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Found 209 results

  1. Habe nie einen guten Discord Server mit aktiven Spielern gesehen also dachte ich mir ich erstelle mal einen Er ist Deutsch und Englisch (Aufgeteilt) Tretet bei, Spielt und macht freunde. Aktiver Admin, Moderator und andere Rollen https://discord.gg/WVxdHFn
  2. Dreamziy

    ** Pure Adrenaline Recruiting **

    Hello Survivors! Pure Adrenaline is now recruiting new members, and would love for people to join, and gain a friendly community! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Requirements: 1.) Microphone needed 2.) 10 hours or more played. 3.) Communication, call outs, and teamwork RULES: 1.) No loot greedy people, unless the guy that does not want the gear. 2.) No baiting teammates 3.) 5 man squad raids, be serious and communication at all times. *No off topics ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NOTE: Please do not try and join if you aren't being serious or just want to troll. This is a serious team that wants communication, and teamwork!
  3. godslayerz

    EFT Discord Server Unofficial

    I never really saw a good Discord server on here so i thought i start one here. Join, play and make friends. Friendly Admin with roles https://discord.gg/WVxdHFn
  4. Rainbowless

    Raid Spawning

    Hi I've been playing for a few weeks now and I have a question, if anyone has an answer. I'm wondering is it possible to spawn into a raid alone, just you and scav AI? Sometimes I do night games and no one is in the preraid list thing, then I go into the raid and feel like no one is there and I don't hear any gunfire from anywhere. Just wondering if it is possible, or it has a minimal of pmc's needed to create the raid, so it will just wait until pmc's join to create it. I tried to just search the topic but couldn't find anything for days, on this exact topic. Thanks so much in advance!♥
  5. bossmanfabs

    discord and tradeing

    if you would like to chat with outhers and start a squad or just new and in need of some help or just wanna trade gear for gear or what have you heres the discord for you https://discord.gg/6YmZcCV lets get this going feel free to join and we can get this community started thank you
  6. What's up Tarkov, Savdaddy89 is doing an EFT Standard Edition giveaway when he reaches 50 followers on Twitch. It's a random drawing and I thought I'd spread the word, just in case anyone here on the forums is looking for a free key! All you need to enter the giveaway is a follow on his stream! https://www.twitch.tv/savdaddy89
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uBeUIFkPR-U
  8. ZermanGR

    Greek Community EFG Gameplay Video

    Το βιντεο ειναι ενα απο τα gameplay που κανουμε στην Greek Community EFG.
  9. i want your babys BSG devs! and i want them now. us military goroows needed this. the devs get a lot of hate from people because their BETA version of the game has issues, i on the other hand like to make them feel happy!! best game ive ever played. apart from 'time splittters' xXx <3
  10. JacksonBarret


    I was just bored in class so i started doodling
  11. HydroStax

    HAVOC Discord EFT community!

    We are HAVOC. A gaming community based on EFT and we are seeking new players. Please read instructions. Must have mic and no skill level required. https://discord.gg/JeYhq4n Feel free to come join. No requirements ACCEPT a mic. We hope to see you out on the field!
  12. Timster918

    Developer Appreciation!

    Just wanted create this post to say thank you to all the developers,moderators and people of this game! It's not easy when a game comes out and I know y'all work hard. Don't let the negativity of the ungrateful mess up y'all moods. Amazing game, keep up the great work everyone! Can't wait to see this game as one of the top played survival games of 2017/2018 and beyond!
  13. bryceadammyers

    Team ID

    Just wondering what people were doing to be able to ID teammates easily. My buddies and I are TKing quite frequently and are looking for ideas. Hope everyone is having a good day! Cheers -Lt_Dan
  14. Hello! Is anyone else having this issue? It looks like every time I launch action! Recording software, the game instantly crashes before anything comes up. I know this is the cause because if I exit Action! The game will launch perfectly. Is there a way to fix this? Thank you!
  15. EFTK_DDongpari

    Isn't this a hack??

    My friend and I encounter a hacker, twice in a game. Same day. There's no way he got us with a shotgun that far. My friend saying "I got shot on the chest" while we were crossing the main storage yard. Anyone else experiencing this??
  16. karonte84

    Giveaway EFT Italia

    Buongiorno ragazzi, vi volevo annunciare che Sabato 11/11 ci sarà un giveaway di 5 chiavi temporanee di EFT durante la 12 ore sullo stream http://twitch.tv/arydien Il Giveaway è organizzato in collaborazione della community Italiana di EFT Italia https://www.facebook.com/escapefromtarkovitalia Buon game a tutti ragazzi!
  17. Trunka555

