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Found 258 results

  1. Halo1625

    Ice Clan

    A public clan anyone can join! insta: _ice_clan_official_ discord: https://discord.gg/nyRjfYc have any questions or concerns email me [email protected]
  2. Shigatsu

    Gate Gaming

    Hallo es freut mich das du unseren Beitrag liest. Wir sind eine Multigaming Gemeinschaft im aufbau und freuen uns dich in unsere Gemeinschaft aufzunehmen. Spiele sind das Tor in andere Welten und mit uns hast du einen Begleiter in diese Welten egal in welche Welt du eintauchst du brauchst dies nicht alleine zu tun denn wir von Gate Gaming sind für dich da und begleiten dich egal ob Fantasy, Postapocalyptik, Weltraumgefechte oder Schlachtfelder wir sind dabei! Also schau doch mal in unserem Ts³ vorbei: clan.gategaming.de Wir bieten eine Nette Gesellschaft, TeamSpeak, bald eine Website und vieles mehr! Was wir verlangen? Begeisterung am spielen, Teamfähigkeit, und ein Mindestalter von 18 Jahren.
  3. kero

    - TKS - Tarkovitas, clan Español

    INFO Somos un clan Español de Escape from Tarkov, solemos jugar por las noches, tenemos discord, ts3 y un foro que poco a poco vamos actualizando para introducir toda la información posible sobre el juego. No hace falta pedir permiso para unirse. ● No apartamos los usuarios por rangos, todos somos iguales, si eres nuevo intentaremos ayudarte lo máximo posible. ● Intentamos jugar simulando tácticas militares reales, aunque tampoco nos lo tomamos como si nos fuera la vida en ello. ● Jugamos a diferentes juegos también ~ Battlefield, DayZ, Star Citizen, Rainbow Six... Puedes unirte cuando quieras a jugar una partida o las que quieras, no requerimos experiencia ni historias raras, entrar y jugar. ● Web/foro: Tarkovitas ● Discord: Discord ● Teamspeak 3: ts.alphacorporation.es <-- Bajar a los canales de juegos y pedir permiso para unirse a un OP.
  4. Hi, are you looking for a small friendly community that’s trying to expand. Well look no further. GAMN (Gamers of all Masters of None) is a small community for just about any game. While based around EFT we do support other games. This community is a friendly no Nonsense have fun type of community. We have a discord we are based out of that is open to join. Our community is always expanding and changing, adding more channels and players. Please feel free to come and go and bring all of your friends too, we have a small amount of players at the moment but will always be bringing more in, hopefully with your help! our discord: https://discord.gg/m98SHFd
  5. Good morning fellow citizens of Tarkov, I represent a community called JAG. We have users from all around the world, and always have a team/squad going. JAG is an invite only community, but we recruit from our discord which is open to everyone. Once you play with a JAG member and deemed good, you will be given access to more team channels (this is to weed out people randomly coming in and disrupting raids) Everyone is welcome to join our discord and play with us, you do not need to join the community to be able to play with us. What we offer: More then 10 channels for teams to coordinate Give you a team to play with majority of the time when needed. Player run shop/trading thread our own call out thread Enlist yourself into new competitions regularly earning prizes such as Games, Vouchers to buy other games or in-game items etc. great membership, super helpful SLI (squad lead identifier (if you chose to lead squads)) screenshot thread for those epic runs super noob friendly, and super hardcore runs for vets Allow you to socialise and make new friends within the group We will always have your back no matter what situation. What we require: a mature attitude when required wanting to help ability to listen and follow to the words of command if playing with verified squad leads Additionally we are looking for more people with military experience.(not required) With 370+ users in our discord from all around the globe, we have teams running 24/7 so you can always get in on the action. If you just want to have a fun time, or join a very tight knit community, check us out. I promise you will not be disappointed. https://discord.gg/5CEKG8c See you all there. Weeping-Pirate
  6. We are currently recruiting for our new Escape from Tarkov Developmental Games Group (A precursor to a full division) Team Special Forces is a community of gamers from around the world that value maturity, excellence, and uncommon professionalism. Founded in 1997, it has been a veritable institution throughout the years, providing its members with a great community atmosphere and distinctive gaming experiences.With divisions in several popular multiplayer games, Team Special Forces offers a welcoming, stable, and enjoyable environment for the gamer that wants to become exceptional. What does Team Special Forces offer that is different from other clans? A stable, well-rounded community that has over 20 years of history. A sizeable group of active players who play daily. Redundant, high-quality TeamSpeak 3 servers to provide 100% voice comms availability. Active and engaged staff members who are open to your input and ideas. Learning resources to help less experienced players reach their full potential. Opportunity for advancement and the flexibility to choose your play options. How old do I have to be to join? Most of our members are in their 20s or 30s and some are a few decades older than that. You must be at least 16 years old to join Team Special Forces. We judge new members by their maturity, independent of their age or skill level. How can I be sure that Team Special Forces is right for me? The best thing you can do is to join our public TeamSpeak server, go into our Escape from Tarkov channel (or any other division you maybe interested in), and talk to our members. We gladly welcome visitors and the curious. Join us in game for a few raids to make sure that our team experience is what you’re looking for. We have many people online during prime time, so you're sure to meet some of our players! How do I join Team Special Forces? Please follow the instructions on the Join Us page of our website. We know that you have many options to choose from, and we appreciate your consideration. Please do not hesitate to contact one of our officers if you have any questions. Thank you for your interest in Team Special Forces!
  7. Brickleful

