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Found 239 results

  1. CS_Spector

    New to EFT

    Hey everyone, I am new to EFT and looking for some players to hang with. I am a leader of a clan called LMR we play other games but don't have guys playing EFT yet. I am looking to create a a team who play this game on a regular basis. https://discord.gg/skZ8pdY Here is our clan discord. Feel free to join, we are mature gamers in our 20s+ Appreciate anyone who joins and gives me some tips on starting out
  2. Andy_1066


    Anyone interested in going on some raids togrther? Add me on steam and I'll invite you to the discord http://steamcommunity.com/id/uh1blueghost
  3. bradleytwin01

    Looking for someone to join us!

    What's up what's up!! I'm pretty new to the game, started playing in late November, talked 2 friends in to buying ETF, now we are searching for friends to play in groups!
  4. LeichtesZiel

    TKB Clan

    Willkommen bei den Tactical Killer Bots! Wir sind ein Multigaming Clan und spielen hauptsächlich Escape from Tarkov, Black Squad, Destiny 2, und Warface! Bei uns steht der Spaß am Spielen innerhalb des Clans im Vordergrund. Ob Einsteiger oder Semi- Profi, bei uns steht jeder fest in der Gemeinschaft. Jedes Mitglied hat bei uns die Möglichkeit, sich mit Ideen und Vorschläge einzubringen. Sei es im kreativen oder organisatorischen Bereich. Solltest du Fragen oder Anregungen haben, oder schlichtweg Hilfe brauchen, wird dir unser Team mit bestmöglichen Mitteln zur Seite stehen. Also zögere nicht, zeig uns warum du zu uns gehören möchtest.
  5. BenedictSmithzY

    Looking to build a friendly but firm community.

    Welcome Everyone. Me and a few friends have been trying to build a Escape From Tarkov (among other games) friendly group and community. The rules are very simple and we look to welcome everyone of all ages and all skill levels. We look for your support and help throughout this and we're happy to answer any questions or query's here, and in our discord. My discord and IGN is Ironside. Hopefully we'll see you in the raid. Good Luck! https://discord.gg/RBGQnS
  6. https://www.discord.me/notoriousgamingsociety 1st off i want to say is the clan leader aka me is 21 years old would like like to let you guys know that We only have one rule Don't Be A Dick Have fun and just treat others like you would like to be treated Requirements To Join You must 18+ to join or if under aged must have a one week evaluation before joining the clan for the over 18 members you can rock the clan tag right away if you want but 1 week after you join and you name hasn't changed then you get a warning if still no change you get kicked from the discord Game Requirements: Team Player English Speaker Respectful Able to follow orders Must be able to communicate to teammates Please be respectful To Others And Have Fun
  7. I was playing yesterday with one of my good friends and I was a SCAV and so was he, I told him what I looked like so we don't shoot each-other, then I got shot at so I ran for cover then my friend walks up to the guy that was shooting me and get a shotgun shell straight to the chest. So I have an idea for how to identify teammates with out breaking the realism, I heard that sometimes in the military people where a glow stick or light bar on there back to say "hey ho, fellow teammate please don't shoot me" now maybe you can find glow sticks around the map or just spawn with them, the developers are gonna have to balance it of course. I just thought that might be a good idea, let me know if it is. -Professor
  8. Hey Guys! I'd like to start by saying that we are a small group of friends that play tarkov here and there together and looking to grow into somthing bigger. Yes we play tarkov quite regular but we also play other games and are looking for anyone who whishes to grow there little group of playing buddies even futher but we also dont mind having anyone that like to just join us for tarkov when there is no one else to group with. Now we also play other games like I previously stated like ARMA 3 and Dayz but there are lots more please feel free to join our discord to ask for more details on what we do What we are mainly looking for are English speaking players that speak it clearly enough to have a good experience playing with. We dont mind accepting new escape from tarkov players or vets. i personally wont mind taking time out my day to make sure you know some ins and outs of the game Discord: https://discord.gg/PNVb9a2
  9. rrk

    Looking for a Group

    Hey, I'm a new player and I'm looking for people to play with. I got up to level 19 but its not very fun without anyone else to play with. Looking for anyone 18+ preferably and that has discord. http://steamcommunity.com/id/rrkshifty/ I should also mention that I'm not hardcore. Just looking to have fun and kill people....maybe even stream a bit.
  10. Wolfydaddy

    GnG Is here for you, yes you.

    GnG, founded by me, Levi (a.k.a Chop) Is a welcoming group of Quality over Quantity based squad gameplay. We are looking to gain members that are active, skilled, and most importantly Friendly. 0 Tolerance for drama, e-poo talking, degrading speech, and Assholes. We keep it chill with a few memes along the way. Join up fellas. Thanks for coming along for the Ride. Discord: https://discord.gg/K6ytFmY My Personal Discord: GnG.Chop#7461
  11. looking for English speaking players to join our little discord and help make it a safe haven for all level players who need help completing raids more efficiently and come out with better loot more often. we also have gun giveaways in our discord from time to time, ranging from rifles to fully decked pm pistols with 84 round drum mags. don't be shy and join us for a little fun . Peace out girl scouts. discord: https://discord.gg/nCfBaqX (if the link doesn't work pm me and ill send another direct link to you) -Sean
  12. maximus198362