    Community Twitch

    Ciao ragazzi, come state? Ho navigato un po' il forum e finalmente ho trovato la parte dedicata alle altre lingue (non ci avevo fatto caso). Scrivo perché, già da qualche giorno, noto che la community di Twitch Italia relativa a EFT è davvero piccola. Ad ora, ho contato solo 3 players (tra cui io) che portano in live EFT. Sinceramente mi diverto moltissimo, anche perché su Discord, con gli amici, si creano situazioni incredibili. Inoltre, ho notato che il gioco in se è capace di attirare tantissimo interesse per la sua unicità. La gente fa domande, è incuriosita dalle sue dinamiche. Qui vi chiedo quindi, quanti streamer siamo? Ne conoscete altri? Sarebbe interessante tirare su una community di streaming per far conoscere a più spettatori questo gioco? Grazie del vostro tempo.
  18. HypraZombie

    Why I Love The New Health System*

    *I dont Carrying 5 bandages and loads of health kits have become the new meta it seems Feel free to post some of your funny health scenario screenshots below
  19. SpookyCitrus

    Squad Down! - My first Tarkov video

    My first tarkov video so give me some feedback on stuff I can improve!
  20. Timster918

    Game Upload Causes Lag on Customs?

    Hello everyone! I was wondering if some of y'all are having this problem on customs. The game upload spikes to the 14-15 range and makes customs unbearable to play! It will lag,stutter, de-sync, and even freeze sometimes. I know it can't be my PC because I have 16Gb. I will post my specs below if that will help! cpu: i7-7820x gpu: Msi gtx 1080ti ram: 16GB
  21. Забацал трейлер для игры. Основано на реальных событиях. При съемке этого видео пострадало очень много человек.
  22. ryverlethe

    Fix Boosting for quests

    I have no idea if this is fixed or not (or even if I'm posting in the right section(sorry if I'm not)) but I hope they fix the trick were you could kill yourself with a grenade and it would count towards your quest (i.e kill X amount of USEC). Also there should be XP changes to killing squad mates as it still gives XP as its a rando and also counts towards the quest. Sorry about the rambling
  23. Jeśli admini nie mają nic przeciwko to uwaga OGŁOSZENIE: SOBOTA 19.00 czyli dzisiaj, startuję z Giveawayem przedmiotów z gry, być może przydadzą się one komuś do questów i nie tylko :) Jeśli się uda będziemy się tak bawili co tydzień, giveaway odbędzie się na kanale na YT, link podam poniżej, warunek rozpoczęcia giveawaya to minimum 12 osób na streamie, po to żeby wprowadzić choć trochę rywalizacji :) Rozdajemy: FACTORY KEY - x3 CHECKPOINT KEY- x1 303 KEY - x8 GAS ANALYZER - x4 LINK DO STREAMU: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8EEbQ33ZgMM
  24. Hallo Leute, Ich suche noch Mitspieler für mein Team ich bin momentan alleine und suche deswegen 2 Leute die mich unterstützen wollen und mit mir zusammen zu dritt oder zu zweit durch Tarkov streifen. Mal zur Info über mich: Alter: Ich bin 21 Jahre jung also müsst ihr euch nicht mit einem Kiddi rumstreiten und Humor ist stets vorhanden Erfahrung: Sehr Erfahren ich Spiele das spiel seit dem ersten Tag jaaaa wirklich seit dem ersten Tag bin daher sehr erfahren kenne also jeden Pixel auf der Karte und kenne so gut wie jeden bekannten bugg und weiß also auf jedenfall wie man ein Team zu führen hat in dem Spiel. Zu deiner Person: Wichtig ist mir das du mindestens 18 Jahre also bist falls du jünger bist tut es mir leid genauso ist mir wichtig das du taktisch spielen kannst !!! ich erwarte aber nicht das du eine ganze Map clearst ohne ein mal zu sterben oder sonst was bist ja immerhin kein Scav der dich gleich wegpumpt Spaß steht bei mir an oberster stelle solange du dich mit mir absprichst und nicht einfach auf das Feld springst und schreist allahu akbar und wild durch die gegen schießt ist alles cool denn ich bin keiner der Leute durch die Gegend kommandiert. Also ganz einfach in 3 Punkte aufgezählt. Punkt 1 Spaß haben. Punkt 2 Zusammenhalt und Unterstützung. Punkt 3 Taktisch Spielen und versuchen aus Tarkov raus zu kommen. Falls du interesse hast schreib mich gerne an mit einer PM oder besuche mich auf meiner Twitch seite. https://www.twitch.tv/akitorino
  25. TheMojaveViper

    Got bored

    Just something I created the other day my usernames usually FallenActual so I thought this was cool I know its not the first time people have done this but as for someone who has no editing skills I thought it was neat
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