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  1. apeFromTarkoff

    Make EFT Great Again !!!!

    I first find out about EFT back in 2015 and it looked interesting and a promising project but then I sort of forgot about it until more than 2 years later in january 2018 I decided to check it out so I found some videos and of course their official channel on youtube and watched all their developers videos and I liked it so I started to watch a lot gameplayes of other youtubers so for the next 3 month I watched about 45 hours of gameplay footage of the game so far and I want to say the game has a potential, it is satisfying and definitely does delivers fun and interesting experience, and it could be one of those games that are stand out in their own niche without being compared to other big and popular games like "Call of Duty" or "Battlefield", because its good on its own as it is and it doesn't need to be similar or borrow things from other games first of all I want to say that I haven't played EFT at all, but watched a lot of gameplay videos and after some time I started to come up with some ideas that may add to the game and maybe improve it and developers may even like the ideas and implement them, so I decided to share the ideas because all I know about the game is from videos I may not know about all the stuff and features and may suggest things that are allready in the game so just don't mind it at first I was adding only serious stuff that I though would fit the game and gameplay but then I decided to add everything that came to my mind, so if you think some stuff is too silly just ignore it when I was writing down my ideas I was trying to abide by one rule, I decided not include it if it was just something I saw in other game and just think that its "a great idea to have it here too" but only if its fits this particular tipe of game as "hardcore FPS", because of that I even added some reasonable explanation of why this feature may be beneficial, and its not just "its a cool feature" way of reasoning, I mean anyone could just look at other games and borrow things even developers themselves can always do that, so my priority was so that the idea is fresh and fitting, even if some of them are not that fresh and may be in lots of other game, then if you don't like them don't use them by the way, if someone wants to repost all this anywhere for discussion, like reddit and other websites, go on, the more people will like the ideas the more chances it will be implemented in the game, so spread the word if you want the intention of posting all this stuff is I just want to contribute to this project as I would really like to see it succeed, so even if only one idea will actually get implemented in the game that would mean all those time I spent watching gameplays and writing down all these stuff wasn't in vain the only thing I want to ask developers not to do is no matter what, don't turn the game into virtual chat or dating simulator, keep it a serious, hardcore tactical shooter as it is right now, thanks # 0001 Maps # 0002 Fauna # 0003 other # 0004 Zombies # 0005 Gear # 0006 Perks # 0007 Gameplay # 0008 Bots # 0009 Objects # 0010 Environment # 0011 Character # 0012 Spooky # 0013 Inventory # 0014 Health and body # 0015 Silliness # 0016 Netcode # 0017 Story # 0018 Modes # 0019 Flora # 0020 Market # 0021 Loot # 0022 Quests # 0023 Supplies # 0024 Weapon # ============================ # # 0001 Maps # # ============================ map with under water or underground facility, like laboratories or nuclear silos, or even a bunker add map "refinery", a huge factory with lots of nuclear waste dumps add map "tarkov palace", a huge trading center with movie theaters and supermarkets and parks and pools and hotels and trade streets, all in one big facility add map "entertainland", with parks and attractions and circuses and zoo add map "Haven" or "Save Haven" or "Tarkov's Haven" or "Lost Haven", with lots of ships, boats, yahts adding small map "Tarkov Mansion", that is very luxurious 3 store big house that belongs to one of Tarkov's oligarch, with lots of rooms and corridors and basement with big vine barrels, also backyard with garden and pool and bush labyrinth, something similar to "Croft Mansion" map from game "Tomb Raider 2" and its all surrounded by big fence so its sort of locked out map similar to "factory" for PvP matches or just fast in and out loot raids add map "Battleship", a huge military battleship, for PvP gameplay there should be a big swimming pool on the map "health resort", out side or inside the building, where player can find lots of gold chains and rolex watches and also used women's underware, that can be sold on japanese black market, also a cafee, a bug room with tables and a kitchen, where player can find lots of food supplies on the map hideout having some sort of mannequins that player can put their gear on like, armour and helmet and actually practicing shooting it and then take gear off and see how much damage any type of ammo makes to the armour and the mannequin underneath it, like if one specific type of ammo can easily penetrate the helmet that that would be best ammo for making head shots, so that would be much better practice than just shooting regular paper targets also it would be better to allow many people on the map "hide out", because player may want to practice guns with their friends inside "hideout" map add a special armoury room, where player can stash all the guns, the type of room one can see in badass hollywood movies where near the end of the movie the main character visits some shady gun trader who gets him to a room full of weapon where he can choose any gun and then he stacks up bugs with guns and goes on to kill all bad guys, so that type of room would be very nice to have map "Caves" or "Mines" with elaborate labirinth like underground routes, and elevators, and water streams, and bats add location "Cemetery" somwhere on "Shoreline" map, or on the map "Woods", that should be located somwhere deep in the woods and be spooky, and it can have tombs with very valuable items like icons or golden caps or crosses with jevelry, but at the same time robbing tombs could decrease player's karma another map can be "Swamps", that is mostly consists of swamps and humongous trees and their roots sticking out and because its a swamp the players can't stand still for too long because he can just start drowning, also there could be very dense mist all around the map, so you can't see too far away and have to rely on careful hearing, so that map would be good for sneaky, stealthy, slow pace gameplay for close PvP combats, maybe with hatchets, similar to factory runs, for example players can crouch into the water with only eyes above the water to make them less noticeable and when other player walks near them they can just pop up and attack with a hatchet, but to go underwater player would have to wear special gear add some locations on maps that have lots of weapons similar to a locked room on health resort but with much more weapons and other stuff, like for example on a shoreline map in one of the living houses add a basment full of weapons, but such rooms can't be opened with keys, it needs to be blowed up with TNT, and the TNT can't be bought it has to be found somwhere on the map so only those who find it can blow up the lock and get weapons, that would be an incentive to search map more thoroughly for TNT because, first of all, it would spawn very rarely and second it would spawn in random and unpredicted locations in comparison to keys, where their locations are known and everyone can just go and gather all the keys once and then open rooms each raid, also when someone breaches in to such room with TNT now everyone around and their mothers would hear it and they all know that its now open and rush in here to fight for the loot and that would make gameplay even more intense on map "Factory" how about add ability to turn off lights, like if its a day time there can be still light from windows but player can turn off all lamps, and there could be few switches instead one big switch, that would make map more interactive and makes it more intertaining and more tactical, for example if a player knows there is someone in showers he can switch off lights and sneak in with night vision or something and have advantage, or even better one player can be at the switch ready to turn it off by the signal from another player and when he turns it off the other player breach the door into a dark room with other unsuspecting players and wreck chaos on a "shoreline" man add a uboat sticking out the water on the horizon or somwhere closer, or smaller submarine right near the shore where you can actually get to it over wooden planks bridge and it can have some very expensive stuff inside, or the submarine can even be an extraction point, where you have to pay to extract, similar to an extraction point with a car on "woods" on map "interchange" add extraction point with a helicopter or private jet, where you have to pay for extraction add new map "Museum", that has lots of expensive antique things like sculptures and paintings and other that can be sold to Gambler and in the basement it also has rooms with safes that contain even more luxury things or I can be a museum of weapon so all it has are old weapons from world war I, II and older and all that weapon can be looted and sold on map "Health resort" add location "Torture house", a 2 store building with basement that has cells that used by SCAVs to contain people, interrogate them or even torture on map "hideout", on the wall above workbench where player prepares his weapons having a banner that says in latin "Si vis pacem, para bellum" inside "hideout" add a small gym room with dumbells and barbells, something similar to gym from "Duke Nukem Forever" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U3fn7fPHCmE here player can actually work out their character to increase stamina and other characteristics by actually tediously working out with weights from time to time, so that player that just worked out before raid would have increase speed in compare to other players who skipped workout, so that would add incentive to work out more and level up the character adding easter egg location on some of big maps, like "woods" map or "shore line", and it can be some entrance to a cave inside some hill, and it can be covered with planks and a sign that says: "under construction" so one have to break it with a hatched to get into because if its broken it would be convenient way to show others that someone is allready got in here, so the cave leads to the other side of the hill and there will be beautiful forest and a little field with beautiful flowers and squirrels and rabbits and other animals roaming around and a camping site with a tablecloth on the ground and lots of food and a pond nearby where you can catch fish, and the weather here is always sunny, and you can't use weapons in here, so it can be place to relax and have fun with other players, and it all can be sort of a reference to a famous painting where 3 hunters having a picnic after the hunt, or instead of camping site there could be just a forest with a small glade and a big rock on the ground with a sword sticking out of it, as a reference to some famous legend adding map "rural", with hospital and school and small apartment buildings, something like more than a village but not a town # ============================ # # 0002 Fauna # # ============================ adding a bear on "woods" maps, that can guard his territory, that would prevent players go too deep into the woods, also player can scare bear away or feed him introducing wildlife, deers, antelopes, hogs, squirrels, rabbits, foxes, wolves, snakes, bees, dolphins, dragons, hobbits and trolls, so player can hunt them and then eat their meat and sell their fur, something similar to a hunting in game "Far Cry 3" adding snakes, so if you lay down in grass for too long you can be bitten by a snake, they can spawn anywhere or only in specific location, say only in grass near the water or near the roads, or when its rainy they can spawn anywhere where there is grass, so its better to avoid laying in grass at some locations or avoid laying at all when its rainy, but snake can't bite if you are standing, so if you lay down and see a snake you can just stand up or kill it with a knife or hatchet, also some snake or all can do hissing sounds when they approach so its easy to notice them, so fear of snakes would prevent players to sit in the grass for too long, especially snipers or campers, so they would better to seek some rocks to sit on and that would make them more visible and it will add to fairness of the gameplay add flying incects like bugs or bees on map like "woods" and they start to appear if player lies in the grass or in the bushes for too long and those flying insects could make annoying noises that can distract player from hearing other important sounds so the only way to get rid of them is to move, also if its a bee it can sting if player lies in the grass for too long, that would makes player not want to sit in the grass for too long like sniping or camping the bird in the sky is flying even at night, it can be seen using night vision, also when its rainy, so its not that realistic, real birds don't fly at night or in a rain how about adding stray cats or dogs or even rats that can bite player and he can get ill or something like that, say a pack of dogs guarding their territory so the player have to choise whether to kill dogs or get around their territory, or player can throw them snack and dogs will be in favor of the player and may even follow him and help him by noticing other enemies ahead of time, also stray animals can make accidental noise, like big animals running through bushes or in a factory map rats could scratch stuff and that can rise false alarm for players and make them more alerted and gameplay more intence # ============================ # # 0003 other # # ============================ make separate servers where one can buy 1,000,000 rubles for $1, because there is always people who don't like start empty and gring through hours of raids to collect enough gear so some people are ready to just buy initial gear, but it has to be set as separate servers, so to not make it unfair as "pay to win", so it would be just for someone who want's to practice with all those weapons awailable before starting from scratch on normal server maybe it would be better to have different voice of the player character, when you play as USEC or as SCAV, like sound of heavy breathing when you run out of stamina or sound of injure screams add some kind of "loot market" where players can put their stuff for sale for other players to buy, it can be convenient to get back your stuff when you lose it in fight, for example someone found a gun with some specific cosmetics on it he can put it out on "loot market" and the previous owner may find it here and buy it, but because the gun has special markings or cosmetics only the previous owner of the gun should be allowed to buy it, that would be an insentive to personalise guns so you then can find it easily and get it back also when someone dies and looses gear and that gear wasn't taken by other player and it wasn't insured it maybe better to have that gear automatically appear on "lost goods market" where you can find gear you lost and buy it, also if you don't buy stuff that you owned and lost then after some period of time anyone else will be allowed to buy it # ============================ # # 0004 Zombies # # ============================ if there will be zombies in the game then instead of just simply adding zombies and keeping everything else intact it would be better to implement it as different kind of gameplay, like some special "sombie mode" of sort, make it stylized as old zombie b-movies, or even Hitchcock's "psycho" movie where the picture is black and white, also it plays from first person perspective and the camera is very wobly when player walks, similar to how it is wobbly in DayZ game as in here: everything is silent, no chirping birds, the environment should be creepy, sad, depressing something similar to the mood of the "The Road" movie, also mode should have its own set of weapons and loot objects that differes from normal gameplay, maps may be used the same or they can be improved, "zombified" also the zombies themselves should be creepy, so instead of something similar to action packed games like "left 4 dead" or "dead rising" it can be similar to movie "I am legend" where zombies don't simply roam around the area but sit in dark places, like building basements, or dark closets and wait, during the day there is very little or no zombies present on the level and they are mostly inactive, don't make much movement or sound or just sleeping, so at day time player may even ignore them alltogether, just carefully looting them and surrounding area, but as sun starts to set more zombies start to spawn and sleeping ones wake up and they all start to come outside also their eyes should be reddish or yellowish, so when its night time outside or inside very dark building player can see their eyes first and that will help spot ahead of time those zombies that are not making any sounds and otherwise can creep up on player unnoticed so when night comes player have choice whether to fight zombies and loot them and get lots of good stuff or play safe and wait a night in a special place called "shelter" until the morning, then when the morning comes all zombies that were outside may just run inside buildings or just die uder the sun and burn with all good stuff on them just burning out too there can be few "shelters" and they are all locked and require special keys so if player doesn't have keys they can get into shelter and have to stay outside and survive, but when they get in shelter they can just skip the night, because only shelter have doors strong enough that zombies can't breach and if player will try to hide for a night in any other place on the map even if he closes the door eventually zombie find them out and breach the door there can be different kinds of zombies, some of them always run, some can jump, some only bite, other use their hands to tear you apart, some are scare of you and don't attack just run away, so the more active zombies are more rare but more dangerous too, also if zombie bites the player he can get ill and need to get some special treatment or special drug or if not making separate game mode it would suffice at the very least to have some little map with zombies roaming around, nothing elaborate just for practicing with weapons, that can make game more fun, otherwise there is no that much shooting going on in the game because most of the time everyone is careful and prefer to be a sniper instead of boldly running around mainly zombie do sniff the air when searching for prey, they can even make these creepy sniffing sounds, so player knows zombies are nearby and they can notice player even if they don't see him just by player's smell and injured and bleeding player is more likely to be noticed, so player can also use special deodorants that hides their smell from zombies and also player can make smelly decoys out of pieces of rotten flesh to lure away zombies if they need to reach some area without zombies noticing them and they don't want to fight zombie at the moment because they don't want to alert other zombies in the area, so that way entire gameplay could be stealthy without killing any zombies by just hiding and avoiding them zombies can be alerted by loud noises, so if player shoot some zombie that can in turn cause other zombies to get in here, so using guns can be even worse then just being sneaky and kill zombies with a hatchet also there can be sound decoys, electronic devices that generate noize of different volume and attract zombies, the louder the noize the more zombie will hear it and come to it but the best way to attract lots of zombies would be simply using grenades that can alert even more zombies then gun fire and bring in hordes of zombies, so if player wants fun with just shooting zombies all he needs to do is to throw couple grenades and wait a minute and then try to survive as long as possible as hordes of zombies will be approaching him, also that opens a possibility for a tactic when one player can lure hordes of zombies onto group of other players, so if player doesn't want to fight them because they are too many he can just throw a grenades in their direction and run away, and wait untill lots of zombies will arrive, that way that other group of players will have to fight and may use up all their ammo or can be too injured or even killed by all those zombies and after that the player that caused all that mess can just get rid of rest of zombies and players and loot them also, player can have smell decoys and if he is being chased by a lot of zombies he can just throw it on the ground and some more hungry zombies will get buzy with that decoy and stop chasing the player, also it can be just some pieces of meat, that player can get from killing some animal, like squirrel, or if there is a dead body of another player the other player can just take off his hand keep it in plastic bag and later use it as a decoy for zombies or in a worst situation if few players are being chased by a horde of zombies they can just sacrifice one of the player, like shooting him in the leg so he starts to bleed and zombie will get him instead and stop chasing others to make gameplay more interesting zombies should be very smart, like if one zombie knows there are lots of players around he should run away, or if there are more zombies than players they shouldn't be afraid to fight the players also, the more zombies player will kill the more probability of new zombies being spawned in the area, so that way player is discouraged to kill too many and be more sneaky, or on the other hand if player wants to have lots of fun and has lots of good weapons and ammo they can just go haywire and shoot zombies left and right how about allowing players to take over the role of a zombie, there could be a "free to play" version of the game where you can only play as a zombie, because AI zombie can be boring but player controlled zombie can be much more challenging and also because its "free" that would stimulate more people play as zombies and that in turn will make the game world more interesting also, make so that player doesn't need to control same zombie until it dies he can just switch between any zombie on the map, take control over and play, so that normal players would never know whether that zombie AI, or it was AI minute ago and now its another player, or it was a player but now its AI, so that would make it more intimidating and more intertaining when player is killed he is turned into a zombie, so he has a choice to quit and his body would be controlled by AI zombie or player can continue playing as a zombie, also if player is bitten by a zombie he has some time to finish raid or he can turn to zombie, because in game it would be impossible to treat zombie bite but in your hideout you can intake cure and rest and heal so it will definitely add to suspence, whether you turn to zombie or will be able to escape in time and heal # ============================ # # 0005 Gear # # ============================ anti noise things for player's shoes, that make steps barely heard even when running, their effect may wear out with time, but you can have few of them and just change them periodically why not have lighter on the helmet or or on the shoulder instead of just on the gun adding compas, to make it more convenient for players to say the direction of events adding gold and silver bolt charging handle for AK, that can be bought on the market or found somwhere and it can be very expensive and very rare but it can add "swag" counter for a weapon, it doesn't change the mechanics just for players to boast about