    Riley Company

    Hey guys my names max we are looking for gamer? that want to work together as a group .all about team work and team play,we don't care about your skill we are willing to help all new and advance players .we set up a discord https://discord.gg/Kz3gjZK join today ..be apart of a team

    The vault

    The vault is a discord group that welcomes new and seasoned players. While it is not an outstandingly large group it is big enough to find someone to play with, trade with and kill with. We find super serious clans a little silly and prefer to be more relaxed. https://discord.gg/Fuwn97 Everyone welcome!
  14. kylian185

    Dutch EFT Community

    Dutch EFT Community hoi allmaal ook opzoek naar Nederlandse speller join de Dutch EFT Community en game samen en join de Discord Server Gr kylian185
  15. gamesrightnow

    Unofficial Discord Server

    Hi there, I and a couple of friend have decided to open up a discord server to be able to partner up whit people easier. There are already a couple of Discord servers out there but ours has a couple of requirements to make the gameplay experience more enjoyable. In case you would like to join you can do so freely by clicking this link https://discord.gg/pPu53X3. However make sure you are within the following requirements - Minimum age 14. (no squeckers.) - Fluent in English. - Dark sense of humor. (not to dark...) - Don't be a dick. (teamkilling, anoying teammates, etc.) We hope to see you soon!
  16. deathtool89

    Looking for English speaking clan

    Been playing for about 2 months now and looking to get with a group to run raids. My time zone is CST. Can communicate with discord, vent, TS whatever. Thanks! Braunschweiger
  17. DeadFromSteam

    Looking for clan

    Add DeadFromSteam Add me on discord ╲⎝⧹[̲D][̲̅E][̲̅A][̲̅D]⧸⎠╱#5260
  18. gary 23


    My Name is Gary, Im pretty new on the official forums. I come from a massive community called ADK. we have a bunch of game sections. me and a few friends play EFT regularly and are looking to expand into an official game section! come check us out on discord. we have a mix of run and gun and tacticool guys. we play evenings usually in EST. discord link: https://discord.gg/MFTBZDr
  19. maximus198362

    Riley Company looking for players

    Hey guy my names josh ....https://discord.gg/Kz3gjZK join our discord and play with us
  20. maximus198362


  21. Hello we are searching for individuals to expand on a Escape from Tarkov! Skill level does not matter! We are looking for experienced and inexperienced we learn from one another. Our clan has been around for 11 years as of April! Currently we have a huge community that consists or DayZ, ArmA 3, R6S, Battlegrounds, Battlefield and Minecraft (with mods). We have some members interested in Escape From Tarkov including myself, so we are searching for new members to TheFirstCav! Our individuals are from around the world - we have individuals the whole way across the USA, Europe, and Australia/New Zealand. In case you're searching for a cool clan to hang out with and play Escape from Tarkov or whatever other games you may have, don't hesitate to stop by our site or TeamSpeak server! We have a couple set prerequisites at TheFirstCav to guarantee a safe, welcoming environment in all situations for our veterans and new individuals alike: Age: We like our individuals to be 17+. In any case we have a Cadet program which will enable you to substantiate yourself in the event that you are more youthful than the rest of us. Have an microphone and TeamSpeak 3, to permit powerful communication between individuals in the clan Maturity Comprehension of the General Orders and The Member Expectations (found on the site) And most of all, have some good times! 1CAV/CQF site, www.thefirstcav.com post TeamSpeak server - TeamSpeak. If you join our TeamSpeak for the first time, you'll need to poke one of our TeamSpeak mods (the folks with the magnifying glass alongside their name) and request that they give you authorisations. Much appreciated, and we anticipate meeting you! On the chance that anybody has any inquiries don't hesitate to ask here. On the application when asked how did you find it "EFT Site - CPL TheScottishSandman" so we can find out our best advertising locations!
  22. darklinkr28

    LFG or Friends (I'm new with 0 hours :D)

    Looking for friends to play with, im new but can shoot pretty well add me to play darklinkr28
  23. looking for English speaking players to join our little discord and help make it a safe haven for all level players who need help completing raids more efficiently and come out with better loot more often. we also have gun giveaways in our discord from time to time, ranging from rifles to fully decked pm pistols with 84 round drum mags. don't be shy and join us for a little fun . Peace out girl scouts. discord: https://discord.gg/nCfBaqX (if the link doesn't work pm me and ill send another direct link to you) -Sean
  24. suche Deutsch/russisch sprachige oder Clan zum gemeinsamen erfolg
  25. Hello all! I'm Connor, A Brigade Leader in Task Force Bravo. Task Force Bravo is looking for active and mature players over the age of 16 to build a friendly and competitive Escape From Tarkov community. We're currently over 450 members strong and are growing at a rapid pace. Feel free to message one of the below recruiters on steam, check us out on our website, and even hop in our Teamspeak and speak to a recruiter! Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/BritTaskForceBravo Website: https://taskforcebravo.co/forum/ Recruiter's Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198028200129/ Not interested in Escape From Tarkov? No worries! We support the following games: Player Unknown's Battlegrounds Call of Duty: World War 2 Company of Heroes 2 Escape From Tarkov RUST and many more! If you are interested, please feel free to contact me on steam and I will provide you with more info and our Teamspeak 3 address, just let me know you are looking to join for whichever game you're wanting to join in! Requirements: - TS3 and a working mic - Be 16 years or older - Able to speak English Thanks, and looking forward to hearing and playing with you all!
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