, we opened up to all players, and currently have over 1,100 members on our discord. We Host an Open Discord for everyone to Join, but ranked users are handpicked. You do not have to be a member of JAG to play with us, we use a "Guest" system to filter official members from other players so there is no confusion. We have a quite a few games that are actively played as a community as for Tarkov here is a list of what you can look forward to. Active groups of players 24/7 that are always willing to play. Community Events every week. JAG hosts newbie Fridays (more info below). Mature teams of players that assist players of any skill level. News and info on the games progress all in one place so you do not have to search Newbie Fridays are one of that large events that we host for Tarkov. It allows our veteran players to help out newer players get past that harsh learning curve that this game throws at you. We run it all day Friday every Friday. We have multiple rooms that are manned the whole day by our official JAG squad leaders who are trained to get you through your raid. Whether it be to help you with a quest or to just give pointers on how to get better at the game, our Squad Lead’s are happy to help Expected from our members when joining our discord: Matured attitude. Follow channel rules. No harassment of other members No discussion of exploits, hack, cheats for our games. Just be a good person! Assholes will be kicked!
  16. RileyCompany9

    Riley Company

    Are you looking for a more in-depth Clan?A place where gamers take a serious approach Well Riley Company is a place for you.We have been a clan for over a year had many members come and go and we learn from a lot of mistakes.Now we are a small but very active discord/ clan that have 5 to 7 member squads that play together and compete against other Squads in friendly but serious competition.We also have another discord for more casual players where nothing is required of you.If your in the military or ex-military you will respect and enjoy our Squad themed based rank.Guys i hope to see you in our discord and personally get to do raids with you ..... https://discord.gg/rgPQzXS this is our community https://discord.gg/EnxWAD9 for the more serious Squad players ...........Maximus Starr
  17. hidden_citizen

    Clanes y Comunidades

    Buenas supervivientes de Tarkov! Debido al creciente aumento de jugadores de la comunidad decidí hacer este post, para convertirlo en un punto de encuentro para los recién llegados a Tarkov, que desean una experiencia en grupo. A este fin existen dos tipos de grupos, las comunidades y los clanes. Comunidades: Estas son puntos de encuentro para jugadores que desean ser parte de grandes grupos, en donde existe una gran variedad de estilos de juego. En estos no existe una jerarquía por así decirse. ★ Escape From Tarkov Comunidad Hispana ★ EFT HISP Esta es la comunidad más grande de habla hispana. Aquí encontrarás a mas de 1000 jugadores de todos los rincones del mundo, dispuestos a ayudarse entre sí y pasarla bien, dando lugar a cualquier estilo de juego y procedencia, siempre dispuestos a darnos una mano y brindar un espacio para pasarla bien y conocer gente con nuestra misma pasión por Escape From Tarkov. Además existen cientos de guías, mapas y tutoriales en español, además de la traducción no oficial de Escape from Tarkov. Discord: Link Steam: Link Administradores: @Tarkin93 @Dabelu @ivantuvieja @hidden_citizen Escape From Tarkov México Esta es la comunidad mexicana de Tarkov dirigida por @TarkovMexico. Actualmente solo aceptan residentes y nativos de Mexico. Facebook: Link Tarkovitas Comunidad enfocada a Escape from Tarkov, contamos con nuestra web propia con guías, tutoriales, mucha información sobre el juego, canal de youtube, discord... Aquí damos cabida a gente tanto de españa como de cualquier hispanohablante, nos puedes encontrar diariamente jugando en nuestro Discord. Ofrecemos ayuda a los nuevos en Tarkov integrándolos en nuestro grupo y enseñando tácticas, mapas, movimientos, objetos de misión etc. Entra en nuestro discord y únete a cualquier canal de voz con gente para empezar a jugar, aquí no hay restricciones de nivel ni nada por el estilo siempre que se cumplan las normas mínimas de convivencia. ¡Nos vemos en Tarkov ! Web: Tarkovitas Discord: Discord Youtube: Youtube Escape From Tarkov LATAM Creo esta comunidad para juntar a las más posibles personas activas, latinoamericanos e hispanos, y ayudarnos entre todos con la finalidad de tener una mejor experiencia en Escape from Tarkov. Discord: Discord Clanes: Estos suelen ser grupos más reducidos, donde sus miembros juegan siempre juntos, y tienen un estilo de juego definido, ideales para personas que desean una experiencia más personal, dado que las comunidades suelen ser puntos de encuentro muy grandes con miles de personas, mientras que los clanes son lugares donde los miembros se conocen entre sí. Clan T7: Team Seven [T7] es un clan formado por hispanoparlantes de todo el mundo cuyos objetivos principal es pasar un buen rato jugando en equipo, mejorar nuestro nivel de juego en el EfT y ayudar a los jugadores nuevos a superar la inclinada curva de aprendizaje que tiene este juego. Así mismo, en el clan no tenemos una jerarquía formal. Si bien consideramos a los fundadores como líderes o administradores, nuestra organización no es vertical sino horizontal, razón por la cual hacemos énfasis en que el respeto es lo primero; los fundadores del clan son @osbel, @Eligoth y @ANSYS. En T7 creemos que la unidad del equipo es la clave del éxito en cada partida, la coordinación y el respeto son imperativos para jugar juntos. Como el clan está formado por gente de todas partes del mundo, los horarios para encontrarnos pueden ser muy diversos, aunque por lo general siempre habrá alguno de los miembros a la tarde y noche (GMT -3). Para encontrarnos simplemente busquen el canal de voz T-7 en ★ Escape From Tarkov Comunidad Hispana ★ EFT HISP. Administradores: @osbel @Eligoth @ANSYS Discord: Link Clan La Mano Negra: El clan está abierto a que entre cualquier persona con la mejor onda y juegue con los miembros. Para todos los interesados la dirección del TS es "lamanonegra.net". Una vez dentro solo tienen que pedir el permiso para pertenecer al TS. TeamSpeak: Link Interesados en incluir sus clanes o comunidades por favor mandarme un PM a @hidden_citizen Saludos!
  18. Hi all! We are looking for experienced and new players to join our new clan! there are rules to follow as well as roles in our clan! We also support streamers also so come on by if you want to do more geared looted runs or just simply want to learn the game more! All maps are in discord channel and if rules are broken this will result in a ban We post helpful information in the discord and have appointed leaders to lead squads etc! If you would like to join us then leave a comment below and I will get back to you with the details on how to join! Happy looting and see you soon!
  19. CptSlow