with their friends also adding some other artifacts, rare and expensive one can put on the weapon to personalise it having more structured stash, or add some features to better organize it, for example having one big window with all the gear can be a messy, so it would be better having smaller ones, that can be created by the player and named by the type of gear they contain, and it will add a menu list on the side of the screen where you can just switch between all types of stash, like player can create subshash window where he puts only scopes and call it "scopes", or for example adding colors to crates and backpacks so one can choose some specific colour for a crate like blue and put only shootguns in here and another one with orange color and put only magazines here, that would be more convenient for searching making gun barrels turn reddish after heavy shooting adding double barrel rifle, a big one that used to hunt elephants, not very precise, can't shoot too far, but very deadly especially in close corridors because of high dispersion of projectiles, but very loud so everyone in the vicinity would know that you have one and what is your location, it is also very heavy and shells are very heavy too nice addition would be having "A-234" nerve gas, also known as "Novichok", to clear up buildings, as it can be very deadly some type of device with wheels working on batteries that helps move faster to traverse bigger distance in short period of time, but with disadvantage of it being too noisy and you can't shoot while riding them and also it requires batteries that can be recharged only at special places with wall sockets, also those wall sockets can be shoot or broken to not let others charge their devices add ekzoskeleton costume with rechargeable batteries, so player can't use it for long time and have to recharge it at special places or throw it away, and it can be very expensive something like $10k or 100 bitcoins, but it will increase moving speed and jumping high twice, but it can be very loud with constant mechanical noise when moving, and when inside building it can make very loud "stompy" steps noise and it can be heard from far away, so player can consider its advantages of high speed and disadvantages of being too noisy adding diving suit, so one can approach some places under water without being noiced, like on a shore line map player can just swim around near the shore add portable glider, so one can fly from the roof of high buildings introducing a ladder, so player can bring it to a window and get inside the building instead of using doors, or get over big walls instead of going through the gates introducing ropes, to climb trees and sit here in ambush adding mines, or some explosive like boobytraps that can be put on the wall or in the ground that react on movement or touch or loud sound small alarms, it can be set near the entrance of the building, so when someone enters the building it signals with loud noise so everyone hear it or it can silently alert the player who set the alarm by radio remote controlled drones with camera, flying, similar to Ghost Recon Wildlands like in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ym3nuPQtW9o#t=17m25s at 17:25 or riding, similar to Rainbow Six like in this video: at 0:56, to roam around area discovering enemie's location, or even a tamed squirrels with cameras, similar to real life "acustic kitten" back in early days metal masks to cover entire face, like those used in "army of two" game special addons for the shoes that decreas steps sound or it can remove it compeletely or only on certain surfaces, like wood inside buildings, also its effect can be all the time, or only for some distance travelled, or only first few meters so it can be useful only for short runs, like one can activate it and run from one room to another without anyone hearing any steps being too long under rain can get player ill and one needs to intake aspirin pills also player can get wet and his gear can get wet and weapon can misbehave after being too long under rain, so it would be nice to have umbrellas or at least rain coats also waders or special boots to walk on puddles cameras with a long rod that can be put under the door or behind corner to see what is enemy is doing bear traps, one can set in the bush or in the grass, that would be especially useful to set in paths near broken fence, where there is usually a bush, so it can be noticed right away and a player who just wants to sneak through that hole in the fence will be surprised by getting into the trap, and there could be 2 types of traps, smaller one, that can do damage but not too much, and it doesn't take to much space in inventory so one can few carry smaller traps, and another one is bigger trap, that uses more inventory slots and it can do more damage or even take off part of the leg, or even other part of the body if player got into the trap while he was crawling, also the trap can be connected to some object with a chain, so the player will have to spend some time freeing up himself and he will not be able to move untill he free, also other player can help with untrapping much faster, so that would be insentive to play with friends wirecutters, to cut holes in fences to make shortcuts instead of going around the fence and risking add special gear that allows player to go under water, that could be a diving suit and googles, and player could wear it all the time under his normal cloth and that would decreas player speed and stamina but he can dive under water any moment, or he can that gear in his back pack and it could take some time to put it on before diving into the water but that way hes speed and stamina would be intact, so that could be some sort of balance, if player wants to dive under water very often, like say being sneaky on map like "Swamps" or he may use it only occasionaly, like for example reaching some hidden underground facilities through sewers that will required to swim under water for some period of time and is impossible to do without diving gear add "bump sticks" to fire semyautomatic guns, like in this video: because some guns like "Saiga 9" are only semiautomatic and it would be more interesting to "cheat" a little bit and fire them in automatic it would be more realistic to add barrels of the guns getting hot and even overheat and burn as with real guns when they are got shoot hundreds of rounds in a row like in this video: first it could start to smoke and if continue firing the handle can melt and burn and the barrel even explode eventually make so that when player got hurt the blood splashes on screen differs visually whether player has goggles, helmet or doesn't have any eye protection, like if its a helmet the blood stains could be small drops with small cracks if its goggles the cracks could be bigger with small pieces of glass missing, so if it obstructs vision the player would have to remove them and if player doesn't wear any helmet or goggles the blood splashes just bigger and more blurry because it kind of gotten into eyes add bipods to any weapon for accuracy increase add artifact "jammed" AK-47, as a very expensive version of AK-47 that jams every 10-20 rounds add cloak thing that you can cover yourself and lay in the grass and you will be barely noticed, and it can has different pattern so it can look like gravel or grass, it can be especially useful for snipers or anyone who wants to make ambushes adding double magazines where 2 magazines taped together for faster magazin changes, similar how it looks in this video: at 9:35 add bigger magazines, like in this video: "The Ultimate Zombie 200 round AK-47 Magazine" or even belts like ones used for miniguns add ability to put small explosives inside backpack, so when someone kills a player and tryes to loot them without checking for explosives the backpack will explode destroying or just damaging slightly itself and all the gear inside it and also injuring the one who loots also it could be very small hidden explosives inside gear itself, like rifle or helmet, so when someone gets that gear and tryes to use it it will detonates damaging or destroying the gear and injuring the player so that would mean whenever player finds a new gear or entire backpack he first would need to check it for explosives before doing normal search and that would increase looting time and adds intensity and also force player to make a decision whether he has anought time to first check for explosives or search it without checking and risking got injured and have gear damaged or destroyed or how about go even further and being able to put explosive into loot crates or doors so when someone else tryes to loot them they will explode add heavy stationary machine guns, of 30mm or even 40mm caliber, on maps, primarily on rooftops, but player have to bring their own ammunition, "BYOA", to fire the gun, also the gun can be broken, so of someone doesn't like the idea being shoot by that gun he can just go and broke it and no one will be able to use it during the raid, that would add incentive to reach gun first, so even if you don't want to shoot it at least you will not allow anyone to shoot it, or one can even hide explosive in it so that other unsuspecting player who tryes to use it will got injured and the gun also gets destroyed or make some guns initially broken, so player have to fix it first before using them, that would require buying fixing tools, that could be very expensive, or they can be looted from other players who allready have them add "airsoft" type of guns, so players can practice by shooting each other with BB rounds and not get injured add rubber rounds, they can be used to shoot others as a warning, they don't do damage but inflict some amount of pain, like if shoot in the head with rubber bullets or with lots of them in the body the player can got dizzy or get blurry sight from just pain but without any injuries that may be used to get other players attention, to make them aware that someone else is nearby and watching and to deter them from getting close, so they should leave or will be shoot with normal bullets, but without making other players angry by injuring them and without starting actual fight and in compare to normal bullets these rubber bullets do not damage gear when hit it add costumes like the ones real Mujahideen wear in middle east, some players may would like to play EFT ala "Couter Strike" style, with AK and dressed up like terrorists add a hotkey for enabling and disabling comtac headsets, because some players don't like wearing all the time so they just don't wear it at all, but if it was possible to just switch them on and off with a key without going to inventory and taking them off, that would make more people use them all the time and just activate them the moment they actually need them add different "quality" for guns, that would make them different from reliability point of view and also differ price wise, for example chinese AK can be the cheapest and the lowest quality, the bulgarian AK can be middle quality and the AK made in izhmash are the best quality but at the same time are the most expensive for bolt action rifles make so that player would have to press "reload" button when he actually wants to reload, because when shooting on long distance using scope after every shot the reload animation doesn't allow to see through the scope for couple seconds like in this video: at 18:05 the player can't know whether he hit the target until the animation of reloading is over and player can again look through the scope how about having a camouflage like this: at 2:12 where grass and leaves cover the player all over and also the gun, so lieing in the grass would make player less noticeable even on the distance where grass doesn't renders add some cloth that allows walking on a barb wire without damage how about having guides on how to use scopes properly, like in game guide, how to find out distance to the target and elevation, I mean you can't assume player knows all that stuff, so when they aim down the scope they simple point cross to a target or some players actually aim little higher, but still guide would be useful add gas mask that can be used with gas grenades, that release poisonous gas, and it could be used to lure out enemy from buildings, so if other player doesn't have gas mask and will not get out of gased area soon enough they may die or just lost lots of health add a "luger" gun as a trophy or even as a usable weapon add RPG-7 with OG-7V anti-personnel warhead, may be useful to clean up narrow corridors or even rooms by penetrating walls and exploding inside rooms add vaseline, to heal skin injuries it would be convenient when custom building gun to have ability to save it as a template, so next time you want to build same gun you don't need to spend time searching and buying all the components and then buld it, for example someone custom build their gun, bought lots of addons and spent all that time building it, and then after 5 minutes in a raid got killed and lost that gun, so now he would have to search and buy all that stuff again and build the gun again, so it could be a very convenient way to save time if you can just place an order on that entire gun, give a template and it will be delivered adding device that measure distance between you and the object you are pointing it to, to help you learn the map, for example when you zero your gun you can set its distance by 50 increments, but first you have to know how much is 50 meters on the map actually is, so such tool would be useful to learn the map itself, so when you want to flank someone you need to know know how long it will take you to cover that distance if you want to get ahead of your opponent introducing ropes or grappling hooks that can help reach higher locations like building windows or allow go down the wall from the roof or up the wall and breach the window and get inside, or just use them to get down from higher locations faster instead of using stairs or travel between high locations instead of using loger path like stairs, similar to how it is being used in Rainbow Six in this video: at 19:50 it could also be used to climb trees or big rocks for taking convenient sniping positions also grappling hooks can be used to grab dead bodies somwhere in the open and just drag them closer to the player, if say dead body liyeing in the open and its too dangerous to get out and search it, so player can just be like a "scorpion" from "mortal kombat" add more exotic weapons, poisoned shurikens, throwing blades, that can be used by players who want to be sneaky like ninjas double barrel shotgun, very big ones and very loud, that elefant hunters use flamethrowers, that can be useful to clear narrow corridors and rooms net traps or sleeping darts that one can shoot at someone and the enemy will get trapped or fall asleep and then player can "finish" him with some "execution" moves, or he can sell enemy's body parts on black market pepper sprays or pepper grenades, to spray inside buildings or just through in windows to force everyone out of the building, especially kempers, but also introducing gas masks to protect against pepper sprase or other deadly gases adding flares and stickable flashlights, so if there is dark room or corridor you can just throw flare or stick flashlight on to wall or place it on the ground and it will light up the room or corridor, and you can just leave it here how about adding pepper spray, so you can activate it and throw it inside dark room and if there is someone he will start to cough, unless he is wearing gas mask, that way you will know someone is here, also it will help to just throw it in corridors in buildings, so when someone goes through he will cough and you will know someone is coming, of course the effect is temporary and the more open space the faster it dissipates make scopes blink by reflecting the sun, so if someone goes with the sun behind him he will be able to spot snipers, because of sunlight reflections from their scopes # ============================ # # 0006 Perks # # ============================ how about possibility to unlock doors or safes or any other locked stuff with some hacking tool or just shooting the loock, instead of just using special keys, like opening boxes with hatches, safes with grenades, and doors with shootguns that have special door breaching bullets, also ability to shoot off dors compeletely so no one can close it and wait in ambush but making it look like no one been here ability to open door slightly with one hand still holding it and with other hand throwing in a grenade and then close door and hold it not allowing anyone out untill grenade explodes that way you can clear rooms with grenades more efficiently ability to catch grenade in midair and throw it back or even hit flying at you grenade with butstock of your rifle to send it back like in a baseball ability to claim walls or higher objects like big containers, also double jumps or other parkour moves to traverse the area faster with lots of objects in the way adding a mele attacks, like fist fights, with punches and also foot kicks, and it can be some sort of fair fight among players, so they don't actually kill each other, but the winner can choose what to take away from the other who loses fist fight, and other players can even make bets of who will win add ability to attack using rifle's buttstock, like when there is no more bullets in magazine one can charge enemy by just smashing him with a gun or even piercing him with a byonet # ============================ # # 0007 Gameplay # # ============================ it would be better to speed up process of searching of bags and boxes as players gain more experience, because as people play more they can become more familiar with things and learn how to do things faster but the time of the search procees stays the same and it can be annoying for experienced player to wait that long or at least introduce more visible way of looting, like instead of waiting while the search is in process, it is better to show on screen an image of an actual bag or pockets and have player do some clicks on pockets as if they were literally searching them, or at least allow player to do something while searching is in process when using market, its better to have some color tags on gun parts that you can attach to guns, and same color tags on guns, to show their compatibility with the weapon, so that player can see if color tags match and avoid buying stuff only to realise that they bought wrong one and it doesn't fit their guns so it can be just a switch option near inventory so when you activate it that color tags appears, and when later you knows everything and you don't need help you can just turn the color tagging off also maybe it would be better to allow people to try stuff out on their guns, before buying it on the market, they can't take it into game yet but they can at least attach it to gun and see how it looks, and if they think it fits their gun then they can actually buy it, because it can be waste of money for player to buy stuff only to realise they don't like how it looks later ability to shoot without actually looking at the target, like turning gun around the corner and shoot, or put gun over the obstacle and shoot, can be useful if player is being chased by someone, he can run around the corner and just stick gun out and shoot back without looking out himself, or even ability to shoot over the sholder backwards while running, also can be useful to fight back when being chased it would be good to have a way to get more loot back from the raid rather than just what one can put in backpacks, because as more and more geared people play the game the more there is stuff to loot and player has no reason continue playing after say 10-15 minutes he got used all free slots in his inventory and have to extract even if the map is huge and there is lots of stuff to explore and loot, so it would be better to have some special places where you can stash your stuff and it will be extracted for you, so you can then just continue playing the map and gather loot and stash it in specific places for it to be extracted after raid ends, or at least having ability to just dump gear on the ground at the extraction site and then extract and that gear on the ground will be extracted too, so players can just hide loot somewhere near extraction site temporary and when time comes to extract they just bring all that stuff to the extraction site put it on the ground and then extract themselves, that would be much more satisfiying map runs having lots of loot at the end, instead of just short runs with small amount of loot every time its better to make searching process of a body faster by choosing what to search instead of searching entire body, so instead of walking to a body and opening usual screen where you can search any part of body and its backpacks and pockets say you want to take away a gun or take away its backpack you can just point to a gun or backpack and take it or search it and it should take less time to do so especially if you are in a hurry and at some dangerous place and can't wait for too long to do normal search adding marks on guns to make them more recognizable and that can't be removed, so if someone got new gun without marks he then can make a mark on the gun, and say later he lost the gun to other player, and then after some time he can kill someone and when he searches dead body he can find a gun with same mark and that way he can know that was his gun he lost some time ago, that way players have more insentive to play if they know they may find their old guns, or they may find guns of their friends and then they can return it to their friends as a gift, that would also adds to fun add ability to lay down in some specific pose to pretend that you are dead, and if someone tryes to loot your body you can kill them, that way you never know if someone actually dead and you have to do a control shot in the head to make sure, that would add to intensity of a game also when you got shoot and screen fades you may sometimes not die but just lose consciousness, so even if your body was looted you can just wake up in few seconds and continue playing, or even wake up while you are being looted and kill the other player also when looting someone's dead body one can lay down in a pose to look like he is also dead, so if he got spotted by another player they will think that he is dead having ability to throw small rocks or bolts or any small objects to make fake noise to trick enemy into thinking you are somewhere else when implementing ingame voice chat, similar to DayZ, it is better to make it so that when someone died he can't talk or hear others in game anymore, to make it more realistic, say if you were talking with someone through ingame voice chat and that someone got shoot now he can't say anything, because letting him contine talking while he was killed in game would be weird, I mean friends who play together can always use other voice chat software anyway so they can always communicate but with strangers in the game you should only be able to communicate while their character or your character is alive, of course some people may want to contine to talk when there were killed to say what they think and other people who shoot them may be interested to hear them what they think of being shoot but it makes it less realistic adding ability to jump from high position and not get hurt too much if jumping on the grass or into bushes, or ability to make very hight jumps if jumping onto tree and just slide along the tree, or just make tree branches slowing down the fall, also ability to jump on some pole or column and sline down without getting hurt ability to drag dead body to some safe place like bush or closed room and then loot body here, similar to games like "hitman", that can be useful because of you shoot someone in the open it would be dangerous to go out and sit in the open while looting the body or even better you can just