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Found 106 results

  1. my friend got killed from a hacker were he shoot him 4 time in his face in less than 1 second player name: KURMISS YouTube:
  2. Mikkelfsm


    Anyone who has been killed by this motherf***** he is a damn cheater.
  3. Now im playing Customs With a friend and both get Instakilled for unknown reasons . No Any Sounds near, we are running crossing the map .My friend dies with 2 hemorrage stack and get instakilled from unknown location anybody shoot us but he dies . 2 min later same happens with my character 2 hemorrhage stack and get instakilled. No shoots or explosions . We saw in autopsy report we get shooted several times with 5.45x39 mm in legs , arms , chest ,abs, head ... Can investigate this "player" or maybe a SCAV?
  4. mrbobbyz

    He jumpshot

    I really didnt know there was in air accuracy in this game *cough *cough https://im6.ezgif.com/tmp/ezgif-6-dc5e7ab8cc45.mp4
  5. Ascend_Didact

    About Cheaters

    Got killed by a speed hacker. first match of the day on woods, exited the treeline at like 30 miles an hour and hip fired me twice with a mosin. Goes by the name purchasepunani. Level 33, this guy has been allowed to do this presumably for 33 levels. ridiculous. Can't even report this guy and i have video evidence of it.
  6. FlipFlop942


    So I have a clip of a guy who killed me clearly hacking. Where do I post it or who do I send it too?
  7. Aleex2209


    This guy have been killing our squad for many rounds now, walking fast, Rushing with speed, only headshoots, 3 guys got killed at the same time. is there annyway i can report him ?? his inngame name is :
  8. I was on shoreline just now running through gas station when I started taking fire from an unknown location. There were no gun shots, only the pain indicator. No matter where I tried to hide I would take gunfire. After dying the "person" who killed me was a scav name "RENEGADEcorrupt" which is really odd, because I thought all scavs have Russian names. I suspect this person is hacking as this was very unusual.
  9. LiquidBlitz

    How common is cheating in EFT?

    Heyo! New player here. Been playing for 2 weeks now and really enjoying the game for the most part. I've done something like 100 raids, 50:50 between Scav and PMC and I've only had 2 or 3 extremely suspicious deaths, which I guess is a good ratio. For the more experienced players, how common is cheating in EFT? Asking because I'm triggered :) just got killed by my first blatant not-trying-to-hide-it aimbotter. He was 180 degrees looking the other way shooting constantly for several minutes. I thought it was REALLY weird so eventually I approached him from behind whilst behind cover (still easily 20-30m) quietly, and the instant I had line of sight on him and MID shooting a full mag, he span 180 and insta-headshot me, and instantly turned and continued shooting the other direction again. I like to think it was a rare occurrence, as I said, only had a handful of dodgy moments so all in all I'm happy with my experience so far.
  10. alright down to business. hackers. blantant throwaway account of just letters and numbers. pin point spray into class 6 helm, them being naked and toggling to my squad mate. I know some people will just call it "it was just desync/lag" this clearly wasnt. he was moving without sway perfectly no teleporting or anything like that. just straight up aimbot, maybe wallhacks but that I would call debatable. here's a screen cap of the guys name and where he hit doesnt look legit does it. naturally im really pissed off about this. severely makes me want to quit this game and i know it's in beta but with this kind of crap i hate it but i love this game. So would love if someone could look into this and ban this guy, because this isnt gameplay the way it's meant to be here. this game is cruel and that's how beautiful it is but what happened isnt the gameplay. I highly doubt ill be reimbursed for what I lost to this hacker but I want to continue this game the way it's meant to be and not like this.
  11. A whole lot of Chinese players and I have been talking arounf this issue. If the Chinese language is removed from the game, the number of hackers (and real-money trading) will be greatly reduced. The introduction of the Chinese language pack have attracted a whole bunch of Chinese players into this game. Being inexperienced, they tend to buy in-game items with real money (the market price is now about 1.5USD=1mil roubles in-game). The ones selling in-game currency are usually hackers, they hack to make money in-game and sell them to inexperienced players. Hackers these days are really happy that a lot of new customers keep running to them so there is a flow of more hackers running into the game and making irl money this way.
  12. austen388

    Report Hacker.