    Other Guys Gaming Community

    ABOUT US: The Other Guys are a gaming group founded on the basis of drama-free, casual fun. We are a very tight-knit community, and we take everyone's opinions very seriously. We currently have over 230 members, most of which are quite active, playing all types of games; from Rocket League, to Escape From Tarkov, (obviously). We have begun hosting weekly casual game nights, most often with free games being played by large groups of members. We aim to offer a mature, helpful, and friendly environment to all members. THE TARKOV GUYS: The Tarkov Guys are a very active division of OG. With 30+ active members playing EFT on a daily basis, we often have three full raids going simultaneously. We also offer a trading channel specifically for those rare items that some of the higher level guys may be able to acquire for other players. We have several EFT Vets in the Tarkov sub-community, including myself, that are always willing to group up with new players and help them learn the ropes. REQUIREMENTS: We are pretty lax about age requirements here at OG. We have a few members under the age of 18, and all we ask is that you act in a mature, respectful manner, regardless of your age. We vehemently avoid discussing topics such as religious or political affiliation, among other controversial topics, when in large groups to subdue any meaningless arguments before they can occur. We don't ask much, just be a cool person! Feel free to PM me with any questions, my name on Discord is Prophet. We look forward to seeing you in our Discord server!  DISCORD LINK: https://discord.gg/FpjZ3Ng
  8. Are you looking for a team to play and test Tarkov with? D you want to just play with some actual people that communicate and work together? We're an open and inclusive community, welcoming all people and by all, we mean all! If you're human (or a dog that can play) we want you! The Team is all about having a great time doing what we love from competitive to casual to debating the next patch and obviously just messing around between all of that. We have room for more ESL teams in our other games with some great scrims to be had in whatever tournaments and leagues we throw ourselves into. We now run weekly competitions for members to show their skills against each other, are you game? So how do you join? Head to the website at: theteam.xyz where you will find all sorts of wonderful information. You want to dive straight in and play? Then head to our TeamSpeak the address is (same as the website): theteam.xyz See you soon, you lovely person you (or dog).
  9. g1shocwave1984

    Making a dedicated group

    Hey there folks looking for some dudes to play this game serious with! well i still like to have fun! You gotta be 18+! message me or leave a comment if you're interested!
  10. Exoduss02


