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Found 84 results

  1. Gordsey

    Gameplay In General

    After playing the game for a bit, I have come to realize there is there is a huge disadvantage to new players who don't know the game. After playing the maps a lot of times and experiencing some luck along the way I have mostly experienced frustration and disappointment when it comes to being killed and loosing all of my gear to a player who is 3,4 or 5 times my level. Is there any chance you could implement a server tier system where it pits you against players of similar level, for example there could be the noob server which goes from 1-5 or 10 and then the next one would go 5-10 or 10-20 etc. I think this would help with more experienced players becoming less disheartened when a hachling comes along and one shots them with a toma-hawk, also it would give the noob's a better chance at getting a foot hold in the game. Also on another note, while playing with a friend from Canada and with him hosting, I couldn't see him at all, he was either right next to me, or a ghost, he could see me but I could not see him, I don't know if this is a server issue with it being in beta or if it was a problem on my part, I am yet to try and play with someone from the UK and hope to do so soon, however will there be a fix for this if it is a server issue. My main point is the pitting of experienced players against noob's. I understand other games so it etc but most games have a system in place where noob's get to stand a chance and "Get Good". In the games that do pit experienced players against noob's the stakes are nowhere near as high in this game. A couple of games could completely wipe you out and lead you to never playing again due to a few recurring bad experiences. Let me know if any of you agree or disagree with my points here. FUN HUNTING!
  2. lolikong

    about play as a scav

    Do this game encourage player SCAV kill other player SCAV's? Now in this game, when you kill a player SCAV, than all AI SCAV's will be hostility. But if you don't kill that SCAV, he is likely to kill you when you act as a player(for example: searching, shaking body)
  3. SigMaGiiK

    A End Game Puropose?

    Hi all, i was wandering if you are thinking about a late-game purpose for this game, maybe specially hard raid mission or some special pvp mode.The game is great really i can see the effort you developers are putting in the game, i love how hard and punishing it is ,and all the spec of the weapons are insane. I mean when i reach my final perfect gear, what i have to do then? I think is a question worth wondering about because it can be a great asset for the game i mean everyone can feel as all the looting he do have a reason, win an hard raid or win something like a clan/faction war. What did you think about it? (players too)
  4. Jeep12

    Animals in woods

    Hi ! Loads of thanks to BSG team for your incredible work. I think the success of this game is not only made by the realism of the fight but also due to the realism of the environment. I often see birds in the sky but i think it could be realistic and interesting to add moving animals in woods that can make noises and disturb player's concentration such as rabbits, squirrels, hedgehoggs... and they can introduce some worries to listening moving in brushes. It can be scary at night too.
  5. Vorcheski


