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Found 145 results

  1. TheMojaveViper

    Discord Ban appeal

    Hey there battlestate dev team I was looking on the forum for a section to post in however did not find one but some time ago i was banned off discord because of a dispute between me and another player and i was wanting to know if there is a way to appeal ban i never really considered trying to appeal my ban and is isnt that big of an impact on getting EFT information as the forum provides all the patch notes but I firgured i would atleast give it a try and I was wondering if you could point me in the right direction.
  2. CrispyCream

    The Tarkov Resource

    Hi, a friend and I decided to congregate a bunch of resources that we use for Escape from Tarkov such as maps, weapons+attachments, and some other general tips and things we find useful into a Discord server. We originally made it to have these things easily accessible for only us but have decided that others may like to use it as well. We are avid fans of the game and would also like to meet others who are as well. So if you want to just use our discord for the resources no problem, but we invite you to come into the voice chat and say hello. Hope this helps players new and old. All we ask is you pay attention to our general rules we have set and to remain respectful at all times. Thanks. Discord: https://discord.gg/sEMZc6S
  3. matskv

    Discord for EU server plebs

    https://discord.gg/aAk35Pn Anyone can join and there is only one rule, you must speak English unless you are on the DUO channel with a friend. You should be from europe when playing on this server considering your game server, but anyone is welcome. I am ofc on the server but i wont be online untill the update.
  4. matskv

    Discord for EU server

    https://discord.gg/aAk35Pn Anyone can join and there is only one rule, you must speak English unless you are on the DUO channel with a friend. You should be from europe when playing on this server considering your game server, but anyone is welcome. I am ofc on the server but i wont be online untill the update.
  5. slaughter1

    global DIscord

    gday lads just wanted to make a quick post about a discord server that a friend and i have made up for the comunity to make new friends, teams and even enemies >:) we arrange the discord into regions, uppon joining @ either myself (slaughter) or my mate (pilK) so you can notify us of your regions so we can assign you to that role making it easier for people to commnicate, team up etc... Discord link: https://discord.gg/eKNNbr8 WARNING: if you do not give us a region within a week or so we will remove you from the discord unless you give us a valid reason as to why you have not given us a region : )
  6. hello all, just wanted to leave mine and a friend of mines discord group here, its a world wide escape from tarkov only gaming group, here you can find yourself a team mate or even find yourself a new best friend ; ) if anyones interested, heres the link! uppon joining, please @ me (im the admin) and tell me what region your in and ill place you in a region role! discord: https://discord.gg/rWB26XT
  7. SgtShadowsong

    Looking for people 18+

    Hello Our Survivors Den is looking empty and I am hoping to get a few active people to play with. Just write down below or pm me and I'll send you the discord link. Only requirements I have is that you do not rage, I seriously can't stand that, it's just a game, take it easy. You do not need to be a veteran/pro just be easy going and it will be all cool and the last requirement is that you can communicate well in English or else we'll have an issue on our hands. I hope you'll join us and together we'll survive the harsh condition in Tarkov! /Sgt.Shadowsong signing off. Ps: With that said I am not interested in joining another discord channel so do not link yours below it is not why I made this post. Pss: We are from different regions of the world but mainly USA/Europe.
  8. Salve a tutti, con l'emissario Baggio e i gestori del Discord abbiamo creato il gruppo facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/escapefromtarkovitalia/ collegato alla pagina like eftitalia, crediamo che sia un ulteriore opportunità per chi volesse iscriversi con la finalità di condividere video e screenshot in game, coordinare incontri ed eventi della community italiana, e perché no, per aiutare i nuovi players ad ambientarsi. Il gruppo verrà inoltre utilizzato come piattaforma per i prossimi contest e giveaway di chiavi. Un attenzione particolare per gli streamer Italiani intenzionati a trasmettere i loro raid, potranno utilizzare il gruppo per annunciare e pubblicare gli orari delle loro sessioni, coinvolgendo più player possibile.
  9. Boa Tarde pessoal Eu e outros jogadores passamos por um problema recente, onde eu entrava no Discord e o som do jogo reduzia. Muito simples de resolver. Segue as imagens. 1 - Botão direito nas opções de som próximo ao relógio do Windows; 2 - Na janela aberta clique na aba COMUNICAÇÕES; 3 - Na aba COMUNICAÇÕES marque NÃO FAZER NADA; 4 - Clique OK e para melhor funcionamento reinicie a máquina. Prontinho seu som já ira normalizar. Uma configuração muito simples, mas que ajudou muito. Valeu pessoal.
  10. wesnawpunk44

    new Group . Noob or experienced

    Im looking to start a new group . Im fairly new myself and just wanna make a relaxed group of guys or gals that can play and be chill . Discord and mic preferred. If you have a group like this PM me and maybe ill just join yours
  11. Conman121

    Looking for a group (WEST COAST NA)

    Looking for older aged people MATURE HAS A MIC FUN TO BE AROUND HAS DISCORD Im 22 and i just want to have a small squad just to do some raids with and get some better loot
  12. https://discord.gg/suaYVw8 Linked above is a discord channel where you can meet new friend on escape from tarkov Join if you want to
  13. Halgrave

