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Found 64 results

  1. How long can you buy the Edge of Darkness Editon? Because it is an limited Edition
  2. E3nti7y

    Upgrading package

    I am wondering about the specific details of the EOD package, i have read the order page and am looking to upgrade because i simply didnt expect to enjoy the game this much. (10/10) i am wondering if there is any way to keep the amount of equipment currently in my stache (full on classic edition size) when i upgrade? if not I understand because of the equipment u are given by default already in the stache when you own the EOD edition. I am also wondering the detail of the better standing with traders? do u start at loyalty 2 or more? pls answer soon, planning on upgrading to EOD this sunday.
  3. İm playing only tarkov as a game in a day . And got some limited time. Last days its keep saying no servers avaible.İ beleive it will fix but İts annoying really.İ think i have a fair suggestion. EOD owners support Tarkov much of course. So i want to enter game with privilege then other game versions cuz i support much more right? i dont like to say but i should say i spend 110 euro and i cant login to server its ridiculous you know..
  4. Minithekid

    EOD In forums

    I would like to suggest a section in the forums for people who purchased the Edge Of Darkness Limited Edition. Hopefully in this section we can have special content, news, or something interesting like that.
  5. SoulReaver94


    So I just upgraded to the EOD edition after playing the standard one but unfortunately I did not receive the EOD bonus supplies. Has anyone ran into this problem? If so how to I fix it? I'd hate to think I dropped that kind of money for nothing! Thanks in advance!
  6. Hello. I would like to upgrade to Europe version possibly, to maximize my ability to connect to servers with this game and play with people all over the world. I however wanted to make sure that this was a safe decision, and I need to know if this Europe version will always be able to connect elsewhere, or if by some margin the Europe version is going to be the only edition of the game capable of accessing servers outside of the region lock. I also am curious as to if I can continue to play with region-locked friends while using the Europe Version, as I have one friend, American like myself, who would then be region locked as "Other" as well. Finally, is any of this due to change in the future, or is my best and most logical bet to buy into the Europe version?
  7. PeeJay_

    Free box edition for EoD owners?

    Hi, I wanted to ask you about the game release in boxes. I know that you mentioned it in FAQ but my question is: When I got EoD edition, will I have to buy box edition to get the box or will the owners of EoD edition get the box for free? I know that this is stupid question and it mainly depends on the budget but some brands did it this way. Thank you. Sincerely, PeeJay_
  8. SenorKeener

    upgrading to EOD

    just want to ask one question. im about to upgrade from my left behind version to the eod version. so my question is, does my account get a wipe after the upgrade? if not do i have to wipe it manually to get the big stash? why do i ask? because my little stash is full of backbags with fort armors, a lot rifles, helmets etc.
  9. GusMerks


    If we are allowed access to the alpha, will we be allowed to stream it on twitch? sorry I haven't seen this anywhere. U.S. Player, Streamer, Excited escaper, GusMerks
  10. BiodecayYT

    Epicest raid story ever

    Gah! I literally Dragged my body Across the map While bleeding and legs broken To the extraction point Killing like 10 people along the way While having to constantly heal my head and entire body with bandages in mid open otherwise I was gonna die I made it and I feel accomplished I literally was hanging out with my friend Its really easy to make friends in this game half the time u get axed or shot But the other half is like a giant community of friendly tomahawk men I literally watched my friend die. And thats what made me keep going To get rid of the factory To Leave Tarkov... Forever... Best Survival story ever 2017
  11. BiodecayYT

    The best Match of EFT Ever!

    So after my 3 minute loading time with a loadout of a MP 433 With 1 mag in my pocket and 1 mag in the gamma container. (Basicly everyone in the match had either shotguns or AK47s) I went upstairs into the dorm rooms on Factory with a pistol, Waited for like 5 minute heard someone go by, I still waited then I heard a couple of guys (4 people) Go buy and they all get shot in the room next to me, (Room with chairs and rubbish in it) I slowly crept to that room, not to mention before I got in the room 2 people with tomahawks tried to attack me and ruined my left arm (I had no meds on me) So after I was about to peek the man that had a shotgun, I heard some noises in the distance behind me, That didnt matter cause what matters is in front of me which might be my death. So I pop shotted him in a peek, with my pistol, I heard people running up the stairs so I closed the door, took the mans shotgun and 7 shells (this just happend while I was writing this) 2 people on opposite sides of the hallway appeared and had a go shooting each other after I heard the first man down, I peeked and shot 2 men that had AK47-U's and vest and mags, Then the other guy shot a shell at me but I flicked behind me and shot him with the shotgun I still had on me after depositing the pistol and empty mags I had into the gamma container, And I was about to die and bleed out but thanks to the body near the front door of the room that I shot the guy with a pistol he had meds and a Cheeki breeki helmet so I dumped that on and tee bagged his body while eating a chocolate bar I found out I was still bleeding and I was about to pass out, I had no choice. But to run all the way down stairs coming in contact with some guys with a pistol (They were bad shots) I dodged all their bullets and opened the door then I closed the door and opened another door and closed it then I was at the Extraction point, By the time I extracted the men just entered the first door! (To late xD) This was the best match ever! Literally best match out of my whole like 12 hours of Escape from tarkov on the Edge of darkness Limited Edition, This shows some matchs can have a majority of people with guns, so dont think you can just say "Oh everyones just a tomahawk man running around" Cause this is a prime example of the oppisite of that. Thank you for reading! Kind regards, BIodecay
  12. [Issue has been resolved. You should get emails now.] Hello everyone, We are aware of the issue that you do not get any email regarding your purchase and the profile page not updating with the required form as well as a download link. We are working on it so please be patient and we would like to also apologize for any inconvenience caused with it. Thank you for your patience and understanding. We will get it resolved. But until then please make sure to try the following things: 1. Check spam folder 2. Go to your profile over here: http://www.escapefromtarkov.com/profile And in there, check if there is a form to be filled and for client download link. 3. Try the following: add our email to whitelist and send test mail into [email protected] then emails should start coming from then on. 4. Understand that, sometimes it is possible for the email coming late after few hours. You are not alone and several others are having this issue while others do not and we will ensure this gets fixed ASAP. Again thank you for your patience.
  13. Enchalada

    Its Official

    Its official, I'm gonna have to pick up some shifts on the weekend.
  14. I have searched through all the English Speaking forums in light of this question, so please forgive me if this has been answered, but I don't believe it has been. For the Edge of Darkness pre-order package that guarantees Closed Alpha access in February, will this package be limited to a certain number of players/testers to keep the group smaller? Or will the Devs allow everyone who purchases this package to be allowed in Alpha? (for example: 5,000 people purchase EoD package, will they all get in? or will it be capped at a smaller number?)
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