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Found 271 results

  1. pryce2k15

    Death Squad recruitment open 18+

    Hey all, Death Squad is a gaming community that is currently looking to expand within Escape From Tarkov. Our goal as a gaming community is to ensure everybody who joins have a really good time, meet new players/teams and dominate the game! We are looking to expand our current player base with like-minded individuals who share a good passion for the game and who are looking to have fun along the way and enjoy it as much as possible. REQUIREMENTS - We require our player base to be 18+ so we can keep a mature environment. - We require the player base to be English speaking at all times. (if your English is not good I’m sure someone will help you along) - Any knowledge of the game is accepted members of our community will be more than helpful should you require it. - Positive attitude and willing to learn and adapt. - Be active regular within the server. Our discord has multiple sections that players can learn all aspects of the game and a really good current player base that are more than willing to help at all times. https://discord.gg/vUvmMx2
  2. s3baz


    We are looking for 10 newer players for out two teams playing tatical if your interested join our discord https://discord.gg/PM5aEV6
  3. Good morning fellow citizens of Tarkov, I represent a community called JAG. We have users from all around the world, and always have a team/squad going. JAG is an invite only community, but we recruit from our discord which is open to everyone. Once you play with a JAG member and deemed good, you will be given access to more team channels (this is to weed out people randomly coming in and disrupting raids) Everyone is welcome to join our discord and play with us, you do not need to join the community to be able to play with us. What we offer: More then 10 channels for teams to coordinate Give you a team to play with majority of the time when needed. Player run shop/trading thread our own call out thread Enlist yourself into new competitions regularly earning prizes such as Games, Vouchers to buy other games or in-game items etc. great membership, super helpful SLI (squad lead identifier (if you chose to lead squads)) screenshot thread for those epic runs super noob friendly, and super hardcore runs for vets Allow you to socialise and make new friends within the group We will always have your back no matter what situation. What we require: a mature attitude when required wanting to help ability to listen and follow to the words of command if playing with verified squad leads Additionally we are looking for more people with military experience.(not required) With 370+ users in our discord from all around the globe, we have teams running 24/7 so you can always get in on the action. If you just want to have a fun time, or join a very tight knit community, check us out. I promise you will not be disappointed. https://discord.gg/5CEKG8c See you all there. Weeping-Pirate
  4. Welcome to Havoc Zero, a well-established global gaming community participating in hardcore shooters, striving to build a gaming environment grounded by maturity and loyalty. We’re a quickly growing community, full of both new & experienced players. For us, it’s all about having a fun, engaged, mature community. We pride ourselves in having open doors and being easily accessible, allowing for growth & an interesting member base, with a good team to keep it well run. We also play plenty of other/similar games and hardcore-shooters. We have various members taking on specific roles to help newbies within the realms of Tarkov. Our Guides & Squad Leaders are always up to the task of offering a helping hand, whether for general newbie questions, or being taken on a tactically lead raid, ready to provide effective and immediate in-game knowledge. • Maturity, camaraderie, fun, fair-play. • Mainly NA/EU member-base. • Simple rules, active & fair administration. • Supportive members to help you get started/improve. • Maturity, Respect & Fair-play. • Adhering to the rules, both discord and in-game. You can join/find us through the links below. Check out our amazing new website for more information! Please also make sure to read our rules when you join. https://discord.gg/MjxeTeC https://havoczero.com
  5. RiftUnix

    Welcome New Players

    If anyone's looking for a grind partner or casual play, or simple needs a second man or a guide, message me on steam or tarkov. RiftUnix. Level 35. Any map. United states
  6. Master_ReD'

    CLAN - Inner Madness (US/AUS)

    Inner Madness is looking for new players. We have a growing community based in the USA and Australia. If you wanna group up to do some raids come join our discord channel https://discord.gg/qFZG27Q
  7. Graveprophet

