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Found 162 results

  1. mghaven

    Looking for Friends

    Ive been playing EFT for almost 2 years, and im looking to make some friends. The game is headed in a more team oriented direction and having someone to watch your back is very useful. No matter if your new or existing player im just looking for people to play with and have some fun. message me and ill invite you to my Discord.
  2. mghaven

    Need Friends

    Been playing EFT for almost 2 years. Looking for some friends to jump in my Discord and do some fun group raids and questing. Please have a mic and don't be afraid to use it. Message me and ill send you a link to my Discord. Cheers!
  3. clw1525


    anyone wanna run some games? only been playing for a week but have pretty good loot. just want to run some chill raids
  4. RafaPalos

    Looking for people to play with

    Hey, I'm new at this game and I don't know anybody to play this game with so give me your discord and we can chat there and of course, I don't care about your skill in the game
  5. Lunitick

    LF a Buddy or a Group.

    I'm fairly new but not stupid (At least I like to think so) Whether you're new or a vet add me on discord. jayden868#7972
  6. ImSloopy

    Looking for a buddy or group to roll with

    I'm somewhat new, about 50 hours or so, have the basics down but could always stand to learn more. I'm down to play with any skill level. US Central 23 year old dude if that matters to anyone Discord is spoops#1429
  7. HRD-Howl


    Hey Aussie looking for some people to group with. add me ingame: iNvexation
  8. Nickwise

    Discord Server

    This is a discord where you will find help for the game but also players that are dedicated to the game. With the new wipe we are here ready to help with quests leveling up etc. Come join the fam and have a good time. https://discord.gg/8EY4zu7
  9. Zodeack300

    Off The Bat Team-Killers

    I don't know if this is something people experience often but I know at least 4 or more players will agree with me. There needs to be some kind of punishment system for deliberate team killing, for example. Queue up for Factory, Get an invite to play with a group, excited to make some friends, jk lol someone throws lead the second we get deployed in... and yes, at his own teammates. Surely someone who shoots their own team member within at least the first 5 seconds of the game actually having started needs to face some sort of punishment..?
  10. xDavidowski


    Ciao, stavo cercando altre 3 persone per acquistare scontata del 20% la versione Standard di Tarkov (se poi volete una versione avanzata vi basterà pagare la differenza) se qualcuno è interessato può tranquillamente scrivermi su uno dei social che trovate qua sotto, grazie. Instagram: _davidowski Telegram: xDavidowski Discord: Davidowski#5140 Twitter: Davidowski_YT
  11. g1shocwave1984

    Making a dedicated group

    Hey there folks looking for some dudes to play this game serious with! well i still like to have fun! You gotta be 18+! message me or leave a comment if you're interested!
  12. Exoduss02


    So you think you have what it takes to run in Tarkov? well this isn't no Scav run maggot! We need only the most dedicated, able and skilled Operators running in the Battalion. If you are that individual than Welcome to Hell If interested message us at our website basementbattalion.enjin.com we are currently welcoming anyone interested in group raids in EFT, we run some serious, some causal. looking to build a strong community and would like to offer you a place to call home
  13. Hello fellow BEAR's! We are a small Discord community consisting of 3 admin's and 33 player's with passion for EFT, we actively seek new members to join our small community! There are no requirement's or forced attendance date's of any kind, you can come and find a group and leave whenever you want. We also have a new role "Teacher" this is mainly given to our experienced Tarkov player's, that are willing to help the newer players out with information tactics and gear. We would be delighted to have you with us! If you have any question's or concerns don't hesitate to pm me on the forums or on discord: .L#9087 Discord Link! Discord population majority: 1: US 2: UK 3: EU
  14. Demccy

    EFT Veteran Discord

    Hello in this community we are striving to separate experienced players from newer players. We have a ranking system that we implemented to accurately separate EFT players. We absolutely welcome everyone to our discord and hope that we see you in here soon. WHAT CAN WE OFFER YOU? If your looking for more serious runs in EFT this community is just the place for you. We have our discord channels separated where only serious players can join with the appropriate rank. We also implemented a tactical communication guideline with a graveyard system to enforce precise communication. 2. New player, are maybe not looking for serious gameplay no problem. We have channels where anyone can join from new to more experienced players. This is very useful as the community loves helping new players with any questions they have. 3. A fun and striving community for anyone that loves watching Tarkov grow. We have many channels to help you promote your discord or stream etc. We are a fast growing discord with 200+ members and counting. Hope to see you soon! Join here ---> https://discord.gg/QR98vvD
  15. Seeing as the new patch just dropped, I imagine there are going to be a lot of new players looking for someone to group up with. You're all more than welcome to join my server, where there are plenty of people who love to play the game who will be willing to play with you. We're noob friendly, Speak english and while it's not a requirement we'd prefer 18+ Here's the invite code: AW8cvAG can't wait to see you there! Have fun, and always remember to stay cheeki bois
  16. nickyarocks