drag that body with you to extraction point and that way you can get all stuff even if you don't have free space in your own bags to place it, but it can happen only if you have enough stamina, and if you have really big stamina and experience you can grab 2 dead bodies at the same time or also ability to grab other player, say your friend got injured on both legs and can't even walk so another player can grab him and get him to extraction place where they can extract together ability to share GPS coordinates with other players, so players can share information about where they found certain things and tell other players, for money, so other players pay for that information and got GPS coordinates of where they can find stuff but they can also be lied by another players about it, so it can happen they pay for the information, get coordinates of the place but when they arrive there will be nothing as player gains more experience its better to make looting bodies or boxes faster, also increase stamina to run faster and longer fist fight, like in fighting games with combos and punches and kicks and finishing kills like fatalities make loading magazines more involved, but actually dragging every single cartridge would be too long, so it would be better to allow player to press a button on keyboard as many times as how much cartriges he wants to load in that magazine or make player spin mouse wheel to make it less tedious of a task, but it would be better to only have that feature on a battlefield when you are allready playing, that would definitely adds to realism, say when player is in a firefight and hiding behind corner and all of a sudden he is out of bullets, having him actually load magazines manually would definitely make that situation more stressfull and in turn that would add to harcoreness, so that feature is definitely required, but when player is not in the raid but just in main menu managing his stash and prepares for the battle and loads all his magazines, here it would be better to leave it as it is, just draging cartriges to a magazine and it will fully loads them automatically, otherwise managing stash would be tedious and annoying ability for a player to carry injured other player who broke legs and can't move fast, or even making injures so serous that they are beyond healing and one can only crawl, so in that case one really would need someone to help him ability to clean and oil all your guns when in hideout, to prevent them being dirty and misbehave introducing carma, that changes how player receive damaged and how much from one bullet and also probability of perfect headshots ability to damage gear by hitting it, like hitting someone's night vision or thermal vision device will destroys it, so inside the raid the player will not be able to use it anymore until it is repaired later make it so that when player runs up hill he runs little slower than on plain surface and got tired faster, and when player runs downhill he runs little faster than usual and his stamina lasts longer but at the same time player can't suddenly stop, the inertia should make player move for another feet or two and only then stop, just like one could expect the same behaviour in real life making it so that some stuff player can do only after achieving some level of experience, like for example using wirecutters to make hole in fences or use passkey to crack open any door without having keys, so new players can't benefit from all those tools right away they have to work for it, also same can go for a weapon, like having most weapon useless for new players because they would not be able to use it efficiently even if they can all the money to buy it, so again first they would have to use more simple guns and gain experience before they can put their hands on more expensive guns and attachments it can be useful to have an ability to slide, that would allow get out of the corner in a lieing position that would make player's appearence more unexpected, like in this video: at 7:05 that would allow take fast cover under some objects by just running and sliding under it or just getting into fence holes much faster by just sliding into it instead of crouching, like in this video: at 8:58 would be good addition to been able to fully disassemble guns, while in hideout, it can also be done on a timer, so players will challenge each other who is faster at reassembling guns, and the process could be as simple as standing in front of a workbench and rotating gun with W,A,S,D keys and with mouse cursor picking up the part then draging it away from gun and putting on the table, and then the same thing in reverse, taking part from the table and putting it back while rotating the gun to search for the right place to fit in the part, or also that entire process can be done in the field, like while actually bing in the raid, so 2 or 3 players can gather together and start disassembling their guns to see who is faster, that way it would be much more entertaining than just doing it alone in hideout, also if doing it in field when competing against another player it could go as far as who assembled the gun first can just shoot the opponent and get his loot, that would be attractive for adrenaline junkies, knowing the only way to survive would be to assemble the gun ahead of the opponent, you may call it "russian tetris" or something add some sort of a kamikaze type of gameplay, when you are being able to hold a gun with one hand, like pistol or small rifle and in other hand a grenade, that is allready set, so when someone shoots you the hand automatically releases the grenade and it explodes, so it would be useful in situation say if you go into an empty house or a room and you don't know if anyone is here you can set the grenade in one had so if you got shoot the other player can die too from the grenade explosion, or if other player sees you are with set up grenade in your hand he may just run away to be safe, because he know that if he shoots you too close he can die too adding ability to damage someone's weapon shooting it, so if bullet actually hits the gun it can get damaged, like in real life bullet can also hit gun too and damage it also ability to damage any weapon, so if you can't get it because of lack of free space you can damage it so no one can take it and use it, like throwing it on the ground and hit it with a hatchet or just adding "damage" button into invertory where you just apply it on some gear then throw away that gear and its useless to pick up because its "damaged" ability to booby trap loot boxes and doors and other objects ability to use backpacks as a shield, making it so that bullet can't penetrate backpacks, so say if someone tryes to run away if he has backpack it can actually protect him, and it could also depend on what is inside backpack, if its empty it will not stop the bullets but if it has lots of guns in it or armour it could compeletely stop the bullets and protect, also the stuff inside backpack could be damaged by bullets so there is a compromise to be made whether to always carry backpack full of stuff that could protect player as a shield but at the same time to risk damaging the gear inside it or just drop stuff from backpack or even entire backpack for time being somwhere and then return for it later when player is ready to escape also, if there is a dead body lying with backpack on it, one can lay on the ground and take cover behind it, so the body and backpack, again, could stop bullets and how about ability to just grab backpack into one hand and carry it infront of you, so it can protect you, of course it will slow you down and of cours you can use guns with one free hand and shoot less precise, but its still a tradeoff, say if you were hunded down to some closed space and the only way out is to fight through you can find some dead body with backpack take it and try to get out using it as cover when grenade explodes and the screen becomes blurry one could move mouse left and right very intensely for a couple seconds to make that effect dissapear faster, its like in real life one shakes head to get to senses faster introduce maps with hostages, there main objective is to free up hostages and bring them to exit in safety earning money for saving them ability to grab someone's gun from their dead body without opening loot screen, like when someone throws gun on the ground its possible to just pick it up from the ground so why one should open "loot" screen if he allready seeing the gun in dead body's hands and can just pick it up add some interesting death animation, so when someone is killed instead of just dropping the body and have ragdol do its thing in different poses, add some interesting theatrical death animation, like when someone is dieing he tries to reach the wound or just does some slow movement or shaking, or starts shooting his gun in all directions, so such animations would add realism, because right now when someone got killed the audio of death screams starts playing but the body is allready on the ground and stays still, so it doesn't look very believable how about being able shooting off limbs, similar to game "soldier of fortune", for example shooting off someone's hand and make them unable to shoot guns anymore, only run, or shoot off their foot making them unable to walk at all so they can just crouch or laying down waiting untill someone finish them, or they can eventually fix their limbs but it can take very long time, or they can just use some stick to attach to their shooted off limb to have some sort of artificial limb and that way they can at least escape and extract after you breach the door with your foot maybe it would be more realistic to make so that now you can't lock the door because the lock on the door is allready broken make so that you can't buy Mosin Nagant by one you have to buy entire crate full of Mosin Nagants, also there have to be 2 versions, one with round receiver and one with hexagonal receiver and the hexagonal version is more rare and more expensive, also having "golden mosin nagant" as a trophy, that is rare and can only be found in one location on any particular map also, "Sniper Mosin" version or "S&M" for short, with scope, and a sign: "approved by Vasili Zaitsev" on its buttstock and using it would boost sniping experience much faster than using any other sniper rifles in the game when player is waiting for a raid to start it would be better to allow the player spent that time in "hideout" instead of making him staring on menu screen, so when the raid starts the player will be notified by the voice "warning the raid starts in 10 second, please proceed to the exit" and then there will be that huge metallic door, like in bunkers, that will lead to open area where player actually starts the raid that would be more smooth transition than just teleport player to a random spawning point on the map the more armour player wears the more it influence his agility, as in real life, so if player wears "fort", to balance the gameplay he should have less running and walking speed and also he should go prone much slower than if he didn't have any armour at all, but helmets sholdn't influence agility how about being able stuck up back puck full of grenades then left it in the open for someone to see it, and when other player goes to that backpack one can just shoot that back pack with a sniper rifle and it will explode, some sort of a trap, or even better introducing radio controlled explosion so you can put it inside back pack full of other explosives and detonate it whenever someone comes close to it, that way you don't need to actually see it and shoot it with a sniper rifle but you can be near buy and when you hear someone is looting that backpack you detonate it, that would be useful inside buildings, setting such traps without endanger yourself in a actual gunfights there is a complain that when players are too close to each other their rifles rise and they can't continue shooting, the pistols are don't have that issue, but how about allowing to punch with a buttstock ? and there is no need for a separate "punch" button in this case, and it can be done automatically, like if you are firing but you are too close to someone and your gun rises, your character automatically punches enemy with buttstock to throw him back a little and then when gun goes down he will continue shooting, that would make close engagement much more realistic and intertaining having some extraction points to allow for bigger loot extraction, like there can be a car and you can put loot inside of it and the more loot you put the longer you have to wait and you also have to pay for any additional loot but at the end it all worth waiting and paying as if you can extract with dozens of guns and get millions money from one raid, but if you put your loot in a car and went to gather more loot someone else can extract with that loot instead of you so it also adds intense to gameplay and makes it more challenging, so the best strategy would be to stash all loot nearby in some bush and when you ready to extract just bring it all over to a car and extract how about introducing "virtual donations" in the game, like you can donate your ingame money, to some virtual charities or something that would increase your carma or you can receive some useful virtual gifts from those virtual charities, because some people just don't know what to do with all money they earn from raids, when they are fully geared with stash full of expensive gear they would want to use money on something else add ability to do reloading magazines into gun even faster, right now you can just double tap and it will reload faster by just dropping first magazine, but it doesn't actually makes movement faster, so how about being able to tap reload button many taimes very fast and that would increase actual speed of reloading animation but that would add probability of dropping current magazine, like say in 10% of very fast realoading it will drop, but still it is worth it because in some situation enemy can get you off guard while you are in the middle of reloading and you will be dead anyway if you are not do something right away like in this video: in this video at 1:36 the guy walk around the corner while reloading and there is another guy standing, so the first guy have to back away because reloading animation is still going and he can't do nothing, or at least he could've just snap the enemy with buttstock or something, like what would one do in real life situation while in mid reloading or similar situation in this video: at 8:45 again, the guy stuck in prone position while reloading and is being shoot at unable to do anything while reloading animation is going the same in this video: at 0:20 even fast reload by double tapping wasnt fast enough even though the guy survived, so there could be a lot of situations where one need to do it faster even by the price of losing the magazine instead of showing on screen "full auto" or "single" words when switch fire mode maybe its better to just use different sounding clicks when switching to one or another mode, to not clog up the screen with too many messages, or just instead of one hot key use 2 hot keys one that always turns it to full auto and another that always turns gun to single shot mode add blood drops, so when someone is bleeding he is better to stop blood with bandages or he can leave blood traces on the ground and others will be able to find him make sounds of coughing heared to everyone, because when you injured and you hear your character makes sounds of hard breathing and coughing it would be more realistic to actually make so that everyone in vicinity can hear that too, this way it makes you want to hide really fast when you got injured and then heal yourself as fast as possible before someone can find you by these sounds, especially in closed spaces like buildings where small sounds can be heard very well, also when you shoot someone but didn't kill these sounds can give away that someone got injured, also add same thing to AI bots, so when they got injured they are coughing, so you can find them more easily introduce checkpoints, so the player can sort of "save" their position at certain check points, for a price, and if they got killed they are ressurected at those check points, or isntead of many checkpoints it could be just on place, same as where player initially started so that would make it less rage inducing for some players to be killed early in the raid player can only be ressurected once, or many times, but it gets more and more esxpensive every time, so at some point it will not be worth it if player choose ressurection the other player who killed him gets money bonus, and also coordinates of where player gets ressurected, so he can go and hunt him down, that is to make it harder to play for player who choose to be ressurected, to discourage them doing it so don't think the always can just ressurect also, player is ressurected with only shotgun or the weapon they choose and prepared in advance and put it in special place in their inventory make so that some "escape" locations will allow you to escape with more loot, like a car, where you can stash your loot and later you get it after the raid, that way you can get out much more stuff from raid than just using backpacks, of course it would cost additonal money, and the location will be more open for snipers and have more SCAVs nearby, because the point of the game is get as much loot as possible so why not have that risky opportunity that allows you have 2-3 times more loot than any regular run, so yes people will start camping and sniping those locations more so that would balance it out eventually, because even if it allows you to get few times more loot it is also few times more dangerous, and that would definitely add to the thrill of the raid and will allow people to develop new strategies, like 3 buddies can split roles, one sits near the escape location guarding all the loot while other 2 bring him more than they all stash it in the car and escape when player dies and he is holding a gun, it would be somewhat realistic, on rare occasion, to have fingers to push the trigger, as a sort of reflex of a dead body, like sometimes limbs can twitch after body allready dead, so it can shoot right after dieing or even few seconds after death, that would make it more intimidating to get closer and loot right away, or even later when someone finds dead body and tryes to loot it and the body has gun it can shoot it as a reflex, so it would be better to first carefully take away gun from hands of dead body when someone dies and they are wearing helmet you should barely hear their death scream, or not hear it at all, that way it would be difficult to say if other player died or not to add more realism, when running the process of healing or eating or reloading should be longer add ability to lock the doors, for example if player is heavily injured he can run to a room and lock the door behind by holding it and not allowing it to open, in that case other player cant open it, unless there a 2 players kick it and in this case it opens, also player can jam the door so it will not open at all, for example player is getting chased and doesn't want to fight and there is a corridor with a lockable door he can close that door behind him, jamm it and leave, and that way escaping pursuers, so now its whether the door is indefinitely locked or can be kicked out by few kicks from 2 players at the same time # ============================ # # 0008 Bots # # ============================ having some bots that are more dangerous than other and call them "mercenary" type of bot, that can shoot very precise from very far away, they can have the best equipment possible, they can also heal themselves, but they are very rare to encounter, also if player kills them it will boost their experience and when they loot those bots they can find good equipment and also some rare stuff, and there can be some special counter that shows how many mercenaries player did killed, also a something to boast about to their friends it would be better to personalize bots, so some bots may always have some specific type of gear and they can scream some specific phrases, so they can be recognized by it, say if a bot screams one phrase he can be the one that always has medpacks or always has some particular type of gun or something, or at least make it more probable for the bot to have that specific gear, so if player is in need of medpacks he should listen for a bot who is more probable to have medpacks and then go for him make bot's behaviour more realistic, so when they are iddling, instead of them walking around or just standing or sitting, its may be better to add some animation as if they were talking to each other, like 2 or more bots group together and one of the bots gesticulate with their hands, and others look around or laughing as if they are listening, that would adds up to immersion and will make fighting bots much more interesting or other interesting animation, for example some SCAVs be doing working out like push ups or boxing with other SCAV, or some of them may just sit on the ground near car or wall or other object and take a nap, especially if its sunny weather and its hot having some SCAVs being actually an undercover spies of some foreign governments, so they look and act as any other SCAVs but they have special documents in their pockets and player can sell those documents for a lots of money, and also get much more experience for killing an undercover spy, so that could stimulate players to kill more SCAVs and loot them instead of just avoiding them making bots not scream at all if they were killed by head shot, because its a head shot, no one screams after getting a bullet into a head how about having different behaviour for different types of SCAVs, like some are funky and scare of players and most of the time they run away and sit in the corner, other are brave and stand out to fight, and others are compelete phychos, can go with bare hands or with hatchet on players and are very fast, and their "type" can be recognized from their cloth and their phrases they say in a rainy weather make bots go more offten inside buildings, or be near some fire barrels, because its wet weather, no one wants to get wet even AI, or even make bots wear raincoats make animation of AI bots limping, if they got injured very badly, so you can know that they are now easy to kill make some bots more funky than others, so if they encounter more than one player or they got heavily injured they can just try to hide somewhere or just run away, instead of having all AI just continue fighthing untill they die, that would make it more interesting if say bot runs away to actually hunt him down, especially if that particular bot has some valuable item introducing character by the name "lesnichiy" or "Kuzmich" or "Rambo", a big bearded old guy that actually lives in Tarkov, his main weapon is "PPSh" with a drum and he has ability to spot enemy at longer distances, also he is much better at hiding, can hear better and run faster and has much bigger stamina, also he doesn't need to extract at some specific places just reach edge of the map and he is gone, also he can spawn anywhere on the map, at any location that player chooses to, but he also has poor shooting abilities so such character could be much more convenient for just roaming around, hiding and looting, and there can be only one such character on the map so if someone choose such character no more is available # ============================ # # 0009 Objects # # ============================ add some sort of "treasure chests", they can contain luxury stuff, money, drugs, paintings, that can be sold on blackmarkets, they are placed random on the map, so you can't find them always at same location or even buried, so you have to have a shovel and find a note that describes specific location or a map with a mark of the location then go and dig them out add notes, a piece