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Found 258 results

  1. impectorum


    Hi MakarovFactory is a New clan thats is 100% focused on Escape from trakov, and we will be playing With a common goal to get a good Squad gooing, where communication is on point and where we are playing as a solid unit. In the first wave I am looking for players With experience and that are willing to learn from eachoter and grow as a indevidual as well as a unit. The aim is to have fun while playing but With a serius aproach. Tactical teamplay will be a key point. As the game is pretty New there is good chances to get good and compete amongst the top. Requirements: age 18+ You have a mic and can speak English at a good Level. discord With push to talk mature mentallity. There is a time to be mature, and there is a time to duck arround. ***Not a requierment but a pluss*** Experience from tarkov or any other stratigic fps. And or other competetiv games like Counter strike. Game sense is something thats developed over time and not learned over time. No vacban as there is a zero tolerance policy for cheating. ****Method of Application**** Asnwere the questions in the section above With all the details you feel is important and or relevant. The age is must, as we want to have a mature playerbase. If this seems somthing that might be interesting for you, or you have questions. Dont hesetate to contact me via PM,
  2. African_Plz

    Kaido - International Clan Recruiting

    Kaido is a new, organised, international community. We currently have members from all over the world and play a range of different games and game types. Currently our goal is to expand more and we will be focusing on Escape From Tarkov and helping new players learn the game and how to do well at it. Weather you're a new player or a veteran, multiplayer games are made to be played with others and if you're alone, give us a try. Why should you join? How can we help you with Escape From Tarkov? Join requirements: How to join: Extra Info:
  3. Hi, i am looking for players to team up with who enjoy playing the game with a tactical approach and actual teamplay. Teamspeak & Discord available. pm me if interested
  4. EBGenetics

    Looking for English Speaking Squad

    Looking for anyone who wants to join must speak English and use ever ts, Skype or discord. I'm level 31 btw
  5. EBGenetics

    Looking for English Speaking Squad

    Looking for anyone who wants to join must speak English and use ever ts, Skype or discord. I'm level 31 btw
  6. MacBurgeris


    Whats up, first please don't just my thoughts by my English, cous yes its bad as hell So I have some ideas what I wish see in this game for future: 1. Ads ,so what I thinking gamma container could be nice start, but more ads could be for your bunker (something like at World of Tanks, just looking better it could come same with more xp per raid, or just copy that idea from WoT and make premium days, dev gets money, and if you balance more to esthetics game will be competitive and not pay to win, cous cash shouldint be eazy to get, only maybe xp..maybe. ) 2. Second and for most people one of most wanted thing, the your house (bunker). I hope so, you can have room and take I guest to show them, they could look your stuf ,but could not take them, and will be nice have some different size safe, where only you can acces and similar nice ideas which will be nice share with other people. 3.Clans or squads of group people (I think it should be limit and with ads you can increase maybe ) ,but it will be really cool if you and your squad lives in same bunker just that bunker have more private rooms, but you share medical room and similar stuff (more ads are possible here ..maybe) .I gues is not hard create (small bunker map where people can acces just for stuff which is share or they own) but it will be unbelievable and more people want play this game. People like compete, share achievments ,play with friends and against them. So that's my thoughts how will be possible support devs, ad more people and make this game special. PS. dysync problems will be nice fix aswell, cous that are most important thing for fps games ,tnks and good luck
  7. Conman121

    Looking for a group (WEST COAST NA)

    Looking for older aged people MATURE HAS A MIC FUN TO BE AROUND HAS DISCORD Im 22 and i just want to have a small squad just to do some raids with and get some better loot
  8. StandardGamer

    US/EU Based squad looking for more

    We are an 18+ squad that is looking for mature players to join our ranks. We are a diverse group, we respect each other and we go hard! We play every night and we are looking to grow as a squad and a community of gamers to ensure we come out with top of the line gear from raids. What more can you ask or expect? Join us today If you meet the requirements below PM or comment below and I will hook you up with our discord link. Requirements: - 18+ - Must have some sense of tactical awareness - Must have basic knowledge of the game - Must have good communication skills P.S. We play many other games as well but EFT is our main game --- (PUBG, Arma, DayZ, Rising storm, etc..)
  9. Rowtag

