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Found 50 results

  1. PlastoredPastor

    no play button on launcher

    I have been playing the game for about 2 weeks now with no issue, but when i opened the launcher today the whole area where you press play just wasn't there. has anyone had this issue, or know of a fix?
  2. toptrot

    report system

    there needs to be some kind of report system set in place... when a person is flying around shooting me where can i easily go to let the devs know, when i play as a scav and my instance is shut down repeatedly and even just dropped to where its counted as me running it even tho i never entered the map or even when the whole group of scavs guarding the extraction zone is fly/skipping and i cant even defend,... im just left there thinking "well.... duck me". this is a beta, so i get it there are bugs, but how do we relate these bugs other than forums that may or may not be read by people that matter
  3. I found using a program called Memory Cleaner stops the freezing that's occuring for some players. Specifically those with only 8gb of ram, and on the maps Shoreline and Customs. This also fixed the freezing I was getting during gun fights that was causing me to get killed. This is a temporary fix, as I'm sure this is something the developers are working on. I just wanted to help out those who are struggling in Customs and Shoreline. For a more detailed explanation of the program, here's a video I made showing you what options you should use in Memory Cleaner, and what the program does. Hope this helps! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iJx7_7aTgvU&feature=youtu.be
  4. MongoBird101


    In the Customs map i have tried to extract underground (no key needed) twice but it never works for me. I have lost so much loot to this and was hoping i could get some help on how to fix the problem. Thanks!
  5. hidden_citizen

    Nikita habla sobre Matchmaking

    Este es un mensaje de Nitika, en el Subreddit de Escape From Tarkov hablando sobre los problemas de matching y un estimado de cuanto seran solucionados. Ya estamos agregando nuevos servidores, no es un proceso rápido y aún se siguen sumando nuevos jugadores al juego. Estamos trabajando en ello. También estamos preparando un nuevo parche con algunos arreglos y nuevo contenido (Aproximadamente de 1-2 semanas estarían todos los servidores necesarios para solucionar el problema). Sus opiniones y preocupaciones son tomadas en cuenta. Muchas gracias, pero recuerden, aun estamos en proceso de pruebas (BETA CERRADA y preparaciones para BETA ABIERTA). En cuanto a las tablas de loot y la tasa de spawn. Solo modificamos el lootcontainer para funcionar correctamente, es decir que no se modificó ninguna chance de spawn de objetos. Antes los contenedores tenían un spawn fijo de objetos, por ejemplo cada cajón de un gabinete spawneaba 2 objetos. Ahora tienen una chance de spawnear de 0 a 4 objetos. Fin del mensaje.
  6. cf455

    Need help optimizing game

    My specs: gtx 970 - 4gb i5 - 4690k 16gb ram I can run factory with absolutely no problems, but in maps like shoreline I can barely get passed 30 FPS. I am open to suggestions on optimizations, or if my setup is not sufficient upgrades as well. Is this the games problem or my setup?
  7. DawNoFd3aTh

    Quality of life changes

    To BattleState Games, As a purchaser of standard edition I am very pleased with this product; however, as I get into later game activities and acquire rarer loot my stash size has become a huge issue. The standard stash size is uncomfortably small when using larger items. The most annoying part of this I've found is the loot transfer after a successful scav raid. Coming out with a large amount of loot which I plan to mostly sell or use on my PMC in a particularly risky raid is a nightmare. As is, you have to transfer all items you wish to keep from your scav into the stash, even if I just want to sell it. This means that while I can fill my already small stash to capacity with some key items, I need room to transfer scav loot. I understand needing to have incentive to purchase the expanded editions, but the best part of the game (getting loot) has become a chore. Two easy fixes I've come up with, utilizing even one would make a great bit of difference. Either make it possible to sell things straight from the item transfer through a separate transition stash, or treat the scav inventory the same as insurance claims or quest rewards and allow players to return to the transfer. To avoid exploitation of the scav inventory, have the scav loot only available for a designated amount of time or force the player to either transfer or discard the scavs inventory before going on another scav raid. While I plan on buying the next tier up after the wipe, this would still help streamline loot management.
  8. Amkohilles


    i just wish you give me my money back! plz fix this
  9. Um. so I just check all my traders are level 4 for some reason even therapist which i have -.05 Can someone please tell me whats going on???
  10. I just finished a 46 minute run on customs, i was solo. I picked up stuff worth more than 1 thousand dollars worth, and about a hundred thousands in roubles. I barely survive, 46 minutes of pure intensity and concentration... I extract , and when the XP screen shows up - i got 0XP When i got in my inventory screen i felt sick to my stomach - all of my loot is gone, absolutely everything that i got in the raid is not there anymore. Hopefully this will be fixed by the games release, as i understand this is a beta. This was my most successful run since i started playing ( i was level 30 before reset, i'm level 30 again now) I lost so many hours and loot due to glitches, desync , and just bad stability, but this never happened to me, i am seriously losing my will to play
  11. Jdawg319

    Trade Boot to main screen

    There are items in the traders, that have already been sold, and then you get the error of it being gone. It throws off trying to buy other items quickly when it takes you to the main screen every time. It'd be nice if that error just caused a refresh of the trader, not kick you to main menu.
  12. vandrayke

    very bad problem

    game wont run if you have windows defender turned on. can you please fix soon
  13. Adam-weatherbee

    ETA/Status on Desync Fix

    Can we get an ETA on when the Desync will be seriously looked at? it is really a game breaker at the moment. would like to come back to the game and play more but the amount of desync experienced so far is insane, and i believe it is the main cause of the silent deaths people have been getting. with no gun report. as well as reg issues against ai and ai and players running or standing in place bugged.
  14. Profesor

