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Found 34 results

  1. Loaded in and was greeted by a doge armor clad scav that was still there upon reloading. Good times.
  2. Mr_Rabbit086

    Spending 3 Million in 3 Minutes (video)

  3. Painkillers™ has been working hard to rid this "leg meta" problem, join us in the fight against "leg meta"!
  4. Painkillers™ is here to try and take on the "Leg Meta" problem that has been plaguing our lovely streets of Tarkov for far too long! It's time to take matters in your own hands and pick yourself up some Painkillers™ today!
  5. GhostTG


    I'm not sure where to post this kind of stuff, but I just thought it was funny. I spawned in as a scav in Interchange, and saw this PMC crouched watching an entrance to the mall.. I waited there for maybe 2mintues, thinking the server died or something; it did not. When he came back to, he immediately shot me. Lmfao Unlucky. But oh well, I would've felt bad for killing him since his game maybe crashed or something. And believe me, it was tempting.. he was geared af. Video : https://streamable.com/nnv20

    Funny/Strange Scav run stories

    So far I've noticed while doing scav runs I run into either the weirdest things or the funniest things happen to me so I think it's high time we all start sharing our cheeki breeki tales with one another and what gear we walked away(if you survived). I'll start with what I can best say is......THUNDERDOME on Customs. Going about the usual in a scav run made a wiggle pact with another player scav. Mosey my way over to 3 story dorms after hearing a ton of gunfire hid in a room for a while til I think it's safe enough to loot what's left. Hear some footsteps from outside continue to hide pop out once I hear the sound of people rummaging through pockets and vests i peek out not expecting to won the fight but to maybe just get one guy....I see two and neither has noticed my presence so from everything I assume they're hatch-lings that had a similar idea as me. I line up a shot on the first guy as he had an ak in hand and armor so i figured take him out quickly. Then I realize they're player scavs but knowing how EFT works in scav runs for players when it comes to how much loot was there wiggle pacts go out the window. I one tap the first guy in the head and unload my pistol into the second. I go looting thinking that those two had killed at least 2-3 of the guys from the firefight that ensued before and as i read the CoD on the tags I found out the pmcs had all killed each other...........long story short 8 men went into the dorms that run.....only one man come out. Loot: 2 Scav BP 1 Modded AK 105 1 TAC COM SKS 1 Commando rig 5 pmc dog tags GEN 4 Assault armor 1 Kiver 1 COMTACS(peltors are poopy though ;P) ammo and mags for the guns assorted meds and a sense of holy crap
  7. LeavingtheWolf

    And... this is why i hate factory

    So I felt like doing a scav factory run, which in it self is rare for me since it just a call of duty spot. Any who i hear a lot of gun fire near gate 3 and i was like sure why not. As I make my way there it I'm hearing a lot of gun fire and I'm like "yes, I'm gonna get some nice gear,.. maybe". I don't normal records, so i get behind these guys fighting it out killed the one and i start side step like a boss and i shoot this thot-sniper dude like 10 times in the head, while he reload. "oh, he's glitching... GREAT!!", so I ran away and started to record it. sadly i ran out of ammo but I ended up side stepping and stab him in a face, enjoy watching this loser. https://youtu.be/NZzoI95tTgU Edit: was trying the video in the form, idk how though.
  8. darkninjastar

    The tarkov edit [Funny]

    Just a comp of videos I had just put them all together.
  9. Doing a factory run and heard someone calling for help and went to check it out.... Also, there's a breakdown of how he got stuck and a major map glitching spot I would say.
  10. 99xtz


    Found this gem earlier after leaving a raid. Sad part, my character came back to stash empty, no gear whatsoever Anyone seen this error?
  11. LoneSilverWolf


    I was just messing around in offline mode, and I discovered that if you aim down while walking YOU CAN SHOOT YOURSELF IN THE FOOT!! I didn't actually expect it to do anything, but you can hit your own foot or leg while you are walking. THAT is freakin' hilarious! Excellent job devs, that little discovery made my day
  12. serlise

    오늘자 버그|Game bugfix

    VSS에 무우우우려 스코프를 2개나! VSS에 무우우우려 스코프를 2개나! 하나로 되더니 승천하고, SKS에 32발이 들어있고, 난장판이네요. ㅎㅎ
  13. iamjohnconnor

    Pilgrim Backpack bye bye!