of paper that player can have in their pocket and he can write anything on them as a message to someone who kill them or just find their body and read that note, players may even write in it their last will or a request, something like: "I had such and such gun on me, and it is insured so if you don't need it anyway please throw it away somewhere so no one can find it, and it will come back to me" or: "I did hid a backpack full of good guns under a bush behind blue container, so now you can have it" or: "now that you killed me you are responsible for supporting my wife and my 3 kids" or something along those lines that would definitely add to player's personality and make gameplay more interesting, so players will not see other players as just moving targets they can shoot and loot but as other living being, their rivals that have their own reason to be in here nice addition would be refrigerators where one can find food supplies, they can be placed in houses or apartment buildings in kitchens or living rooms add golden AK guns, that can be sold for lots of money, something like 100 bitcoins, and they are very rare and can only be found once per 100 raids add spray to make markings on walls, similar to "counter strike" game, so that players can leave marks to inform others who knows the markings about important things, like if player set a booby trap he can set mark near it on the wall and those who knows about that mark will avoid going here, or there could be some hideous clan, that everyone scared of, and they could mark entrance of the building so other players who scared of them will not go inside add treasure chests, a hard to find wooden crates that are hidden underground so they have to be dug with a shovel, but to dig them one need to acquire "shovel boss" skill by killing 10 players with a shovel or by winning in "Trench wars" game mode at least once also one need to have a map of chest's locations and chests are changing their location every raid, this would add incentive to explore the map more a small portable stove, so one can use it to cook raw meat of killed animals adding special item, a medallion with "D-Dog" on it, it can be found after player plays, 100 raids or 100 hours and after that it can be found somwhere on the level and that item can increase stamina for 5% or even 20% when player has it with him, and he can have more than one, also if player died and haven't had the medallion in gamma case it can be taken by other players # ============================ # # 0010 Environment # # ============================ to have one or two places on a map where there is always good stuff can be found like some big crate or a locker with lots of grenades, magazines, good rifles, pistols, backpacks and armour, computer parts and other stuff that can be sold, so when you loot it once you can be fully equipped, or can just sell it for lots of money, but it should also have lots of SCAVs with better AI and aiming skills guarding it, for example a gas station on "customs" map, there can be a basement with heavy metal door that can't be breached and you have to find a key to open it, or even 2 keys in different locations, so it can take more time but at the same time it can be worth it because of amount of loot it can have, so instead of roaming around whole map finding small stuff one can just concentrate on reaching that one big loot place and loot it and then leave, so such place can have lots of player concentration where everyone fight for it and it can add to intensity of the game add hot weather and also high moisture, so it can affect stamina and player can't run for too long in hot weather and need to drink more when its rainy add squashy sounds when running over wet ground without grass like roads without asphalt on the map "woods", because right now the sound is the same as running on dry ground add puddles when its rainy and make surface of object reflect more light as all wet objects do, like rocks or metallic roofs or walls, to make them look that they are actually web, instead of just making them look darker, that would make environment look much more realistic add more weather effects like lightning and a thunder and a really strong wind that can hinder long range shoots, also make rain disrupt bullet's path, as it can do in real life when its rainy to make it more difficult or impossible to climb rocks that are too vertical because they are too slippy when using key on the door maybe it would be better to open door right away while still holding the key, and only after that putting key back into a pocket, that would speed up process a little bit, also having ability to open the door by just pushing it fast and make it open on its own instead of actually holding the handle and moving hand all the way untill the door is compeletely open, that would make it possible to get a hold of the gun before door compeletely opened, or also add ability to open the door with foot by slightly kicking it when someone dies add sound of falling body, because right now when ragdol body falls from up hight and it hits different objects like in this video: at 3:30 it doesn't make any falling sounds add ability to use bushes as camouflage, by cutting it down with a hatchet entire bush and just walking with it, that would slow player down but he would be indistinguishable from real bush when he stops, or player can cut just few branches with knife and put them all over the body and mimicing the bush only a little but without decreasing moving speed, something similar like in this video of Ghost Recon Wildlands game: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ym3nuPQtW9o#t=8m14s at 8:14, here the upper body covered with leaves so when player sits in high grass or in the bushes he is indistinguishable from it add underground path like sewers or just big pipes that one can use to reach places unnoticed, or leave places unnoticed if say some facility is being raided and all exits are watched player can use underground routes to safely escape with all the loot adding sounds of bullets flying nearby, because on a big map when player hears shots at the distance but not getting hit he has no way to tell if someone fires at him or not, so if there were sounds of air friction, like in real life bullets make sound when flying through the air, like in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PPn9PdEDaqY#t=5m14s at 5:14 or adding sound of a ricochet of a bullet hitting an object, that way it would be easy to notice that someone is firing in your direction, if player didn't hear the firing sound he can still notice the ricochet sound, also in a situation when some player shooting from sniper rifle other player and there is big distance between them and say there is 3rd player in between them and that player is also behind big rock he can't possible hear the shot of that sniper rifle but the bullets are flying just few meters above him, like in this video: at 14:35 there is a tracer flying above the player but there is no sound, so there definitely should be some sound to help player notice that there is fight going on add heavy rain weather, like really downpour, with strong wind that bents trees, and also loud thunder and lightning strikes so that makes very hard to hear others in the vicinity and also make it much more darker than compare to normal rain, that could make environment much more harsh to be outside because the screen would be all wet and its would be hard to see, so it would make every player go to nearest buldings and that would stimulate close combat PvP inside buildings instead of everyone being dispersed through entire map, or on the other hand that could have opposite effect, players that are forced to go inside buildings to hide from rain and thunder wouldn't have too much desire to fight so they could be more willing to befriend with others instead and just loot building together make animation of opening doors faster add wells with drinkable water and bathrooms with tape water that is also can be drink if player forgot to take bottled water with them on map "Factory" add few puddles, so when someone runs over it it will make splash sounds and other people around would know where exactly that player was, whereas cautious player could just jump over it or go around the puddle and stay unnoticed on some maps, like "Customs" there are many big objects like cars, one storey buildings, dr. mario pills looking fuel tanks and others that player could jump on, first on smaller objects and then reach on top of other higher objects, like in this video: at 0:48 so why not put some very rare and expensive items on top of some objects, motivating players to get them by traversing some part of the map by jumping from object to object, like for example in this video: at 10:55 the player managed with the help of his friends to get on second floor of that building and got very exciting, so why not reward him by having some rare item in here, that would definitely add to diversity of gameplay and would bring more challenge to experienced players and stimulate teamwork so doing all those jumps would be difficult on its own, because of tricky jumps, and also it would be dangerous because player could be spotted jumping by other players or SCAVs, so it could be very adrenaline inducing, but eventually the revard could worth it, and its also will add some fun aspect to the game and to the teamplay, like one player who jumps the best could go for the gear and other one will cover him from the ground providing him safe path why there are no broken glass windows ? I mean on every map everything is in chaos, as if there were heavy fights but all glass in windows is untouched, and they not only have to be brocked but also barricaded with wooden planks also why aren't there burned down rooms or even houses or oil tanks ? all these locations weren't just abandoned there were big fights, how about adding half destroyed houses and also abandoned bags lieing roads with cloth or other useful stuff to grab that locals threw away when tryed to escape as fast as possible I mean environment has to be beilevable but right it only has some chairs lieing around here and there when there is a heavy rain make so that bullets don't fly far and precise also, the cloth and backpacks should become heavier so if someone fully geared under rain he will become overweight and have to drop some stuff or go inside some building and wait for rain to end by the way speaking of realism, how about after gunshots or grenade explosion all the burds nearby just shut up for a minute or completely, like if they flied away, because right now they are just continue to peacefuly chirping as if they got used to it, but on the other hand they could've just actualy got used to it, who knows, like battle horses can be teached to not be scared of loud noises when at night make trees swing less or not swing at all, here in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d5_N#t=20s at 0:20 there is a calm night without wind but those trees swinging so much that its creepy and also distracting making it so that its longer to do serous healing, like bandaging under rain, so one needs to find some cover to do serious healing faster, like injecting morphine or healing broken limbs so there are maps that have dead bodies like part of the environment, like on shoreline a dead SCAV peentrated by a rod or on health resort a dead pig in marked room, why arn't there flies buzzing around rotten flesh ? not realistic, or they died like 5 minutes ago ? adding S-400 missile system on one of the map, like "streets of tarkov" or "customs", to make map look more militarized # ============================ # # 0011 Character # # ============================ add ability to close ears when throwing grenade so it will not make you deaf for few seconds if grenade explodes in vicinity, or just have ear plugs or special headphones that block loud grenade sound but still allow hear surroundings, or just make it so when player gets more experience the explosion sound will not affect him as if his character does automatically closes ears when grenade explodes how about introducing a little bit of "tamagochi" type of gameplay, so you actually have to login in your game to feed your character, like, you can't just stop playing for a week, or you can but first you have to put supplies, like food and water to some specific container that will be used to feed your character while you are not playing the game, that will give player incentive to came back and play more offten, even if it will be just to feed their character # ============================ # # 0012 Spooky # # ============================ in addition to "zombie mode" it would be interesting also have some "spooky mode", that doesn't change gameplay too much but only adds some creepy things on the level like sounds and creatures, that don't hurt player but add suspence to atmosphere add some spooky sounds inside buildings, like on that health resort big building on "shoreline" map and only at night time or when its heavy rain, so when player is inside the building for some period of time he may hear some far away sounds of foot steps or closed door or broken vase, or if he is outside the building there may be some objects thrown out of the window like bricks or mannequin's head also introduce creepy creature that lives in big buildings, that is called "domovoy" or "chucha", that is human shaped but very thin, has long hands with claws and all body is covered in grey fur similar to "chubaka" creature from "star wars", but nose and mouth are not visible under fur, only eyes are visible that are big and reddish, and he is very fast but he is not dangerous and he can creep up on player and just steal his stuff, first he catches player from behind and it looks like he is trying to suffocate player for couple of seconds but then he just runs away with some valuable stuff from pockets or backpacks like rolex watches or gold chains and also food, he doesn't takes any weapons or ammo first he can appear far away from player and just stand here and watches for long time and if player tryes to come to him he runs away, and when he runs out of player's sight he just dissapears, and then after some time if player stays for too long in the building the creature spawns again, much closer to the player and tryes to catch the player from behind and if it manages to do so player can do nothing for couple of seconds but he doesn't gets hurt, only looses some valuable stuff, also the creature only engages with lone players, so if there is a group of players the creature doesn't appear when player at night in a forest add sounds of screaming wolves and sounds of something runing through bushes and also glowing red eyes far away # ============================ # # 0013 Inventory # # ============================ adding ability to have medicine used automatically just putting into some special slot and when you got shoot and don't have time to open screen and heal yourself it will be just used automatically when needed making it more easy to divide stuff in inventory into smaller amounts, like if there is 10 cartridges and you want to take only 5 and put somewhere else so instead of clicking right mouse button and opening little window where you can set amount you want divide the stuff into it would be better to just hover mouse cursor above the item and use scroll wheel up, that will make little number appear above the item and then you just take the item as usual and it will only take that amount, that would make it much faster to transfer items inside inventory when in intentory window add ability to throw away item by pressing Ctrl and double click on it instead of opening menu and clicking "throw" button, also opening content of a bag or backpack by double clicking instead of using menu when managing inventory it would help if there was and option have items automatically "move away" and be replaced with other item you want to drag in here from other part of inventory, so for example when you want to move a gun from one backpack to another and it shows red square because there is another object here, there could be poped up menu that asks you if you want "throw away" object that is in the way or you want it to be replaced, if you choose "throw away" it will be actually thrown away and if you choose "replace" the object will be moved automatically to other back pack in place of the gun you are trying to move to your bagpack, so that could speed up process of managing inventory and moving items, also instead of throwing away items it can just automatically rearrange items in inventory to free up enough space to place another item that player wants to move, but that one is for lazy players so its possible to put back pack inside backpack many times but how about being able to squize backpack so it uses up less slots, so it can use 4 or even 1 slot, now you can't put anything inside it unless you stretch it out again but it still uses less space and its more convenient to have it that way instead of having many back packs inside each other and then go inside everyone of them to put your actual loot in the innermost backpack, also that way you can put it inside gamma container how about rewarding players who plays a lot of hours, for example, when player reach 1K hours in playing EFT, he will get additional "cell" inside gamma container, so he will be able to put more stuff in it, so instead of complayning that they can't afford EOD edition with biggest gamma container, they can just increase it playing more, of course there is concern people will just get into raid and iddle in bushes, so that should be taken into account too, so in addition to play hours other things should be accounted for, like amount of kills, or how many times player extracted with how much loot, and how much distance player run through the map before extracting, all those things, or also add some ridiculously difficult quests, that would involve runing through different maps, doing different stuff, finding all sorts of things and after completion that will unlock additional space in gamma container, because the space in gamma container is so precious so that some people consider it "pay to win" when those who bought EOD version have bigger gamma container how about having additional gamma container specifically for quest items, quest items can be bulky and very important to loose but at the same time people allready used to have other stuff in gamme container so it would be very inconvenient to force people to break their habits and unload all those meds and keys from gamme container just so that they can put here huge bronze horse or car battery to complete the quest add ability to compress armour, it requires a lot of space, so with some effort it should be allowed to squize it, that can take few second, but player could always get a few to safe place and pack it here one by one, that would make inventory management much more interesting, also why not allow to "pack" guns too, like disassemble all parts of the gun and pack them together to make gun take up less space inside back pack, again you cant shoot such gun untill you "unpack" it but it can be always done in some safe location, so that all would increase inventory micro management and make gameplay more involved and less dull, and of course player with low stamina will not be able to carry "packed" stuff, even he was able to pack 10 rifles in one back pack, they still have same weight so player would also have to train stamina before he can carry packed stuff # ============================ # # 0014 Health and body # # ============================ introduce intaking of doping or drinking of alcohol to boost stamina for short period of time, few minutes, at the price of small blurriness of the screen as after effect add ability to drink any water, here in this video: at 25:06 the player is dieing out of dehidration and there is literary a water stream near him, so why make him search for bottle water if he can just go and drink from the stream ? or even better if its rainy player will never dehidrate, player can just go outside under a rain and look up for a few seconds, like in real like its possible to just catch rain drops with your mouth but at the same time make some probability to get ill if drink from dirty source of water ability to damage eyes with bullet or shrapnel from grenade and while eyes are being healed half of the screen of one eye damaged or entire screen is dark, and even after healing the picture is blurry or reddish for some period of time when grenade explodes its always affects both ears by making whistling sound that fades away, why not make one ear being affected like compeletely loosing ability to hear on one ear until it is healed if player got heavily injured his main hand that he hold weapon, why not make him use gun with other hand for time being untill main hand fully recovers, making him shoot less precise if player got injured in the ear he can lost ability to hear for some time or even until the end of the raid, so that prevents him to depend on hearing the enemy and forces handicapped player to act more carefully or even escape earlier if player got ill by drinking bad water or eating bad food he can get diarrhoea, and that would mean he would make accidental farting noises, so that could be heared by other players and they would know that someone is nearby # ============================ # # 0015 Silliness # # ============================ add flying dragons, like instead of those annoying burds in the sky, why not firebreathing dragons, or at least making those players who is very heavily injured like less than 200 of lives to be able to see shadow of the dragon instead of regular shadow of the bird, or even better if player life points under 50 he can start to see strange creatures around him like actual dragons in the sky or a swarm of big black crows flying above him, like if he is about to die and this is he is starting to see the underworld, sort of a reference to "DMC" game, where Dante is seeing both worlds at the same time, or make it more simple, after players health got under 200 make him see also how about adding actual map "underworld", so some players who died instead of going to game menu actually fell into underwold and needs to fight "demonic SCAVs", who are actually immortal and are only slowed down by players shoots so its impossible to actually survive and escape from that map but player can at least hold as long as he still has meds to heal and bullets to shoot, and there is a timer counting for how long player was able to survive in the "underworld" so that would be a factor to consider on whether to take more ammo with you in the raid, because you can end up in that "underworld" map and all that ammo can help you stay alive longer add extra terrestrial black market, that accepts brains and other viscerals, so player can actually decapitate dead bodies and then sell heads on that market to aliens, but one needs to use special plastic bags with an ice to keep heads in it so it will not spoil untill it gets to destination, the bags can be bought but the ice should be found on the map in refrigerators, that can be found in kitchens or living rooms add some underground facilities, like secret laboraties with mutated creatures, similar to underground umbrella facility from first "resident evil" movie piranha bunnies, flesh craving bunnies, little cute creatures that only go out at night time, but are very dangerous and fast carnivovers with red eyes and black fur, they mostly appear in packs of 10-20 things, they are afraid of light and can be scared away with a flash light, and its hard to kill them, the best weapon against them would be flame thrower and they also afraid of water so its less probable to encounter them near the water sources or when its rainy add some stuff that only appear on certain dates, like when its played on fool's day 1 april, the character's pants are getting wet every time there is a grenade