    I'm sure some of you are rather annoyed by how restricted the jumping is. I know the game is realistic and it's to prevent things like bunnyhopping, which is fine. No one likes that stuff in most shooters, like BF or CoD. However, because of how restricted the jumping is, sometimes it's hard to get over basic obstacles. I have flashbacks to STALKER getting stuck on every single piece of rubble trying to navigate Limansk. I played the Customs map, and there was one really frustrating part that could've ended in my death, had I not already cleared the area. I'm sure most of you know what I'm talking about: The ramp that scales a fence on the railroad tracks. Anyway, a simple, yet effective solution: A vaulting/climbing option. Things that are waist-high should be scalable, and hell, maybe you can even climb over fences if they're low enough. Climbing/vaulting speed should be dependent on how much you're carrying. This should compliment the jumping, where if there's something that's rather easy to jump over, you can. There's a certain warehouse in Customs where you can get stuck behind them without jumping around to find the sweet spot. I suggest just ever so slightly increasing the jumping height to circumvent this problem. Or add a step-up when you're next to things that are shin-high! Not necessary, of course. This could also open up some escape options, as well as new ways to enter areas that might surprise the enemy. Same goes for descending, if you're near an edge, you should have a "drop down" when you jump, to lessen the impact and sometimes even completely prevent breaking your legs. This will add a whole new tactical aspect to the game, because now some places might not be safe if you can climb around. Although, this climbing is just a suggestion. I'm not suggesting that we all become mountain climbers, but instead do what makes sense. A chain-link fence? Climb over that sucker. 2 meter-high wall? Jump over that business! Waist-high wall that can easily be circumvented? Vault that thing! What's really necessary is a simple vaulting prompt. If climbing over fences and walls is a bit too much, vaulting is the only thing necessary. Although it might make for more engaging combat strategies if you could climb over certain walls and fences, as well as get the drop on enemy if they're underneath a rock, you know, if you don't break your legs in the process. They'd better have a splint on them.
  6. In my opinion, tarkov has a realy good ai similar to other games, with the same game style. and in meaning that the scavs tend to be and handle like ''real'' player, one day, it would be perfect to introduce a harder pve mode in to the game. espicially because it had been sad that the coop mode will come. and with this two points and the main gameplay, it could be the perfect base for an hardcore pve coop mode. Same as normal online, just with some speciall changes. you could decide in between 4 different coop modes - solo - duo - trio and quad. than if you pick duo, you would create a private game save, for this two player. and this means, you would have accses to the same inventory and just you and your mate could play with this save. like in the standart online, you can choice what you wanna bring in with you, and you can loose it as normal. with the basics of the online mode and the introdution of the ai, the game mode would be build up by it self. now one big thing that is missing is, the loot and the other good geard guys. and for this, your thoughts of the scavs bosses with theire group, could be the squad from online that is challenginge you on the way to the exit. for loot you could still take the old places like, dorms, complex woodfeller and the check points. just changed a bit. with way more scavs and may a bit defending house upgrades, that what let it look like a private area, under the controll of scavs. so it would be really hard to get int to it, but you could find there many rare items like, good weapons armour and medical. the standart scavs with different mods on theire weapons. some with an b10 tt1000 but stock ak, others with pk06 and the mlock etc, so that you can build the weapons up to your on preferings. the traders would just sell most things for barter items. sometimes they make some offers over a limitied time that you can buys items for rubel euros and doller. i think this could make the comunity way bigger, and may with less frustration. ppl that are not fast enough in pvp, for them its useless to take good gear in to the raid. they will mostly die and loose it. in the pve mode, it could be the same, but ai will allways be a bit easier than a good player. ai never will be smart enough to think like a human. this mode could open a area for those who love the gameplay of an hardcore game but arent good enough to play it with its full possibilitys. let me know what you think of it, greetings oquiz.
  7. CRAZZY1

    Pistol swap buff

    i think that u shold be able to switch to pistols faster so u could take it as a secondary to maybe take down hatchlings or when ur in a fight and ur out of ammo rather then reloading switching to a pistol could be a cool option would be both tactical and realistic i would really like if u could buff swapping weapon to pistol
  8. KentuckyFriedSpy

    Possible combat gameplay changes

    Escape from Tarkov has fun but sometimes very fustrating, sluggish and clunky combat, here are some things I personally think would benefit the combat experiences of many of the players of EFT (at least from what I can tell looking through some of the forum posts). Criticism is welcomed in this post as I would like to see more of what the player base thinks! 1) Lower the weapon sway with turning whilst aiming down the sights. I feel as if the weapon sway is much to intense even for a game based on hardcore realism, it almost looks like the operator is limp wristing the gun letting it sway like that. PMCs are assumably trained operators and the way their guns sway doesn't give me the impression that they are, most trained individuals or even experienced shooters wont sway like that to their target but rather snap to them. 2) Option to disable sprint while aiming down the sights and moving forward. I cant count how many times I have lined someone up in my sights and have held shift to steady my aim and have been abpruptly yanked away from my sights to a quick little shuffle my character has done. I don't think I have to say anymore about that . 3) Encourage the use of bringing a sidearm along with a primary firearm. Pistols in Escape from Tarkov have a very minor role compared to rifles and other things, while some may argue that "This is realism! Of course pistols should have a minor role!" I believe more could be done to lesser that to an extent. While drawing your pistol instead of reloading your rifle is faster by default I still think that it should be a bit faster, I will come back many times throughout this topic to the fact that a trained individual should be much faster than what is present at the moment. Another idea to make pistols appealing for me at least would be to make the aiming FOV for pistols a bit higher, not many games (if any at all) do pistols right, either the pistol is so close to your face that the slide looks like it is going into your mouth when you fire or the pistol is soo far you'd think the person holding it has some surreal looking elongated arms . I used to use the FOV glitch to make pistols a bit more viable on my end but since the devs are clear that it isnt intended to be like that with the many fixes they do to prevent it being used I think some changes should be made. The removal of the zoom o the aim down sights would also be good in my opinion as it just disorientates anyone using the sights of the pistols and lets be real here... no one is using the pistols at more than 50m away so that zoom doesn't benefit many. 4) Reduce the weapon bob from left to right while walking and aiming down sights when using grips etc. that increase ergos. Not really much to explain here, just like my first point I think it is just a little to intense to be realistic, take for example this video of U.S. Army and Polish Special Forces clearing rooms, see how their sights barely move from their eyes when the advance on a target? That ends my post for now until I can think of any other things or until people suggest more ideas. Like I said feel free to leave criticisms or adjustments to what I suggest so that I may see what others think.
  9. Jeep12

