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Found 36 results

  1. Hello there. I follow Epic Games and its Game and Engine Development since the Early Unreal Days in the 90's. The Unreal Engine has won several Prices as best Game Engine of the World that can be used free for development until the project hits the marked for sale. With its new Unreal Engine V and ability, to use as many triangles and details as u like without hitting Framerate as we know from other Engines, I want to suggest to BSG to consider working with Unreal Engine instead of Unity. Switching from Unity to Unreal should be easier, than the other way around. The SDK brings tools and features to assisst code transfer, design and asset management. I think BSG and it's EFT Project would gain huge benefits in performance and overall quality. For your consideration: Let the Unreal Engine developers speak for themselves. Unreal Engine V is a glory future for Games and Gaming. I bet after a lil effort, Escape from Tarkov would benefit a lot by switching from Unity to Unreal Engine V. An Article about the Engine with good overall information: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20200513005233/en/Epic-Games-Unveils-Unreal-Engine-5 Looking forward to feedback. How do you think about this. Would be nice to have some insights from BSG on this topic. Kind regards, MKev
  2. Hello, I experience a unity error crash inside the mall on interchange and on the lowest level of labs. This just started occurring after the new patch and is game breaking from me. Once I hit a spot I crash at, I rejoin raid and crash instantly over and over. My screen freezes but i can still hear the menus, walking, etc. I have made sure all my drivers are updated, reinstalled tarkov, defaulted my nvidia settings, reinstalled my graphics drivers, disabled v-sync, tested borderless vs fullscreen. I'm at a loss. Anyone else experiencing this issue? Any solutions? Processor: Intel i7-9700k CPU @ 3.60 GHZ Ram: 16 GB DDR4 GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER 1 TB SSD Windows 10
  3. Havegunwillfail

    Crazy suggestion for BSG

    BSG your game was already highly addictive and enjoyable pre latest update, personally I can't comment on current state since servers was down for me last night but based on the absolute sh#tstorm of negativity on reddit it seems worse now, which leads me to this.. I think it would be better if you just leave all the existing gameplay as is right now and focus all your company's limited resources and manpower working on implementing all the as of yet planned future features, maps, mechanics, skills, servers, items, etc until that is all finished. Instead of having your resources bogged down with this endless back and forth adjustments trying to find a happy medium for most clients for existing features (you will never please everybody). Once everything you guys hope to implement in Tarkov is realized and part of Beta version, you can start fine-tuning the game and make improvements on existing features. This also gives us clients, hopefully, more time to make better suggestions or solutions to existing problems or adjustments we would like to see concerning weight, hatchlings, exploits of game mechanics, and whatever else there is. While I am here, 1 - Would you consider capping trade on flea market based on total value in Rubles of trade offers instead of the current system? 2 - In regard with hatchlings. Make it based upon PMC spawn weight? Secure containers and items within should have no weight. Only weapons, backpacks, chest rigs, gear and items should have weight and if you spawn as a PMC and your weight exceeds, say 15kg, you are good. If it is under 15kg you can still spawn in but your loot collected in raid gets a tainted mark, like a red symbol, which when you try to sell at traders has a X % less value than normal. Only way to lose that tainted mark on loot when you spawn in under weight is if you stay in-raid for more than half of the raid time given at start. This tainted mark will be depicted on any items PMC tries to sell on flea market as well. I read that devs plan on using some kind of honor system to curb scav on scav violence, so this tainted mark can be tied in that system as well? Any player that buys tainted loot may get it cheaper since PMC with tainted loot will be trying to get rid of it, but the player that buys tainted loot will take a penalty hit on his honor and/or trader reputation. Change weight system to pre last update. 3 - Would love a 'refresh' button for ammo boxes that stacks ammo automaticly instead of manually dragging ammo on ammo since it's tedious process If you guys agree with some stuff let's get some devs attention with the post, all comments and suggestions welcome.
  4. So every time ive tried to play today ive had issues. First i could not load into Reserve as a pmc or a scav, the game got to 70% loading loot and crashed. I managed to get two runs in as a scav on interchange, then i tried using my PMC on interchange with my friend, i used around 1mill worth of gear loaded into the game as soon as the game started i got kicked with server error, lost all my gear didnt even get to start. This game has had serious server issues in Australia the last few weeks i love the game but when you lose half your stash in a raid without even loading in kinda sucks. And for the record i tried to send an error report buy my error report got an error report....
  5. Hey guys, I went ahead and made a quick summary going over all the information dumped on us in the latest DevBlog livestream. If ya got any questions/suggestions lemme know! If you'd like to watch the whole stream for yourself you can do so here: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/380099507##
  6. Well as the title: Can you still become an Emissary for EFT?? or the application already closed??
  7. Pillow4K