exploded nearby, or if game played in november on halloween there could be some random spooky noizes like doors making creepy squeaky sounds when you open them allow people to spend real money to buy some non cosmetic stuff like miniguns, or muskets, or body armor from fallout, or jet packs, but only allow these people to use them on special dedicated servers to not give them advantage over players who didn't use real money to buy such stuff on health resort there should be "The pink room", with the number 69, rumour has it the room was that where Justin Bieber lived on his last trip to Tarkov, and its also widely believed that it was in this particular room where J.B. lost his virginity, with the help of SCAVs and it was that event that made J.B. to come up with idea of the song "My cutie" that was eventually shortened to just "Baby" so the room has pink door, pink wallpapers, even windows coloured pink so no one can look inside, it also has pink furniture, and huge pink bed, with heart shaped pillows, pictures of ponies on the walls and a plackard saying: "Make love not war" and also huge naked barbie dolls sitting in corners each of those dolls can cost up to $10k, but it takes up full backpack, and it also decreases player's carma, also when put in backpack the feet of the dool sticks out, the player himself starts to shine a little in pinkish colour and makes low vibrating noises so everyone around can see that player and hear him that makes it much harder to escape unnoticed and also shooting a player who has a huge naked barbie doll in his backpack will increase carma and boost experience level 10 times more than from shooting normal player and also that room is one of those rare places where one can find sacred "golden dildo", a very expensive artifact that could cost of up to 1,000,000 rubles or more depending on demand on black market, and also a sacred pink BDSM costume, with a set of pink whips, that priceless, like $0, because no one wants it, but some players may would like to have it as a status symbol, so, who knows the room is hidden, and the door is only appears at midnight and there is no key from it that can be found, it has to be bough on black market for a lot of money and having that key would decrease player's carma for just possessing it and also in one of the tables there is a J.B.'s suicidal letter to his fans, that is half burned and practically unreadable on map "Museum" add a huge sceleton of dinosaurus T-Rex that at sertain time would become alive and starts chasing players all around building and the only way to stop him is to play a lullaby, and the audio CD with it can be found on health resort in a "Pink room" 69 add statue of Justin Bieber on health resort in honour of J.B. visiting it, that players can use to practice head shoots, every time someone hits the head the statue says "Baby" in a room with a pig in a bath, on health resort, add huge cockroaches on the walls, to make room look more disgusting, also if player spend too much in that bathroom he starts seeing ghosts and hear whispers like: "AK is better than AR" and if he is being here for too long player may find himself naked on the floor with a pain in the butt add game mode "Trench wars", where the only tool players have are shovels, and whoever dig the longest and biggest trench by the end of the raid wins and that player also get to keep the shovel that is much more powerful than a hatchet and it can also be thrown up to 10 meters far and it returns back like a boomerang so no need to search for it add "grease gun", as the reference to Half Life 3 as the scientists from "Diaperture Science Laboratories" say, it applies "black mess" or "grease" where its most needed add smartphones with camera in the game so one can bring them in the raid and make selfies embed into game client a real bitcoin miner programm so that it actually mines real bitcoins but those real bitcoins go to developers but player also receive same amount of virtual bitcoins in the game introduce a little bit of farming simulation, but not of usual vegetables but cannabis and mushrooms, in a map "hideout" there could be a small greenhouse where one can grow weed and then sell it on the black market to a rapist for high prices, it would make it less boring to wait for raid to start having player to do something useful like farming how about having "silver bullets" ammunition, that are specifically made to shoot hackers and cheaters a new t-shirt, pink with a rainbow on it, that cost 1,000,000 rubles, and protects your torso from any damage, making your torso invulnerable, but its effect lasts limited amount of time, and then you have to wait 24 hours for it to recharge its protecting power, but wearing that t-shirt will decrease your other parameters little by little, so for every 5 minutes of wearing it your level decreased by 1, but it adds another parameter "cutiness", that will allow player to buy stuff for lover prices, but in a raid its pink color will be very noticeable and the rainbow will glow in the dark lighting up surroundings, so there is a balance to consider, whether you want to be protected but be too noticeable from far away, also you are only able to wear it if you are at least level 10, and the lover the level the faster its discharge, so at level 10 you can only use it for 5 minutes but at level 50 you can use it for up to 20 minutes, but you can't sell, you can't ensure it, and when you die wearing it it dissapears, with a "puff" sound and a pink cloud with shiny sparcles, also if you found same t-shirt in someone's backpack and you allready have one you can't take it add "execution" animations, so when player shoot someone and that someone is barely alive the player can go close and finish him, and an interruptible execution animation, which shifts to a third-person perspective, like something similar to a "brutal doom" mod for "doom" game, it can be some funny animation or it could be more serious like suffocating the victim with bare hands or with a wire or breaking his neck, or it could be more brutal scene like a head shot or slicing neck with a knife, or a compelete blood bath with lots of blood and guts flying around, like putting grenade into victim's mouth and run away while the victim's entire body explodes into pieces introducing nuke, so one can put anywhere on the map then set timer and blow up or there can be just some nuclear facility that can be detonated and it will explode like nuclear bomb destroying part of the map and killing everyone, its also possible to just hide and survive, but then that part of the map becomes radioactive and only those with special suits can't walk on that part of the map # ============================ # # 0016 Netcode # # ============================ http://gafferongames.com/networking-for-game-programmers/what-every-programmer-needs-to-know-about-game- networking/ http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/news/view/addressing-netcode-in-bf4/ # ============================ # # 0017 Story # # ============================ some years before the events of "Escape from Tarkov" one russian oil company was developing oil deposit searching for oil and they discovered a huge oil deposit that, the biggest on earth and who controls that deposit will control the future of the entire humanity on earth, because after every other known oil deposit on earth will be depleted the one discovered under Tarkov will be the only source of oil and that means energy and life for people of entire planet right away that information became the top secret of the Russian government, and military forces were sent to lock out the entire city forcing everyone to leave and prepared to build the city of the future, that would be the capital of the world, but to make it secretive they decided to build it underground, underneath main city, the twin of the Tarkov city, the bunker city, the fort of the world, the Tarkov 2.0 the sewers and the entrance to Tarkov 2.0 are being guarded by R.A.T.s for "Russkij Armed Troops" but it happened that one of the double agent spying for MI6 discovered that and now every other nation knows that information, but russia's government denied everything, so in search for proof foreign governments decided to send their best agents to the area undercover to blend in as local SCAVs, also that attracted some bounty hunters with military background and also elite mercenaries to Tarkov in search for documents and other information that can reveal the truth and also find the entrance to Tarkov 2.0 but because of such enormous attention from other nation and amount of spies and military trying to get in and find out about the project, countries that were helping Russia build the city decided that its too risky to continue to be involved with the project, and also because of the rumour that the oil deposit is happened to be not that big as researchers initially thought, so all involved countries stopped their financing, and Russia alone being unable to sustain the progress of the project, they freezed it and locked out everything that was allready build few years later after the events some medical corporation came along by the name "Terragroup" and decided to take over the project and turn it into a scientific city to develop drugs, but the rumour was that the "Terragroup" was actually a cartel of the biggest criminal groups in the world and they wanted to build the biggest criminal capital in the history of humanity, with biggest black markets on the planet, with all sorts of intertainment one can only dream of, like harems that the ancient arab kings would be envy of, and many other things one could never possibly encounter in normal world so when Russian government found out that "Terragroup" could be not what they thought it was, they decided send their special operation forces B.E.A.R. to secretively find out the truth but what they weren't expecting that there were others trying to find out the truth, but not knowing it and not aware if those others are their allies or not they decided to be safe and just eliminate anyone they met without asking questions or leaving any witnesses to deter any unwanted newcomers to city the government launched a "Human Hunter" programm, they released prisoners in the area giving them only small amount of weapons, those are became known as SCAVs, to use them as guards for the areas, but eventually they got out of control, gathered in gangs and claimed city their territory and that is the moment where it all starts for the player, now he needs to choose the side to fight on and to go into raid, searching for evidence, loot, surviving and then escaping # ============================ # # 0018 Modes # # ============================ it would be interesting addition to have some "modes" that alter gameplay in some way, making it more difficult, more fun, more interesting having "Survival" or "Hunger game" mode, that would spawn player on a map that would primary consist of mountais, fields and forest with few villages, where one have to roam around and gather food like mashrooms, berries, fruits and also hunt animals like rabbits, racoons, squirrels or even some eatable incects and also fishing, so it would be mostly hunting and gathering gameplay, where one would only have knife, maybe a very big knife and one have to avoid wild animals and other players, and the more player moves the more calories he uses so the player would need to eat, by cooking food on fire if its a raw meat or mushrooms or just eat it if its berries or fruits and just try to survive the longest, like if its a lone marine on an enemy territory without reinforcement who is forced to live in forest and survive by what he can gather as a reference to a movie "Rambo" the player could also have bow and arrows and traps, to hunt animals like rabbits to take their fur and then sell it, so that could be similar to hatchet runs in "Factory" but only in the wild having "Battle Royal" or "Last Man Standing" mode, where everyone spawns without anything and all the weapon is located only in some places on the map and everyone have to find it and kill everyone else before being able to escape the other mode can be called "Miserable" or "Brutal" mode, where everything now is much more hardcore, your gun is reloading 3 times slower, you can be killed with 1 or 2 bullets in foot, the stamina is 10 times lower, you can carry 3 times less load, you need much more food, water to survive, and apply much more medicine and bandages when injured, and its being healed much longer, and if player got limp it will not be healed at all while in a raid, also the weapon jams 10 times more offten, the effects from grenade, bluriness, noise, lasts 5 times longer, when you run you can just slip and fall down randomy, you can't jump down even from small heights without being injured another mode is "Wild Wild Tarkov" or "Rush" or "Saw" as a reference to a movie "Saw" and in this mode player, who is given the role of a "hunted", doesn't have any weapon and has a device on his neck with explosion or electric saw, that can cut off player's head and a timer that would activate it if player will not type in special codes in time and the codes are placed randomly through the map in random locations, and while he is roaming around he can be met with SCAVs or another players, who are given the role of "hunters" who are here to stop the player, and "hunters" don't know the location of the codes so they can't just go here and wait for the player, also the player is given one location at a time and only when he reaches it and activates the code he is given the location of the next code, then after he gathers and activates all codes he disables the device and is given the location of place where he can escape and also the location where he can find weapons, and now he have choice to escape right away or go take a weapon and become "hunter" himself and try and kill other players or even other "hunters" add mode "War of attrition", where everyone has limited amount of food and water and an empty pistol and they have to reach as fast as possible some specific location on the map until they starve or dehidrate, in that location they find more food and water and coordinates of next location, then they should go to the next location and so forth, also at every location they will find one cartridge for their pistol so that would give them a chance to shoot other player if they see them or at least injure other player so they lost their blood and energy and will not be able to compete, then after wisiting 10 locations they would have to escape and the first one who escapes will actually escape and win the other players will not be able to escape, so the point is to be faster than others and more efficient with resources # ============================ # # 0019 Flora # # ============================ some maps would benefit by adding some foliage diversity, like entire fields of dandelions or sunflowers or corn # ============================ # # 0020 Market # # ============================ new black market trader, Gambler, he sells any currency for any currency being some sort of exchange, also only he buys treasure chests and relics from "museum" map but he is not always available and not very reliable of a trader so sometimes he can cheat, paying actually less money when exchanging currencies or buying relics and he lacks one finger on one of his hand and his avatar is a casino chip or a casino chip being hold by a hand without one finger new black market traider, Dr. Dark he byes human parts, like kidneys, so when player kills other player, not SCAV, he can use knife to cut out their body and get out some parts, he also have to use bags with ice for transportation, without ice it will start to rot very fast so if player forgot to take ice bags he have to be very fast to escape and sell that stuff # ============================ # # 0021 Loot # # ============================ make non weapon loot more interesting, so instead of just differentiate them by price it could be sold, by size it takes up in inventory and by image it presents on screen, for example figures of big cats, or big clocks all that staff that player can't care less about what it represents because he will just sell it and forget about it, so why not add meaning to the loot for example why not hide entire collection of faberzhe eggs on the map, and it can't be sold until all eggs from collection are found, so that would stimulate player not just pick up any egg but the egg that he doesn't yet has, leaving other eggs for other players to pick up add some really expensive artifact on every big map, like customs or shoreline, it can be some expensive painting like "mona lisa" or some neckles with diamonds, and it can cost something like $10k or even $50k or $100k, or it could be some funny artifacts like "silver dildo" for $1m or "golden dildo" for $10m, or a "pink dildo" for $1 that are very rare, and they spawn only once a month, so it will be the main point of interest for everyone and players would first try to get that artifact instead of just roaming around the map for regular loot, that will make raids much more intence and interesting, because everyone will try to reach it first, or it may not be here every raid but only sometimes but before starting raid every player should know that this raid the artifact will be there and they have to be prepared to get one, like getting all geared up with all their best stuff, because now if they succeed and get that artifact they can cover all expenses and will not be afraid loosing stuff that much placing stuff where it supposed to be in real life, so instead of making it spawn randomly on shelves or in loot boxes, like a car battery should be in a car, or a video card or harddrive should be inside computers, so you can wreck the car or the computer to get out the components, so now when player needs a car battery he can just go and find a car and take out battery instead of just roaming around hoping that it will spawn somwhere, also things like golden chain, they can be near beds in living rooms also there are so much stuff lying arond like notebooks, why not allow to grab them too, good notebook can cost at least $1k, also smartphones, tablets # ============================ # # 0022 Quests # # ============================ for example on big maps add few locked rooms through out the map, they are always in the same locations and they are all have digital lock and one needs to enter combination of numbers to unlock each room, also one of those rooms is always open, so that is the room the player needs to find first, in it it has some simple loot, location of the next room and the number combination to unlock that next room, also which one of those rooms is the open one changes every raid so when player finaly find the open room in it it will find 2 important things, the coordinates of the next room and the combination of digits to open next room, so the combination is written on piece of paper lieing on the table, and the player can just grab it so the next player who gets here will not find the unlocking numbers anymore, but the location of the next room is drawn on the map hanging on the wall and it can't be taken off, so the next player will at least know the location of the next room so he can run straight for that next room, but if he tryes to kill other player before he unlocks next room he will not be able to unlock it because the other player could just get rid of the piece of paper with code, so the only chance is to wait for other player to first unlock the door and attack him before he gets to read the unlocking code for the next room also there could be an explosion with a timer in every room, so when it explodes it will destroy the map on the wall and ll the loot in the room so the next player who get here will not be able to even find out the location of the next room also to make it more simple it could be not a room in a building but some barn or container outside, for ease and fast access, and also it would make it easy for other players to spot if someone is going towards it and see if that someone can unlock it, because he has the code, and ambush him, so that would make it more intensive, where player would fist think should he go straight and unlock the container and being ambushed or wait and check the environment because if that player has the code that would mean no one else has it and no one else will be open it anyway, so the player could just take his time and take it slow and that could be quite a quest, where player would need to traverse the map in some particular order chain unlocking rooms to get to the last one, with lots of loot and rare stuff how about having quest where you have to find an NPC in some locked room, who is diying and you have to heal him and grab him on your shoulders and get him to extraction, so only you have a key from that room or you will just know the password so you have to tell password and that NPC open door to you then you have to clear the area and get him in safety to extraction point, something similar to hostages resque in "counter strike" how about in addition to quests having a little challenges: escaping 5 seconds before raid ended, so here player is have to test their patience and sit near the exit and being able to escape in last few seconds, that would of cource makes them sort of "campers" so that would force them sort of guard the exit for the entire raid, or of course they can just chill in the bush without even sitting in front of their computer and then when time comes just escape, and all that would make other players aware how dangerous it could be to go for the exit and also it will make them explore more nearest locations at the exit if there is someone sitting and waiting the end of the raid or reach escape exit without any scav noticing you, so it would be sort of a "spy challenge" and you get money reward for it, depending on the map it can be as much as 1m rubles, and if you if you also manage to go through some particular places on the map on the route to escape and take a photo of places, you can get even more money, for example if you manage to photo some gunfights or even make selfie during gunfight, that would increase your "value" with traders and they will give you more rare stuff for cheaper # ============================ # # 0023 Supplies # # ============================ make it so that food can spoil, so now and then player would have to update food supplies, throwing away old food and replacing it with fresh to make sure the character will not get ill eating it, same for water, fresh water supplies are important except for honey, of course, honey can last for thousands of years or even having refrigerator in "hideout" to keep all food for longer I mean if we are talking about realistic gameplay, in real life food does have an expiration date also how about introducing "twinkies", it could be the cheapest food and it could also last for longest, so it would be the best food choice in the game # ============================ # # 0024 Weapon # # ============================ adding ability to throw 2 grenades at once, like duck tape them first, then throw, that would make it more deadly but of course you can't throw them as far as only one grenade, also shooting 2 guns from both hands, in real world its possible, like in this video: having gun animation for left handed, it shouldn't make it too difficult, just reverse 3D models but it will definitely make some left handed people happy, I mean if we talking about realism here, so it should be here =========================================================== by the way pretty much all of those ideas was written by the middle of 2018, so its more than a year ago, but I didn't have time to upload them, and I do it now, so some of those may be implemented, I watched this year's all Kotton's videos and I know you added "mosin" quite some time ago, and some other stuff like "labs" map, then just ignore those ideas so anyway, peace
  2. FelixZhao

