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Found 171 results

  1. Hi, So, I noticed yesterday when I invited 3 friends of mine, we spawned far away from each other(s). Is this normal? If so what's the point to invite people in a group except joining the same instance I guess.
  2. Randal

    Looking for someone to play with

    Looking for people to play with
  3. Looking for people to play with 16+ message me if interested
  4. Wibble

    How Does Grouping Work?

    Okay can someone explain how the grouping system works? I spawn on my own without any knowledge of who's in my group, where they are and as far as I know I have zero way of communicating with them. For all I know I may of killed my own guys or been killed by my own guys. Seriously how does the grouping system work? How am I supposed to know who is with me and who isn't?
  5. renegadexp

    Looking for a group

    hello, RenegadeXP here, just looking for a few people or person to make a group with. i have a TS and just want to farm and kill scavs and other people. message me on here for details. have some guns i can even share if need be
  6. thewhyterabbit

    Don't Tread on Me

    Whats up fellow EFTers I'm an avid gamer looking for some like minded patriots to game with. strict requirements: 18+ mic republican I play pretty much every day. i'm 32, currently in Hawaii, and generally play every night ( 3 hours prior to now, and 2 after the current time : 8:59 ). I currently have 3 other guys I play with, but they aren't on as much as I am, so I'm looking to branch out. I use to play COD2 competitively in CAL-I, and Cevo-P as well as attend the WSVG and 2 lan events on the east coast.
  7. I am looking for people to play with. My steam name is BODFUSION add me and shoot me a message so we can group if you want to. Preferred Language is English
  8. warstone3002

    Pve mode

    I higly sugest a pve only mode with enhanced ia so the players who enjoy the aspect of the game of engagin the ia looting crafting them weapons and having fun with them mates without runing into snipers or other gorups of players can have theyr own litl playgrown to have fun , also this could help the ingame economy being a resource of guns amo sights and other equipment that later on in the game could be sold to other players.
  9. Retrolution

    Looking for More

    Hey Everyone, I am looking for more people to team up with and this doesn't need to be a clan or anything just any mature people looking to group up and have a good old time in Tarkov. Here is my discord link: https://discord.gg/4rUpuVN Feel free to join. I also created groups on my discord for other games so you don't just have to join for EFT. I already have a couple of people/friends on the channel but none of them are willing to purchase EFT right now (fail I know) and this is why I turn to you. As always Happy Hunting!
  10. Hanylanda

    Group screen

    When you're in a group in the lobby, can it be added that your friends are showing up next to your model? Will be good way to get a preview about what gear and what your friends bring into the raid. Aswell, giving some general view on players that might be foes. Something like a squad photo.
  11. I am Looking for players to group up with on EFT. Add me on Steam, GT- BODFUSION, Shoot me a message and we can group up and hve some fun? Preferred language is English. I don't speak fluently in any others.
  12. m4xlegacy

    Specialized Combat Division

    We are a small casual gaming community. people are free to come and go, im not advertising for people to join the community. We have a teamspeak server. Just looking for some people to join us in this alpha testing right now. Message me on here if you are interested in playing. Time zone: Varys Times playing: varys Maturity is wanted but always room for fun poo talking of course. Microphone is a must
  13. hydro87

    Looking for people

    Hey guys. I know alot of posts are out there of people wanting to join up and im sure alot are falling on deaf ears. If youre looking to play and have your own TS or chat message me. Looking to get some poeple together to play with. Dont wanna be left behind and wondering pvp solo do you?? Message me !
  14. slipperysalmon


    okay so i searched a bit in the forums and i could not find the answer i am looking for so i figured i would ask, so i have played a few online games now and what i am trying to figure out is what does the looking for group function do exactly besides get you into a game faster i have noticed. when i join with a group we do not start in the same area atleast not in the games ive played maybe im wrong, and you cant see where any of your group members are at. so is it simply just a way to join games faster or is there more to it then that?
  15. Elduderino

    Wanting to form a clan. English

    I'm looking to form a 5 man clan to play on a regular basis. Needing good communication and wanting to be as strategic as possible. As competitive as possible. I may not be the best. But I'm looking to have a good time as well.
  16. Nomad95

    USEC Network " Nomads "

    I Want to start up a group where there will be schedules in place to make it easier for people to Squad up with each other of the same play style. For example 4 days out of the week will be co-op scavenging days and the rest will be Death Squad days so people can hop on one of these days and get in quick to do what they prefer no hassle ( scheduling will vary to accommodate people as they come in, with notice ). If enough people join in on this a discord will be started with the network name and invites will be sent out. This is a USEC only Network. This is not a clan ( though it could be if people want it to be ) this is simply a network for USEC members to meet up and know someone will be on to Squad up.
  17. (This is Role Play) Hello! I would like to direct your attention to something very mysterious I uncovered today. I was browsing the net, and came across a headline that intrigued me: "Is This A Message From Future?" I found the article on CNN, but was not sure if I could trust this source. It's a warning to all citizens of Tarkov, and I nearly lost it because I couldn't believe what I found. You can barely make out the message, so I worked my audio/video magic, and cleaned it up the best I could. I also included subtitles so you can gain a clear understanding of what is being said. If this is real we are in for something really awful in the next 8 years. See the video, and judge for yourself...Stay frosty.
  18. Magor57

    Premade in Alfa

    I just wanted to reasure myself. We WILL be able to team up with friends in this alfa, right? I heard some disturbing news from my friend that we will not be able to team up, I laughed at him, knowing Battlestate would not do such a foolish thing, having delayed the Alfa from February to August, but then again, I would not be suprised if they forgot to do premade groups in Alfa
  19. Hey guys! my name is Delta (Cameron) and I'm super hyped for the release of EFT. Lately I have been browsing the forums trying to find a group or some players that i will be able to play with once the game releases. Throughout my browsing i have seen a lot of players that are also looking for groups. This got me thinking and has lead to me creating a EFT community discord that everybody is welcome to use. If you're wondering why you should join this discord instead of making your own private one then please take a look below. Respectful and Experienced admins An up-to-date trading board that all users will be able to use and frequently update there posts. to go along with the trading we will also offer a merchant middle man service that will be free of charge A trading blacklist will also be available for all to see so that players can avoid scammers. A private discussion board for both Bear and USEC Instead of taking lots of your time to go on forums and search for another player to fill a spot in your group which could take hours or even days, you will have instant access with the "Looking for group/player" Text channel which will help you fill the spot much faster. If you find a group of players that you really enjoy playing with you will be able to request a private clan channel that only your group can access and modify. Last but not least I can guarantee that you will meet some nice people and have lots of fun. I hope this helps a lot of people and i encourage everybody to come on in and say hello. https://discord.gg/2Nyrwhn https://discord.gg/2Nyrwhn https://discord.gg/2Nyrwhn
  20. MarcusAurelius

    UK/EU Alpha Group/possible future Clan

    Hi everyone, I am looking for other people who have also pre ordered the edge of darkness edition to form a group for when the alpha releases and then maybe form a clan for the full release? I am from the UK, 21 years old, have ts/skype and fully working mic. I am away atm but I will be back home on the 6th feb so hopefully the alpha starts after that. Im not sure how many people you can have in a group at any one time (im sure this was answered) so we can start with a full group then look towards having other groups once we form the clan. Steam Id: Marcus Aurelius.
  21. Jorick

    Is there an alpha steam group ?

    Is there a group were the alpha bakers can go and play games together ? Having some really hard time findind people for CS sometimes
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