    German Team looking for Players

    Dear All, We are a small German Community which is playing a lot of Games for Fun, or also Competitive. We are looking for German Speaking players which wanna have a lot of Fun in that game. Also if there is another German Clan which likes to join, you are welcome. If you are intereted, please let me know. Must haves: Teamspeak installed A good Headset to talk with Mature behavior (we are mostly 20 Years and older) Fun to play with us Some kind of activity You'll get: A nice community playing a lot of games A lot of fun in Escape from Tarkov! Free TS3 Server to use for you and your friends Other Gameservers for free use Forum and a helpful community Cheers! Rowtag
  10. Hello Everybody I'm AIRWOLF9, call me Wolf, and I'm one of the leaders of a tight nit community, we might not be the biggest around but we can definitely give them a run for their money in any game we play . Clans History and Information We've been collecting members since 2015 through our tactical plays of Rainbow Six: Siege gaining us quite a bit of notoriety and as of 2016 our group outgrew its Axon room, and what were we to do? Well create a gaming community of course . So we did we went and made a site, built up our members, got a Teamspeak, and enjoyed our days playing video games. And here we are now a year later standing strong inviting you to stand strong with us, to learn new games with us, to battle through the city of Tarkov with us. Now what do we have? We have a working teamspeak that we expand as our members grow. We have members that range from 14 - 36 (it's what he says he's around but we all know he's older ) We have a website with a forum section that is being made ever greater. tfxclan.com. We have a dedicated team that will teach you the ways of Tarkov from beginner to pro we accept all types of level. We have no ranks you are all equal from veterans to new comers you'll all get the same treatment (and if anything happens the moderators are always around to help). And lastly we have some of the best people to play with (I know all communities say that but hey we gotta show love to our great friends once in awhile). List of other games we've been known to play: Payday 2 BF1 Rising Storm Vietnam Rainbow Six: Siege Star Citizen Player Unknown Battlegrounds - Just to name a few. So have I sold you yet? Still looking for more convincing? Well alright you got me jump over to our Teamspeak and check us out for yourself. We'll be waiting . Join through the website at: www.tfxclan.com Join the Teamspeak at: ny.streamlinegames.com:10038 No password needed.
  11. Halgrave

    [US][18+ w/ Mic] Iron Aegis

    Hello everyone! I am Halgrave and I am looking to start up a core group of US-based players for the purpose of playing EFT as well as possible other games together on PC. Must be 18+, Have Mic, Speak English, and be in a US Timezone to join. We call ourselves Iron Aegis, and I plan for this to be a smaller-sized, close-knit clan of folks with the goal of looting, killing, and extracting our way through Tarkov's game modes and zones. If you are interested in joining, feel free to contact me via PMs on this forum. From there, I can link you to our Discord server and we can start grouping up! No particular skill level required, just a willingness to grind through challenges and get better together. Thanks!
  12. thewhyterabbit

    Don't Tread on Me

    Whats up fellow EFTers I'm an avid gamer looking for some like minded patriots to game with. strict requirements: 18+ mic republican I play pretty much every day. i'm 32, currently in Hawaii, and generally play every night ( 3 hours prior to now, and 2 after the current time : 8:59 ). I currently have 3 other guys I play with, but they aren't on as much as I am, so I'm looking to branch out. I use to play COD2 competitively in CAL-I, and Cevo-P as well as attend the WSVG and 2 lan events on the east coast.
  13. SgtShadowsong

    Survivors Den

    Hello everyone. Looking for EU based players that are fluent in English, preferably over 18 but 16+ is fine. I am not strict about activity but I want people to be friendly and not spam the discord channel so do you feel humble and not rage when you die or lose something then send me a pm and I'll send you the info for Discord. Good luck out there.
  14. luv-