    So you think you have what it takes to run in Tarkov? well this isn't no Scav run maggot! We need only the most dedicated, able and skilled Operators running in the Battalion. If you are that individual than Welcome to Hell If interested message us at our website basementbattalion.enjin.com we are currently welcoming anyone interested in group raids in EFT, we run some serious, some causal. looking to build a strong community and would like to offer you a place to call home
  11. The Global Gaming Hub is a place for all kind of gamers to come together. A place to talk about topics of mutual interest, where you can join one of the 7 sub-communities or meet beginning YouTubers & Streamers, whilst having the option to support your favorite Content Creator(s) and even become one yourself! For the individual that wishes to solely enjoy the gaming environment, they are entirely free to do so! The ability to become a ‘supporter’ is one of the key features of our community. Help each other grow by providing constructive feedback, ‘liking’, commenting or even sharing their content. Follow and watch first hand how he/she evolves! Take advantage of the vast amount of knowledge already freely available in our Gaming Hub. You will find all the knowledge you required to start your own personal channel within our community. Together the content creators have thousands of subscribers & followers already on their own channel! We are a free and open community to all. The Escape From Tarkov sub-community has a 18+ join requirement. Guides on how to improve your gameplay are present Join us on Discord or message me privately: MichaeljMr#2432 https://discord.gg/tsV3ut4
  12. Are you a comrade? Older than 18 years? From Europe? A hard worker that is non-toxic? Seeking a relaxed and fun environment? Look no further, WHC is the clan for you! We're looking for more members to have fun after the wipe that occur the 19th of April, we will be playing a lot of EFT during the launch so join our Discord and give us a PM if you're interested! Discord: https://discord.gg/P2CfeGp
  13. Demccy

    EFT Veteran Discord

    Hello in this community we are striving to separate experienced players from newer players. We have a ranking system that we implemented to accurately separate EFT players. We absolutely welcome everyone to our discord and hope that we see you in here soon. WHAT CAN WE OFFER YOU? If your looking for more serious runs in EFT this community is just the place for you. We have our discord channels separated where only serious players can join with the appropriate rank. We also implemented a tactical communication guideline with a graveyard system to enforce precise communication. 2. New player, are maybe not looking for serious gameplay no problem. We have channels where anyone can join from new to more experienced players. This is very useful as the community loves helping new players with any questions they have. 3. A fun and striving community for anyone that loves watching Tarkov grow. We have many channels to help you promote your discord or stream etc. We are a fast growing discord with 200+ members and counting. Hope to see you soon! Join here ---> https://discord.gg/QR98vvD
  14. SurvivalsGaming

    European Escapers want you!!

    We are a new Community with an simple idea. Tactic Survival Teamplay. We are looking for some mates, to play together. Requirements: - 18+ - EFT original version - headset+micro - team player - Discord - enjoy playing
  15. Blitchsauce

    New Clan-

    Hello I have started a new clan its title is Tarkov Police Department [TPD]. currently only looking for serious players who know the maps, and play the game a lot. Join the Discord let us know in the chat you want to join and are looking for people to play with.
  16. nickyarocks

    A UK/US Gaming Discord

    Hello, my names N.Rocks along with my 2 admins .L and Royalty we have made a start at making a community in a discord were Tarkov is the main game of focus. Now before you get seeing that we have no one online is because we are a small group looking to grow and play with other english speaking players so that gives you an idea on our time zones and such, also we will aim to help out anyone who is new and even accept more experienced players just as long as your willing to come and make yourself welcome. Before i finish up all i do ask is that if you have a look at the discord dont just leave at least attempt to say hello first we will respond lmao Discord:https://discord.gg/TfmHfY9 p.s if your stuck and dont know what to do mention an admin (.L & Royalty) or an owner (N.Rocks) and we can help you out but never be afraid to do a everyone mention in the tarkov or general chat to see if anyones down to play a game Thanks for your time. N.Rocks
  17. Brickleful

    OG Gaming Community Recruitment!