    If you plan on transferring a lot of loot before upgrading your game, be careful /|
  14. NeuroticJade


  15. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/220556758 Had a crazy night in Tarkov last week. Hope you enjoy the pure chaos!
  16. Suh dudes. I've been playing Tarkov for almost a year now and decided to start creating some content. Looking for some community feedback on my first youtube video. There is a nade glitch in my video as well (I think), not click baiting this early. Things I know I know I could improve on. I curse too much. I'm from New Jersey. Words are hard without cursing. I have no fancy graphics or logos yet. Prob could use some transitions. I'm just looking to bring a little more flavor and comedy to the community. I also expect to get roasted...because its the internet.
  17. hawkeyetesniper

    I need some MILK

    Looking for help, Amerifat, 20, bad Got this game a while ago and just started playing it a couple days ago and holy sheet I hate it. I need someone to teach me how to play this because as is my play-throughs are the equivalent of a flaming pile of garbage, they usually go like this: 1. run in with a hatchet, attack, mid swing im ded af 2. creep in with hatchet, sneaky breeky, loot some, shot to death/ defend myself, mid-swing, ded af 3. pistol, sneaky sneaky, pew pew, dead af because the human skull is bulletproof 4. pissed, grabs Saiga 12, insures gun, sneaky sneaky, find man, wait for him, *SURPRISE MFER*, *shotgun sounds*, he's still alive, all rounds connected to his chest, he shoots me, ded af CYKA BLYAT I HATE MY LIFE *rage quit* *forum typing* Help me so i dont kms, or don't, I wish to be released from this pain
  18. JacksonBarret

    Excuse me..come again?

    I don't know if this is a joke or what KleanUpGuy explain!
  19. zpwarrior

    Weird Situation

    So last night I had a pretty interesting situation on Customs. My squad and I spawned on boiler side, pushed through apartments and extracted at the roadblock. I get the extract completed, go to post game menu, click next and got to the main menu or so I thought. The game said I was still in raid and I pressed reconnect since I was worried about losing my gear. I reconnect and realize I just spawned in the same game, since I could see the guy I killed earlier. I pushed to construction killed all the scavs and was about to go to extract again. Unfortunately the sniper scav spawned and instagibbed me. I went through the post game stats and then the main menu to find out all my stuff was still there from the very first extraction. Anyone ever have this happen?
  20. Amkohilles

    For Devs

    Just wondering devs, have you ever try shooting with any gun or at least watched any video about guns, and their accuracy over 100m.
  21. Hello, Just a funny clip of an Angelic Scav gently touching down on Mother Russia... https://clips.twitch.tv/HeartlessAbstruseWallabyBCouch
  22. MyMomSaysImLazy

    Betrayed by a friend

    Hi, first of all I want to start of this story by stating my name, Lazy. That's what my mom calls me anyways.... to the story. Its a bright sun-rise in Tarkov, I start the day with some crackers I found at factory location, and use some lube from a Salewa med kit and have my morning pleasure session, i then take my trusted makarov to a factory raid to get some screws and electric items, to my trusty American trader to get him to trust me more so I can buy a mp5, i finally get it and I'm so happy :-) I think to myself... mhmm I have no armor, how could I possibly bring a mp5 into a shoreline raid without getting killed by cocaine abusing scavs, i eat some tuna and rethink.... i decided in a quick decision to get some balls and just do it without, I enter it and end up by some paramedic trucks down by the beach, I carefully light up a cigarette, the smell of the diarrhea running down my leg was to bad... but I keep going to the gas station but on the way there I see a poor naked fellow on a little island, where I know you need to run over a boat to cross, but I am very scared of boats, got raped by one when I was 6 (very scary) so I wiggle to the little fellow and Surprisingly, he wiggles back! I know how lonely tarkov can be so now I have a little friend, he runs across the boat to greet me, I try to say hi, but scavs a year agoo ripped out my tounge, and the same happened to him!!!! Haha we brothers now, so without the ability to speak, we wiggle like crazy and are happy to see eachother, he's beautiful body was really glossed up in the sunlight, he was attractive (no lies) he's USEC patch was nice too, I like a man in he's uniform :-) anyways.... we keep walking, we are 20 meters from the gas station, and I could hear a big loud BANG, and he gets hit in he's leg, and I furiously grab my mp5 and SPRAAAAAY!!!!!!!! All around me, to protect him, 2 scavs down right away, we run together behind the gas station to get good cover, i once again SPRAAAAAY!!!!!!! And euthanize 4 more like a real boss player, he looks at me... admires my great skill in combat, now I know maybe when we get out of this dangerous warzone, we can maybe use that Salewa med kit lube together he loots up and wiggles like crazy, makes me so happy to see him happy, he gently puts down a car med mit as a gift, I take it and heal my wounds... but give it back as a kind gesture, he takes it and we move on the the exit, I feel a strong bond between us, like brothers, we stealthly move up to a office right before the exit, I move in before him (better my life then he's) and a Ding a scav right in the face, I let him loot the guy, and we move up to get some more cash upstairs, I've seen how he looked at my ass while walking out of the office, that stare I will never forget, we are finally done, I go to the the crate before the exit, I shoot my great victory rounds with the AK I looted I the air, I wiggle for him to get the crate, he does... we walk in to the exit room together, I jump and wiggle in joy but he just stands there and looks me deep in the eyes, and BAM. He shoots me with a shotgun 5 sec before escape, seriously....... Sgt_Gunner, if you ever see this. duck You man, duck you thx for reading guys, like Tupac said: Trust no one.
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