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Found 248 results

  1. Mycoxaphlopin

    Digital Playground TS3

    Hello, I'm looking for more people to play this game with. I'm 43 years old with tons of gaming exp. I have a few other friends that have the game, but we are all brand new to the game. More new people are welcome to contact me. We use Teamspeak and require you be over the age of 21 and speak English. Having a steam account is a bonus. You can find me on Steam as Mycoxaphlopin. Thanks for checking out my post. Good luck. Teamspeak info digitalplayground.teamspeak3.com password is videogames
  2. JisherFisher

    A chill Escape from Tarkov discord/ clan

    This is an Escape from Tarkov discord that is pretty chill, but also serious. This discord is mostly a democracy, so id there are any piece of poo admins they will be kicked if majority rules. There are no real requirements to be in this discord other than not being an poo. My goal for this discord is to be a chill place with no abusive admins, and a chill community. discord link: https://discord.gg/EhQ3BRX Don't be an poo, make sure to read rules.
  3. 1st i would like to say that we are a new clan so im learning how to do all these things im open to changes and suggestions all i ask is that you give Ns a chance 2nd the clan owner aka me is not a kid im in my 20s and would like to have people join the discord and just game AS ONE also the more people we get to be active the people you will have to play with so...... discord link https://www.discord.me/notoriousgamingsociety
  4. SlayerJack

    -Delta Squadron- !Open Recruitment!

    Who are we? Delta Squadron is a group of friends who actively play Escape From Tarkov. We're looking for more active players to be able to play in a more competitive manor with strong teamwork. You can find us on our discord HERE Requirements? We don't necessarily have any requirements for this, all we ask is that you fill out our application at the bottom of the page and reply to this post. Expectations of Delta Squadron We expect all members to act in a mature manor, we understand people get annoyed however we do not tolerate any serious abuse towards our members. Our Application Name: In-Game Name: Age: Tarkov Level: Past Experience:
  5. Hey Guys! If your reading this then id like to say thanks for giving me the time but basicly we are just a group on discord that likes to connect tarkov players to help them find friends within the game. We have a few people Who are Vets and are willing to assist in any quests you need doing any gear need finding etc. Ill be honest theres one member that likes to give his stuff away but ill let him do him lmao but what we are looking for is fun english speaking people who are looking to make some long term gaming friends within a small group and help each other better themselves at the game What we are mainly looking for are English speaking players that speak it clearly enough to have a good experience playing with. We dont mind accepting new escape from tarkov players or vets. i personally wont mind taking time out my day to make sure you know some ins and outs of the game Discord: https://discord.gg/PNVb9a2
  6. datODC

    Against All Odds Recruiting (aAo)

    Hello fellow escapes, my squad is looking for players to join up and form a clan to raid with. Hit us up if you are interested, we have a discord, feel free to join! Or message me and I will get you some more info. Looking for serious members only and please be an adult or act like one. Thanks! https://discord.gg/fwCuCJW
  7. RIPHomerun


    Hey Jo bin auf der Suche nach ein paar engagierten Spielern die mir das Game ein wenig zeigen. Starte es heute zum ersten mal. Grüße!
  8. cermack

    CROOKS CLAN recruiting members.

    We are a group of players who like to have fun and play multiple other games other than tarkov, although we like this game the most. Looking for anyone who isn'ttoo tryhard and generally likes to win using teamwork and down right luck. If you'd like to play with us or apply you can go to crooksclan.com there you can join the discord from the site.
  9. Helios666


    Clan activ cu peste 30 de oameni activi zilnic. pentru mai multe informatii sau invitatie discord pm me
  10. Selsun

    Danger Dolphins

    Hello, I am Selsun of the Danger Dolphins. I run and am the main founder for our clan. We usually only deal with age 15+. We are extremely picky on recruitment but feel free to give me a application here. For applicants please include a screenshot of your best run and favorite load out (we do not expect you to bring your favorite load outs and we are severely against teamkilling. This is for observations purposes only.) This does not mean you are subject to just bringing a handgun every time either however, or other zero value load outs. and please answer these questions in your applications: Microphone: if you do not have one we will not play Tarkov with you as communication is key. PC rating: Bad, decent, good, great, PC master race running a super computer. Country: The majority of us reside in the United States. We do accept out of US applicants, but be aware we do not know how overseas connection works or is in EFT. How often do you play on your PC? How often do you usually play EFT? In the Danger Dolphin community we use a ranked system inside of the discord: Invited guests: players not invited by a Senior+. Dolphin: A member with limited access and no control. Senior Dolphin: Usually only become seniors after several months of being active and must interact with certain others to pass into Senior Dolphin. These are MY people and I know them all very well, if they say something I believe them 100% of the time, five of them are my five best friends and one of them is a good friend to me that is mature and I trust, even as an applicant disrupting my other operations occurring in the discord is a NON-APPEAL-ABLE BAN. All members are aware of this. We are very competitive, so please don't mess with our hobby and entertainment. Manager: There is only 1, Sunny is my secondary manager and runs the Discord when I am away. He also has access to my twitch and control over the Discord bot. He is also my public assistant, he will be helping access the applications here. Selsun: That's me, the original founder, the main manager and the guy who deals with the public when Sunny is not. We are against cheating and do not accept or endorse it in any way. If you are a cheater and are incapable of good sportsmanship you are not welcome here. Please understand we are looking for mature players who game as a hobby, if you are in it for fun we may accept and play with you however, our preferences are set to players who play often, inactive "invited guests" are only kicked after 6 months of zero posting, zero joining, and zero interaction, so we truly do not mind if you can not play 24/7 but we are looking for more serious players. Thanks and good luck! ===================================================================================================================================================== After you are accepted I will give you our Discord invite.
  11. pheonixcarnage