    We are extending invitations to join our discord! We have about 300+ members with over 100 hundred active almost all of the time. We play various games and are a very relaxed community. We have a handful of rules that are only to not start drama in the discord, thus keeping the peace and letting everyone have a good time gaming with friends We also do community events that are not mandatory to attend but they are usually huge groups playing things like SCP or my favorite Cards Against Humanity. All you have to do is join up, and tag up with "(OG)" in your name and you are good to go. If you join up just say "Brickleful" brought you and I'll give you a free promotion to the Alright Guys! https://discord.gg/hS6Pcbw
  18. DawNoFd3aTh

    Looking for Clan

    Looking for a clan or community present on Tarkov to hop into raids with
  19. kylesesh

    Bad Dogs - Recruiting

    Bad Dogs are recruiting We are a newly formed clan, created by a group of experienced players. As a group we are looking for semi serious players who know how to have a bit of fun, but stay professional during raids. Our rules are simple, but should follow the semi serious criteria we are trying to create. Requirements Age: 16+ Mic: Yes Experience in Game: Somewhat experienced, we don't expect you to know all the spawn locations and Scav spawns, but to know the general spawn locations and generally dangerous areas, for example, the Bus Depot in Customs, Logging Camp in Woods, Hotel in Shoreline etc. Swearing: Obviously swearing can happen, especially when killed or during major gun fights, we are ok with general swearing, "F***, S***, Dammit" etc, but at no point should members start throwing out racially insensitive remarks, either in a raid or during a general chat on discord... Any racially insensitive remarks will be met with one warning, and any further offenses of this rule will be met with being banned from the clan. Team Killing: Any intentional team killing will be met with your immediate expulsion from the clan, however if it is a genuine mistake, due to miscommunication, it will be treated as a forgive and forget situation, however if you are found to be "Mistakenly" team killing a fellow clan member on a regular basis, you will be asked to leave. Loot: Loot will be treated on a first come, first serve basis, however we are all here to have fun and play the game as a well co ordinated group, and any members who frequently loots the better gear in the game, for example, safes, computers, statues, gun cabinets etc, will be asked to leave some of the better loot for other members to make it a fair raid, unless it is proven that you carry loot for it to be shared out between members at a safe location. Sharing Equipment / Ammo: We all expect members to bring an adequate amount of ammunition, food, medical supplies etc, to their raids, however in the event of long winded gun battles and the event that a fellow member requires medical kits, ammunition and food, please try to be respectful and share any excess equipment that you bring, its better to have a group of Four players that are able to be useful in combat then three players engaging in combat and have one member at the back with hardly any ammo not being able to fight to the best of their ability. If you are interested in joining, please feel free to drop in to the discord, where both me and MK will be waiting for your questions and to help get you started in the clan. https://discord.gg/gzKau Many Thanks MeanDragon
  20. RyanKingsman

    The Kingsman

    The Kingsman is a community/clan that is currently looking to expand within Escape From Tarkov. Our main goal as a gaming community is to ensure everybody who joins have a really good time, meet new players/teams and dominate the game! We are looking to expand our current player base with like-minded individuals who share a good passion for the game and who are looking to have fun along the way. We don’t like to take the game to seriously and enjoy it as much as possible. We look forward to you joining us! https://discord.gg/bZrA2UJ Kingsman Major, Ryan
  21. UKxSharpshooter

    (New Clan/Community) Tier One Warfare

    Tier One Warfare is a new discord community for players from all skill ranges with a interest in realistic/ squad based games. We play a wide variety of games but EFT is where we spend most of our time. we are a English speaking discord and would prefer members of 18+ although this is not a requirement we do expect members to show a certain level of maturity. If you're interested follow the link below and help us build a community for all https://discord.gg/7CBJRn9
  22. G1L

    Task force 141

    I am going to make a Task Force consisting of all Iranian Players (if there is any, that is for sure). So if you are Iranian or you can speak Persian send a message to me.
  23. I am kinda new to the game i have 60 hours in the game but i know the basics and callouts etc but i need a team to play with who play a lot. requirements below.. - 18+ - English speaking - Very good mic - Not toxic - Willing to help others and work as a team Not asking for much just need a good bunch of people to play with who take this game seriously but can have a laugh at the sametime! I am also a streamer so will be streaming every game we play! Leave me a message if interested or comment below and i will send you the discord HAPPY HUNTING!
  24. A88666

    Searching clan

    hello im looking clan from eu area and i have a lot of time for playing. i've been playing about 2 months now and rank is 38. im so bored to solo play and random group teamkills. my age is 30 and im searching somekinda tactical teamplay. contact here if you have team for me or if you want to create new one. greetz skitsofr
  25. Dieseel