    FPS Bug unexplained

    I want to bring this to the attention of the Dev Team of Escape from Tarkov. While playing I encountered a Drastic unexpected frame rate drop from 70 and 60ish fps to 30/20/11/9fps. Not sure what happened with the Game and i understand its still in Beta thats why I want to address this concern. What Happened? While at Shoreline more specifically Power Station. I was looting inside main floor and I heard Gun shots to my south. Once that happened Frame rate dropped unexpectedly. I will attach my footage. I dont get the bug in Offline mode and i also get about 20 to 40 more FPS while in offline mode usually sit around 120fps on average Specs: Kaby Lake CPU i7-7700K OC to 4700Mhz On water / GPU: EVGA 980Ti OC to 1407mhz Specs link: Valid Computer Specs Youtube Link: Pillow2k's footage Thank you
  8. Questiion 1A) How serious is Beta? I would like to submit reports but eh. 1B) If not serious, disregard question 2 Question 2 A) Sorry if I'm just being dense. I would like to find where I submit and review bug reports so I don't report something already being worked on. Jumping/sliding physics problem for example is already known. It happens sometimes in ArmA. B) What game engine is this on? C) What language do yall write in? D) Is there a way to, console cheat in offline mode or something so I can test mechanics harder? E) Is there a console monitor that prints game scripts when I trigger them? Question 3) How are yall using all these real guns? Did yall buy the rights or does it not apply or something? Comment X) Thank you for making such a beautiful game, mechanically, aesthetically, everything. Comment Y) Thank you for running a forum and reading these posts!!!!!
  9. My English broken, but try anyway ceap reading ;), im doing this for my self, cous i see huge potentional in this game, but it can slip away how many games do at this time... So i playing this game since alfa, didint play alot at alfa becouse i was alone and game looks super difficul (plus i have wooden pc) ,but when my friends took me and teach all basics in this game - im in love And i believe i play as much as biggest streamer in this game, cous when i stop play couple months ago, my lvl still higher (couple wipes was like that) ,so i have deep view since begining. That was about me, but jump straight to action and where we need improvements: 1. First i will start with econimics (im not saying its most important ,but its just first idea which one jumps in my mind) ,so with current economics, we losing big parts of this nice game, i mean why we need go loot doorms ,find cigarets and and other stuff, when we can go to camp exits, main roads and spons, kill guys ,take what they have, sell and buy best guns and modifications.., why take risk, go loot and explore world when you can buy everythink what you need from traders? Even name Traders should stand for trade items not just buy and sell. So i believe we need make best modifications like best optics (hamer maybe ,must be include suppresors, unless pistol supresors could be sell on higher lvl) ,best weapons for trade. And Traders could come with daily tasks, like kill 10 scav bosses or find some items which one you cant buy from same trader or others traders and than as revard you will get a AKM supresor, becouse it will be super rare item everyone will scout map ,will do more than other way just waiting at spon, it make game more dinamic and interesting. And people like rare items, thats why everyone spent so much money at csgo cases or other microtransactions. And if you take that rare loot from battle you feel much more exitect. Cous right now everyone runing with best gear and even not picking guns or best helmets cous inventory allready full money and best stuf so why do kill-take-sell-buy stuff if you allready full, it feels no progresion at this position. We can take a look at other games, for my exemple it will be WorldOfTanks, i play that game i believe 6years allready, and i dont have alot tanks yet, cous progresion is really slow, but you no need to have everythink in this game to enjoy, whith lower tier tank you feel chalenged and making adjustments on your gameplay against biger tanks, same could be here, to biuld max reputation for traders should take longer than one month, and even with max Traders you will get like 30% more change to get tasks for rare items, or similar. And you still could not buy theese rare items, only tasks or find in map, thats make game more exitet. And in factory should be less rare items, cous small map, big crew and you can farm without any problems.., so daily rare Traders tasks look like a best offer and salution. Hope you get point what i wanna say it with this. 2. Clans - so here it should play your major rare items, you save them for clan wars. With clans should come a leaderboard, you will fight for reputation or land (like in world of tanks, eazy to do and interesting same time) .Could be couple diferent fight modes like in Rainbow six Siege, boms, protect area, and it could be same rounds when you switching position and you playing best of 5 unless you win 4-0. Sorry for bringing other games, but take best from others is not loosing way, and this game allready unic so you cant damege, you can adapt ideas which more match game and story. Clan should have same bunkhouse with maybe saparate clan members rooms, cous we like compete with our clan members too, so we can show glass doors from which u can see all room with mining maschine and sick pc rig 3. Game support - microtransactions, yes i believe its good way, but only if theese items are cosmetics, and it could be done with bunkhouse, like posters on the wall (it could be other games posters, so you can work with other companys what may good for delevoper this game. Or may you can find crates in game world and you have extract with them (should take alot space at trizip, or even took all space at zip, and than you can buy key from steam, sell create at steam..., make similar stuff as csgo). But it must be cosmetics !! Like 3l paint botle with spray gun and then you can spray you room pink. So it helps dev work on this game and us enjoy this game without bitching is pay to win 4. What else..., i had discusion with KleanUpGuy (hope its correct) ,he was sugesion make one time for all maps. I think its bad idea, it was main reason why i dint play alot in alfa when we had one time zone. Why its bad? Well for new players or players without good gear will be hard time on battle, force players go naked at night against guys with night vision will be brutal. And in real life i will wait day time to go and do tasks (could be tasks for night mode only ) or loot area, i wont go there naked at night, so why we should force people do what they wont do in real life, its really realistic game ,so it will be nice if it will stay logical. What may we could done, its saparate maps, so 2maps will work on day tame and other 2 on night time, it will be 24h rotation how we have now, but in some time you will have go to others maps play if you want play at night or day and wait till your map rotates back to day, like that we was explore more maps or we will play more night mode ,cous i agree ,night mode its allmost dead, not many people wanna go there, ..and my best memories in this game was on night mode its really have what to offer, but we need find most optimal salution for this for all players, not just for big streamer or couple active people on forum . 5. I with friends discouse alot about this game, it just couple thoughts i could remember on spot. Wipe soon and may same dev will see this and ansver. And progresion with mastering all guns, so if i play with american guy (cant remember name) and im close to master my m4, but i decide to play with akm it should take away more master points and less if i swop for mp5 or other american gun, or master rusian guns will be alow only when i master all american guns (long progresion, but it will be interesting to achieve this, plus it wont be bad cous at the moment you not losing alot points and diference are not huge or game broking. Short: we need loot more, explore map more, we need tasks which i could do in map, not killing my friends with hatch or buy and sell poo for same trader, we need progresion in game and more unic stuff, rare stuff which can make us a little bit unic agains others , and for shure we need game optimisation, but here i dont know how we can help, may rav input mouse signal solve problem with fire rate and fps? No idea, but you will find out
  10. Queridos supervivientes Estamos orgullosos de presentaros un diario de desarrollo nuevo! En este caso os mostraremos como nuestro equipo trabaja respecto al sonido. ¡¡¡En éste video aprenderéis exactamente como los sonidos de disparo son grabados, podreís oír y ver como trabajan los ingenieros de sonido y mucho más!!!
  11. Gorkka


    So Can We get an update to when Wipe is
  12. Beez-

    Tarkov Development Ideas

    Just a bunch of ideas that are on my mind which could be implemented to create a (I think) greater Tarkov Experience. Random S***: Magazine stickers/tape for Identifying mag types. Add Mag grips, with or without functionality. Para Flares for Night time Raids and to kill Night Vision. 2 Slot item fires into the sky and illuminates 500-1000m^2 for 45s-1min. Not too Expensive. Character: Hiring cost implemented for each PMC you use, RNG character based on ~3 tiers of Operatives with differing costs. Set number of PMC's allowed at once based on Account type: Upgrading to EOD would not only be a stash upgrade, but a BASE upgrade, allowing more PMCs on your roster at once. ***PMC's who are injured need real time to heal*** Create seperation from sets of Universal Account Skills and Specific Character Attributes to build on. Even a Low tier PMC who survives a number of raids will likely attain better stats than a higher tier PMC. Allow Scav runs whenever for free, but if you survive they will skim the best loot for themselves! (Can't build up any scav character) Medical: Change head hitbox into Head/Face/Neck regions, Where: Head only is protected by most helmets, Face shots are instant kills, (Around eyes and nose area) Neck shots (Top of chest to mouth area) cause heavy damage and Severe bleeding. (Add neck armor region on certain heavy armor?) Adrenaline: Right before you lose a limb, your adrenaline kicks in keeping the limb at 1hp for 30sec. (dmg to limb as per "blacked-out" limb for duration) Since Painkillers (~2s animation) take ~1 min to kick in, There will be a short period in which a player is vulnerable after losing a limb, unless they use morphine right away, which kicks in ~25 seconds (~2s animation), Or pre-pop meds. In order to discourage constant pill popping, each time a painkilling item is used, the next item of the same type will have a 20% reduced effect time. May also encourage players to value BOTH items ie start with pain pills and seek Morphine if staying in longer, or just use morphine when able immediately after wound. Blacked out limbs still suffer a -10% penalty to aim/speed even when on pain meds. Get rid of Stomach hitbox. Add internal bleeding (could link to fragmentation), which slowly reduces maximum hp and cannot be healed mid-raid. ALL bleeding causes dehydration. Bleeding also slowly reduces MAX hydration, while an IV bag (small increase) or *Correct* Blood bag (Max) could bring you back to strength. Dehydration to have severe negative affects on character in terms of stamina/regen etc below 25% threshold, with minor affects starting below 50%. Energy drops more quickly. (Why have food in the game if it is utterly, utterly pointless?) "ProjeKts": ProjeKt COdeSign: "Optional" karma system based on reputation where Agreed upon hand signal (very obvious) can be used to other RANDOM players within a short distance. If they respond you are both bound by "karma" penalties for betrayal and "reputation" points for succeeding together etc. (First Aid, sharing ammo/items) *Insert Tarkov backstory/Lore* ProjeKt REtraction: Secondary mission if your PMC goes down (not from a headshot) less than halfway through a raid: deploy into same raid as a covert op (pistol no backpack?) and attempt to EVAC your wounded PMC. *To be Released with compact smg's/pdw's as sidearms - DLC anyone? - *Meh Idea...* **Feel free to critique or add on any of these ideas!**
  13. BelliniVirgil