    Idea for the atmosphere

    Hi everyone ! First of all I would like to thank the development team to make a such great game, thank you for making a game that takes place in Russia : maybe it will be THE game that i am waiting for years. Being myself a big fan of post apocalyptic worlds taking place in Mother Russia (I am french), I always cherished ambient games like STALKER, Metro 2033 and LL, According to me, when a game takes place in Russia, the atmosphere is very important and it's what doing an immersive experience. And for a survival FPS, immersion plays a significant place. I would prefer Tarkov to other survival games for its unique atmosphere and reference to Russia. So I wish to be completely immersed in an universe that reminds me that i am in Russia and not in an unknown land like in UPBG or Rust... For that, what I loved in STALKER and Metro, was sometimes to hear russian shows, russian musics, from a radio that somebody forgot to switch off. Music in a foreigh language does all the difference. The best would be to listen to a whole russian radio show Of course, allowing to players to switch the radio off or to change the channel or to break the radio would add interesting details to gameplay. For the moment the character wears and yells in russian, and it's good. But the details in environment can be improved, even if I already love this game Thank you for reading my proposition.
  10. TheColdVein

    City Of Tarkov [Music Video]

    So I used to be a rapper at one time... In my excitement for what may be the greatest survival game EH-VER, I was listening to some royalty free music I get, as part of my YouTube Partnership. Let's just say, lyrics popped off in my head. Here is the result..."Welcome to the most dangerous city in Russia 2028. Where savages, and scavengers run wild. Where guns are the most precious commodity. Where you can die over a pack of crackers..." Colonel Twerkins - City Of Tarkov [Music Video]
  11. TonyFPS

    Gameplay Trailer Fanmade

    Hi all ! I've created a Gameplay Trailer for fun Have fun !
  12. Tael486

    Grass rendering distance

    Was playing on woods the other day and my friend disconnected from the game so I was waiting around for him to return. Decided to lay down in the grass to hide my position. Another player was wandering across the field from spawn, he was using low detail due to his specs and just saw me laying on the ground with nothing around me, snuck up and shot me in the head. On my screen and at closer distance I was surrounded complete by grass but at range I stood out like a giant poop in a field... is this the desired result? Should I just be setting my graphics to ultra low with high draw distance or something?
  13. I got a problem I have low fps mid 20 with all low with those spec: R9 280X Toxic edition OC and a fx 6300 8gb ram the question is can it be a way to change the resolution scaling in the game folders ? Thanks in advance, BeastmodeQC
  14. iamjabour

    Do you likes the new Spawn System?

    let's try to give some general feedback to developers here. And see what people think about spawn system in general. Please answer the Questions: Do you like the current spawn system? Do you like the recent changes on the spawn, if not what part you don't like? Would you prefer a more spread spawn system where players have to move on the map to be able to engage in a firefight OR a spawn that makes firefight necessary at the beginning? Do you think every player should spawn at the start of the match OR spread across the match time (balancing the loot with the number of players in the match)?
  15. Elfiero

    PMC Spawn system

    Hi This game used to have some predictable spawns and After the patch the gameplay, lag etc is diffent, ok... BUT Now the spawns are even more predictable and With fast feet you can get to the spawn and kill players spawning in... today only I have spawned and died several times immediately after hitting solid ground, shot by a PMC. Is it hard making the spawns more diverced? ~elfie
  16. Elfiero

    PMC Spwan system

    Hi This game used to have some predictable spawns and After the patch the gameplay, lag etc is diffent, ok... BUT Now the spawns are even more predictable and With fast feet you can get to the spawn and kill players spawning in... today only I have spawned and died several times immediately after hitting solid ground, shot by a PMC. Is it hard making the spawns more diverced? ~elfie
  17. WolfsAce

