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Found 64 results

  1. Hallo liebe Tarkovler, ich bin recht neu in Tarkov und habe mich zu Anfang mit der Standard Edition ausgestattet. Schnell ist spürbar geworden, dass der Platz in der Stash doch recht klein ist und das man platztechnisch schnell an sein Grenzen stoßen wird. Ich habe in dem Zuge auf die EoD Edition geupgradet, da einige Freunde ebenfalls die EoD Editon haben und natürlich wegen dem Platz. Nach einigen Tagen Spielzeit stellt sich mir die Frage, wann der nächste Wipe ist? Weiß einer was über die DLCs die in der Produktbeschreibung bei der EoD Edition erwähnt werden? An sich ist es schon ein super Spiel, jedoch fehlt es leider an der Langzeitmotivation. Es wäre Klasse, wenn man sich hier einmal bezüglich Wipe, DLCs und Patches austauschen könnte. LG Euer Bali
  2. Just upgraded to EoD, but I would like to have my items. I don't have any friends, so I search someone who is trustworthy enough to help me for money to transfer my stuff (if it's even legal).
  3. Goodnoob

    Problem with the EoD Edition

    Hello Bears and Usec! I bought yesterday the Edge Of Darkness limited edition (thanks for the 20% off ) but I still doesn't have my extended stash, my bonus stuff, like the pouch or the weapons... And I don't know why. On my account on the website, it's okay, and in my launcher, too..! I tried to reinstall the game, witheout success. Nothing changed. Somebody know why? Thanks by advence for your help!
  4. Gquic1

    upgrading account?

    I'm just wanting to upgarde my account and I want to know if when you do pay to upgrade are you able to still keep all your gear you have on you until the next wipe or when you decide to reset your account.? or does everything get wiped automatically straight away.?
  5. furiousfuehrer

    Upgrade einer Version als Geschenk

    Hallo zusammen, Kann man Upgrades auf eine höhere Version verschenken? Hat dies schon einmal jemand gemacht? beste Grüße
  6. Smity82

    EOD edition upgrade question

    Hello! I just upgraded from standard to Edge of Darkness edition. I didn't realize my account reset timer was not up. Anything I can do to bypass this? Can I make a support ticket to get it reset by a moderator or something? Just want to get working on my traders again and getting my stuff back. Thank you for your responses.
  7. StormyDayz

    Perks of Pre-Order?

    Are there any perks of buying EOD edition during closed-beta as to buying the game after full release that's other then the full access to future DLCs? e.g bigger stash, unique containers, different starting-gear etc. ( thinking about purchasing EOD )
  8. jburke620

    EOD upgrade with no Gamma!?

    ISSUE! So I was convinced to upgrade to EOD from standard. I did all that fun stuff, made sure the launcher & game were closed, and then I did a profile reset. After all of this I load in as a new game (BEAR or USEC) and I continued. All of the goodies are there EXCEPT THE GAMMA CONTAINER. I've got 3 people that can vouch as we were all on Discord (still on now) when all this went down. ALSO, my level did not change. I was level 9 & after the reset I'm still level 9 and my character is empty (as stated, no gamma!) I've restarted the game & launcher several times with no fix. Everything is there except the Gamma Container, the ONE piece that actually makes a difference with EOD. Any help would be awesome! NOTE: I already used a profile reset meaning I can't do another for two weeks.... Not fond of that after spending over $90 to upgrade.... I have also submitted this two Official Facebook pages & submitted two tickets via support.
  9. snakept

    EOD Upgrade Question?

    I'm thinking of buying the EOD edition, But I'd like to know if I'm going to lose all my progresso on standard edition ( Gear, Money , Skills, Quests) anyone know??
  10. Bamaboy251

    Missing game keys?