    Schituri din Escape from Tarkov

    Dragi Escaper! Suntem mandri sa va prezentam diverse screenshoturi din partea dezvoltatorilor!
  14. Greetings, love the game. We have been having a nice discussion about in game icons on the weapons/mods/gear etc... org post here We are looking for definitive answer.. Anything you can contribute would be meaningful and help to enhance the experience.
  15. djrapp3

    Programming Questions

    Hi, I am a Unity developer and have worked on several complicated projects and have some questions about your game. I was wondering the approach you have taken to your game for optimization standpoint. Have you taken an Object Orientated approach or a Component Based structure similar to Entitas? I was also wondering about your networking standard. It seems like the interpolation between characters is sometimes off and I was wondering if you were utilizing an approach similar to the unity given examples of networking structure except possible creating a network identity component of your own with a more basic structure? Dealing with objects and items, with the latest patch I noticed a bug where the names of items were serialized and the item numbers were displaying. Do you store base item data in a database or do you utilize an XML structure? Thank you for your time, David J. Rapp djrapp.com
  16. alfleplusbo

    Teaser sur les nouvelles armes

    Salut à tous ! Pour ceux qui n'auraient pas twitter, hier soir le compte officiel de Battlestate Games a posté deux capture d'écran de modélisation de nouvelles armes sûrement en développement pour une future insertion en jeu. Il s'agit de l'HK MP7 et du DSA SA58 je vous poste ci-dessous les images liées. Au plaisir de vous tenir informés ! HK MP7 DSA SA58 - Alf
  17. hidden_citizen

    Preguntas frequentes Devs

    Buenas supervivientes de Tarkov! En este post quiero que dejen todas sus preguntas acerca de Escape From Tarkov, futuros planes, desarrollo o solo curiosidades que tengan acerca del juego o del estudio BSG. Estas preguntas que hagan, las convertire en un FaQ que le llegarán a los Devs y ellos contestarán con toda su sabiduría. Recuerden que muchas preguntas también se pueden encontrar en FaQs pasados, pero sin ser tímidos pregunten sus dudas! Saludos!
  18. Страхотни новини, Escapers! Има много въпроси,нa които искате да получите отговори.Знаем, че се се чудите за напредъка, който правим, и може би имате някакви притеснения относно проблемите в играта ... Ето няколко отговора: В) Куестове, които са в играта, ще останат ли същите в финалната версия или можем да очакваме по-интересни, нелинейни и подробни куестове? О) Ще има повече куестове, качеството им се подобрява всеки ден. По-късно ще представим така наречените лични куестове, по-важни и ориентирани към историята. В) Времето за игра на Scav в играта е прекалено кратко, понякога се появява 10 минути преди края на рейда, това ще бъде ли поправено? О) Вече сe oправя. В) Каква карта можем да очакваме при следващите актуализации и има ли списък с карти, реда, по който те ще бъдат приложени и ако има такъв списък, може ли да го публикувате? О) Следващата карта ще бъде Interchange. След това, най-вероятно, Улиците на Тарков. След това ще видим. В) Какви снайпери може да очакваме в следващите актуализации? О) SVD е следващо.. В) Кога можем да очакваме - груповата система,Ще бъде ли възможно маркерите да бъдат прикрепени само от кланови играчи (т.е. не от самотници или играчи от други кланове) О) Ще има система от кланове. Не съвсем скоро, но определено ще бъде. Подробностите ще дойдат по-късно. В) Колко често добавяте нови сървъри, каква е същността на проблемите с тях и защо се случват закъснения и десинхронизация? О) Добавянето на нови сървъри е текущ процес. Броят добавени сървъри за определен период от време е различен в зависимост от наличието на определени конфигурации на сървъри в центровете за данни в различни части на света. Защо десинхронизацията и забавянията продължават да се случват, е сложен въпрос, има съвсем различни причини. На сегашен етап това се дължи главно на грешки и претоварване на сървърите. В) От известно време са обявени медицински анимации, кога очакваме да бъдат въведени? На какъв етап е сега? О) Ще направим всичко възможно, за да го представим в следващите няколко актуализации. Вече е в етап на незабавно изпълнение. В) Какво става с уличния пазар и търговете? Наистина ни липсват в играта сега. О) Ще бъде добавено към следващите актуализации. В) Кога можем да очакваме ленти на ръкавите за идентификация на екипа? Как смятате да приложите механиката за разпознаване на приятели или неприятели, може би вече имате някои идеи? О) Ленти на ръкавите е идея от самото начало. Все още не мога да кажа кога. В) В момента има твърде много плячка на картите, особено оръжия, ще има ли съкращения? Парите и плячката са твърде лесни сега. О) Да, количеството плячка ще бъде намалено. В) UBGL беше там в началото на Alpha, защо бе премахнато и кога ще се върне? О) Ще се върне в една от следващите няколко актуализации. То причини твърде много критични проблеми, които изискваха твърде много време за поправяне. В) Можем ли да очакваме по-нататъшно подобряване на Scavs и тяхното социално поведение и взаимодействия и т.н., нещо, което ще ги накара да се чувстват по-живи, а не просто роботи в търсене на PMC? О) Да, със сигурност. Поведението на Scavs ще се подобри. В) Способността да дърпате телата все още ли е в плановете? О) Да В) Рейд времето често е различно, какви са причините? О) Увеличаване на ротацията на игри поради опашки. Това е временна мярка. В) Ще бъдат ли добавени към картите опасни зони като радиация и т.