    Delta 6 Order

    D6 Order Here at D6, the clan is established and focused about fun and tactics. We have some of the veterans of Tarkov that utilize success at all costs. Cheeky breeki is the way of life here. Established like a good wine and dining on everyone else money like a good date. We are here to take loot and dog-tags in name of D6. Have you ever had a bounty put out for your clan leader of 400k? Have you ever squad wiped and gave out the gear of the squad to hatch-lings? Have you ever had so much you cant fit it in your inventory? Here at D6 that is daily problems we incur ever day. What you can expect from D6 Tactical Gameplay with high success rate Coordinated leadership with success behind its belt High Quality players to play with, not everyone can run with the big dogs. We have the rest stay on the porch Gameplay and fun. Even tactical and serious we still laugh like we are drunk and have more fun than other groups. High success and exfil rates. We have majority 50-60%+ survival rates, with some as high as 80% Knowledge and capability in squad leads What D6 can expect from you You need to be mature and have the ability to make calls in voice comms of discord You need to have enough gear to loadout with to run with the group, if you come out with no armor when everyone else is dressed to the nines you can expect that you wont last here. You need to understand the callouts of the game, and its locations, and understand the extracts/maps completely. Our D6 specific callouts can take time, basic knowledge is a must to apply Any full fledged member can vouch for trial recruits, that means you wont be separated from friends even if they are not cut from the same cloth as the rest Your kill your loot, you cant be in such a state that your willing to die over loot, and you can not loot someone else loot unless they state it is free for all. All kills are claimed by the killer. You need to not be a hatchling with gear when you play with D6. Rushing to a safe to get a bitcoin and then dying in the procces wont earn you membership You need to work with the group and follow the squad leaders calls Minimum of level 20 in one of the wipe periods to apply efficient experience To apply Simply apply by joining https://discord.gg/GDSeH3M You will get messaged by an officer/leader for voice interview. Join today and look like this
  8. Toxic007


    -MERHABA TÜRK ASKERLERİ! - UPLOADBOOM ALIM SAYFASINA HOŞ GELDİN! OPEN WORLD VE SURVIVAL MOD OYNAMAKTAYIZ ! AÇIK DÜNYA ÜZERİNDE TÜRK OYUNCULARINA İHTİYACIMIZ VAR! AILE YADA TAKIMA MI İHTİYACIN VAR? EVET! BİZ BİR AİLE VE TAKIMIZ! AİLEMİZE KATILMAK İÇİN BİRKAÇ KURALLARIMIZ VAR! GERÇEKTEN ÇOK KOLAY! İLK OLARAK BÜ POSTA SAĞ AŞAĞIDAN KALP ATIP YORUM BIRAKIYORSUNUZ. TAKIMIMIZDA BULUNMAK İÇİN ÖN KURALLAR AŞAĞIDA YAZIYORDUR ONLAR YOKSA HİÇ UĞRAŞMA BİLE DOSTUM HERŞEY MEVCUTMU? AŞAĞIDAKİ SORULARI CEVAPLAYARAK TAKIM ONAYI ALABİLİRSİN! ! TEŞEKKÜRLER! -TR- - MERHABA ASKER! – Şimdi eft için uygun bir takım oluşturmak için arıyoruz! Neden UPLOADBOOM'A katılıyorsun? Çünkü burada sadece iyi bir takım değil, bir aile de var! Evet. Bir aile gibiyiz! – Birbirimize göz kulak oluruz! Bazı ihtiyaçlarımız var ama çok basit. - GEREKSİNİM – EFT çok yeni bir oyun olduğu için profesyonel olmak gerekmez, bu yüzden yeteri kadar bilginin olması yeterli, Ama biz bekliyoruz,FPS Oyunlarında ne kadar iyisin? Çatışma sırasında heyecanlanmayacak kadar profesyonel misin ?. SAYGISIZLIK KESİNLİKLE YASAKTIR. Güzel bir mikrofon güzel bir oyun deneyimi. 18 yaşındasın. Katılmak, bir deneme üyesi olarak başlayacak ve daha sonra sırayla listelenen izin rütbeleri, ilerlemek: deneme üyesi, üye, ileri üye, Master üye VIP Üye, ortak moderatör, moderatör, patron patron, Kaptan. - Lütfen başvurmadan önce okuyun - Şu anda klanımızı “uluslararası klan” haline getirmeye çalışıyoruz, şu anda sadece İngilizce konuşan çok az seçkin insanımız var (çoğunlukla Türkiye'den geliyoruz), ama lütfen bu sizi korkutmasın, Klanımızı geliştirmenin önemli bir parçası olacaksınız! – Hayat dolu ve dost canlısı insanlarla tanışacaksın! xxxxxxxx -ENG - UPLOADBOOM IS NOW RECRUITING ENTHUSIASTIC Escape From Tarkov PLAYERS - HELLO SOLDIER! – We are now looking to create a proper team for EFT! Why should you join UPLOADBOOM? Because, here you don’t only get a good team, you get a family! Yes. We’re like a family! – We look out for each other! We have a few requirements, but they’re quite simple. - REQUIREMENTS – You don’t need to be pro, as EFT is a very new game, so it would be quite unrealistic goal, to only recruit “experienced players”. But we do expect, that you’re somewhat “average” at FPS games. Discord is required. You have a good microphone. You are 18+ of age When you join, you will start out as a trial member, and then advance through our permission ranks, which are listed in order: Trial-Member, Member, Advanced-Member, Master-Member VIP-Member, CO-Moderator, Moderator, Boss Patron, Captain. - Please read before applying - We’re currently trying to make our clan into an “international clan”, right now we only have a very few select people who speaks English (We’re mostly from Turkey), but please don’t let that scare you, you will be an important part of improving our clan! – And you will be met with open arms and friendly people! DISCORD IP : https://discord.gg/Fa3SPFQ WEBSITE : https://muhammedland.wixsite.com/uploadboom
  9. Hey Guys! If your reading this then id like to say thanks for giving me the time but basicly we are just a group on discord that likes to connect tarkov players to help them find friends within the game. We have a few people Who are Vets and are willing to assist in any quests you need doing any gear need finding etc. Ill be honest theres one member that likes to give his stuff away but ill let him do him lmao but what we are looking for is fun english speaking people who are looking to make some long term gaming friends within a small group and help each other better themselves at the game What we are mainly looking for are English speaking players that speak it clearly enough to have a good experience playing with. We dont mind accepting new escape from tarkov players or vets. i personally wont mind taking time out my day to make sure you know some ins and outs of the game Discord: https://discord.gg/PNVb9a2
  10. casey