    Game Freezes

    Alright, I've had a new problem come up, and that's when the game freezes. Game freezes when Opening the game, Trading, In inventory, and Looting. And the game will remain frozen till I quickly Alt Tab out, and back into the game. Gets really annoying and has caused my death endless amount of times. Edit:Recently got a new keyboard, going to use my old one again to see if the same problem still applies. Edit:Still having the same issue. No difference between old and new keyboard.
  18. Aquí os dejo la traducción de lo que habla un compañero del Reddit americano (@Kullet_Bing), que preguntaba acerca del nuevo parche: -Pregunta del Jugador. (Respuesta de Nikita de BSG.) BUGS Y ERRORES CONOCIDOS. MEJORAS EN CALIDAD DE VIDA / GAMEPLAY: Espero que os gusten los cambios previstos! Nos vemos en Tarkov. Por si quereis el post original: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/7krzce/lets_hope_we_see_most_of_these_changes_fixes_with/
  19. bradleytwin01

    Full Auto vs Single Fire

    I wanted to get some group opinions on this, I've watched a lot of videos of people like Kotton playing this game and it seems like they are all always running Full Auto all the time. Personal preference of mine is single fire as it allows better accuracy for distance shots and I just change the fire rate when I get in close quarters. But I guess the question is, is that a waste of time? Should I just learn to shoot full auto all the time?
  20. My pewny little TT will surely kill em all (ง ͠° ͟ل͜ ͡°)ง come at me.
  21. DivinePhantom

    Scav Gameplay

    Hello Battlestate Games; DivinePhantom here, and I would like to express my concern with a experience of mine. This experience comes from one of my gameplays as a Scav. So the one thing that has caught my concern and suggestion for the game in future releases, is the having the fact that rogue scavs have a completely different status than any other scav. And this Allow me to elaborate from my experience. In my latest run playing as a scav at customs at 6 in the morning with the sun not out(in game timer), I was acting like an AI scav myself at the UN Checkpoint at Customs. Mimicking and acting like an AI scav, I stood next to two other AI Scavs at the UN checkpoint Then comes another scav and he is infact a player scav. How did I know this? 1)He was running as a scav and I sneaked past him in one of the factory buildings. (AI Scavs don't run) 2) In the dark he had toggled his weapon tactical light. 3) AI scavs would have been shooting him from at least 15 meters, from my experience. (which in this case is the P226 with the underbarrel flashlight). That is how I knew, but the problem lies when he started shooting me from behind the closest UN vehicle in the ditch next to the UN Checkpoint. He first shot me, perhaps because I had an unfinished assault rifle in my hands (It was dark, but enough to see silhouettes). Then lies the actual problem, the AI Scavs that were standing next to me wasn't shooting him back at all?! Since the AI scavs didn't shoot back, I decided to act like the AI scavs and just not return fire. Instead I stepped behind another AI scav so it could shield me from the incoming P226 fire. Then the Player Scav shoots the AI scav and LOL. The AI Scavs do absolutely nothing! Until he had kill two of the AI scavs, I then return fire and I did not see if I killed him as my legs were fractured and I just shot I'm 3 times. After an immediate 6 seconds two AI scavs approach me and start shooting me?! How do I know they're AI Scavs? 1) They were speaking Russian all the time. 2) There should have been atleast 4 scavs around the UN Checkpoint within a 30 meter distance. My issue is that I shot the Rogue Scav in defense to save my scav life, but in return, since I shot a "SCAV" (Actually a rogue player scav) I became a rogue scav myself. Please help and make this change! So that I can shoot rogue scavs freely without having myself be at risk from the AI scavs! Thank you for reading this suggestion and if you have any constructive advice and suggestions to add on, please do feel free to do so! Over n Out, DivinePhantom
  22. iamjabour