н.? О) Те ще са в DLC-тата В) Ще има ли уеб интерфейс за търговия, който ще позволи да се търгува директно на официалния сайт? О) Вероятно да. Определено е планирано мобилно приложение за някои основни мениджмънт. В) Ще има ли карти, където ще се увеличи максималният размер на групата? Или може би ще бъде преразгледана (+ -) за наличните карти? О) Вероятно да. В) Възможно ли е да премахнете острия ефект от болкоуспокояващите, за да се избегне нараняване на очите? Или да може да се изключи/включи в графичните настройки? О) Не, това е направено нарочно. В) Ще има ли по-нататъшни подобрения в движението на играчите и неговото взаимодействие с препятствията? О) Да В) Кога може да се очаква карма система? Ще бъде ли различно за Scavs и PMC? О) Засега е планирана само PMC карма. В) Има ли някакви планове за друга анимация на зареждане на пълнителите, или за увеличаване на времето, необходимо за презареждане в раницата (Tab Екрана), защото сега това се случва мигновено? О) Да, планирано е В) Ще се увеличи ли броят на PMCs в картите или по друг начин ще бъде променено? О) Да В) Ще има ли възможност да се регулира чувствителността на мишката за всяка стъпка от увеличаването на оптиката? О) Не е мислено по въпроса, но можем да го направим. В) Разположението на Shoreline е налице, но за него няма карта в играта. Кога ще бъде готова? О) Скоро ще бъде завършена. В) Ще има ли гласов чат по време на игра? Или има някакви проблеми с него? О) Да, това е планирано. Няма проблеми, имаме по големи приоритети в момента. В) Кога ще бъдат готови анимации за изкачване на стълбите, пробив, взрив и други действия с вратите? О) Всичко това е планирано. Щом са готови. В) Забелязахме светещи лампи близо до изходите. Кога очакваме реални димни гранати и светлини, какъв е проблемът с тях? О) Няма проблеми, в момента имаме по-високи приоритети. Те ще бъдат добавени с течение на времето В) Планирате ли да добавите адаптиране за очите към тъмнината, когато влизате отвън/навътре? О) Всъщност това вече е в играта, просто не колкото в действителност. В бъдеще най-вероятно ще се подобри В) Имате ли намерение да разделите играта на соло играчи и отбори? О) Не. В) Ще е възможно ли стрелянето по вратите в опцията за натискане в менюто? О) Възможно е. В) Общата външност на местоположенията ще се промени ли или това е окончателна версия? О) Някои детайли определено ще се променят. В) Усвояване на оръжията и умения. Ще има ли по-значителни разлики между нивата? О) При усвояването на определено оръжие вече има значителни разлики. На последно ниво, например, оръжията могат да бъдат презареждани, докато се прицелвате. В) Разстоянието на тревата и изглаждането, има ли някакъв напредък в тази посока? О) Работи се по въпроса. В) При някои оръжия щетата не винаги работи така, както трябва, зависи от сървъра или собствената конфигурация на оръжието, напр. в пушки? О) Това е странен въпрос, не можем да отговорим на него. В) Dogtags заемат твърде много място, ще има ли списък или контейнер за тях? О) Да, ще има специален контейнер. В) Ще има ли повторения и записи след RAID от Гледната точка на играча? О) Още не. В) Ще има ли замъяване на очилата и козирките при движение или тежко дишане? О) Бихме искали да добавим това В) Ще бъде ли възможно да се слепят 2 пълнителя с тиксо? О) Не съм сигурен още, но отново - бихме искали да го добавим В) Ще има ли уникална не-куест плячка,която може да бъде само намерена в набег,но не и купена от продавачите. О) Вече има такива неща. В) Ще има ли възможност за заключване на вратите? Сега играчът може да отключи, но не може да заключи. О) Да В) Fence ще има ли собствени куестове? О) Не е планирано. В) Ще има ли случайни събития в набезите? О) Да Q) Какъв е принципът за добавяне на оръжия в играта А) Наличие на необходимите характеристики и търсенето на конкретни оръжия / класове. Q) Ще има ли по-разнообразни звуци на картите? А) Да В) Ще има ли възможност за директно предаване на плячката между играчите извън набезите? О) Ще стане възможно с кланната система В) Ще се подобри ли звукът в играта, много е трудно да се позиционират враговете и стрелбата дори с добро аудио оборудване. О) Да, работим върху него. В) Предвиждате ли да въведете ЛПС (лични предпазни средства) със собствена функционалност? О) Да, но най е вероятно ще се случи в DLC-тата В) Ще са различни ли шумозаглушителите и други приспособления, които се различават по характеристики, а не само по отношение на цената? О) Те вече го правят. Странен въпрос. В) Можете ли да предоставите още някакви подробности за режима "Free Roam", какви местоположения ще има и как го виждате (на кратко) О) Вече многократно е дадена такава информация, ако искате да разберете повече проверете форума. В) Ще имат ли ботове с ограничен амуниции? Ще могат ли да плячкосват мъртви тела? О) Имат ограничени амуниции вече. Да, ще плячкосват. В) Когато можем да очакваме брада на лицето и ще зависи ли от нивото на PMC (колкото по-високо е нивото, толкова по-дълга и по-дебела е брадата ) О) LOL В) Ще има ли възможност да се изкачва/скача през прозорците? О) Някои да, някои не. В) Възнамерявате ли да добавите унищожаване на сгради и тн в играта, леко разрушаване на предмети? О) Минимално В) Ще бъдат ли добавени мазета на вече съществуващи карти (например общежитията в Customs) О) Вероятно В) Пълната версия на играта е планирана за 2018 г., дали тези планове все още са в сила, имате ли време да направите всички карти и всичко друго? О) Ще направим всичко възможно! В) Възможно ли е да се направи визуално показване на плячката на части от оборудването, напр. пълнителите да изчезват от торбичката след презареждане. О) Вероятно В) Ще се разрушават или ще се влошават шумозаглушителите като се стреля? О) Да Благодарим за търпението и подкрепата ви. Ще ви дадем повече информация, когато е достъпна.
  19. twisted89