    US team

    I received a lot of interest in my previous thread to start a US team. Given the interest I'm starting a new thread. I've decided to move forward with creating a US based team. Go USEC! We currently have players in CST and EST time zones. I personally have played this game since it's release and have not been able to find the right team of people to play with, my thought process is to create a new team with like minded people and we will define who and what this team is as the game develops beyond Alpha into Beta and it's release. If you meet these requirements and are interested in this type of team, please PM me and/or join the discord. https://discord.gg/zfMkKrA 21+ / Mature / TACTICAL / Game sense / Common sense / Smart / Communication skills and equipment (headset/mic) Military experience preferred but not required. None of the following please - Racism / ignorance / arguing / noobism / mic spamming / etc
  15. Hallo! Ich @US3CKill3R und @LazyLaubert haben eine Communitiy extra für EFT ins Leben gerufen. Wir sind die G.T.F. (German Tarkov Forces) Wir sind eine mittlerweile fast 30 Mann große Gruppe angergierter Escaper die oft und gerne zusammen auf Jagt gehen. Wir sprechen hauptsächlich Deutsch, Englisch wäre aber unter umständen auch ok. Wenn ihr interesse habt meldet euch hier im forum oder auf joint doch unserem Discord Server https://discord.gg/wDCpUUg EINFACH AUF DEN LINK KLICKEN ZUM JOINEN! sofern es das Arbeitsleben zulässt ist also immer wer zum Zocken da! (für alle die nicht wissen was Discord ist: es ist eine Alternative zu Teamspeak und sehr beliebt hier im Forum, wie es scheint ) Würden uns über Interesse sehr freuen und ebenfalls auf jede Menge Action in RAIDS! FAQ: WIE KANN ICH MEINEN NICKNAMEN ÄNDERN? Du kannst deinen Nicknamen ändern in dem du in der linken Leiste, bei deinem Namen, mit einem Rechtsklick "Nicknamen ändern" auswählst. WAS BEDEUTEN DIE FARBEN DER BENUTZERNAMEN? Wir haben ein Rängesystem. Rekruten (Hellblau, Braun oder Weiß) sind Neulinge und haben begrenzte Rechte. Soldier (Grün) sind Spieler die von einem Admin oder Squadleader befördert wurde und als vollwertige Mitglieder gelten. Squadleader (Blau) sind Moderatoren die sich um Probleme und die Organisation kümmern wenn kein Admin online ist. Admins(Rot, Orange oder Gelb) sind die Admins. (Gelbe Admins oder Admins mit dem Tag Gründervater haben diese Community ins lebengerufen und nehmen sich zu ernst.) WIE WERDE ICH BEFÖRDERT? Wenn du regelmäßig online bist und Squadleader oder Admins entscheiden dass du zur Gruppe passt wirds du früher oder Später befördert. Zum Squadleader werden Benutzer die sich mit EfT gut auskennen und sehr oft Online sind. Bei steigender Nutzerzahl werde Squadleader gebraucht, die Admins werden dann auf euch zukommen. WARUM KANN ICH NICHTS SCHREIBEN? Entweder bist du in einem Channel in dem du nichts verloren hast weil du noch nicht befördert wurdest, oder du musst erst deinen Discordaccount verifizieren. Wenn du keine Mail bekommst schicke eine PN an einen Admin. WO KANN ICH ALS NEULING SCHREIBEN/SPRECHEN/SPIELEN? Für Neulinge stehen die Kanäle Rekrutenplatz, Talk [email protected] und Schootingrange bereit. NOCH FRAGEN? Wende dich, per PN oder im Kanal Requests, an einen Admin oder Squadleader. ADMINS: ~{G.T.F.}~ US3CKill3R Lazylaubert MfG, -US3CKiLL3R
  16. [Marauder Clan] Elite Without The Elitism <The Marauders> is an international multi-gaming clan devoted to ensuring that every member has the friends, the skills, and the opportunities to succeed and have fun in Heroes of the Storm, League of Legends, Rocket League, Overwatch, and any other multiplayer PC game on the market! First-time player? Casual enthusiast? Hardcore veteran? No matter your experience or skill level, you’ll find a home in <The Marauders>! What we can offer you: An enormous base of friendly, mature, and dedicated members ready to form groups at all times of the day and night Resources for forming serious (or casual) groups with clanmates A fantastic Coaching Division eager to help you acquire, practice, and perfect the skills needed to succeed at any level of play Friendly and approachable officers dedicated to keeping your gaming experience fun and comfortable An active Teamspeak3 server for voice communication An in-game chat channel for finding and filling groups What you need to join: 16 years of age, or older A working headset and microphone (no echoing speakers!) A good attitude! Rage and elitism have no place here. If you’re looking for an adult gaming clan that specifically aims at not only having fun but actually winning games, we’re the one-stop shop! Marauders and Escape From Tarkov My name is Darkness and I am the Section Leader for Escape From Tarkov for the Marauder Clan. This is a brand new Game for the clan and I am looking for people who might be willing to help me build up the community . We currently have a handful of people playing the game and I expect alot more when the game goes into closed beta . We focus on High Skill Tactical play that helps ensure are survival in game . We like to have fun and joke around but we always focus on playing at a high lvl . Here at Marauders we don't expect you to be the best but we will help you play like the best with coaching and team play !! If you want more information check out are website and apply !! Don't forget to tell them Darkness sent you , remember I am everyone's old friend . Also we allow Guest to come check us out before they join . There is no pressure and we just want you to come have a good time !. TS IP: Maraudersclan.com Website:Marauders Clan Website
  17. anttaresnova

    Pve mode

    I higly sugest a pve only mode with enhanced ia so the players who enjoy the aspect of the game of engagin the ia looting crafting them weapons and having fun with them mates without runing into snipers or other gorups of players can have theyr own litl playgrown to have fun , also this could help the ingame economy being a resource of guns amo sights and other equipment that later on in the game could be sold to other players.
  18. VirtuaStig

    PFWB Namibia based clan.

