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Found 96 results

  1. Wauswarlord

    Factory Time Frozen

    Seems like servers freeze for factory and then no matter wat u do u wont be able to extract? MODS aware? Is it server side or me broken/possible fixs?
  2. fredXbear

    What key in the Factory?

    Hey! What key in the factory do you need to open up the tunnel door? I'm talking about the one right under the steps. I have the main factory key but it doesn't work for me. Thanks!
  3. Deucey

    Factory Scav Spawn Rate

    Played 10 games on Factory after patch, After wiping all the PMCS (Fort lul) I experienced about 20-30 Scavs overall in each factory game. I am not complaining because they never killed me. But it is kinda stupid to see SO MANY Scavs in such a small map flooding in all at once, I even saw 6 Scav groups at times. Feels unbalanced getting 15k-20k XP Every game lol
  4. Gardina

    Factory night

    My exfil is reded out and i cannot extract in factory night, this has happened to me in my two raids please tell me what i am doing wrong
  5. HungEmmaoLP

    Factory Gameplay Trailer

    Habe mal ein kleinen Gameplay Trailer zur Factory gebastelt! Ist nur just for fun enstanden also erwartet kein Meisterwerk! Hoffe es gefällt dem ein oder anderen!

    All locked Factory Locked exits

    I know I need a key to get out Some of the factory but if I get these three exits that need it is there even any way to even get out of the factory? I don't have they key yet unfortunately but I don't want to lose all my gear again. I looked at a map and went to every exit yet all where locked. Was there a way I could get out?
  7. airelek


    I just had the most beutiful run ever I went in paca kiver with ak74N first dude i meet hides behind some barrels and wiggles helplessly at me because i shot out his legs. So i drop him some painkillers and an AI2 kit to heal up(edited) he follows me i kill 2 scavs he loots them up we proceed to go into 3rd floor aps and rain havoc upon everyone and everything.(edited) 5 min later hes all jacked up i find him a scav with a tbag that had painkillers and a 206 key in it we run to extraction i drop him the bag hes wiggling out of happiness for the poo i dropped. A tear started to form in my eye as we were about to extract not knowing eachothers names i drop him an extra ak74N i found and he wiggles in refusal not accepting my offer. Emotions of bromance flowing through the air we both extract wiggling at eachother and shooting around the room. I will now pimp out the extra AK i found in honor of my wiggly friend.... Forever missed, never forgotten.
  8. Hey guys, I will do a factory key giveaway sometime during my stream on Saturday, January 13th, starting at 6pm GMT! The only two rules are that you have to follow me on twitch and that you have to be active in chat. I'll give the key to the winner after the stream ended to avoid stream sniping! So if any of you want a factory key be sure to tune in at https://www.twitch.tv/samoshofficial on twitch!
  9. So let's say you spawn on Factory. PMC or Scav, doesn't really matter... And you hear someone going around with a silenced automatic weapon, killing everything they come across, over and over again. They're not dying, and they just stick around. Never leaving. What do you do?
  10. Razorchicken

    Cant Exit Factory

    I cant seem to exit anywhere in factory and my exits are red on the time.
  11. Over the last 30 min I've been trying to join Factory as a PMC. Other maps work fine, Scav runs on Factory work fine. Factory doesn't work.
  12. DrGuy

    Factory Matching

    Is just my friends and I, or is this a lot more people having this issue? It seems that every time I attempt to load into Factory as a PMC ether solo or in a group, it can take up to 15 minuets to match-make. Why is this happening, I really like to play factory because I don't have much, but now it seems pointless to wait 15 minuets to play a 3 minuet game.
  13. CaptiveHat

    Buying 3 Gas Analyzers and Factory Key

    Im looking to buy 3 gas analyzers. i have 3 gas mask filters to trade for a factory key. will pay 50k roubles per analyzer. and will pay 3 gas mask filters and 50k roubles for factory key.
  14. I can't enter Factory and the game is very laggy. Seems you need new servers or better ones.
  15. ZinDuken

    BUGGED Door at Factory

    Hej in the Office Room of Factory is a bugged out door since 0.5 when the door seems to dissapear right when its about out of sight. Here is a Video: also the game crashes everytime i close it.
  16. keyciraptor

    Factory Key

    Hallo Freunde Ich suche schon knapp 1 Woche den Factory Schlüssel. Ich weiss wo es spawnen soll, doch hab ich kein glück. Wer jemand bereit eins von seinen mit mir zu teilen? Natürlich könnten wir ein Handel daraus machen, vielleicht kann ich ja was dafür bieten. Danke
  17. TechoverMana

    Factory Group Spawns

    I thought that the EFT devs had fixed the group spawning so that people actually would spawn together if they're in a group, like it does with every other map, but factory? Why is it total luck of the draw if a group on factory spawns together or not, when it's clearly not on every other map? At least if it was consistent it'd be one thing but it randomly decides if you'll spawn together or not. If the devs don't want people to group up in factory, make that clear so people no longer group up or don't allow it. But if you're going to allow people to group, have them spawn together like they do for every other map.
  18. CaptiveHat

    I understand now.

    I never have went into factory with more than a sks and the lowest armor. i figured might as well put some fort and full gear on. with a suppressed mp5 that just sitting in my inv. wow. wow.wow. 10 games straight in factory making hundreds of thousands per raid. i get it. i completely understand now. i have finally got past the loss of gear fear to the fullest.
  19. OddJob-Scot

    Factory Key Sale

    Hello, I have a factory key for sale send offers. Things im looking for Air Filters & Batterys and/or Roubles/Euros/Dollers
  20. CaptiveHat

    Night Factory?

    does the night time version of factory have scavs? or is it pure PVP? ive played on it about 3 times and all ive found were people. i dont hear any cheeki breeki at all
  21. keyciraptor

    Factory Key

    Hello guys, i am trying to find that key for about a week and i know where it should spawn (office of dorm, in the jacket in the car and the dead scav in glasshouse) but it seems like i just dont have luck about that key. so i wanted to ask if someone would share one of his with me. ofc we can make a deal, maybe i can give you something for exchange. thx and hopefully for a key
  22. Hello friends, ive made a highlight video from footage 20 hours of factory. (Loot included) Note: Ive made it out alive of every single raid. I came to the conclusion i had to make this video because i simply ran out of harddisk and stash space Hope you enjoy! Finale
  23. LaCiKa

    Factory Key on sell

    Selling Factory Key for Gamma Case , $10k or 400.000 rubbels.
  24. RedCitadel

    Fix PVE Hole in the wall, Factory1

    Hole in the wall on third story PVE side in factory, is the most buggy thing in the world, if you dont hit it perfectly and at full spring your character glitches into it and runs on the spot not able to move. Has killed me numerous times and is getting very, very annoying. Its not a hard fix a simple hitbox change will be all it takes. Please take the time to fix this thank you. - RedCitadel
  25. TheColdVein

    Factory Raid: Fan Video

    Hello, Escapers! We would like to present to you a Fan Video from one of your fellow community members, David Hanus. He has done an incredible work, capturing the look, feel, and ambiance of Escape From Tarkov. He has even painstakingly gathered the sound fx to add to the video, for authenticity! Creations like these show the potential for EFT as a feature film! Prepare to watch this a million times...Please make sure to like, and share this video so it can be seen all over. Thanks to all the crew who helped in the making of this video, and we look forward to your future content.
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