    Upgrade to Unity 2018

    So the new upcoming Unity version 2018 has a long awaited upgrade to the C# job system (https://www.reddit.com/r/Unity3D/comments/7lhmcq/unitys_new_multithreaded_ecs_system_coming_2018/) which should greatly improve multithread performance. It's no secret that this game has some serious CPU performance issues, I'm just curious what the devs plans are for upgrading to this new Unity release and for taking advantage of better access to CPU's with multiple cores?
  20. Hazel

    **開發組 Q & A 1/10**

    Great news, Escapers! 我們收到很多問題, 有些是我問自答. 我們知道你想知道遊戲進展, 所以制作了些問答來解答你的擔憂 這裡有答案: Q) 在正式版時這些任務是否與現在一樣? 我比較期待有趣, 隨機和更細節的任務 A) 會有更多任務, 素質會每日不斷提升. 之後我們也會介紹個人任務, 更重大 和以故事為主 Q) 現在遊玩拾荒者時間太短了, 有時重生後戰場時間只剩10分鐘。會否修復這個問題? A) 這個問題己經解決了 Q) 下一張更新的是什麼地圖? 有地圖的列表和開放次序嗎? 如果有可以公開嗎? A) 下一張地圖會是Interchange. 之後最有可能是 Streets of Tarkov, 請拭目以待. Q) 我們期待有什麼射手部槍或狙擊武器在下一個更新. A) SVD會是其中一個 Q) 我們期待何時有戰隊系統, 可以由戰隊創造專用的戰隊隊章嗎?(只能供戰隊隊員使用). A) 會有戰隊系統,只是沒有那麼快會推出,但我們保證會有,細節將會稍後公佈. Q) 請問多長時間會添加伺服器. 為什麼會延遲及有不同步的問題. A) 我們已經持續地添加新伺服器, 添加的數量取決於各地區的情況和伺服器可配置數量, 為什麼會延遲及與伺服器不同步, 這是一個复雜的問題. 有很多原因. 目前階段主要是由伺服器的錯誤和過載造成 Q) 醫療動作己有一段時間, 什麼時候才能完成, 目前在什麼階段? A) 我們會盡力在下幾個更新中介紹它, 現正測試階段. Q) 現在真是想在遊戲裡有關於跳蚤市場和拍賣, A) 相關的東西會添加在下幾次更新 Q) 什麼時候有隊伍識別臂章, 你們如何實施朋友識別機制, 你有什麼想法? A) 一開始是臂章的想法. 但還不能透露. Q) 地圖上錢和戰利品了太多了, 特別是武器類. 會不會減少呢? 現在錢和武器太容易賺了 A) 戰利品會減少. Q) 下掛式榴彈發射器(Underbarrel Grenade Launchers UBGL) 在alpha 的時候還在, 它為什麼被刪除? 還有他什麼時候會回來? A) 它會是未來的幾個更新之一, 它造成了太多的嚴重的問題, 需要比較長的時間來解決. Q) 我們期待拾荒者能夠在社交和互動上有進一步改善, 這樣會讓他們更加真實. 不只是個尋找PMC的機械人 A) 當然~ 拾荒者的行為將得到改善 Q) 拖動屍體的計劃是否仍然存在? A) 仍在 Q) 為什麼戰局時間總是不同 A) 為加快隊伍的戰局排隊時間,這是暫時的更改 Q) 危險地帶如副射等將被加到地圖? A) 會, 在DLC內容中. Q) 是否會有一個交易的網絡界面, 可以直接在官方網站上交易? A) 有可能, 有計劃使用手提電話應用程式處理一些基本的管理. Q) 目前的地圖, 隊伍人數會否增加或減少? A) 有可能調整. Q) 使用止痛藥時銳化效果傷害到眼睛, 可否在設置中關閉它? A) 不行, 故意加入的. Q) 角色移動時和障碍物的互動動作會改善嗎? A) 會 Q) 什麼時候會有Karma系統, Scavs 和 PMCs 的Karma 系統會不同嗎? A) 目前為止, 只有計劃PMC Karma 系統. Q)有沒有計劃彈夾裝載動畫 或 增加背包裝填所需時間(Tab 畫面), 因為(Tab畫面)目前是馬上生效 A)有的,在不久將來會加入 Q) 地圖上PMC 的數量會增加或以其他的方式改變嗎? A) 會 Q) 有沒有機會用調整滑鼠的靈敏感去調整瞄準鏡的放大倍率? A) 還沒想過,可能會加入. Q) 海岸線已經開放, 什麼時候才有海岸線地圖? A) 即將完成. Q) 是否遊戲內有語音聊天? 還是有一些問題要解決? A) 是, 這是已計劃的 沒有問題, 只是我們現在有更高傻先次序的事情要做. Q) 什麼時候會準備好爬樓梯,破門和其他與門互動的動作? A) 所有這些都是計劃中的。一旦準備就緒就會公佈。 Q) 我們已經註意到出口附近的地圖上有照明彈。我們可以期待真正的煙霧彈和閃光燈,可以拿在手上的,為什麼會沒有這個呢? A) 沒有問題,我們現在有更高的優先級的工作。他們將隨著時間的推移而添加 Q) 當你從室外走到室內時,是否計劃增加對黑暗的適應的效果? A) 這實際上已經存在,只是不如現實中那麼直接。將來它很可能會得到改善 Q) 有沒有打算分開孤狼玩家和隊伍? A) 沒有. Q) 用散彈槍破開門鎖是否會新增到下拉式開門選單中? A) 有可能. Q) 地圖的外觀是否會再變化或者已經是最終的版本? A) 一些細節肯定會改變。(Hazel:更多貓) Q) 武器精通和技能。除等級會不會有更多的區別? A) 精通已有顯著差異。例如,在最後一級,武器可以在瞄準時換彈。 Q) 草地繪製距離和混疊草的問題,這方面有什麼進展嗎? A) 正在努力中 Q) 在一些武器中,傷害並不總是按照它應該的那樣,這取決於服務器還是武器自身的配置? A) 這是一個奇怪的問題,看不到我們可以回答的理由。 Q) Dogtags佔用了太多的空間,會不會有一個列表或容器去放置? A) 是的,將會有一個特殊的容器。 Q) 在所有玩家的擊殺紀錄畫面是否會新增killcam或重播? A) 還沒有. Q) 跑步或呼吸急促時是否會出現眼鏡和護目鏡的霧化 A) 我們希望會新增這個 Q) 是否有可能把彈匣用膠帶粘在一起? A) 不確定,但是我們希望可新增這個 Q) 是否會有一個獨特的非任務戰利品,只能在突襲中獲得,而不能與交易者買入? A) 已經有這樣的項目。 Q) 是否有可能鎖門? 現在玩家可以解鎖,但不能鎖定。 A) 可以的 Q) Fence 會有他的任務嗎? A) 還沒有計劃。 Q) 在突襲中是否會有隨機事件? A) 會有的 Q) 添加武器的原則是什麼? A) 有必要的功能和特定的武器/類的需求的可用性。 Q) 地圖內會有更多不同的環境聲音? A) Yes Q) 是否有可能直接在副本外交易玩家之間的戰利品? A) 這有可能加入到戰隊系統中 Q) 遊戲的聲音是否會有所改善,用良好的音頻設備來定位敵人和射擊是非常困難的。 A) 是的,我們正在努力。 Q) 你是否打算推出PPE(個人防護裝備),具有自己的功能? A) 是的,但很可能在DLC中加入 Q) 有未來計劃有關於容器,武器的容量量度單位會新增,還是現在已經是最終? A) 不,容量在基本上也反映在格數中。 Q) 不同的消音器和其他附件的功能會有不同嗎,而不僅僅是價格? A) 已經有了。奇怪的問題。 Q) 你能否提供一些關於漫遊模式的更多細節,會有哪些地圖,以及你的看法(簡要地) A) 已經提供了很多簡短的信息,請在之前訪問中以及在論壇中查看所有的細節。 Q) AI會有有限的彈藥嗎?他們能夠掠奪屍體嗎? A) 彈藥有限。是的,他們會掠奪。 Q) 我們期待面部毛髮,取決於PMC的等級(等級越高,鬍子越長越厚 :> ) A) LOL Q) 可以爬進窗戶嗎? A) 有的可以,有的不能。 Q) 你是否打算在遊戲中實施破壞物理,物體可以被輕微破壞? A) 最低限度的物理,可以 Q) 可以在現有的地圖上添加地牢嗎(例如,海關Customs地圖的宿舍) A) 有可能. Q) 發布計劃在2018年,這些計劃是否仍然有效,你有時間做所有的地圖,還有更多東西嗎? A) 我們會盡力而為! Q) 是否有可能在裝備的部件上進行可視化顯示,例如彈匣在裝填後從袋中消失。 A) 可能如此。 Q) 消音器是否會被破壞或在射擊過程中耗損? A) Yes 感謝玩家 @Unlimitfai協助翻譯
  21. lih2677