    [IDN] Indonesian Tarkov Division

    [ESCAPE FROM TARKOV INDONESIA] Indonesian speaking Tarkov PMCs (Discord Community), open to everyone who needs squadmate for raids or just to have fun in general Join our discord: https://discord.gg/5Y9XWeW
  20. Hazel


    這篇是供戰隊,團隊招生所使用的。 中文區塊內所有招生/尋找團隊/戰隊的文章將會刪除 招生不限格式,通訊軟件 但請嚴格遵守論壇管理條例,招生文外其他內容會被刪除。 如有任何關於該團隊的疑問,或需更多資訊請直接使用論壇PM詢問發文者 感謝大家合作!
  21. Fear and Terror is a, no-bullshit, 18+yo gaming community that that focuses on fun, engaging, tactical teamplay but not taking ourselves too seriously. We aspire to have a good time, and make lasting friendships along the way with it's members. -------------------------------------------------- We are looking to expand more into Tarkov. As the game grows we plan to grow our community with it and hope you will join us along the way. If you're sick of playing Tarkov alone we are the group for you. We do five man raids focusing on teamwork. If you are just starting to play Tarkov, but are dedicated towards improvement, our members will guide you towards familiarizing with the game and improving yourself. Or if you're longer term player looking to be a larger part of a group you are also welcome. We will help you find, trade, and stockpile items for quests and more. --------------------------------------------------- We looking for active members that we can play with daily but if you can only play weekly we understand and will still accept you as long as you make a effort to be a member of the community. Aside from Tarkov, we have divisions in Squad and War Thunder, with plans to expand into Star Citizen. If you would like to join us you can reach us on our Discord http://discord.me/FearAndTerror http://steamcommunity.com/groups/FearandTerror Please fill out the application in #click-here-to-join an Ambassador will contact you shortly --------------------------------------------------- 18 years of age or older Have a microphone (Obviously) Be active on discord Be able to accept responsibility when you make mistakes Understand there's a difference between "fun" and "trolling" Show respect to other members (We don't expect you to love everyone, but don't show it) Must be able to speak fluid English Please read the Chat Rules when joining
  22. FallenVengeance

    Looking for clan

    Hello all, I'm a Level 10 who is looking to join a clan and meet new people in the process. About me, I'm a 20-year-old college student who lives in North America.
  23. Witam jesteśmy grupą młodych ludzi w przedziale 18-26 lat jest nas już kilku Ale zawsze może być więcej ludzi do gry nigdy mało, jeśli chcesz do nas dołączyć pisz do mnie na forum lub w grze pod Nickiem " HTP_Barciu " dolaczam nizej jeden z naszych poerwszych filmów żeby każdy kto jest zainteresowany upewnij się czy mu pasuje taki klimat. https://youtu.be/aXWOOX8ImMI
  24. [RISE] Risen Coalition Gaming About us: [RISE] Risen Coalition Gaming is an 18+ gaming community established in early 2017. We have a strong base in survival shooters such as DayZ, ArmA 3, and PUBG. Our goal is to provide gamers alike an experience of tactical and mature gameplay across all games. An active and organized team Highly experienced players within our games No anger or ego-trips, chilled, fun gameplay Maturity, all of our members are adults No pressure, we understand commitments outside of the community Requirements to join: Mature and age 18+ Understand our rules Some understanding and familitary of all maps Level 20+ now, or in a previous wipe Ability to learn callouts, and develop good communication Have the willingness to help others Speak fluent English Have fun! How to Join: Answer a few questions in the comment section to get a discord invite! Are you age 18 or over?: What level are you now?: And previous patch?: How well do you know the maps? (we can teach you): Comment below and we will PM you the discord. Check out our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7dT9M1SdHj1FaWPnQFkiSA Check out our website/forums here: https://www.risencoalition.com/
  25. Anyone looking for a Team. That plays this game Serious But Not to Serious. Looking for a Community that plays more like a family then just friends. Tired of signing up on Websites to join a clan. Then your looking in the right place. We are looking for new/old players to enjoy this game Community. We use teamspeak 3 and anyone is welcome just dont be a dick or a troll. Send me a Message and ill send you the Address. Happy Hunting AboveDeadly
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