    JAG is recruiting.

    Good day everyone, My ingame name is DrunkenPheonix, and ill let you know a little about my community. JAG has been around for ages, members are all over the place, old and new, however we are strictly an invite only community, and we follow a military rank structure. It was formed in the 90's by members playing delta force, and has continued to live. The low membership numbers are because we only invite members that are/will be like family to us. Since its inception, JAG has gone thru major changes, once having number at 1500+ people, to having 10. i am trying to bring back this community to the good old days, and if you are willing to help support and grow with it, i invite you to the community. 3 major rules; - Clan tag after your names in all multiplayer games, if possible (some games wont let you add a clan tag) - be social and nice to all members, disputes will be solved by higher ups - by loyal to JAG Some perks; - game giveaways every month - depending on dedication, promotions are easy I am looking to restart the community in Escape from tarkov. if your interested, join the discord below. every month, we have a meeting were all members are formally initiated. We also play a game called men of war, were prizes are given to the winning person, or team. Looking forward to new faces. Drunkenpheonix https://discord.gg/wE5N5aC
  12. GeT_MiLk

    Oceania Clans

    I was wondering if there were any clans in Aus or NZ that I could join ?
  13. OxTox

    [JAG] Gaming Community!

    Hello everybody, Are you interested in tactical game-play, working in a very friendly environment. Are you interested in joining a community that expands in multiple games, and has lots of game give-away's? Or just want to play with a group casually? Then join this discord! In order to join community, you need to be with us for a week before getting an invite. We help new players level and get good loot, also lots of jokes to be told, so come have a good time! https://discord.gg/wE5N5aC
  14. Calamity_Ninja

    Calamity Shogunate Clan Recruitment

    To all Bear Comrades, hello! I am looking for recruits to join my ranks. i will be accepting applicants of all levels. Specifically I need 3 players to help me with geared raids. Running to often, making noise, shooting friendlies, loot hoarding, taking shots without calling the enemies position, and straying too far from the group. all of these actions are frowned upon in the Clan and will most likely get you killed. Hey, join our 'Escape From Tarkov: Bear' group on BAND - The app for groups and communities! We will be setting up raids using this, you can also message me directly though there. https://band.us/n/a7a9vcWdR5Ocy Here is my Discord as well feel free to come and go as you please, as always look forward to merkin with ya! https://discord.gg/RHgTYJ2
  15. S I E R R A 0 1 Who we are: Sierra 01 is a newly formed clan based in the United Kingdom, we have been playing tarkov since august 2017 and have recently decided to expand our numbers into a fully committed clan. We are roughly around 16-19 years old, all live in the UK or Ireland and we're looking to like-minded players in the same area to come join. Sierra 01 was formed around Escape From Tarkov however we plan to expand larger in the upcoming months and we would love it for you to join us. Why choose us? Sierra 01 strive on being semi-serious meaning we take group raids and any other kind of raids seriously however when the time is right, we love to sit back, relax and just talk to each other or play other games with one another. Also, due to the fact that we have purchased and played this game near the release of beta, we understand a lot about the game and are more than happy to assist any clan members with missions, questions or anything that they require. Due to our serious side, we have a simple rank system, this will mean that we will issue ranks to our members due to how active they are, how professional they can be and also how well they can perform in a raid, ranks come with rewards such as the new RSASS, kitted M4s, etc. If you are looking for people to just have a laugh with but also can rely on in raids then you belong in Sierra 01. Our requirements: Must be 15+ years of age Must be fluent in English and able to call out quickly in English Must have a certain level of maturity (discussed on discord) A working microphone and the discord application Have a combined amount of 1.5mil roubles atleast TWICE (Including pre wipes) Have a level of 25 or above atleast ONCE (Including pre wipes) What we offer? A friendly and experienced group of players Rewards at different clan ranks Expansion into other games in the near future A professional made discord Want to join? In order to join you will need to complete a small application located in our discord, once the application has been sent and read, we will assign a phase one tag to let us know you passed the application phase and phase two is just doing a bunch of raids with us and just generally being active. The discord is where we operate meaning all of our members, news, announcements and general chats are in there, to join the discord click on either of the images or this link: https://discord.gg/fepYts9 Thanks for reading
  16. JonnyC