    (한글발번역) Dev Q & A 1/10

    Q. 현재 구현된 퀘스트가 정식버전에서도 현재와 거의 동일한가요? 아니면 뭔가 더 흥미롭거나 비선형적인 퀘스트 방식으로 수정될 수 있나요? A. 앞으로 더 많은 퀘스트가 나올 것이며 퀘스트의 퀄리티는 점점 더 개선 될 것입니다. 추후에는 스토리와 관련된 더욱 중요한 개인 퀘스트가 등장할 것입니다. Q. Scav 플레이가 너무 짧게 느껴집니다. 간혹 레이드가 끝나기 10분 전에 난입하기도 하는데요 이에 관해선 수정 할 계획이 없으신가요? A. 이미 수정된 사항입니다. Q. 다음에 추가될 맵이 어느곳인지 알려줄 수 있나요? 그 후로도 추가될 맵의 리스트를 공개해주실 수 있나요? A. 다음 맵은 Interchange 맵이 될 것입니다. 그 다음 맵은 Streets of Tarkov가 될 것이며 그 후는 아직 더 지켜봐야 할 것 같습니다. Q. 다음 업데이트에 어떤 지정사수총 또는 저격소총이 추가될 예정인가요? A. SVD(드라구노프)가 예정되어있습니다. Q. 만약 클랜 시스템이 구현 된다면, 클랜 태그같은 것을 만들 수 있게 할 것인가요? A. 클랜 시스템은 반드시 추가될 예정입니다. 하지만 아직은 좀 이르고 나중에 추가할 계획입니다. 자세한 사항은 나중에 따로 공지할 것입니다. Q. 새로운 서버를 얼마나 더 추가할 계획인가요? 현재 발생하는 랙과 디싱크는 왜 발생하는 건가요? A. 새로운 서버를 추가하는 작업은 지금도 그리고 앞으로도 계속 진행될 작업입니다. 전세계에 퍼져있는 서버들마다 접속하는 인원과 요구되는 서버 용량에 따라 다르게 추가하고 있습니다. 디싱크와 렉이 사라지지 않는 이유는 상당히 복잡한 질문입니다. 아주 다양한 원인들이 있지만 현재 상태에서는 주로 다양한 오류들과 서버 부하로 인해 발생하는 경우가 대부분입니다. Q. 치료 애니메이션이 드디어 공개되었는데 언제쯤 우리가 접할 수 있는지, 현재 개발진행은 어느정도 되었는지 궁금합니다. A. 최대한 빠른 시일 내에 선보일 예정이며. 현재 바로 게임에 적용이 가능할 정도로 완성된 상태입니다. Q. 벼룩시장(Flea Market)과 경매(Auction)은 언제 공개될 것인가요? A. 치료 애니메이션과 마찬가지로 다가올 몇 번의 패치 이내에 추가할 계획입니다. Q. 파티원 피아식별을 위한 식별띠에 대해 언급한 적이 있는데 친구나 아군을 구별하는 시스템은 현재 어디까지 진척된 상황인가요? A. 식별띠는 게임 기획단계때부터 추가할 계획이었습니다. 식별시스템은 아직 말해드릴 수 있는 단계가 아닙니다. Q. 현재 맵에 너무 많은 아이템들이 풀리고 있습니다. 언제쯤 제한할 예정인가요? 돈이나 아이템이 너무 구하기 쉬운 상태입니다. A. 파밍에 대해 정확히 인지하고 있으며 추후 조정될 것입니다. Q. 유탄발사기(UBGL, Under Barrel Granade Launcher, 총열하단 장착 유탄 발사기)가 알파 초기때부터 존재해왔었는데 왜 테스트 도중 삭제되었으며, 언제 다시 게임에 추가할 계획인가요? A. 유탄발사기 역시 다가올 몇 차례의 패치 이내에 추가할 계획입니다. 현재 유탄발사기가 너무나도 많은 오류를 발생시키고 있어서 수정할 시간이 더 필요합니다. Q. Scav들을 더욱 개선시킬 계획이 있나요? 단순히 PMC를 찾아죽이는 로봇이 아닌 좀 더 살아있다는 느낌이 들도록 만들었으면 하는 바람입니다. A. 네 물론입니다. Scav(인공지능)는 앞으로 더 개선될 것입니다. Q. 시체(혹은 부상자)를 끌어서 움직이는 기능은 아직 개발중인가요? A. 네 Q. 레이드 시간이 자주 바뀌는데 그 이유가 뭔가요? A. 게임 로테이션을 빠르게 돌려 서버 부하를 줄이기 위함입니다. 하지만 일시적일 뿐 다시 조정 될 것입니다. Q. 방사능 지역 같은 위험한 장소가 추가 될 계획인가요? A. DLC로 추가될 것입니다. Q. 상인 거래를 웹으로 처리할 수 있게 만들어 홈페이지에서 상인 거래를 할 수 있도록 할 것인가요? A. 가능합니다. 아주 기본적인 관리 작업을 할 수 있는 모바일 앱이 계획되어있습니다. Q. 한 맵에 들어갈 수 있는 파티 인원수가 증가할 계획인가요? 아니면 맵에 따라 최대 파티 인원수를 변동할 계획인가요? A. 아직 검토중입니다. Q. 진통제(painkiller)를 복용 했을 때 생기는 sharpening 효과를 제거해 줄 수 없나요? 효과때문에 눈이 아픕니다. 아니면 따로 옵션을 끌 수 있게 만들진 못하나요? A. 아니요 진통제는 그런 목적으로 기획된 아이템입니다. Q. 캐릭터의 움직임이나 상호작용에 관해서 개선시킬 계획이 있으신가요? A. 네 물론입니다. Q. 카르마(Karma)시스템은 어떤 식으로 작용하는 것인가요? Scav와 PMC 각각 따로 적용되는 것인가요? A. 아직까지는 오직 PMC캐릭터만 Karma 시스템을 적용할 예정입니다. Q. 인벤토리 화면에서 탄창을 장전 할때 따로 재장전 시간이 필요하게 만들 계획인가요? A. 네 개발계획에 포함되어 있습니다. Q. 한 맵에 들어갈 수 있는 PMC 수가 변경 될 계획인가요? A. 네 Q. 스코프 배율에 따라 마우스 민감도를 조정할 수 있게 할 것인가요? A. 아직 생각 해보지 않은 부분이지만 충분히 넣을수 있을 것 같습니다. Q. Shoreline의 지도 아이템이 아직 없는데 언제쯤 추가될 계획인가요? A. 