    This guy was an obvious wall hack user. I was sitting in a building listening to scav movement before he wasted a clip on the AI near me. He proceeded to look through a door from about 20 meters to the window I was looking out of before wasting another clip as I barely moved out of the way. I stealth walked to my door that's 2 - 3 meters from my window to peak sideways as a new angle, and he already knows where I am before he peaks through the same opening. Simply calling the name out for the next wave ban since there's no report. Sorry kid, should of used a Scav.

    Being "Anonymous" Breeds Hackers

    "This game is in Beta." Got it. "Not everything has been implemented yet." Yup. "You cant complain because its not finished yet!" BULL poo. Heres the reality: If we dont speak up, then this game will be overrun (like pubg for the first 2 years). So how do we HELP the Devs right now? By letting them now where they need to improve. There is zero accountability on this game. I just had a PMC sprint through Customs "Big Red" and wipe 4 scavs with a single trigger and a spinbot type movement. Not a big deal, except there is no way to report this player. I am fine with losing gear every once in a while to a hacker, who will eventually get banned. Im not cool with complete anonymity that protects hackers more than any other game. We need to be able to die, preferably see a replay from the perspective of the shooter, and report suspicious activity. Not all of us are streamers who record everything they do. We cant ALL record videos of hackers, take hours out of our day to crop the footage, upload to YT, post to the forums, and HOPE that someone on the limited staff for EFT can ban the player. Thats not gonna happen. Be realistic. Im grateful for the amazing EFT experience thats been created so far. But it is quickly ruined by people who exploit the anonymous nature of the game. With no way to hold them accountable, all legit players suffer and will eventually quit.
  14. Hallo liebe EFT Community, haben gestern hauptsächlich Raids auf Shoreline im Duo gespielt um dort zu questen und in nahezu jeder Runde war ein Hacker am Start. In der ersten Runde konnten wir ein Full-Gear Squad an der Radarstation legen und hatten uns entschieden , da unsere Bags schon komplett voll waren zum Extract Tunnel zu gehen. Auf dem Weg am Waldrand zur Straße hin hatten wir einen Spieler gehört der den kompletten Weg auf der Leitplanke entlang gerannt ist und als wir ganz nah an ihm waren ist er mit einem Affenzahn Richtung Ausgang Tunnel gerannt und hat wild in den Wald gesprayed.Er hat uns nicht attackiert und wir konnten escapen. In der zweiten Runde hatten wir den Spawn direkt an der Radarstation und haben uns dort in Stellung gebracht um auf die anderen Spawns zu warten. Mein m8 war etwas vorgeschoben an den Felsen Richtung Zollgeländeausgang um Frühzeitig mitzuteilen falls etwas kommt und wir uns anders ausrichten müssen. Das Openfield dort ist gut zu überblicken. Da kam ein Duo Squad wie eine Elefenatenherde da hochgterampelt und wir hatten schon etwa 5min an der Postion gewartet ohne jegliche Bewegung, da wir bereits 2min zuvor sie haben rennen hören. Naja...könnt euch vorstellen was passiert ist. Wir gehen aber davon aus der das nur der eine die Hacks nutzte, da er der Offensive, allwissende Spieler war. Runde 3 ein ähnliches Spiel...nur Einschläge mitbekommen...keinen Schuss...nichts. Einfach krank. Es hat sich alles nach 23:00 abgespielt....und es war auf verschiedenen Servern...aber in jedem Spiel. Dannach hatten wir uns für eine Pause entschieden. Es ist nicht so das wir Outplayed wurden, das hätte ich ja auch verstanden und irgendwo nachvollziehen können. Wenn man schon lange spielt kann man das sehr gut differnzieren. Leider sind nach dem Wipe wieder viele Hacker unterwegs und hacken auch noch sehr offensichtlich. Wie ist es denn Euch ergangen die letzten Tage? gruß Space
  15. thehusband_


