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Found 163 results

  1. SmooveOperator1

    Looking for group

    Been playing the game for a while now, lvl 37. Mainly play on woods solo but am looking for a group. I'm fully geared. Message me so we can link up.
  2. hey, there today I am starting a group, don't have a name for us yet but plan to do so soon. This group will be playing Tarkov and other games that you can find on the discord. The only catch is you must be 16+ and have a mic but come play and leave as you please. oh, bonus points if you're a youtuber too! so just fill out the app and I will dm you the discord link Age: Time zone: Youtube channel: Skill level of tarkov (out of 10): do you own steam: do you stream:
  3. deck12345

    Looking For Players

    Hello I have been playing EFT for a few weeks now and looking for a few players to join me. I am a mature player and enjoy tactical play but also like to have fun. if you play fairly regular, have a mic and discord reply below or send a pm and i will send you a link. Anyone is welcome new or experienced doesn't matter we all can learn from one another. I am a chilled player so only 1 rule no raging its only a game.
  4. Hey there! Been playing for awhile now, and want to group up! Using Discord and alike. If you are from DK then nice, if not, then... nice! Hit me up here! Current lvl 31
  5. Abschatten

    Looking for small fire-team(s)

    Located out of Chicago, IL. I am 23, work in IT, and I've been playing PC since 2002, I have been very focused on heavily tactical games since Arma 2. I've played a lot of Arma, DayZ, (well over 4000+ hours in Arma and DayZ combined) Squad, and generally tactic based games. I have been playing EFT nonstop since January. Currently level 30 (busy season at work) Depending on work, gym, and social life I will generally be on from 8pm-1am Central time Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and maybe Saturday and Sunday mornings. I don't mind joining a clan but I am not looking for super hardcore simulation, I would like people to play with, and who will take the game somewhat serious while keeping it enjoyable I just can't commit to a sim group.
  6. Looking for a teammate to duo with. Just started the game, but I have a lot of experience in games like Rust (1.1khrs), The War Z (aka I:SS aka NewZ)(600 hrs.)) , DayZ (300 hrs collectively between the mod and standalone), H1Z1 both survive and kotk (600 hrs), and others. I am 22 years old. I live in Ohio in the United States so its Eastern Standard Timezone. I only speak english. I use TeamSpeak 3 for voice communication, I own a ts3 server. here are my specs: GPU: EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti FTW3 GAMING Motherboard: MSI Z270 GAMING M7 LGA 1151 Intel Z270 Processor: Intel Core i7-7700K Kaby Lake Quad-Core 4.2 GHz with CORSAIR Vengeance LED 16GB DDR4 on a 144hz 1080p monitor If you would like, here is some clips from my first day playing the game.
  7. deck12345


    Hi All I am currently looking for a few players to team up with and work together must be 16+ and have an mic (will be using discord). I am a casual player but also like to play tactical at times. if anyone if interested reply to this or send me a pm. Thanks.
  8. FlarmBlarg

    Looking for Group

    Hey, looking for some people/ group to team up with that use teamspeak/discord and speak english. Not necessarily high leveled players, I myself am level 34 but I don't mind also helping out new players try and get gear. Been playing this solo and it's losing it's sheen so I feel that some eyes watching my 6 might be a nice change for once haha. feel free to ask in other languages for others looking for team members, not necessarily for just me, I couldn't find any other posts on teams.
  9. TheGamingScot

    Anyone want to duo or group up

    Sup people, looking for a group or someone to play with, Bought the game the other day, think i am level 18 so still a newbie, don't mind whoever, I am 21, 17+ would be good, Good to have someone watching your and my back occasionally, Don't mind if your a newbie too or know what you are doing, lets do this
  10. AlucardAscend

    Looking for Group

    just looking for a crew to put some kids in the dirt, if your interested join this discord, and i swear to god if one of you damn admins decide to say the "just go look in the Looking for... section" i will slap the living poo out of you. if your offended please come tell me in person, cuz i just LOVE hearing what people have to say :D. heres the discord by the way: https://discord.gg/Pkm7Mz
  11. ethanm5000

    Looking For People To Play With In U.S.

