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Found 7 results

  1. Bug1372

    New mode/PvE Content

    I had a thought as I was raiding the other day about reserve and the train mechanic extract, That was about some PvE content that you can play with your friends or with randoms. It is based around the train and your hideout. Let's go through a scenario with how this would work. You que up as your pmc and you choose your starting location, let's say you start in customs, you inv friends if you want or que in with randoms or by yourself if you want. You arrive via train on the tracks next to big red. You have a set load out you must use with objectives you must complete within a set amount of time. Just an interesting idea that could be really fun and diverse everytime you play. Playing tarkov normally is already unique raid to raid, this just adds another way for people to play together. Let me know what you guys think!
  2. pricex13

    How does this look like in 3 years?

    Hello everyone, how you can see on my topic, I would like to know how this game will be in about 3 years or longer. I can't see a true future for this game. In the end, only the good one will stay and the not that good people will leave. So why should there be a game with only about one thousend player or so. Right now, it is even pretty empty in some lobbys ingame. What will this game make a "boom" on sale? To get new player. What will keep people on playing? The account reset? I never say that this game is bad. I am bad in this game. But nothing keeps me on it. So... what does other people keep on playing? And in the future? Thank you for every good answer
  3. GhostSpartan117

    PVE Endgame?

    We need some kind of endgame for those who like killing scavs and avoiding players, Tarkov is more or less an MMO and the most important part of most MMOs is what you do once you have hit max level. Tarkov is really lacking any endgame past level 40 and I have come up with a decent solution. First off I think most locations should be locked by level. For example you can't do Labs until level 40 or you can't do interchange until level 25 or something just so that you have more to look forward to while leveling in Tarkov. I also think that there should be unique end game raids that are strictly PvE similar to other MMOs such as World of Warcraft where you go in with a minimum of 5 PMCs or something and you go through a linear location killing scavs and a few scav bosses which drop unique loot that you can't get anywhere else in the game. These locations would be locked behind a cool-down of a day or maybe a week so after you have finished killing all the bosses you have to wait a period of time before you can go through that location again. I really hope there is some more adjustments in the near future to how level affects your character and some improvements on how the game is played once you have gone through the whole leveling process.
  4. Tyraell

    Tarkov needs Endgame

    At this moment, the endgame is pretty much level 40 or in other words maxing out your trader loyalty level to get access to all the items for sale. But what is the purpose of maxing up your traders if you have a Flea Market where you can buy almost everything, maybe little bit overpriced. Another thing to mention is that with the flea market you get easier access to quest items - leveling faster. I am not against flea market, since I like the idea of trading between players, but endgame got hit even harder. Thats why we need to figure out new endgame content, new mechanics, new rules, something new to make people interested in the game after reaching level 40. I have couple of ideas, and I would like to hear your ideas as well: I would suggest Implementing daily / weekly / monthly quests with unique rewards, which are not tradeable on the market ofc. Something like pmc skins, special gear, visor cleaners, unique guns, or + 1 level strength point after monthly quest, special bigger keybar, opportunity to pick the spawns for X amount of raids, Immunity where scavs dont attack you for X raids, or something like that. I think you get the point. Another idea is to implement some kind of upgrading your future hideout, not by items tradeable on the market, but only via items looted in the raid. Another one - make player level experience requirements for next level the same on every other level after 40. So lets say you need 100 000xp to get to level 40, to get to level 41, 42 or from 99 to 100 its still going to be same ammount of XP. That way its more motivating to level up. Its pychological but I think its more exciting to see that number change more often. You can also give something special to players for reaching 100 or X level, skin, or remove his dogtag, special name color in lobby, or name font, etc. etc. Feel free to come up with something to do after hitting level 40, besides hunting for players without any special incentive.
  5. andresto

    Prestige ranks ideas

    I'm lvl 38 right now, grinding fot that lvl 40 to get that satisfaction on unlocking the last traders. I've been following the game since a long time but I have only one wipe in my records. Here are my suggestions about what happens when you reach the higher levels. Prestige, let the grind continue Prestige can be adquired once you reach lvl 50 so experience gained from quests is not going to be enough, so you'll have something to grind for. Once you reach lvl 50 some things would change: You'll be back to lvl 1 but prestige rank 1. Your ingame name would change to a different color along with an icon that indicates your prestige level, it would also be displayed on the forums. You won't lose anything from your stash, but you will be asked if you want to wipe it (with a "are you really really sure" popup). You'll receive a package with some gear (starter if you wiped your stash) and a unique cosmetic item that is wearable but unlooteable for others. (it can be a mask/helmet so prestige players would be more vulnerable to headshots but hey, it would look so cool!). Play as a Scav Boss: You'll have a Scav Boss (with random good gear) to play with. It would have a 24hs reset timer and you won't keep anything the boss has when escaping, it's just to have some fun playing and giving the opportunity to others to loot the treasures you have. Game will ask you if you want to become a Sherpa, just an opt-in to promote the program and give you something new to do now that you're a legend around Tarkov. You'll be able to match against prestige players only when going into a Raid or playing in the Arena (soon™). This is how I'd think prestige would work on EFT, as you can see, there's nothing besides some gear that gives a meh advantage, I wanted to be all cosmetic/feature wise as possible. Remember that by the time the game is released and this is implemented it the game would have way more content/maps and modes to play, such as the Arena. What do you guys think? What would you change? What's missing here? Leave a comment!
  6. Spid3rpig


    Hey Guys, i can see a huge problem upcoming. Not a single equip gonna dissapear which leads to a inflation. Case 1: You get it back by the insurance Case 2: An enemy take your weapon and get out in both cases the Weapon stays in the community. this leads after 2-3 Month in a game with only good equiped players and no real panic about losing 1 or 2 m4´s how do you want to stop this trent? my idea is to stop the insurance or higher wear to the weapons and no possibility to repair them
  7. Spid3rpig


    Hallo Community, ich mach mir ein wenig sorgen über die Equipinflation des Spiels und bin mir nicht sicher wie sie das problem lösen werden. Damit ist gemeint das in dem Spiel zu 90% keine "gute" Waffen und Armors verloren gehen, entweder sie werden nicht aufgehoben und man bekommt sie per Versicherung zurück oder ein anderer freut sich über euer Zeug. Das führt relativ schnell dazu das jeder, jede Waffe und Armor hat. Natürlich braucht das 2-3 Monate, jedoch habe ich schon vor das Spiel länger zu spielen Ich bin beinahe der Meinung dem Spiel würde es gut tun die Versicherung komplett abzuschaffen da sonst die langzeitmotivation doch rapite sinkt ala "ich hab ja noch 5 anderer m4´s also scheiß drauf was denkt ihr darüber? mfg Spid3rpig
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