    [US][18+ w/ Mic] Iron Aegis

    Hello everyone! I am Halgrave and I am looking to start up a core group of US-based players for the purpose of playing EFT as well as possible other games together on PC. Must be 18+, Have Mic, Speak English, and be in a US Timezone to join. We call ourselves Iron Aegis, and I plan for this to be a smaller-sized, close-knit clan of folks with the goal of looting, killing, and extracting our way through Tarkov's game modes and zones. If you are interested in joining, feel free to contact me via PMs on this forum. From there, I can link you to our Discord server and we can start grouping up! No particular skill level required, just a willingness to grind through challenges and get better together. Thanks!
  14. SgtShadowsong

    Survivors Den

    Hello everyone. Looking for EU based players that are fluent in English, preferably over 18 but 16+ is fine. I am not strict about activity but I want people to be friendly and not spam the discord channel so do you feel humble and not rage when you die or lose something then send me a pm and I'll send you the info for Discord. Good luck out there.
  15. Aquí les dejo el Discord de la comunidad ( CLAN) Hispana de EFT .Admins muy Activos, mucha gente jugando Durante casi todo el dia, y Sobre todo Mucho respeto y cordialidad https://discord.gg/yh92ppw
  16. No_name

    Escape from Tarkov DISCORD

    Witam wszystkich. założyłem kanał na discordzie ESCAPE FROM TARKOV POLSKA. możemy tam się umawiać na wspólne rajdy itd. jest czat głosowy i tekstowy więc nie będzie problemu. link do kanału discorda: https://discord.gg/qH78g
  17. Noch stehen die genauen Informationen über das Sherpa Programm aus. Trotzdem habe ich heute einen Discord Server für Spieler aus dem deutschsprachigen Raum eingerichtet. Dort können sich alle interessierten Spieler austauschen, verabreden und zusammen entsprechend spielen. Der Server ist zumindest momentan von mir bewusst restriktiv eingestellt. Nutzer müssen entsprechend freigeschaltet und in passende Benutzerrollen eingeordnet werden. Nutzer die keine Gast oder anderweitige Rollen haben, können momentan die meisten Kanäle wieder einsehen, noch können sie in den Kanälen schreiben- Die ganze Sache ist als absolut inoffiziell zu betrachten, wobei ich mich natürlich freuen würde, wenn in der Zukunft auch offizielle Sherpas dort aktiv sind. Ansonsten freue ich mich, hoffentlich bald die ersten Leute doe begrüßen zu können. Beitreten könnt ihr dem Server über den folgenden Link: https://discord.gg/uC4cjZy Hier die Server Regeln und die momentanen Regeln für das Programm selbst.
  18. Citizen8901

    Looking for More

    Hey Everyone, I am looking for more people to team up with and this doesn't need to be a clan or anything just any mature people looking to group up and have a good old time in Tarkov. Here is my discord link: https://discord.gg/4rUpuVN Feel free to join. I also created groups on my discord for other games so you don't just have to join for EFT. I already have a couple of people/friends on the channel but none of them are willing to purchase EFT right now (fail I know) and this is why I turn to you. As always Happy Hunting!
  19. M0nkeyM0nk

    Public Discord

    Hi guys, I'm here to present you a project. We have to intention to create a social team on Escape From Tarkov. Our objective is to help anyone want stuff, learn to play, do any missions or other. Actually it's just an project, an idea, but we hope you'll like it and come to help us We have many other project. We're a french community and you can join us here if you're interested in : https://discord.gg/RrvQPX4 If you're not french, you're welcome too but excuse us for our poor english level ^^' If i'm not here, and my friend Abuzator too, come back at an other moment We need to recruit a staff for a 24/24 & 7/7 presence. I'm hope to see you soon, in the game and on discord Best regards, --------------------- M0nkeyM0nk
  20. Hey guys! my name is Delta (Cameron) and I'm super hyped for the release of EFT. Lately I have been browsing the forums trying to find a group or some players that i will be able to play with once the game releases. Throughout my browsing i have seen a lot of players that are also looking for groups. This got me thinking and has lead to me creating a EFT community discord that everybody is welcome to use. If you're wondering why you should join this discord instead of making your own private one then please take a look below. Respectful and Experienced admins An up-to-date trading board that all users will be able to use and frequently update there posts. to go along with the trading we will also offer a merchant middle man service that will be free of charge A trading blacklist will also be available for all to see so that players can avoid scammers. A private discussion board for both Bear and USEC Instead of taking lots of your time to go on forums and search for another player to fill a spot in your group which could take hours or even days, you will have instant access with the "Looking for group/player" Text channel which will help you fill the spot much faster. If you find a group of players that you really enjoy playing with you will be able to request a private clan channel that only your group can access and modify. Last but not least I can guarantee that you will meet some nice people and have lots of fun. I hope this helps a lot of people and i encourage everybody to come on in and say hello. https://discord.gg/2Nyrwhn https://discord.gg/2Nyrwhn https://discord.gg/2Nyrwhn
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