    Tarkov Tacticians

    Starting up a new clan. Only people who can leave their ego at the door are welcome. The teams success is more important than personal glory. We will be using real tactics that implement well into the game, Got tired of 'tactical players' that cant remain focused and fall apart when the brown hits the fan. Room clearing, responding to ambushes, holding wide and tight angles on approach to rooms. Area securing while 1 man loots etc. Peeling. Bounding all that good stuff. People with real combat experience would be useful to help pass on their knowledge but all are welcome as long as your ready to work together as a cohesive unit. Please no power rangers or ego nutters. If your serious and want a serious clan that uses real tactics add me on steam, ScottishSaviour.
  17. I hate confusion while playing with friends, too many times we have to resort to friendly wiggles and jump checks to see who is who. Tarkov is hardcore game so having these unrealistic team icons ontop of team-mates like you see in other games, would not do justice to it. However there must be some way of making individual squads reckognizeable from the rest, as in real life you would most likely reckognize your friends from foes. In tarkov everyone looks more or less the same which makes it a pain in the ass. Patches, i really hope that this could be done, imagine seeing an arm patch of your own color/icon on friendlies, im sure this would save alot of confused people from murdering their friends in cold blood. Perhaps it would be easiest to do like this, any player can design his own arm patch, maybe for a cost even. When said player invites people into his squad, all the invited squad members will have this arm patch in the raid. Would be realistic enough, and very helpful. If its a patch, maybe it doesnt have to be just an arm patch but you could have it on your chest or helmet or where ever. Another option could be different colour arm bands, so that you could color-code your teammates and remember who is who.
  18. WolfHeartFury

    Looking for a group?

    we are a group looking for mature and serious gamers with good communication skills and team work abilities. simple as that, if you know how to keep comms silence when needed and great with callout then this is the place for you. https://discord.gg/usW2UN9
  19. NecroDeity

    Guy from India need people to coop with

    So, got the game recently after being hyped about it for quite a while. And I'm not great at it. So I was looking for some people to play and have some fun with, who would also not mind showing me the ropes along the way. Since I am from India, i believe my region is "Other" (it was so during the purchase), but in the launcher it shows the region as USA(confused about that). So, if anyone wants to play together (preferably someone with whom I can play without having sky-high ping), let me know Cheers.
  20. I am very new to the game, currently lvl 1. I pre-ordered this game a couple months ago and am just now getting into it. I am just looking for 1 or 2 chill guys to play with while I stream, i feel this game is much more fun with a group. Add me on steam if interested and message me so I know what its about. http://steamcommunity.com/id/blendingmaster
  21. zojo

    A clean clans topic

    Hello everyone maybe someone can make a locked topic that stays at the beginning and has all clan and groups names and a link for their official topics here in the forum or their contact info (Discord , team speak , website). so we don't have to scroll down and read alot of topics that are just questions or someone looking for a group , and when ever a new clan comes out they just contact the person who made the topic and they ask if they could be added . i can't come to the forum every day and i always scroll to find a new group or clan , i tried alot of them some very childish some are empty when i play and some are already kind of full and ignore new players asking for a team up . it doesn't only benefit me but also the people going around in the forum and creating topics under the title Looking for someone to play with or group up with . then we have an official and simple place to find what are they looking for . Thank you
  22. jbrasher99

    any 18+ clans i can join?

    ive had the game for about a week and would like to play with others
  23. Athelion

    Unofficial Experienced EFT Discord

    Unofficial Skilled EFT Discord | Experienced and Skilled players only. This discord is for people looking to play with other groups and get to know their play style, theres one thing we don't allow that other servers do, People that don't know what they are doing or that are bad at the game. If you are interested in being apart of the community go ahead and join the discord we are looking for active members to be willing to moderate the chats for us and active players to play with each other to make it a active community. Requirements: Played for 1 wipe Knows call outs for maps 16+ (If your below this age but mature and a non squeaky voice we will allow it.) Click here for discord invite REPLY ON THIS THREAD WITH YOUR DISCORD NAME INCLUDING HASHTAG TO BE VERIFIED EX: Reach Entry#7522
  24. Tony83

    Looking for players

    Hello There, i am gonna try to make a group "NEST" of Hardcore players who are feed up of carrying people in raids. If you are interested join discord and we can discuss. Thanks for your time Worldwide recruitment Req.: 20+ yo, xp in fps game, xp in EFT
  25. justmejr

    Funshack gaming recruiting

    the members in Funshack gaming Decided to start recruiting into the clan again everyone ages 16+ is welcome. msg me on the forums or leave a comment under this post and I will get back to you asap or you can add me on steam at jmjr I will respond instantly there as long as I am near my pc. Clan rules: must have Teamspeak Must have a working microphone Respect is a primary factory in the clan, we may troll but nothing is ever serious. and have fun!
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