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Found 163 results

  1. kpttr

    looking for people to play with

    Hey I'm always running solo, would like to find some people to group with. I'm 24 and only speak english. if interested add me in game or on discord. KP#5751 / KPttR (in game)
  2. Rickle-Pick

    Looking for a Duo/Group to play with

    Hi guys, I'm not going to beat around the bush, I am new to EFT and in search of a partner/group. Any replies are appreciated and as deadly would say 'keep slurpin' - Rickle Pick
  3. pheonixcarnage

    JAG is recruiting.

    Good day everyone, My ingame name is DrunkenPheonix, and ill let you know a little about my community. JAG has been around for ages, members are all over the place, old and new, however we are strictly an invite only community, and we follow a military rank structure. It was formed in the 90's by members playing delta force, and has continued to live. The low membership numbers are because we only invite members that are/will be like family to us. Since its inception, JAG has gone thru major changes, once having number at 1500+ people, to having 10. i am trying to bring back this community to the good old days, and if you are willing to help support and grow with it, i invite you to the community. 3 major rules; - Clan tag after your names in all multiplayer games, if possible (some games wont let you add a clan tag) - be social and nice to all members, disputes will be solved by higher ups - by loyal to JAG Some perks; - game giveaways every month - depending on dedication, promotions are easy I am looking to restart the community in Escape from tarkov. if your interested, join the discord below. every month, we have a meeting were all members are formally initiated. We also play a game called men of war, were prizes are given to the winning person, or team. Looking forward to new faces. Drunkenpheonix https://discord.gg/wE5N5aC
  4. WolfHeartFury

    Looking for a group?

    we are a group looking for mature and serious gamers with good communication skills and team work abilities. simple as that, if you know how to keep comms silence when needed and great with callout then this is the place for you. https://discord.gg/usW2UN9
  5. I am very new to the game, currently lvl 1. I pre-ordered this game a couple months ago and am just now getting into it. I am just looking for 1 or 2 chill guys to play with while I stream, i feel this game is much more fun with a group. Add me on steam if interested and message me so I know what its about. http://steamcommunity.com/id/blendingmaster
  6. A couple months back I made a discord server and made a post about it which attracted way more people than I ever thought it would. Right now, we're at about 170 members when I thought I'd be lucky to attract 5. If you'd like to join our little community, i'll leave the link for you or feel free to message me on either discord or the forums here; Snek#3785 As always, stay cheeki breeki my friends, and have fun escaping <3 https://discord.gg/5CjJFj2
  7. xerios

    HKIA Group

    Hey everybody,Hello Kitty island adventures is a older gaming group that is looking for a couple of individuals looking for a small elite group to play with. We play everyday at around 4 pm to 11 pm Mountain Time.We are not mass recruiting nor do we have a fancy website for you to go on, were only here for the few who need a good group to stick with and can hold there own when firefights happen. We are only accepting US players and must have a mic. The age requirement is 18+ . We do not do tryouts because everybody can get better overtime with a helping hand. We Do not have a ranking system Nor will we ever in our groups. If you are interested just send a reply and ill get back to you with the discord information. If i did not get back to you after your reply in a day or so that means our slots have been filled. Thanx for your time
  8. Athelion

    Unofficial Experienced EFT Discord

    Unofficial Skilled EFT Discord | Experienced and Skilled players only. This discord is for people looking to play with other groups and get to know their play style, theres one thing we don't allow that other servers do, People that don't know what they are doing or that are bad at the game. If you are interested in being apart of the community go ahead and join the discord we are looking for active members to be willing to moderate the chats for us and active players to play with each other to make it a active community. Requirements: Played for 1 wipe Knows call outs for maps 16+ (If your below this age but mature and a non squeaky voice we will allow it.) Click here for discord invite REPLY ON THIS THREAD WITH YOUR DISCORD NAME INCLUDING HASHTAG TO BE VERIFIED EX: Reach Entry#7522
  9. aleon93

    LFG or Looking to start one

    I'm resubmitting this because the first one was too long. I've been waiting to get started in Tarkov this wipe because of the server issues from the free week players. I've been playing Tarkov a couple months practicing offline often to attempt to practice. I really want to get my feet in the water this wipe and reach level 30 or 40 at least. I am looking for two or three fellow players who are active often around 9pm-2am US central time. I don't know a lot about the keys and things like that but I have been practicing with the weapons of the game for a while now. I have discord and we can use mine if we need to for comms. I've played other MP games and I have experience with a small team. We can vote on a name for our clan or whatever we want to call it later. I don't really care about names, I just want a couple friends to play Tarkov with. If the game goes well, and I believe that it will, I intend on playing Tarkov on and off for the next couple of years. I'm looking for some people I get along with that I can trust to watch my back. I don't care if we die, and I don't care if we lose poo. That's not the point of playing for me. So yeah, reply on here. Or add me on steam/tarkov chat. Tell me who you are and that you're interested in the group and I'll send you discord link. Oh and I'm USEC if you care. I like that I can understand the commands. I don't speak Russian. Steam: Aleon (look for the Skeleton from Blood and Bacon holding a Python revolver in a top hat while smoking) I don't intend on changing my profile pic anytime soon. Message me via steam and we'll talk about playing. I think we should try to snowball some gear sets at first while we get used to playing with one another. Maybe start as scav runs and try to escape consistently and keep our gear. If we're smart we can do this, although I know Tarkov is unforgiving I think it was meant to be played in a trio at least. lose too***
  10. GalacticBanana