    F16 clan recruiting

    We are looking to add more great fps players to our clan we all are 18+ and play EFT a lot and know the game very well. Only requirements are that you can callout effectively know the game somewhat and are fun to play with. discord is https://discord.gg/pUQMXws and my discord is casey#8694.
  11. Garside87

    Who Dares Wins are recruitment

    Who Dares Wins is a gaming community for 3 years now we are looking for new players to join our team and now take on the hands of the gods of Tarkov join us to day have fun and make new friends.. Join our Discord server today https://discord.gg/7V7pPYj All the best Matrix
  12. KFAL

    Looking for Clan/ Players

    Hey all Been playing the game for a while now normally on my own or with one my friend. Enjoying it alot. Looking to find more people to play with and team up with, get more loot and complete more of the tasks. I use and have access to most voice communication, discord, ts, mumble whatever. On most days of the week so available to play often KFAL
  13. Was sagt ihr dazu wäre es nicht cool ne Spieler Erkennung ins spiel zu bekommen die euch und euer Team oder Clan Personalisieren aber Dennoch real bleibt & Hardcore bleibt Zb als eine Funktion wie bei Counter Strike mit dem man Sprays ein Bild einzufügen das dann quasi als Mod platz bei den Helmen ist wo dann eure Flagge oder logo dargestellt wird bei den Fast MT Helmen zb oder & westen, kleine Flaggen oder eine art Aufnäher Patches hier ein paar Bilder damit ihr euch es vorstellen könnt & was denkt ihr darüber wäre das ne gute Idee? nicht zu viel Erkennung und real
  14. victorforce

    Looking for someone to play with

    Hey, I'm an 18 soon to be 19 guy looking for someone to play with. I've had the game for about a week and I can't say that I'm very good at it but I hope I can find someone here to play with. I don't care how old you are as long as you are cool. I'm situated in Eastern Europe so I'm mainly looking for Europe-based players. You can text me on my discord or reply here. Discord: https://discord.gg/ERf6QGy
  15. Aww

    [AS] - Aww Squad - Recruiting

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ - Looking to make an active organised Tarkov team, and community. - We have alot of experience playing Tarkov and several other Hardcore survival genres. - Add Aww#1187 on discord to join up! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Requirements to join: - Be a mature player (No age requirement). - You must have a brief knowledge of the maps, and mechanics. - Understand or be willing to learn callouts. - Be active on Tarkov - Good attitude and sportsmanship when it comes to dying. - Willing to play as a team and not a lone wolf. - Fluent in English. - Be able to hold your own in high pressure situations. - Must have Discord / Mic
  16. Marineallupnyou

    EFT Needing players

    http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198151106659/ add me if you want to play EFT
  17. Mr2kay

    [AUS] Looking for a group?