    I read that a would be given a game key to give to a friend as well as several trial passes, have I missed my opportunity to claim these or am I looking in the wrong place?
  11. Wird man die Edge of Darkness Edition wärend der Open Beta noch kaufen können? Oder wann wird sie nicht mehr verfügbar sein?
  12. I really want to buy EOD, but i got to wait before i buy for reasons... When will EOD be not available anymore? So that i can buy it before it goes away.
  13. I was playing with a 7-day trial pass and recently upgraded to EOD last night. I know that I need to reset my profile in order to receive all of the perks that come with EOD so I did that right after. I reset my profile but nothing happened other than my reset timer being set two weeks out. There is no claim button for EOD items or anything on my profile other than the holiday gift. Is it possible for Devs to either reset my profile manually or reset my reset date? Thanks for your help.
  14. Dear fellow escapers, I'm very excited for Escape of Tarkov, but I don't know if I should buy the EOD preorder. For me, the only thing that is of value are the: -Unique ID -Season Pass -Early Access As I've read all the FAQ's, I know that all the other bonusses such as a good standing with traders and a bigger stash can be acquired by just playing the game, and that the extra items you get in the start, such as the Tomahawk and the Large Backpack can be lost in a second. I just don't know if the 75euro's extra edition than the standard edition has so much to offer, In my perspective it looks like the season pass is around 50 euro's, which is more than the base game. Just my opinion, I don't mean to criticise the business of the great developers of this game!
  15. 13621083065


    hello gays ,devs and moderators. If I upgrade my game to EOD edition and reset my account after I received the new year gifts (the M4, AKM and case), can I receive those gifts again?
  16. deiviux90

    Edge of Darkness Trader Level 1?

    So before the most recent update I had all traders apart from Fence at max level when I reset my profile, now they're all at level 1. Is this a bug or is it the case for everyone now until the game goes into Open Beta in January or something? I'm not too fussed about this, just a bit concerned as to what is happening is all
  17. bradleytwin01


    So I'm planning on upgrading to the EOD edition during the sale after the wipe. But now the wipe is here and the sale isn't for another few days. I guess I could just start exploring the new shoreline map and extraction system. Just hate that I'm progressing towards an account that I will be resetting in a few days. O well!!
  18. So I had standard edition and wanted to upgrade to EOD when the wipe happen. Well the wipe has happend and I upgraded, I bought EOD, reset my account, opened up the game and made a new character, only to find that I still only have standard edition. Even the launcher says I have EOD, I have a confirmation email saying I have EOD. But I only have standard. Spending $95 on an upgrade just to not get it is mildly frustrating. Anyone ever had this issue, or know what to do?
  19. Pretzel

    EOD pack still available

    I remember i read that the EOD package was going to be removed as soon as the game LEFT the Alpha stage, what happened to that? i didn't found any info or answer about that officialy from the devs.
  20. TAW_SpartanKing

    profile reset??

    Im new and bought into the game full force. Not let down, Amazing game. In two weeks it says I can reset my profile... if I reset do I start with all the EOD Gear and money I began with?
  21. I just bought the regular game, while not on sale, because I had no idea there would be a sale, until after I bought the game and started up the launcher(kinda salty about, but whatevs). I am Quickly realizing that I do like the game and im not half bad at it, well considering milsims are kinda my thing, but the stash size you get with the standard edition is so small that you cant really do much in terms of if i do like 3 successful scav runs its filled to the brim. I sell alot of my stuff btw. I wanna buy an upgrade but I dont know....Which upgrade is a good choice? How many DLCS will there be? how expensive is each DLC? So hey, maybe someone Convince me to buy EOD edition now that there is a sale, and pay my rent late probably. Also if I had a fellow gopnik to roll around and be cheeki with that would help too.
  22. Maxson_

    a question

    a friend of mine want to expand his game to the EOD edition since his inventory ist just too small. so our question is, if he expand his version of the game, will he loose all his gear? we want to expand his game but we dont wanna start from zero again.
  23. Dominguez132

    I have a friend

    I have a friend who wants to buy a lower grade teir until he can afford the EOD, can he still upgrade,? buying the lower and then attributing it to the EOD pack?
  24. Protodead

    Gamma case skins

    The EOD edition costs a lot. It says that you will get a "unique" secured container. Everyone who has EOD has a 3x3 gamma container and they all look the same. This is NOT the definition of unique. I believe the developers should make an individual skin for every gamma container obtained by the players who baught the EOD. just think of it, you will be rewarded for purchasing the EOD, and your gamma skin will be one of a kind. Mine may be a white case with a bloody handprint on it, whereas my buddy may have a scuffed biohazard symbol trimmed in green, and yours could be a shiny stainless steel case. This would then be "unique". Who's with me!?!? Let the devs hear your voices!!
  25. Masteryijedi

    Does Upgrading Wipe Inventory?

    Just curious if upgrading from the Standard Edition to Edge of Darkness would clear/wipe my current stash.
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