    Please...please. That's 2 raids in a row
  16. NebulaPlayz


    A new anti-cheat system needs to be implemented in this game. I have been killed constantly by an endless amount of cheaters who aren't even good at the game. They attempt to spray me through a wall that can't be shot through right where I am, and then finally throw a perfect nade that lands in my lap. My friend and I were camping in labs in the bathroom for over 35 minutes to attempt to wait out the PMCs to try and eliminate Scavs. Three PMCs made a direct beeline straight to our one bathroom on the far side of labs, don't even check the first room of the bathroom, and then open the door and spray down both of us instantly. There are way too many cheaters in this game and it makes it almost unplayable in labs. Interchange is a whole other story.
  17. I just died to the most blatant cheater ever, his name was [REMOVED] cap sensitive, to my suspicion he was wall-hacking and aim-hacking. I and my friend Crouched all the way into 3 story dorms and this dickhead fill kit comes running down the hall of the second floor and just pre-fired the duck out of both of us.
  18. as the title says, where can i send these videos? not 100% sure it was hackers but it was way to dodgy to think it wasnt
  19. BoomslangGaming

    Escape From Tarkov - Hacker or Not?

    Escape From Tarkov - Hacker or Not? You tell me https://youtu.be/TVF5zQiC_iU
  20. nthnkirsch1

    <hidden> cheating on customs

    <hidden> had ESP and aimbot combo on customs and killed everyone on the map duck this cheating piece of poo
  21. ShigatsuTestAcc

    Hacker und Video beweise

    Hallo, Ich möchte einfach mal aus reinem Interesse einen test starten und zwar möchte ich das ihr wenn vorhanden Videobeweise hochladet wenn ihr glaubt das euch ein Hacker erwischt hat, dazu Betitelt ihr dann das Video ähnlich wie folgendes mit dem entsprechenden namen. [Link mit Bezug auf Spielername entfernt]
  22. Squirrel1sniper

    hacker asian server

    just wanted to report the hacker (Removed) i often see him killing me via, 200 m shots with a pistol, whilst im full kit. he has killed me through walls and now he is speed hacking and killed me with my own gun on the next game. the servers are dead or the matchmaking is taking 8-15 mins so im sure ill see him again. please ban him. Cheers, love the game otherwise note: all shots have been 1 shot face hitbox even though visor.
  23. MlLL3R

    Hacker melden?

    Hallo zusammen, wie kann ich Hacker mit Beweisvideo melden?
  24. 为什么“治理外挂的方式”是锁区? 把外挂集合在单独服务器里让他们相互残杀是外挂玩家才应享受的“优待”,为什么整个亚服玩家要替外挂受到惩罚? 锁区对外挂玩家能有什么影响自己就是神仙,大不了诸神之战不管你们这么做的初衷是什么,但是结果就是 - ?。唯一会受伤害的群体就是那些【无辜的,正常游戏的玩家】 ......我们亚服的玩家的游戏也是花真金白银按照汇率买来的,不是大风刮来的。 \ 对付外挂可以有很多种方法,不一定是马上让外挂进不了游戏,但是玩家本可以帮助官方快速发现外挂。 1.在角色死亡结算界面添加举报按钮,当玩家觉得被击杀不正常的时候直接举报。当某一玩家被举报频率明显比正常玩家高的时候,再进行官方核对确认是否有作弊行为。 2.在玩家扮演SCAV击杀其他玩家后,被杀的玩家结算界面不显示佚名而是直接显示是玩家扮演的SCAV,及时判断自己到底是被神仙AI击杀还是外挂玩家。 3.添加死亡回放功能,自动记录死亡前30秒击杀者的使用SCAV回到这局对战回放。当玩家觉得被击杀不正常的时候可以选择观看并选择是否举报,代价是无法。 4.如果3的回放功能太难实现,至少在玩家死亡后可以选择观看死亡一瞬间敌人在什么位置什么装备打的,同样代价是无法使用SCAV回到这局对战。(反正PMC都打不过更别提SCAV了)。 \ 我希望这是真的,由于技术上的原因,但我不得不说,锁定亚洲球员有限的服务器不能阻止骗子,只是伤害邻疗法 正常的,无辜的球员。 骗子 有数千种模式 突破极限,但普通玩家只能 接受不属于他们的惩罚
  25. Just encountered this guy on a late night Customs raid. He had nothing but an Attack-2 backpack and his trusty hatchet in hand, did not take a single point of damage from any source. Just ran around and looted any and all PMCs we killed and stored the loot inside his backpack. Was wondering if this is some new invincibility glitch on Customs or if he was just a plain old douchy hacker. LINK: (We are getting pissed in swedish in the video, so be aware)
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