    A UK/US Gaming Discord

    Hello, my names N.Rocks along with my 2 admins .L and Royalty we have made a start at making a community in a discord were Tarkov is the main game of focus. Now before you get seeing that we have no one online is because we are a small group looking to grow and play with other english speaking players so that gives you an idea on our time zones and such, also we will aim to help out anyone who is new and even accept more experienced players just as long as your willing to come and make yourself welcome. Before i finish up all i do ask is that if you have a look at the discord dont just leave at least attempt to say hello first we will respond lmao Discord:https://discord.gg/TfmHfY9 p.s if your stuck and dont know what to do mention an admin (.L & Royalty) or an owner (N.Rocks) and we can help you out but never be afraid to do a everyone mention in the tarkov or general chat to see if anyones down to play a game Thanks for your time. N.Rocks
  17. TheRealDogz

    Aussie Gamers - Open for all Players

    G'day All, Now I'm aware that their is sadly no Au servers yet but all we can do is wait right? ahaha If your an Oceania player (Au,NZ,Asia ect.) Feel free to join our Discord at Aussie Gamers. We are a new gaming community bringing everyday gamers together so you will never have to play solo again. If you don't live in Oceania timezone you are still feel free to join just beware that time zones can differ between players. Join up and come say Hi! https://discord.gg/AYhZ493 If you have any questions contact a discord staff member in the *Contact an Admin*. PS: All ages are welcome, Just don't be an Idiot
  18. RSilver

    Searching For a Group

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey, my name is Rhys, i have recently decided to purchase Escape From Tarkov and started to play today! I'm looking for: Duo with voice chat. Regular sessions. Playing other games! About myself: I'm Half Swedish and Half Polish. I speak fluent English. I do speak polish. Currently based in UK, So my time zone is GMT Ways to contact me: Discord = R.Silver#0127 Steam = R.Silver Uplay = A.Freakin.T-Rex (No my hands are not small ! ) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  19. Hey Guys! If your reading this then id like to say thanks for giving me the time but basicly we are just a group on discord that likes to connect tarkov players to help them find friends within the game. We have a few people Who are Vets and are willing to assist in any quests you need doing any gear need finding etc. Ill be honest theres one member that likes to give his stuff away but ill let him do him lmao but what we are looking for is fun english speaking people who are looking to make some long term gaming friends within a small group and help each other better themselves at the game What we are mainly looking for are English speaking players that speak it clearly enough to have a good experience playing with. We dont mind accepting new escape from tarkov players or vets. i personally wont mind taking time out my day to make sure you know some ins and outs of the game Discord: https://discord.gg/PNVb9a2
  20. zRazor

    Looking For Others

    Level 31. Pretty good at the game Just looking for people to group with on a nightly basis who live in NA/US. If you are interested Add me on discord - Razor#2562
  21. As the title says, I've been running a discord server centered around playing this game with people and I'd love if you would join us! We're about 250 members strong, and we've got a great community. New players are just as welcome as veterans. We would however prefer you be 18+, but as long as you act maturely we won't care. Here's the link; https://discord.gg/yDMvSqG As always, stay cheeki breeki my friends.
  22. Salutations, So I finally went and got myself this game, mainly to play with friends. The first few matches were fine, but the last 3 times we attempted to play Scavs, I end up in an infinite "matching" screen. My two friends load in just fine. We are all situated in Ireland with the same ISP with 360/30Mbit connections. Hardware should not be an issue, neither. Would anyone have any tips or information if there's any port fowrarding, network settings etc. that may aid in making the matchmaking/loading more reliable? I've disabled Nagle's algorithm in Windows, but can't see how that'd affect it negatively. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.
  23. tianzhu

    Permanent group/party system

    I feel like you should be able to create a group and invite friends or others to it that is separate from the friends list, but how it could work is that it'd be off the side of the side at the ready/invite menu to get into a map and when you are already in the group, you could look over to the side and have an option of joining it and waiting for your friends to get to the ready menu and join it as well. Whoever getting there first being the party leader. I'm glad with the recent update that they made it easier to invite your friends by placing them beneath you, but I feel like this would make it overall easier on everyone. (Editing this part in since I just remembered it) Also could we possibly get more scavs in offline pve? I run guns on there to test them out and it'd be overall smoother if you had more to test on rather than hunt through the map, or even make them more aggressive.
  24. RiftUnix

    Welcome New Players

    If anyone's looking for a grind partner or casual play, or simple needs a second man or a guide, message me on steam or tarkov. RiftUnix. Level 35. Any map. United states
  25. Master_ReD'

    CLAN - Inner Madness (US/AUS)

    Inner Madness is looking for new players. We have a growing community based in the USA and Australia. If you wanna group up to do some raids come join our discord channel https://discord.gg/qFZG27Q
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