    Hit Registration Problem?

    Hey everyone, this is my first post on the forum after about a year of play EFT, and I couldn't have imagined that it was because of such a sad reason. So, I was playing a relaxing raid at Interchange, and ran into a scav on the top of the ramp towards the OLI warehouse. I went prone and start shooting. I fired 4 shots and hit the head/shoulder area of the scav and died immediatly cause the scav shot me in my head. I felt it was weird so went back for the recorded clip and saw this: I hit at least one, and possibly two SP7 rounds, saw blood coming out of him, but when I go to the raid statistics I saw only 3 shots fired and I hit nothing. I'm not angry at all, but just sad. I'm attaching the video below so that people can see it. https://youtu.be/PCNsndIGeeY Ps: The video should still be 360p for now on youtube. The blood should be seeable. Let me know if it's still at 360 after sometime.
  3. One of the things I like most about Tarkov is the cat and mouse kinda gameplay that emerges between combatants when we don't rush at each other guns blazing, but have to mindgame the other player. Exchanging blindfire, assessing the other person's location and trying to predict their next move, flushing them out with grenades if they camp a site, etc. One of, if not the most important part of this is gathering as much information as you can on your enemy and on the fly formulating a plan whether and how to approach the situation. What I propose here would allow us to do some investigating and get more info from corpses to determine how to act. One option could be persistent blood spatter, showing entry and exit wounds that help determine the direction and maybe caliber (small spatter = small caliber, big spatter = big caliber, fubar = grenade) of the shooter. Or a new skill/alternatively tied into one of the existing skills like Perception or First Aid/Field Medicine that shows the cause of death on a corpse after inspection (e.g. damaged body parts, maybe with higher skill level direction and distance of the shot, etc.) For a practical example: Today, I ran Customs as Scav and came across four dead bodies right out in the open on the rocks behind Gas Station. Thing is, that was it. All I could glean from the corpses, even on closer inspection was that they were dead and partially looted. No wounds, no blood, no bullet holes or spent ammunition. Could have been a sniper, could have been a player rushing them, could have been a lucky AI Scav taking all of them out or it could have been a firefight between two small squads. In this case I got lucky and looted undisturbed, but I recall many, many, many times when I encountered a similar situation and a patient player hiding somewhere shot me to poo, even after surveying the area for what felt like ages. I'm not complaining about these situations, they are part of what makes Tarkov such a great and thrilling game. However, crafty players can turn areas into absolute killing fields while laying somewhere in the underbrush or sniping from a distance with little to no risk to themselves. Persistent/directional blood spatter or any other way of examining the aftermath of a battle could give an approaching player another tool to help figure out what the best course of action could be going forward. Thoughts?
  4. leecher1337