    Hey everyone, I only have one friend that currently owns the game, but we would like to find some more people to join up with us. We're looking for people that are at least 16 or above and mature. We're both 17 and behave seriously and really do enjoy playing EFT, but adding more people to our group would be fun. I'm only level 21 (at the time of this post) and my friend is about level 35. We're both BEAR, not sure if that matters. If you'd be down to join us, add me on steam and send me a message. https://steamcommunity.com/id/eko_123
  12. EliMaxwell

    Anyone down to play?

    Bored Tarkov player with not many friends that play, im 15 so if you're looking to play hmu in discord https://discord.gg/tezK2Z6
  13. EBGenetics

    Looking for English Speaking Squad

    Looking for anyone who wants to join must speak English and use ever ts, Skype or discord. I'm level 31 btw
  14. EBGenetics

    Looking for English Speaking Squad

    Looking for anyone who wants to join must speak English and use ever ts, Skype or discord. I'm level 31 btw
  15. SteffanAM

    Looking for UK/DK players

    Hi lads and/or ladies. Currently looking for a few people to do raids with. Solo is fun and intense, but I could only imagine doing it along with friends would make it even more fun. So if you're interested (I got a TS-server available if needed), feel free to add me. About me: 28 y/o Lives in Denmark Played the game for about 3 weeks now.
  16. Hayes_97

    Looking for a small Squad..

    I am 20 from the uk looking for a squad of 3 to play EFT with regularly past 7pm gmt 17+ Have good Comms and push to talk Maybe x arma players or dayz players that are chill under pressure My Steam - http://steamcommunity.com/id/Hayes_97/
  17. wesnawpunk44

    new Group . Noob or experienced

    Im looking to start a new group . Im fairly new myself and just wanna make a relaxed group of guys or gals that can play and be chill . Discord and mic preferred. If you have a group like this PM me and maybe ill just join yours
  18. Hi, So, I noticed yesterday when I invited 3 friends of mine, we spawned far away from each other(s). Is this normal? If so what's the point to invite people in a group except joining the same instance I guess.
  19. Randal

    Looking for someone to play with

    Looking for people to play with
  20. Looking for people to play with 16+ message me if interested
  21. Wibble

    How Does Grouping Work?

    Okay can someone explain how the grouping system works? I spawn on my own without any knowledge of who's in my group, where they are and as far as I know I have zero way of communicating with them. For all I know I may of killed my own guys or been killed by my own guys. Seriously how does the grouping system work? How am I supposed to know who is with me and who isn't?
  22. renegadexp

    Looking for a group

    hello, RenegadeXP here, just looking for a few people or person to make a group with. i have a TS and just want to farm and kill scavs and other people. message me on here for details. have some guns i can even share if need be
  23. thewhyterabbit

    Don't Tread on Me

    Whats up fellow EFTers I'm an avid gamer looking for some like minded patriots to game with. strict requirements: 18+ mic republican I play pretty much every day. i'm 32, currently in Hawaii, and generally play every night ( 3 hours prior to now, and 2 after the current time : 8:59 ). I currently have 3 other guys I play with, but they aren't on as much as I am, so I'm looking to branch out. I use to play COD2 competitively in CAL-I, and Cevo-P as well as attend the WSVG and 2 lan events on the east coast.
  24. I am looking for people to play with. My steam name is BODFUSION add me and shoot me a message so we can group if you want to. Preferred Language is English
  25. anttaresnova

    Pve mode

    I higly sugest a pve only mode with enhanced ia so the players who enjoy the aspect of the game of engagin the ia looting crafting them weapons and having fun with them mates without runing into snipers or other gorups of players can have theyr own litl playgrown to have fun , also this could help the ingame economy being a resource of guns amo sights and other equipment that later on in the game could be sold to other players.
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