    District of Bear Zaprasza [DoB]

    Witam wszystkich, czas odświeżyć nasz post rekrutacyjny, jeden z największych aktualnie klanów (jak nie największy) District of Bears (DoB) Rekrutuje chętne osoby do wspólnej gry jak i wspólnego testowania! Zapraszamy graczy nowych jak i starych wyjadaczy, dla każdego u nas znajdzie się miejsce, jesteśmy całkiem odmiennym klanem od większości, iż każdy znajdzie u nas dla siebie miejsce, mamy na to system, który pozwala na to by grać pod swój styl, więc jeżeli preferujesz grę taktyczną lub profesjonalną, mamy na to gotową rangę, dzięki której rozpoznasz kto również jest chętny do takiej gry i otrzymasz dostęp do kanałów przeznaczonych tylko dla tej rangi, tak samo to działa jeżeli lubisz grać po prostu dla zabawy, bez spiny, lub z osobami starszymi, nikogo nie zmuszamy do gry nonstop, z kimś itd, grasz kiedy masz ochotę, co najwyżej zalecane są treningi itd jeżeli jesteś w sekcji specjalnej "operatorzy" czyli Ci którzy mają zamiar grać w to profesjonalnie Oczywiście jeżeli celujesz w grę profesjonalną, nic nie stoi na przeszkodzie by grać też na luzie, a nawet jeżeli na dany moment nie czujesz się na siłach by grać profesjonalnie, to nic nie stoi na przeszkodzie by to zmienić za jakiś czas Mamy też rangi według doświadczenia w grze, co oczywiście nie ma służyć w celu wywyższania się itd, a takie zagrywki będą nagradzane wyrzuceniem z klanu, są one tylko po to iż nie każdy życzy sobie grać z nowymi osobami, i szanujemy jego zdanie, a tak jak mówiłem, nic nie stoi na przeszkodzie by być miła osobą i uczyć nowych graczy, a jest u nas takich wielu. Jak wiadomo także, mimo iż klan jest wielki, to nie zawsze ludzie grają 24/7, większość to starzy wyjadacze, którzy mają często przerwy z grą (bugi potrafią być męczące), są w pracy lub spędzają czas w inny sposób, średnia klanu to około 25 lat dlatego skutkuje to w taki sposób a nie inny, nie każdy ma czas by codziennie grać w jedną grę, a w tym klanie nie o to chodzi by kogoś zmuszać do gry . Aczkolwiek chcemy by jak najczęściej był ktoś w grze, dlatego tym nas więcej tym lepiej, a jesteśmy otwarci na sojusze i wspólne gry z osobami spoza klanu, dlatego jeżeli ktoś chce nawiązać współpracę, to nie będzie z tym problemu . Nie będę tutaj rozpisywał co oferujemy itd, bo to wiadomo, wspólną grę, towarzystwo, pomoc/poradniki i wiele innych rzeczy czyli wszystko co jest w stanie zaoferować porządny klan, a jedyne nasze wymagania to mikrofon, +16 lat, oraz kultura i szacunek oraz granie jako BEAR iż jest to nasza główna "frakcja" oczywiście po otrzymaniu większej ilości slotów dla postaci, nic nie stoi na przeszkodzie by grać również jako USEC Tak jak wcześniej wspomniałem gramy czysto dla zabawy, aczkolwiek planujemy grać też profesjonalnie (i nic nie stoi na przeszkodzie by grać jak profesjonalista, już teraz dużo osób preferuje taki styl gry, bez zbędnych informacji i tym podobne), jak devsi na to pozwolą będą odbywane treningi i wiele innych atrakcji jak eventy itp. Dlatego jeżeli Cie nie przekonałem, odwiedź nasz "komentarz" w sekcji "Polska Społeczność Escape from tarkov" Jest tam bardziej szczegółowo opisane co i jak, lecz jeżeli to wystarczyło zapraszam na naszego: Discord'a Facebook'a Pozdrawiam, zapraszam i do zobaczenia w boju!
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