    New gamemodes

    Hi all! I'm sure this topic has been up already, but i could not find any one for what i purpose. The rumors say that there will perhaps be some 1-4 player in offline mode in some way. But i want to purpose a mode that actually has BEAR vs USEC vs SCAV. Scav's can kill all. But if you turn on scavs, you are on you own… USEC and BEAR should work as a team. No teamkills are allowed. Also there could be last man standing games were everyone spawn in as a SCAV. Then you have to survive to the end. When there is 3 players left, clues to a exit will show for all three remaining players. They will then have to locate the exit before the other two to be able to survive the match. NO Weapons will be taken in, or out! No XP for Standard game character. Just pure fun and Tarkov FPS joy!
  5. The mousewheel could be used for both so you can consume/apply items like painkillers and pineapple juice and stims in you container or backpack more effective, All the things that the PMC consumes i suggest.. I saw people use their meds from the safecontainer by rightklick and pressing use. That second is maybe critical if you bleed from many holes or have to be aware of your surrounding instead of looking at the inventory for 8 secounds cause it blurs the world behind like after getting peppersprayed. Inspecting is a one time thing you do but it is really annoying in the middle of urban warfare so that should definetly stay middle mousewheel too. Or maybe go. I trust my PMC to know what a energy saving lamp is in this stage of his life. Stuff like Military Hightech from that fancy Lab, stuff looking and behaving heavy Star Trek or at least a little shia labeouf. Okay, that could be worth an inspect. Ammunition and Weapon Parts, well, i depents on how well a PMC got drilled by his sergeant but that man should know stuff. Really. I dont mean that he should be a master of his trade but with the state of knowledge you start your game i couldnt help me but say: My PMC is negligent stupid.
  6. Hey everyone, A new video I have been working on which breaks down one of my scavenger runs. Video starts with a quick Customs Intro followed by the Shoreline Scav breakdown gameplay. I hope you enjoy!
  7. Hello everyone ! (I'm French so i'll try my best to speak in english) I have some ideas that could enrich Escape from tarkov and that could possibly fit into the lore. ****QUEST**** QUEST* : PNJs that could give you random scenarized additional Quest like in the division : You hear someone screaming, it is actually a PNJ tortured/traped by SCAVS or some weird hostile AIs : you can let him die and pass your way, or you can save him and escort him to somewhere safer and maybe HEAL him, give him water/food. Then later you 'll receive a reward like at the end of a quest (like prapor's) or in the hideout a "mystery gift box" with some things valuable or not. QUEST ** : Collect body part for a "weirdos faction" : "you know the new AI that would come with knifes and melee weapon." : One member of the SECT give you a quest : you have to kill 20 persons and then collect 20 body parts : 20 finger, 20 scalp, etc.... AND YOU HAVE AN ANIMATION OF YOUR PMC cutting the body parts like in read dead redemption when you gather Hides or meat on animals. QUEST*** : you can find Temporar traders in Raid : the trader 'll tell you to find something during this raid and to bring him, in exchange he will tell you where he Hid the valuable/precious Roller / USB key / God Tier Weapon -> This could lead to an animation with a shovel to Dig out the goods. "treasures Maps" QUEST****: You have to bring Vehicules Parts / Fuel to a PNJ in a Gaz Station : This will Open an dynamic extract : The Pnj will take 10min to restore the vehicule, you will protect him from scav attacks, then you will enter the vehicule with him as driver, and he will drive to the extract, during this you have to survive (30sec-60sec of driving at high velocity) -> This will give you extra XP and Extra Stuff as Rewards and Reputation because this dude was a friend of Fence, then Fence will give you Quests and better Prices. Plus some extra High Techs items. ETC........... ****GAMEPLAY FEATURES**** -->Dynamic Quest in Raid Given by PNJ -->Cutting Little Body Parts to collect them for Proof of kill like dogtags -->Additionnal Visual Dommage effect on DEAD body : example : When u walk on a land mine / Grenade and u die : legs torn off. More Blood / more Blood on cloths in case of high blood loss -->Dommage on weapons when you fire a big caliber : example : 7.62x31 bullet hit an Ak : Ak dommaged -->Unconsciousness : you have to drag/carry your friend's body in safe place -->This feature could lead to something more : you can capture uncouscious scavs for a quest ? Or you can capture a unconscious PMC from an other factions during a RAID and reanimate him, then execute him, maybe "film it" with special in game item for a special Quest. (could lead to bad Karma with some traders, and Extra karma with others) (Inspired by a Feature i loved in Reign Of King : capture guys with ropes) -->In raid Scripted light Vehicules Controlled By PNJ for quest/extraction purposes. -->Big Events Like Airdrops, Raider attack, scav vs Raider vs Sect Members vs PMC WAR -->Safe Zone With Ultra High End GEARED UN-PNJs : You can trade in those "safe Zones", or you can try to attacks Them for Quest purpose or For High End Loots -->Could take place near the docks in SHoreline, (the yet unaccessible zone) the UN-PNJs would have .50BMG Stationnary Weapons (you could have to kill them From very Far away with a sniper rifle and then prepare to Raid their base. (stuff would be artificially limited in a balancing purpose) -->I'll add more ideas if it comes to my mind (i'd be happy if BSG's members or The Big BOSS Nikita Himself, could read this and tell me if there are interesting things (maybe for DLC) in those suggestions. I think one or two things i mentioned are planned or at least in discussion) Thank you all for your reading.
  8. ThotKrusher

    New idea for dogtag value

    So ever since dogtags lost value i've pondered what they could be used for apart from collecting dust or low level trades. How about a system that adds value to the dogtags depending on how well the player has been playing since their last death. so for example, if a player gets like 20 scav kills and 6 PMC kills and has extracted from like 4 different raids in a row their dogtag is worth way more than a hatchling that has just died repetitively An easy way to do this would to use all the EXP gained from the previous raids before death. and maybe that can even be a sub-statistic accompanying the most survived in a row stat. and if you want to go even more out there an ability to see your current dogtag and what it's appearance is (like if it gets more scratched and badass the longer you've been alive and the more exp you've gotten in that one life) anyway thats just my two cents.
  9. Leviath4n

    Various Ideas

    Okay so the TL;DR We need individual sensitivities for scopes or magnifications because sometimes it just feels completely off and hard to use (example: Valday PS-320 1x/6x Scope, has a slow 1x sensitivity and a very fast x6 sensitivity) A sort of jury-rigged attachment system where you can modify things to fit where they normally wouldnt. (example: taping a light onto a shotgun without a rail system) The interface in the trading menus needs to be changed so that things can be bought together instead of one by one with a window similar to the selling tab. Basically, flea market cap of 3 items is kind of annoying and I know has been touched on before but it needs to be increased. obviously, the best way is to just increase it with your rep. Most importantly of the changes I'm suggesting is definitely the ability to either set the sensitivity on a per scope basis or the ability to set sensitivities for each magnification level, much how PUBG does it. The best example I can think of is the Valday PS-320 1x/6x Scope. It has a weird sensitivity issue where it's fast on the x6 and slow on the x1 magnifications. Its almost as if they're inverted. This sucks cuz it's my favorite scope but it is sometimes unwieldy. The best scope in the game in terms of functionality for me is the PSO but it doesnt fit on nearly enough guns. This brings me to the next point of having a sort of more crafty or jury-rigged manner of putting attachments on guns. So for example maybe a way to saw off the extra parts of a PSO and attach it to any gun using tape or glue or screws (or anything that would make sense) and other things like taping a flashlight/laser onto a shotgun (or any gun for that matter) without a rail system. It would add so much diversity to the gun builds and some great immersion maybe midraid where u tape a laser or something onto your shotgun at night on factory. Could be cool. The buying of weapon mods can be quite tedious when you have to individually buy each attachment and fill in the roubles. So why not just have a buying window as you have for the selling window with a little pop up window for buying in bulk/larger quantities (like for ammo). That way you can choose everything you want to buy from a single trader all at once and purchase it all at once. Just a nice little quality of life change. And finally the least important change. Just allow for a higher allowance of items you can put on the flea market at any given time. This could rely on the rep system which as it stands doesnt really have a use at all past i think 0.50 rep. everything after that is kind of just a number. Maybe for every 1 rep up to 5 you get an extra slot or every 0.5 even up to 3 and then every 1 up till 5 and every 2-5 until 10 rep. Would just make it more manageable and would be cool since a cap of three kinda sucks. Thats about it, let me know about any suggestions or changes you guys think of. Cheers and so you in Tarkov.
  10. NoMercyyy

    Server Probleme?