    We are a Namibian based clan started by two friends with the idea of uniting potential friends under one name and agenda. PFWB encourages Clan Wars and will always look for competitive, mature and dedicated gamer's both local and internationally to join our ranks. We do not believe in a dictatorship and thus allow players to suggest changes to the Clan as a whole, making the inner workings of the clan fair and just towards members in all aspects. Should you consider joining us, we would like to first and foremost thank you for considering us as your new home. We consider all our members friends and treat them as such. We only ask that you stick to our simple clear-cut rules as outlined on our forums and that if you play that you join us on TS:
  19. SocialnyStrezmy

    Tarkov Jägers - USEC Clan

    We are currently welcoming any and all fans of escape from tarkov to join us on Steam in eager anticipation of its release. We also hope to form a Clan by the same name once the appropriate update is released. Ownership is not a requirement. Our current members are mostly from a mil-spec gaming group that plays such games as Arma, DayZ, and Swat. A few of us have migrated early to participate in Alpha. We also have a hosted Team Speak for group play, and bug hunting. http://steamcommunity.com/groups/Tarkov_Jagers Or Add https://steamcommunity.com/id/sclnystrzmy Our ages range between 18-21 with myself being a 20 yr/old serving in Army reserve.
  20. Tired of playing solo? Getting slaughtered by groups? It doesn't have to be that way... Binary Combat is an international gaming community, our aim is simple, to provide an active and fun environment for players FREE from cheaters, we regularly play together on multiple games but mainly Escape from Tarkov and DayZ Standalone. We don't have any special recruitment or trial process or long ass registration form, all that we ask is that; You play an honest game, no cheats or exploits of glitches You don't have a VAC/Game ban on your Steam You respect other members So what can we offer you? Well here are some of the main points; Active players - Yes we actually play together, unlike some communities Twitch/YouTube channel promotions from our site, you can even watch Twitch straight from it! Competitions/Giveaways - So far this year we have given away Fallout 4, PayDay 2, How To Survive and more Regular events - We hold fun events most weeks Trade System - Lost all your gear? Trade with other members Unique Points System - Earn points from community involvement and use them in many different ways Chat box - Have a laugh with some members on the site Ranks - Optional perks for ranking up, such as accessing our Twitch application Awards - Show off your badges, medals and ribbons earned through dedication Operations - Earn points by completing in-game activities And much more! What truly makes BC special is that it's the members that made it what it is today, no one person makes the rules or changes how things work, the community decide. With us being international too there is always someone around to play with, join the fight today! Sign in through Steam now to get started at BinaryCombat.com
  21. AngrySpartan

    Bluewolves Clan

    The main point of the bluewolves is to help out other players who are new to the game or running low on gear. The goal of each individual member is to become really well geared so you can help out others. Top tier bluewolves should try to become sherpas, and those not so skilled should train up. Link to sherpa: (http://www.escapefromtarkov.com/news/id/49?lang=undefined). Players in the clan are expected to group up and help players who seem confused understand the game. By doing so you can gain ranks, and perhaps at some point we'll hand out rewards to particularly helpful members. This doesn't mean all your time must be dedicated to helping newcomers, but it will certainly help to actively seek those who need help. The eventual goal upon release of the open world portion is a non kos clan, though we'll see how that goes depending on the community. Feel free to pm me on the forums or discord. Discord: https://discord.gg/XpeRXXH
  22. Churchh

    LETS PLAY TOGETHER-Steam names

    Looking for some people to play with. I have a teamspeak also. Steam name Churchh from Arkansas.
  23. maelstrom

    English Team

    Looking for members to play within a 3-5 man team. Here to have fun and play competitively. Leave a comment if your interested and I'll send you a PM.
  24. BOTEvil

    English Player

    looking for a couple of people 3 tops to squad up with
  25. deadlyfudge

    Kubas [USEC]

    Kubas [USEC] Dear fellow [USEC] fighters, You are receiving this message because you have been formally picked out from a group of soldiers to join our private company called "Kubas". We are looking for well trained soldiers who are willing to fight for the cause and help transport illegal goods around Tarkov. Our contractors have provides us with a sizable donation to help recruit more units. I will warn you that what we do is extremely dangerous but the reward is worth every bullet. We currently have one of the most sophisticated medical staff who will provide you with free health care for when you bite a bullet. We have a few requirements which i will be stated in the application. below you will find a link which will take you to the application. Your application code is: 011011. Hopefully we will see you in our next meeting. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. "Make sure you burn this message after you have all the info you need" Application Link (CLICK ME) Sincerely DeadlyFudge, Side Notes: We obviously all know that the clan system has not been implemented, right now this is mostly just to start getting our name out and start accepting a few early players who would like to have people to play with. So know that if you join now it will not be as serious or organized as it will be later on.
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