    Are you looking for a group to play EFT with, well so am I. Im 16 love the game know a the majority of the game but find myself dying alot to teams join or ad my discord LINK: https://discord.gg/sm2DrBW USER: Mr. 2kay#4281
  18. seanspc2

    Discord channel for squads

    Me and my good friend Crosby11 are currently looking to bring our discord back to life for EFT. We stand at around 50 members that are on from time to time and are looking to expand our little NON-Toxic community. If you have any questions you can DM me on the forums or DM me or Crosby11 on Discord (Link Below). Discord: https://discord.gg/nCfBaqX Stay Safe, Play Aggressive, and Happy Raiding! - Sean
  19. Me and my good friend Crosby11 are currently looking to bring our discord back to life for EFT. We stand at around 50 members that are on from time to time and are looking to expand our little NON-Toxic community. If you have any questions you can DM me on the forums or DM me or Crosby11 on Discord (Link Below). Discord: https://discord.gg/nCfBaqX Stay Safe, Play Aggressive, and Happy Raiding! - Sean
  20. Hallo zusammen, wir sind eine aufsteigende Community, die stets auf dem laufenden bleiben möchte. Da auch wir vom Escape-Virus nicht verschont geblieben sind, suchen wir Mitspieler, für ein paar schöne Stunden in Tarkov! Das solltest du mitbringen: ein funktionierendes Headset eine gewisse geistige "Reife" Spaß am Spiel in Team Wir bieten dir: Einen kleinen, jedoch stetig wachsenden Clan Einfache Organisationsstruktur einen eigenen TS3 Server Eine Homepage (befindet sich derzeit noch im Aufbau) Einen Claneigenen YouTube Channel Keine Online Pflichtzeiten - Reallife geht ganz klar vor! Eventplanung - Action ist garantiert ein entspanntes Communityleben Unter anderem wird bei uns auch folgendes gespielt: DayZ Arma 3 Company of Heroes Escape from Tarkov Battlefield in allen Variationen Playerunknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) Gerne werden aber auch gelegentlich Free2Plays gespielt, jeder wie und was er mag. Sollten wir euer Interesse geweckt haben, dann meldet euch doch auf unserem TS unter dayz4all.nitrado.net Stupst am besten einen unserer 3 Clanleiter an. Diese sind Slappy, Schmitty & Rene. Ihr erkennt uns auch am Tag "Clanleitung". über euer kommen würden wir uns sehr freuen! Das Team der Heartless Hunter's!
  21. casey

    "F16" Recruiting members

    We are looking to add active & very active people to our group of players to go into raids and come out more stacked than we came in. The only requirements are to be 18+ and not new to FPS games and have knowledge of EFT and can effectively callout.
  22. casey

    "F16" Recruiting members

    We are looking to add active & very active people to our group of players to go into raids and come out more stacked than we came in. The only requirements are to be 18+ and not new to FPS games and have knowledge of EFT and can effectively callout.
  23. Nicnick95

    Looking for group in a large Discord?

    If your looking for a group? Feel free to join our discord to find one! We currently have 1700+ members in our discord, we also offer help in other games as well to keep our discord diverse and to keep modivated players coming. This helps make matchmaking easier for you! Join us today to find a team for tarkov! We also have key maps and extraction maps for anyone that needs help even if they want to play solo! Our discord link: https://discord.gg/8kEHzUz
  24. casey

    F16 Recruiting active members

    We are looking to add active & very active people to our group of players to go into raids and come out more stacked than we came in. The only requirements are to be 18+ and not new to FPS games and have knowledge of EFT and can effectively callout.
  25. casey

    F16 recruiting Active members

    We are looking to add active & very active people to our group of players to go into raids and come out more stacked than we came in. The only requirements are to be 18+ and not new to FPS games and have knowledge of EFT and can effectively callout.
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