거의 작업이 완료되어가고 있습니다. Q. 게임 내 음성 채팅 기능이 추가될 것인가요? 아니면 그와 관련된 문제가 있나요? A. 음성 채팅 기능이 추가될 계획입니다. 단지 음성채팅 보다 더 우선되는 작업들이 많이 있을 뿐입니다. Q. 사다리를 타는 애니메이션 이나 휠메뉴에 표시된 다양한 명령 동작들이 구현 될 예정인가요? A. 모두 계획에 있습니다. 가능한 빨리 추가할 생각입니다. Q. 탈출구에 플레어가 추가되었는데 우리는 언제쯤 연막탄이나 야광봉(케미컬 라이트) 같은 것을 사용할 수 있을까요? A. 추가하는데 어려움은 전혀 없습니다. 단지 우선순위가 높은 작업들이 많이 있을 뿐입니다. Q. 주변 빛 상황에 따라 눈이 적응하는 효과(Eye Adaptation)를 추가할 계획인가요? A. 이미 구현되어 있습니다. 추후 더 현실감 있게 수정할 계획입니다. Q. 솔로 플레이와 팀 플레이를 구분할 계획인가요? A. 아니요 Q. 현재 구현된 게임맵이 최종 버전 인가요? 아니면 계속 바뀔 것인가요? A. 조금씩 수정될 것입니다.(알파때부터 벨런스에 따라 계속 맵이 바뀌었습니다.) Q. 무기 숙련도(Mastering)와 스킬이 레벨에 따라 더 눈에 띄게 효과가 적용 될 것인가요? A. 무기 숙련도는 지금도 충분히 차이가 있습니다. 예를들어 하나의 무기를 마스터하면 정조준 중에도 재장전이 가능합니다. Q. 잔디 표현 거리와 잔디 안티 앨리어싱은 아직 더 작업 중인가요? A. 작업 중입니다. Q. 몇몇 무기는 데미지가 씹히는 경우가 있는데 이게 서버상태에 따라 바뀌는 것인가요 아니면 무기의 특성인가요? A. 이상한 질문이네요 이에 관해선 답변해드릴 수 있는 부분이 없습니다. Q. 군번줄이 너무 자리를 많이 차지합니다. 군번줄만을 위한 컨테이너나 리스트 같은 것을 만들 계획인가요? A. 네 군번줄 전용 컨테이너를 따로 마련할 것입니다. Q. 킬캠이나 레이드의 플레이를 녹화하는 기능을 넣을 계획인가요? A. 아직 계획에 없습니다. Q. 호흡이 거칠어 졌을 때 안경이나 바이저에 김이 서리는 것을 구현할 것인가요? A. 계획에는 없지만 넣고싶은 기능이네요 Q. 테이프를 사용해 탄창을 묶는 기능을 추가할 계획인가요? A. 계획에는 없지만 이것 역시 넣고싶은 기능이네요 Q. 상인이 판매하지 않는, 레이드에서만 구할 수 있는 특별한 아이템을 추가할 계획인가요? A. 이미 그런 아이템이 있습니다. Q. 문을 잠그는 기능도 추가할 것인가요? A. 네 Q. Fence(상인)도 퀘스트를 추가할 계획인가요? A. 아직은 계획에 없습니다. Q. 레이드 내에서 랜덤한 이벤트를 추가할 계획인가요? A. 네 Q. 게임에 무기를 추가하는 규칙이 있나요? A. 우리가 원하는 기능이 있고 수요가 있는 무기를 추가하고 있습니다. Q. 맵에 더욱 더 다양한 환경음을 넣을 계획인가요? A. 네 Q. 레이드 밖에서 다른 플레이어들과 아이템을 직접 교환할 수 있도록 할 계획인가요? A. 클랜 시스템을 통해 교환이 가능하도록 할 것입니다. (과거 클랜원들이 공유할 수 있는 클랜 창고를 넣겠다는 말을 했었습니다.) Q. 게임사운드를 더 개선할 계획인가요? 지금은 아주 좋은 장비를 사용해도 적의 위치나 사격방향을 찾기가 너무 힘듭니다. A. 현재 사운드 작업을 하는 중입니다. Q. 정상적으로 작동하는 개인 보호장구(PPE)를 소개할 계획인가요? A. 네 하지만 DLC를 통해서 관련 시스템을 추가할 계획입니다. Q. 컨테이너나 무기, 아이템의 크기에 관한 변경 계획이 있나요? 아니면 지금 인벤토리 시스템이 최종본에 가깝나요? A. 지금이 최종에 가까우며, 아이템의 종류에 따라 각 셀(한칸)마다 차지하는 비중이 달라질 것입니다. Q. 소음기와 같이 비슷한 기능을 하는 부착물들이 다른 성능을 가지도록 할 것인가요? A. 이미 각각의 부품들마다 성능이 다릅니다. 이상한 질문이네요 Q. 오픈월드(Free Roam)모드에 관해 더 자세한 정보를 알려주실 수 있나요? A. 이미 수차례 관련 정보를 알려드린 적이 있습니다. 포럼을 참고해주세요 Q. 봇이 제한된 탄약을 가지게 할 것인가요? 시체를 뒤지는 기능도 넣을 것인가요? A. 이미 총알은 제한되어있습니다. 파밍하는 기능을 넣을 계획입니다. Q. PMC 레벨에 따라 얼굴 수염이 자라나는 기능을 넣어주세요(레벨이 높을 수록 수염이 길고 수북해지도록) A. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ(LOL) Q. 창문을 넘나드는 기능도 넣을 것인가요? A. 일부 창문에 한해서 추가할 것입니다. Q. 게임 내 파괴효과도 넣을 것인가요? A. 아주 조금 넣을 계획입니다 Q. 기존 맵에 지하창고 를 추가할 계획인가요? A. 넣을 수 도 있습니다. Q. 2018년 출시 계획인데 아직 이 계획이 유효한가요? 모든 맵과 시스템을 제작할 시간이 있나요? A. 최선을 다할 것입니다. Q. 조끼에 보유중인 탄창이나 장비를 보이게 할 계획이 있나요?(재장전 시 조끼에 넣은 탄창이 사라지는게 어색해서) A. 가능하다면 넣을 계획입니다. Q. 소음기 과열 시 파괴되거나 하는 기능을 넣을 계획인가요? A. 네
  22. TheColdVein