    Crash gry przy 100%

    Przy odpaleniu mapy Factory wszystko jest ładnie ślicznie, normalnie się ładuję, wchodzę, gram. Gdy chce zagrać na każdej innej mapie ładowanie dochodzi do 100% po czym crashuje, czasami zrespie się na 5-10 sekund i to samo. Ma ktoś podobny problem, jakieś porady, jak to naprawić?
  15. Wiele osób od update z zadaniami skarży się na nasilenie tak zwanego memory leak'a. Oto sposób jak go ograniczyć na Windows 10. 1. Wchodzimy do folderu z EFT. 2. Znajdujemy plik escapefromtarkov.exe 3. Klikamy PPM > Właściwości > Zgodność 4. Zaznaczamy opcje " Wyłącz optymalizację pełnoekranową". 5. W ustawieniach graficznych gry opcję cieni dajemy na najniższą a LOD na 2. Mam nadzieję że pomogło
  16. Wayzz_swe

    Desync makes this game unplayable.

    I went up behind a guy, he didn't have any armor or anything. I shot him 7 times in the back, maybe 5 meters away. After my 7 shots, he just turns around and one shots me with his auto shotgun. What the duck is this. for a game thats about tactical realism, desync makes people in this bullet sponges.
  17. Hallo Freunde, zur Info falls es auch bei einem von euch vorkommt, dass ihr Probleme habt den Launcher oder das Game herunterzuladen:
  18. GooferTrooper

    Launcher issue

    After updating my game in the launcher, i started getting this problem in the launcher. the game is not running in the background at all when i start my launcher yet it still says it's in game and i cant actually start the game because of it. please help?
  19. I never really found it to be an issue until I had great loot, but I went to an exit and it takes like 3 seconds to get through the door, if there is an ability to cancel that I dont know about please inform me but I lost fort armor and a lot of weapons because of someone camping exit, yes its my fault for clearing it but he only had a pistol, I know for a fact I heard him halfway through the animation, but couldnt move or anything, I know for a fact that I would of killed him because I had superior armor, weapons everything, I just couldnt do anything like a dead fish, please think this through or somehow make it work cause that was really bothering
  20. A LOT OF ISSUES THAT I AM HAVING 1. Guns Disappear 2. Loot Disappears 3. Desync 4. Random Crashes 5. Edges your feet get caught on even though its 0.000094 inches high 6.Upgraded my package, lost all my gear, levels, Cash, 7. Audio is broken, I shouldnt be able to hear or be heard if im 6 meters below concrete 8. Hit Reg, plenty of times I have shot people and they have not died, (Headshots) 9. Exit doesnt exit sometimes 10. Splint doesnt do anything 11. im assuming the servers are peer to peer or have a VERY low tick rate 12. A lot more problems I have yet to experience Yes I am rage posting cause I lose so much gear/fun/playtime etc Just because of these bugs 99% of games I get in are desynced to all hell, 95% of the time loot/guns disappear when I kill someone
  21. I was told by 2 of my friends that when they upgraded their game package, that all of their items in their inventory was deleted along with the fact that the trader standings got reset, why is this a thing, why dont you fix this INSTANTLY along with his player rank, WHY does it do this?
  22. mikenator993


    I've played this game like 20+ hours right now and how many times i get stuck because of lag in this game is absurd, are the devs really not gonna do anything about this?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zsXkY_sG0g4
  23. We all know the bot's are difficult to get right, But is there a way we can Help with a solution? My suggestion to keep the bot's difficult but at least manageable on a one v one basis, Keep there reaction time up but delay there reaction time with X amount of time after being subject to Status change e.g :Being shot at, Being alerted to a player running or opening crate's, Shot's in the distance that kind of stuff. It would be 0.2 or so of a second but a more player friendly encounter. Could even have the reaction time scale with AI level's to. Another suggestion would be with already having the bot's naturally losing accuracy over distance, They could randomly Select a Body part to try shoot at with a (Percentage) over (Distance) accuracy loss. But have a rule that they will NOT select the same body part twice in a row, Eliminating the instant two tap head shot we all suffer from. But still catching people off guard easily. Bearing in mind the AI's third shot can still (With a chance) Select the severely damaged area to aim for and kill the player. Remember though the bullet spread could also have a chance to hit the spot that is damaged already. e.g :The AI aim's for the head and hits,Then for the right arm and hits and then aim's for the body and the bullet fire's high and hit's the head, DEAD. It's imperative we keep the bot's Difficult. I think with some tweak's by professional developers could be useful who know's? After being subject to a series of bot attack over the past couple of hours I decided that I would post this and see how imaginative the Escape From Tarkov community is, See if the developers can be inspired to do something amazing with bot's from our ideas and MAKE THE BOT'S GREAT... Love the game even as it is. Keep up the good work BSG
  24. How about everyone could have a very simple cheap pistol that everyone could use and dont lose it (don't know what to do about ammo, maybe one mag with 8 bullets and nothing else)? Basicly it would end tomahawk horror right now. If you could lose your tomahawk, then everyone would go boxing. I came with this idea right now, and i think it should work. 8 bullets in your mag against 6-9 people, you kill someone, you take his pistol ammo/mag and have a chance to survive until extraction, and it's up to you to bring better weapon or just your trusty rusty pistol (don't know if you should be able to put some attachments on it). Please look at this message with clear heads and tell me what you think? By the way, the more people you kill, the more pistols you take and you can sell them to traders, so the more you kill the richer you are.
  25. Natalino

    Avatars broken? [FIX]

    Hello guys, I see that many of you still have your avatars zoomed in. I believe this is already fixed. So if you would just reset your avatar by reapplying your avatars in your settings, it will be fixed. I know mine is so I don't see no reason why yours wont too. Let me know if this fixes it. Enjoy and good luck!
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