    UC Unknown Clan

    Hello! If you are looking to be a part of creating a group of people with ideals centered around everyone profits or no one profits and serious but not too serious, this is the perfect place for you! Above all I want a group of people who are not toxic and are helpful to each other. Although we will take the game seriously above all it is a game and we should have fun. If you are interested in being a part of an upstart clan please join this discord https://discord.gg/Mdq6nMr Read the rules and get the attention of a Leader or mod to introduce you.
  11. ThePloof

    Looking for some no lives

    I'm looking for some peeps to play with. I'm always on for the grind. However, grinding with some friendlies would be a lot more fun. (i'm not joining communities, i will not be joining team speak channels) https://discord.gg/WgbW5HK
  12. GalacticBanana

    UC Unknown Clan

    Hello! If you are looking to be a part of creating a group of people with ideals centered around everyone profits or no one profits and serious but not too serious, this is the perfect place for you! Above all I want a group of people who are not toxic and are helpful to each other. Although we will take the game seriously above all it is a game and we should have fun. If you are interested in being a part of an upstart clan please join this discord https://discord.gg/Mdq6nMr Read the rules and get the attention of a Leader or mod to introduce you.
  13. A couple months back I started a discord server to find people to play with so I could keep myself from getting killed at every corner. Since then the server has grown to about 130 members who play regularly and are all super friendly. If you play solo and aren't having a ton of fun, or you're not entirely sure what you're doing and would like some help feel free to join us and we'd love to help you. As always, stay cheeki breeki my friends. https://discord.gg/5CjJFj2
  14. We have about 70 EFT players in our discord. we are just a group of guys who like playing together and having a good time. everyone is welcome even if you just bought the game. we held each other do quests and have fun its very chill. pm me for discord if interested.
  15. Eazy_E

    Are you looking for a group???

    Are you looking for a group? we have a group on discord about 70 EFT player community. if you want to join just PM me and ill send you the discord link. MUST BE 18+ mature. We welcome all levels from the best player to people who joust bought the game. Hit me up if you wana join.
  16. Title...really feeling this game, need someone who is confident in their aim, just trying to find a duo partner. https://discord.gg/EG5AJ5g
  17. BenedictSmithzY

    Looking to build a friendly but firm community.

    Welcome Everyone. Me and a few friends have been trying to build a Escape From Tarkov (among other games) friendly group and community. The rules are very simple and we look to welcome everyone of all ages and all skill levels. We look for your support and help throughout this and we're happy to answer any questions or query's here, and in our discord. My discord and IGN is Ironside. Hopefully we'll see you in the raid. Good Luck! https://discord.gg/RBGQnS
  18. rrk

    Looking for Friends

    HI guys, I'm looking fir people to play with preferably 18+, english or romanian speaking, and discord. I'm fairly new. I got up to level 29 and then I wiped. Looking for people to complete missions with, kill people, and have fun. https://discord.gg/gYbMNAG http://steamcommunity.com/id/rrkshifty/
  19. Hey Guys! I'd like to start by saying that we are a small group of friends that play tarkov here and there together and looking to grow into somthing bigger. Yes we play tarkov quite regular but we also play other games and are looking for anyone who whishes to grow there little group of playing buddies even futher but we also dont mind having anyone that like to just join us for tarkov when there is no one else to group with. Now we also play other games like I previously stated like ARMA 3 and Dayz but there are lots more please feel free to join our discord to ask for more details on what we do What we are mainly looking for are English speaking players that speak it clearly enough to have a good experience playing with. We dont mind accepting new escape from tarkov players or vets. i personally wont mind taking time out my day to make sure you know some ins and outs of the game Discord: https://discord.gg/PNVb9a2
  20. rrk

    Looking for a Group

    Hey, I'm a new player and I'm looking for people to play with. I got up to level 19 but its not very fun without anyone else to play with. Looking for anyone 18+ preferably and that has discord. http://steamcommunity.com/id/rrkshifty/ I should also mention that I'm not hardcore. Just looking to have fun and kill people....maybe even stream a bit.
  21. looking for English speaking players to join our little discord and help make it a safe haven for all level players who need help completing raids more efficiently and come out with better loot more often. we also have gun giveaways in our discord from time to time, ranging from rifles to fully decked pm pistols with 84 round drum mags. don't be shy and join us for a little fun . Peace out girl scouts. discord: https://discord.gg/nCfBaqX (if the link doesn't work pm me and ill send another direct link to you) -Sean
  22. Vladimir_Tod

    Lookin for extra squad members

    Hey guys hope your day is going well, Basically me and my "squad" so to speak, usually doesn't have a full party (4 to 5 people). Usually its only 2 or 3 people on at a time so im giving out my discord if you would like to play together. You dont need to be a certain level or anything we aren't picky. Thanks guys https://discord.gg/7pMSyN
  23. Spotter71

    LF Group of Rookies

    Looking for some people to play with. I'm a little new to the game so I am a rookie If you want to join me just join this discord https://discord.gg/UXu98q or add me on steam http://steamcommunity.com/id/spotter71
  24. EnemyPixel

    Looking for a squad.

    What is up Tarkov? Im here posting because I would like to find some squad mates interested in gaming together and using discord to communicate. I'm fairly new to the game only lvl 17 but I have a pretty good grip on the fundamentals at this point, so I would say I'm pretty decent at the game. I just want to maximize the experience by finding some entertaining conversation or jokes to kill the silence in raids and have an extra gun on the field to watch my back and help cover theirs. If anyone wants to game you can either reply here or add me on steam. My ID is: Enemy Pixel™ Looking forward to hearing from you.
  25. Hey guys I am Yuki I started playing about a week ago and I am looking for people to play with and go on discord with.
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