    Medical System

    Hi, the medical system is getting good. With the change on grizzly now people is having to carry the correct items. I would suggest a system from America Army 3 to use medical items with more than 1 function (video bellow as example). I would also suggest to penalize the use of incorrect medication. Something very cool would be to change the grizzly and other multi proupose medical items to be a "bag" that you can buy/find new or resupply with the current item or similar (lets say use normal bandages instead of military, use pain killer instead of morphine, etc). Hope you guys enjoy. ps: I would focus on server and desync/lag, match problems first. I hope you guys are already on top of this problem so we can move on and suggest new cool features
  23. For ppl like me, that are not the best in this game, and getting more and more frustated about all of these guys with theire heavy supressed guns, why isnt there just a offline inventory, so that we can play just with ki? i know that the current one, is to figure out thinks and report bugs, but it only needed a offline inventory and it would be perfect. may implent rare m4, vals and the other weapons to these ai scevs, thats all what would be needed. it would be still a hardcore game, it would be still difficult and it would still have the same meaning of the game, just against ai, why wont this coming? I ducking love this game, but im to bad to kill some one with good equip, and every time im getting in to a raid with some ''good'' stuff, im dieing out of no where. this is no fun. and it would be perfect for every one, whos not as good as need to kill such guys, so the player base could be more different, than just hardcore pro gamers. more ppl could play this also. tell me your opinion about it, so we can talk. have a good day:) and sorry for my bad english^^
  24. iamjabour

    Matching Fixes/Ideas

    Hi, I see some ideas around but not a place where people talk about matching. Also I see a lot of problems with the current matching system. I'll not even talk about the long waits on the match screen (let's assume it's a bug been fixed at the moment). I'm going to talk about spawn because as well. I believe matching and spawn have a high correlation, unless we go into a system where the match closes at the beginning (what I really don't like). 1 - Squads: I believe the main problem I've been facing is squads matches. What do I mean? - Squads should match with other squads with approximately same size. So I would love to see the match system prioritizing 5vs5, 5vs4, 4vs4,, 4vs3, 3vs3, 3vs2, 2vs2, 2vs1, 1vs1 teams. My 5c is to even the max number of players in each map so the end game will maximize the number of squads matches (for example 3x 5players squads), today the max players numbers are not really good for the 5 man groups (6,8,9,12). And please, stop filling up matches with single players vs 5 players squads! That brings me to the second point. - Change the max number of players in a squad depending on the map, so it can maximize the squads fights. I can see some threads talking about limit the number of players in a squad or reduce, I believe it should depend on the map and the number of players on the map. For example factory with max of 6 players should allow only 3 man squads, that way you will have 2x 3man squads or a 3vs2 man squad, it may make sense to add a single player in this fight (refer to skill based match). 2 - Skill based Match: I can't tell if the skill is been used to match. - Would be good to have the skill based match in place, this would help on the game play. Also with the skill based could make sense to add squads with small numbers to play against squads with hight numbers of players. I can even see a solo player against a 2 or 3 man squad. For example, let's say match by avg skill: if you have 2 players lvl 20 a lvl 40 players could fight the 2 man squad. That should help fill up matches. 3- Matching wait: If you can't find a fresh match in 2-3min give an option to join a old match. - Let's say it's been hard to find me a new match. Show an old match option and give the option to "join or not" with the remaining time of the match. So if I want to keep waiting more 2-3 min for a fresh match I have the option to stay in the queue or I can just jump in an "old" match and see what is going on. Waiting 10min for a fresh match sometimes is really boring. Also sometimes I'm not looking for the early PVP fight, I just want to chill, PVE and loot every single item (nice surprise if a PMC is still around). 4 - Spawn time: Spawn time could be spread across the match. It kind of hard today since the map is very linear, but with some improvements in the spawns areas would be nice to see a spread on spawn time so it stop been a battle royal at the start. It could help on matching time as well, since if you are in a squad of 5 you can jump in a new match without having to wait for another 5 players team and so one. - It could spawn PMCs up if the match still have 15min or more to go in the clock (depending on the map, for example: customs/shoreline 25, woods 20). - It could spawn Scavs at any point (keeping things quite on edge for PMCs), if a PMCs still on the match. Scavs groups should try to match with the same number of players (see item 1) 5 - Scavs AI: Respawn should be random and away from Players. It's really strange today, not sure if it's random or not. - Scavs AI should have a high probability of spawning on the map and always away from Players. Would be nice to have a constant number of Scavs on the match all the time. Let's say a min and max Scavs depending on the map. Scavs could respawn on waves (like they are group of people getting in the area) and always away from areas the player is. This way they/scavs can be attracted by the player if there is some gun fight or the player can constantly seek for interaction in the match. - I feel very strange the scavs just spawns when PMC goes over a area, at least this how it looks like to me today. They could spawn at the start of the match and do as suggested above on waves. There you go... Hope more people can collaborate and we see some improvements in next patch! A lot of ideas, I hope people can collaborate and give some good ideas for good gameplay. Cheers ps: let me know if I need to do any typo/grammar fix, really tired
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