    Ich weiß nicht was los ist mit den Servern kann es sein das die gerade am arbeiten sind? wollte gerade 2 mal Full Equiped mit AS Val rein und werde 2 mal Raus geworfen kann mir wer ne Seite sagen wo man den Server Status sehen kann wäre nett
  11. So I was playing on customs with a friend and we've had a horribly rough patch of Tarkov with high level players and their gear just bullying us around or enemy scavs both player and AI one tapping us due to lack of equipment. I'm nearly level 11 and he's roughly half way through level 9. We're both very experienced with shooters and know our thing for those interested. With this raid, we're on point, we're clearing buildings like champs. Killing random scavs that were ahead of us with one shots and looting with quick efficiency. Now we're at the Gas station, and I've just taken one guy down. The only other persons who are with us (and breathing), is my friend and the scav that had decided to hide behind the fuel truck. So with both threats taken care of and no one in sight I decided to loot my fresh kill in hopes of getting a decent score. But it seems in this game, if you're having too much fun, it has to stop as I was immediately killed by a player scav who clearly just spawned in right bloody next to me! Now you could view this as just bad luck but this to me is a bad game design that needs to be looked at. If it were the other way round, That guy who killed me would have himself been instantly killed by myself or my friend (which he was while he attempted to loot my body) when spawning in and no time to react. This game is alot of fun and while I have some issues regarding the leveling abilities of new players or lower level players I'm content with how things are run mostly. But this issue has Pissed me off a bit as It just feels like a cheap cheat death rather than something that is my fault or something my opponent actually worked for.
  12. stAKato

    Gameplay, Maps, Sounds, AI

    Hello BSG & Everybody and Happy New Year, I'm here to suggest you some things that might (must for some) have been already asked and maybe some news. (please be sure that each section is asked with "please" instead of "*" ) 1- Gameplay *add suppressive fire (blackened tunnel vision for ex, shaky vision...) *add (please for god sake) "vault" instead of vertical jump on surfaces and obstacles with different stances and vaulting animations depending on your speed and which object is in front of you. *add running speed *add skids when you stop running at high speed or brutally change running direction *hang down weapon instead of permanent ADS stance. ADS should drain stamina a little (like aiming but in a lesser extent) *add earplugs with passive / active sound control to avoid tinnitus - have you tried to shoot in close quarters without ear protections? Spoiler alert--it's painful, even if you open your mouth to control air pressure. (helmets that protect ears and headphones already plays that role) *add shout / whisper for in-game vocal communication rose. (and apply them to scav) 2 - Sound *decrease sounds on certain surfaces and through thick ceiling / walls *add tinnitus for a short while when shooting without protection in very closed quarters (rooms and corridors, shacks for ex) *are bolting sounds on sv 98 and r700 synced with animations??? 3 - Maps *add ladders (wisely) so we can fight more vertically, ambush, open new path to escape... (planned?) *(must be planned but) add the southern industrial zone to Customs. *maybe add some outskirts or another warehouse to Factory? 4 - AI *I know SCAV and Raiders behavior will be tweaked, but if not planned, add progression (cover/support + progression + getting around), blindfire, suppressive fire, L E A N, evasion moves... *add randomly some low level raiders, with lesser / medium level equipment to each Maps. Thanks for reading and maybe replying. Once again, I know that most of these were already asked or maybe planned and I apologize for every redundancies. Keep up the good work. PS : In @DeadlySlob's video about R700 on Woods, you can see the cocking handle of his MP5SD change position between "rear and empty" after shooting and "forward" when switching back to it after firing the R700. (from 6 : 51) 
  13. 4hire

    Check this out.

    Just in case you guys haven't seen this yet. Keep up the good job guys, and bring Aim punch again please.
  14. https://www.facebook.com/WARH0RE/videos/531889363950173/ This WARH0RE guy are using crosshair overlay in game, this make me wonder can we use it in game now ? I thought this were banned in game long ago.... Is this cheated ? I'm just wonder only....Please help me
  15. Theses new scavs have taken out the entire fun of the game, looting and killing players. If I wanted to fight against Overpowered, Laser sighted AI that I couldn't manage to defeat I would jump on any Single player game and put the difficulty upto extreme, tie one hand behind my back and play the game with my toes. I have been playing Tarkov for about 1 year now with pretty good success and have been playing Hardcore shooters for years over 4000+ hours in Arma 3, 3k of them in survival mods like Day Z. But I just can't get a hold on these Scavs, no matter how much re-positioning or sneak tactics applied, if you don't land that first perfect head shot at 100m+ its game over. Their first shot hits you every time, without fail usually breaking a limb, applying the pain fuzz and then proceed to either nade or push you, without any fear. I am not a salty player I love the hardcore aspect, the rush you get in a good firefight and when you get tapped in the head well, Gear is Gear go find more. So this isn't one of "those" posts. Now as far as I understand Scavs are meant to be Armed Civilians, Looters, Not Ex SAS agents with Bionic eyes with a 4x magnification and thermal imaging ? The only trained Goons are Scav boss and his Hexagonal Table of minions, Who are easy to kill than regular scavs atm, just FYI It is easier to kill 2-3 geared players atm than to kill a Scav or two. I was just at the SE spawn of Interchange for the 3rd time and couldn't even get to the ramp, Scavs in Bushes with Thermal vision. Tiny cracks in cars, Peakholes so to speak lit up from 50-100m with shots slipping straight through them, most the guns are iron sighted so WTF There BSG? Scav Nerf should have been one of the hot fixes. Other than a few BSG fanboys who would defend you even if you told them to jump off a bridge I feel I can speak for a large majority of players to say enough is enough with these Scavs. I love the new mechanics and way of thinking the AI have, It makes them less of potatoes, But their aim, decision making speed, vision, ability to eat bullets is just far overdone. It is almost as if you didn't test these bots against a collection of player levels? If these Scavs are here to stay I will be very dissapointed with the Battle state team, along with the majority of the players in the community I am in. You are cutting your own throats so to speak by not listening to your community, I wont be sticking around if this is where the game is headed. You have a new patch, an opportunity now to hold onto a hyped player base, listen to your community.
  16. Krinkles

    Iron Sight Issues

    So I've found that, in my experience, that aiming with iron sights consistently hast he bullet being lower than where the point of aim should be; much, much lower in a lot of cases. At first I figured I was just too close, and the sights were zeroed for something further out, but as I tried it at varying ranges I found it consistently shot low (much greater distances becoming subject to excessive displacement long before anything conclusive could be surmised). However, at close and modest ranges, it was low every time. Like, real low; seemed to want to pull to the left on the first shot as well. I shot it several times after the first to make sure it in itself wasn't just scatter, and each time the patterns held. Somewhat ironically, the grouping on the PPS proved to be most consistent at closer ranges, but it still pulled way down. On it's image I've moved closer to the target (center of the 5 on the licence plate) after shooting, to show this. I tried to sidestep to give an idea of where I had leveled the shots when I fired, but there's some variance, just with the character's static breathing and all. I was holding Shift during each shot, but not afterwards. Now, this could totally be a setting I don't know about, or some weird like "oh, well your gun-skill is low so your character's constantly overcompensating when the start shooting," or something like that, but I don't believe it is. With the stubby 74, especially, I find I'd basically have to cover the target in the large flat surface under the top of the sight to get it closer to where I'd want it to be.
  17. Shadow2611

    Group Evac

    I participated in a match and was able to exfil from the map, but my teammate was not able to use the exfil point?? If the exfil points could be the same for group members that would be awesome so there isnt one guy left to die.
  18. TNwhiskey

    Move towards more organic play.

    As of right now in Tarkov, all of the streamers play 8 to 10 hours a day and discover the locations of all items and create guides. To me this ruins the scavenging part of the game. This is why we have hatchet players to begin with. They know where to run and where to search. Making the map devoid of any valuable loot for people who want to play the game as intended. Should there be no fixed spawns for items and every location is just pure loot tables? I would be OK with that because I would spend more time in raid searching. Not hitting the high spots and leaving. Of course this is my opinion but I believe it would improve raid quality. Thanks for reading.
  19. I run a Escape from Tarkov Trading Discord that is nearing 10,000 members( https://discord.gg/gJUZ6JR ) , we have always talked about how the game gets stale after you are done all the quests. After all the quests are done, you just go killing people and only collecting the best loot. It becomes stale and people leave eventually. So on our discord we came up with an idea that could be implemented in EFT with great effect. We already implemented it into our discord with great success, and people are actually doing quests and creating them. Player Made Quests  Here is an example: __________________________ A scraggly set of flyers seems to have been stapled to every power pole and tree in a 5km radius. Pink fluorescent paper and an irritating font, whoever put these up knew what they were doing in terms of getting attention. *The text is in Russian and English, as follows:* - Hello Comrades, Compatriots, and Money Makers!* Have you ever wished make money? World is open to you in make money! Personal PC Computer prices skyrocket! We export PC, you build PC! Don't know how to build PC? No problem! Get all PC component, put inside computer box, mark computer box's location and we do rest! *After looking over a few flyers, you finally find one that has a note attached to it. Written in English and far more coherent.* - Alright, so. These guys are cornering the market on pre-built PC's. It's one big scam, just not for us. They want a PSU, 3x fans, 1x CPU, and 1x HDD. You leave them inside a PC case in the office near the pier, along with a bribe for the customs officials. Then they pick it up, ship it overseas, and you get a gun out of the deal. Quest Instructions: Deliver 1xPSU, 1x CPU, 3x PC fans, 1x HDD Reward upon completion: 1x Fully Modded AK74UB 3x 6L31 Magazines ________________________________________ The only way I can think of this working is if have a "Setting Board" when creating Quests. You can have like "Quest Dialog" = Any Kind of "Flavour text" to make the quest interesting "Requirements" = Kill 10 scavs/USEC/BEAR, collect X items, Drop Off items (in set locations that BSG Chooses), Survive for x Mins etc "Rewards" = Anything you are wanting to give as a reward. "Total of times this quest can be done" = If you only have 1 reward to give away then it needs to have a restriction so 20 people cannot do the quest. "Quest Completion Dialog" = Where once you turn in the items or finish killing it will say a thank you or Proceed to another Quest line like "Part 2" if the Creator has another quest to issue.
  20. I've heard rumors of the game eventually going open world and I personally think that the game should take a different approach for a number of reasons. Firstly we only have one game mode and that is raids, instead of going open world we should get more game modes possibly some team based game modes especially because we are getting a karma system that penalizes you for killing your own faction members. Some game modes like ones similar to maybe search and destroy, a domination mode or maybe something like rush from Battlefield where you have to move through the map completing objectives you know, more mission types to make the world FEEL more open than it actually being open this will be good because it feels like choosing a faction is rather pointless and being penalized for killing someone that shoots at you or you feel like is going to is kinda dumb. Secondly is that unless it's optimized correctly it'll be laggy and broken as all hell and instead of getting new content we'll be getting patches for the open world until it works correctly and fill in the empty spaces if the map is incomplete I think it's better to flesh the game out with more stuff to do first before going open world if the devs do decide to go down that road. Lastly, I will just say that this game is great and has a lot of great things that set it apart from other games and one of them is that it isn't open world. I was getting to the point that I was sick of seeing too many open world shooters and I feel like Tarkov doesn't really fit the open world scene because of the way it plays and unless the game has more game modes to 'blend' into the open world it will be boring, empty and will take a lot of resources.
  21. Gordsey

    Gameplay In General

    After playing the game for a bit, I have come to realize there is there is a huge disadvantage to new players who don't know the game. After playing the maps a lot of times and experiencing some luck along the way I have mostly experienced frustration and disappointment when it comes to being killed and loosing all of my gear to a player who is 3,4 or 5 times my level. Is there any chance you could implement a server tier system where it pits you against players of similar level, for example there could be the noob server which goes from 1-5 or 10 and then the next one would go 5-10 or 10-20 etc. I think this would help with more experienced players becoming less disheartened when a hachling comes along and one shots them with a toma-hawk, also it would give the noob's a better chance at getting a foot hold in the game. Also on another note, while playing with a friend from Canada and with him hosting, I couldn't see him at all, he was either right next to me, or a ghost, he could see me but I could not see him, I don't know if this is a server issue with it being in beta or if it was a problem on my part, I am yet to try and play with someone from the UK and hope to do so soon, however will there be a fix for this if it is a server issue. My main point is the pitting of experienced players against noob's. I understand other games so it etc but most games have a system in place where noob's get to stand a chance and "Get Good". In the games that do pit experienced players against noob's the stakes are nowhere near as high in this game. A couple of games could completely wipe you out and lead you to never playing again due to a few recurring bad experiences. Let me know if any of you agree or disagree with my points here. FUN HUNTING!
  22. lolikong

    about play as a scav

    Do this game encourage player SCAV kill other player SCAV's? Now in this game, when you kill a player SCAV, than all AI SCAV's will be hostility. But if you don't kill that SCAV, he is likely to kill you when you act as a player(for example: searching, shaking body)
  23. Jeep12

    Animals in woods

    Hi ! Loads of thanks to BSG team for your incredible work. I think the success of this game is not only made by the realism of the fight but also due to the realism of the environment. I often see birds in the sky but i think it could be realistic and interesting to add moving animals in woods that can make noises and disturb player's concentration such as rabbits, squirrels, hedgehoggs... and they can introduce some worries to listening moving in brushes. It can be scary at night too.
  24. Vorcheski


    I'm sure some of you are rather annoyed by how restricted the jumping is. I know the game is realistic and it's to prevent things like bunnyhopping, which is fine. No one likes that stuff in most shooters, like BF or CoD. However, because of how restricted the jumping is, sometimes it's hard to get over basic obstacles. I have flashbacks to STALKER getting stuck on every single piece of rubble trying to navigate Limansk. I played the Customs map, and there was one really frustrating part that could've ended in my death, had I not already cleared the area. I'm sure most of you know what I'm talking about: The ramp that scales a fence on the railroad tracks. Anyway, a simple, yet effective solution: A vaulting/climbing option. Things that are waist-high should be scalable, and hell, maybe you can even climb over fences if they're low enough. Climbing/vaulting speed should be dependent on how much you're carrying. This should compliment the jumping, where if there's something that's rather easy to jump over, you can. There's a certain warehouse in Customs where you can get stuck behind them without jumping around to find the sweet spot. I suggest just ever so slightly increasing the jumping height to circumvent this problem. Or add a step-up when you're next to things that are shin-high! Not necessary, of course. This could also open up some escape options, as well as new ways to enter areas that might surprise the enemy. Same goes for descending, if you're near an edge, you should have a "drop down" when you jump, to lessen the impact and sometimes even completely prevent breaking your legs. This will add a whole new tactical aspect to the game, because now some places might not be safe if you can climb around. Although, this climbing is just a suggestion. I'm not suggesting that we all become mountain climbers, but instead do what makes sense. A chain-link fence? Climb over that sucker. 2 meter-high wall? Jump over that business! Waist-high wall that can easily be circumvented? Vault that thing! What's really necessary is a simple vaulting prompt. If climbing over fences and walls is a bit too much, vaulting is the only thing necessary. Although it might make for more engaging combat strategies if you could climb over certain walls and fences, as well as get the drop on enemy if they're underneath a rock, you know, if you don't break your legs in the process. They'd better have a splint on them.
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