    **Dev Q & A 1/10**

    Great news, Escapers! There have been lots of questions that we have heard from you, and some that we have asked of ourselves. We know that you have been wondering about the progress we are making and maybe have some concerns about issues in the game... Here are some answers: Q) Will the quests that are in the game now stay the same in the release version or we can expect more interesting, nonlinear and detailed quests? A) There will be way more quests, and their quality is getting improved every day. Later we’ll also introduce the so called personal quests, more important and story-oriented. Q) The Scav play time in the game is too short now, sometimes you spawn 10 minutes before the end of the raid, is this going to be fixed? A) Already getting fixed. Q) Which map can we expect in the next updates and is there a list of maps, the order in which they will be implemented, and if there is such a list, could you please publish it? A) The next map is going to be Interchange. After that, most likely, Streets of Tarkov. Then we’ll see. Q) What marksman or sniper weapons can we expect in the next updates? A) The SVD is up next. Q) When can we expect - if we can - the clan system, are you going to back out of it, would it be possible to make the clan tags appendable only by clan players (i.e. not by loners or players of other clans) A) There will be a clan system. Not too soon, though, but definitely will be. Details will come later. Q) How often do you add new servers, what is the nature of problems with them and why do lags and desync happen? A) Adding new servers is an ongoing process. Number of servers added over a certain period of time is different, depending on the availability of certain configurations of servers in data centers in different parts of the world. Why desync and lags keep happening is a complex question, there is quite a variety of reasons. At the current stage, it is mainly caused by errors and overloads of the servers. Q) It’s been a while since medical animations has been announced, when do we expect it to be done? At what stage is it now? A) We’ll do our best to introduce it in the next few updates. It’s now in the stage of immediate implementation. Q) What about the flea market and auction? Really miss them in game now. A) Same thing, will be adding them over the next updates. Q) When can we expect team identification armbands for fighters of the same team, and overall, how do you plan to implement friend-or-foe recognition mechanics, maybe you have some ideas already? A) The armbands was the idea from the start. Can’t yet tell when, though. Q) There is too much loot on the maps right now, especially weapons, will there be cuts on that? Money and loot come too easy now. A) Yes, amount of loot will be reduced. Q) The UBGL was there at the start of Alpha, why did it get removed and when will it get back? A) It will be back in one of the next few updates. It caused too many critical issues that required too much time to fix. Q) Can we expect further improvement of Scavs and their social behavior and interactions, etc, something that would make them feel more alive, not just robots in search of PMCs? A) Yes, surely. The behavior of Scavs will get improved. Q) Is the ability to drag bodies still in the plans? A) Yes Q) Raid time is often different, what are the reasons? A) Increasing game rotation due to queues. That’s a temporary measure. Q) Will the dangerous zones like radiation etc be added to the maps? A) They will, in the DLC Q) Is there going to be a web interface for trading, allowing to trade directly on the official website? A) Possibly so. Definitely planned a mobile companion app for some basic management. Q) Are there going to be maps, where the maximum group size will be increased? Or maybe it will be revised (+-) for the current available maps? A) Possibly so. Q) Is it possible to remove the sharpening effect from painkillers, to avoid hurting the eyes with it? Or turn it off in the graphics settings? A) No, it's done on purpose. Q) Will there be further improvements to character movement and its interaction with obstacles? A) Yes Q) When is the karma system to be expected? Will it different for Scavs and PMCs? A) So far, only PMC karma is planned. Q) Are there any plans for magazine loading animation or increase of time required to reload in backpack (Tab screen), because now it happens instantly. A) Yes, it is planned in the near future Q) Will the number of PMCs on maps increased or otherwise changed? A) Yes Q) Will there be an opportunity to adjust the sensitivity of the mouse for each step of scope magnification? A) Did not think about it yet, but we might do it. Q) The Shoreline location is available, but there is no in-game map for it. When is it going to be ready? A) About to be completed already. Q) Is there going to be an in-game voice chat? Or are there some problems with it? A) Yes, it is planned. There are no problems, we just have higher priorities at the moment. Q) When will be ready animations for climbing the stairs, breach, bang and clear and other actions with the doors? A) All of that is planned. As soon as they are ready. Q) We’ve noticed flares on the maps near the exits. When do we expect real smoke grenades and snaplights, what’s the hold-up with them? A) There are no problems, we just have higher priorities at the moment. They will be added over time Q) Are you planning to add eye adaptation to the darkness when you walk indoors from the outside? A) This is actually already there, just not as straight as in reality. In the future it will most likely be improved Q) Do you intend to separate solo players and teams? A) No. Q) Is shooting door lock with a shotgun going to be a possible option next to kick down option in the menu? A) It’s possible. Q) Is general appearance of locations going to change or is this the final version? A) Some details are definitely going to change. Q) Weapons mastering and skills. Will there be any more significant distinctions between levels? A) Mastering already has significant differences. On the last level, for example, weapons can be reloaded while aiming. Q) The grass draw distance and anti-aliasing grasses, is there any progress in this direction? A) Working on it. Q) In some weapons, damage does not always work as it should, does it depend on the server or the weapon’s own configuration, e.g. in shotguns? A) It’s a strange question, can’t see the way we can answer it. Q) Dogtags are taking up too much space, is there going to be a list or container for them? A) Yes, there is going to be a special container. Q) Is there going to be a killcam or replay records after a RAID from the POV of all players? A) Not yet. Q) IS there going to be the fogging of eyeglasses and visors when running or heavy breathing? A) Would like to add this Q) Will it be possible to duct-tape the mags together? A) Not certain yet, but again - we’d like to add it Q) Will there be a unique non-quest loot that can only be obtained in the raid, but not bought in with the traders? A) There are already such items. Q) Will there be possibility to lock doors? Now the player can unlock, but can't lock up. A) Yes Q) Will the Fence have his quests? A) Not planned yet. Q) Are there going to be random events in the raid? A) Yes Q) What is the principle for adding weapons to the game A) Availability of necessary features and the demand for specific weapons/class. Q) Will be there more diverse ambient sounds on locations? A) Yes Q) Is there going to be the possibility of direct transmission of loot between players outside the raid? A) Will be made possible with the clan system Q) Will the game sound be improved, it is very difficult to position enemies and shots with good audio equipment. A) Yes, we’re working on it. Q) Do you plan to introduce PPE (personal protective equipment), with their own functionality? A) Yes, but it is likely to get functional in the DLC Q) Any future plans to append to containers, weapons and items such parameter as "volume" or current inventory system is close to final? A) No, volume is basically reflected now with cells as well. Interpreted type. Q) Will different silencers and other attachments differ in features, not just price? A) They already do. Kind of a weird question. Q) Can you please provide a few more details on the Free Roam mode, what locations there will be and how you see it (briefly) A) Brief info has already been given many times, please find out all the details in the interview, as well as on the Forum. Q) Will bots have limited ammo? Will they be able to loot dead bodies? A) They have limited ammo. Yes, they will loot. Q) When we can expect facial hair and will it depend on the PMC level (the higher the level, the longer and thicker the beard ) A) LOL Q) Will there be ability to climb in through windows? A) Some yes, some no. Q) Whether you intend to implement destruction physics in the game, light destruction of objects? A) Minimum of such physics, yes. Q) Will there be added cellars on the already existing maps (dorms at Customs, for example) A) Possibly so. Q) Release is planned for 2018, are these plans still in effect, do you have the time to do all the maps and a lot more? A) We’ll do our best! Q) Is it possible to make a visual display of loot on parts of equipment, e.g. magazine disappearing from the pouch after reloading. A) Possibly so. Q) Will silencers get destroyed or deteriorate over shots? A) Yes Thank you for your patience and support. We will bring you more information as it becomes available. Translations Turkish Translation of the Q & A can be found here. Thanks to Emissary of Turkey @Dimitri468 Polish Translation of the Q & A can be found here. Thanks to Emissary of Poland @TheWay Czech Translation of the Q & A can be found here. Thanks to Emissary of Czech @PugMonk Portuguese Translation of the Q & A can be found here. Thanks to Emissary of Brazil @dimittri4gc German Translation of the Q & A can be found here. Thanks to the Emissary of Germany @ramjid Spanish Translation of the Q & A can be found here. Thanks to the Spanish Emissary @MrXavito Chinese Translation of the Q & A can be found here. Thanks to the Hong Kong Emissary @Hazel Bulgarian Translation can be found here. Thanks to Emissary of Bulgaria @Shibby
  23. Lizard95

    Server kills more than Scavs

    I will tell a little story that I played a great STALKER game, I really have a respect and an admiration for the work and when I was told about this game Escape From Tarkov caught my attention because the same people who did the games I liked were in one very ambitious and almost impossible project. I was impressed with the game I immediately bought the game under development and started to play, but there is a problem, I live in Brazil, what is and is already very happy because the servers are late, fell from the server with frequencies and ah ahhaha nen I want to talk about how much he stays, but what I fell in love with the game, the ideas, because everything except the Latin American community suffers a lot with all this, because where it was sold very well and I think I write in the Google translator looking for this text, and it will be that the DEVELOPERS will care because an absurd and gigantic community fanatic of the game will not respond without an opportunity when the project is completed without at least one server. It will be difficult to play and enjoy everything the game offers, I know it is in development and, more complicated, I will not play the game, because even with the server delay killing me every 8 attacks of 10, I will like more if we want more attention from the DEV to a place where the game is related to him and loved, debated, researched and more played. Thank you all who have read many thanks.
  24. Lizard95

    Server kills more than Scavs

    I will tell a little story that I played a great STALKER game, I really have a respect and an admiration for the work and when I was told about this game Escape From Tarkov caught my attention because the same people who did the games I liked were in one very ambitious and almost impossible project. I was impressed with the game I immediately bought the game under development and started to play, but there is a problem, I live in Brazil, what is and is already very happy because the servers are late, fell from the server with frequencies and ah ahhaha nen I want to talk about how much he stays, but what I fell in love with the game, the ideas, because everything except the Latin American community suffers a lot with all this, because where it was sold very well and I think I write in the Google translator looking for this text, and it will be that the DEVELOPERS will care because an absurd and gigantic community fanatic of the game will not respond without an opportunity when the project is completed without at least one server. It will be difficult to play and enjoy everything the game offers, I know it is in development and, more complicated, I will not play the game, because even with the server delay killing me every 8 attacks of 10, I will like more if we want more attention from the DEV to a place where the game is related to him and loved, debated, researched and more played. Thank you all who have read many thanks.
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    Developer report 2017?

    We will have a developer report for 2017, I would love to see that stuff <3
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