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Found 95 results

  1. Orr

    Hacker Leroymcbong

    So just come out of a factory where this guy Edited out by Mr_Sheep. lvl 17 one tapped our 3 man squad with a pistol. All members wearing Fort and Fast. Please see attached. This is the second cheater I've come across so far (and I consider myself lucky at that), yet my first report as I am now starting to hear and see so much more of it.
  2. qwertyuio583

    [REDACTED] cheater

    A player by the name [REDACTED] was cheating a few minutes ago in customs. I was on the second floor of one of the buildings in custom, he was running around outside screaming and also around the first floor. He kept throwing granades inside of the building I was in from outside, he landed every one inside of the rooms I was hiding in through the window even though I was proning and making 0 noise, there was no way he could had seen me/heard me. He kept screaming commands at me from the left side of the building and when I moved to the right side of the building he then started to scream around there. Afterwards, when I was going to make a run for it, I got 3 bleed effects and all of my limbs were hurt, no sounds were heard. Then I looked at the stairs and saw him coming up, I ran into a room but again, he shot me (no noises were made by his gun (silenced shots make sounds too btw)) and kill me through like 10 walls (several rooms in between me and him) I was wearing a grade 2 armor, a Kiver helmet, an ak74n, a scavenger backpack and lost all of it to a cheater
  3. friend and i both just dropped dead at the exact same time in a customs raid by the same dude. no desync or anything. (we both had gear so idk why it shows a hatchling) no shots, no bullet wizzes, nothing.
  4. Three people killed in a matter of 4 minutes with headshots against Fast Core and Fort? Name was Hercules1217 managed to kill my squad in a matter of 2 minutes without being present and silenced shots from across the map? Anybody else have this issue on Customs?
  5. jakekao402

    There are no Hackers.

    At this point, there are no procedure or system to report hackers. It is also hard to tell if someone is hacking or not. Hence, technically there are no hackers?! I got an interesting record that I got today when playing on Woods. I just going to post the video here and let you guys decide. Before watching the video, I want to describe the situation for a bit so you guys have a better understanding. I was pursing a player I saw, and I killed him with a headshot. I didn't notice there was a player on the sniper rock until he fell down. There was no gunshots. I thought he was killed way before I went there but it took awhile before the body slipped off the rock. However, if you watch the video, he actually died right before he fell down. I went ahead and have a quick look of his gear. He had fort armor and Ops-Core helmet like me. A second later, I'm killed without hearing anyone shooting at me, like how that player died. Least damaged part, Head. It was a chest shot. I was wearing fort armor. Disclaimer for Dev I am not accusing <who killed me of being> a hacker. This is just a post for everyone to discuss.
  6. TomatoDK

    Hacker are back

    Me and my friends have seen people flying - and oneshotting us several times this weekend. This last time the player who was flying around and shooting us all at woods, is called -omitted by moderating team-. Now when I go to report hackers, I see that you dont accept people reporting hackers ? WTF ??????? So you are saying you dont want us to report hackers that ruin the game for us ? So what are we suppose to do ? Just say NOTHING - and then you wont know there are hackers in the game ?? Or what ????
  7. Anduron

    Possible hacker

    Me and my friend were doing a task on woods map by sawmilll when we were both killed by a player called "Baztard". He hit all his shots, in head, 3 shots and both of us were killed, i had entered a room, and was killed immidiately (did not stand still), and my friend were outside, and was killed as the enemy player peaked him with two shots in the head (in under 1 sec). Could just be a really good play but it was very suspicious.
  8. we encountered hackers in customs flying allover the map and we died not taking shots or anyting
  9. BobDope


    I encountered a hacker when I was playing a game of PMC with my 2 friends in the map wood, we were camping the ZB-014 underground bunker and the dude just shot us 3 dead trough the ground, it could of been a scav as well i'm not sure.
  10. Hallo Leute Wer kann mir bitte erklären wie das hier möglich ist? Der kann unmöglich gewusst haben dass ich dort in der Ecke gehockt bin....außerdem, so schnell, ohne Ton zu sterben....NO WAY !!! ...und...übrigens habe ich seit Tagen immer wieder solcher "komischen" Vorfälle!!! ...bin auf jedenfall mal gespannt ob jemand eine plausible Erklärung dafür hat! Thx Donnerbuddy
  11. akuhn1989

    Hacker Report: Jimlo

    Explicit language, I was triggered. Really triggered. I had on a Kiver as you could see.
  12. So yeah, me and a group died to nothing, I think it was a hacker. We literally just spawned and ran about 20 yards. Video proof: https://youtu.be/pu8Y_YJ6FtU Name of Hacker: Carter-The6ix
  13. just 3 times since OB, my team of 4 was instakilled by headshot through bushes/walls , we need an anticheat better than this "supposed" we have now... see some Pics...
  14. mrcsmiller

    Hacker in game killing people

    a player named *Redacted* cap I in killers hacked a match and killed me and my buddy from opisit sides of the map with no sound of shot or any thing. it acted as if we were getting hurt by barb wire.
  15. Shotgun_Hobo

    Instadeath Hack

    Hacker or not you decide
  16. I'm not looking to report anyone, just curious what you guys think about this. Bearing in mind I was alive for 11 seconds and seemingly shot through the walls/doors. Please ignore me and my friend talking gibberish at the start. Video in Question
  17. DeadFromSteam

    A way to report hacker after death

    Hello , This is my short incident that happened to me right now , I spawned in the raid and I safely got into a room and start listening for my surroundings and found everything around to be clear I sat still for 5 seconds before moving out and my character just falls over and dies raid ended 23 seconds I died to SKOOWOO I am certain I died to a hacker because my connection was perfectly fine no trouble loading in or anything . Just would be nice to report a death cam to report any suspicious activity after death like my incident to which I have no explanation for I died in an enclosed room all doors closed no wall bang through wall or door . It felt like I got shot from across the map on woods or something cause I didn't hear a bullet at all either. PLEASE READ
  18. 0ddTh0mas

    Definite HAcker.

    Was in a game as a scav with my friends, and as soon as we spawned in we died by a silenced shot. Mind you we all spawned in Across the map from each other(we were on customs), and we all died at the same time by the same person. Please don't ruin the experiences for new players, My brother is new and I would hate for his Trakov experience to be ruined by some cheater.
  19. RavioliPastaoli

    Report System

    Me and my friends were all playing together on shoreline, everything was going fine but we started all started laging for around 10 seconds at a time each, that wasnt the bad part. We got to the gas station and my first friend just got randomly injured. He jumped in cover where he couldnt be shot, and just died by a guy named Flik. No shots were heard. Seconds later, my other friend just dropped dead too. Again, no shots were heard and Flik had another kill on his list. I was the only one left and saw a scav and killed him. As im looting him, i just got damaged. My head and both my arms just droped to 0. I finish looting him and my chest just gets heavily injured and started bleeding and my stomach droped to 0. I chose to try to extract but all of a sudden, both my legs droped to 2. Seconds later i drop dead and see that Flik killed me. This was just to say that maybe incorporating a report system might help against hackers. Thank you.
  20. Reevesbelieves

    Hacker Report

    The player was able to withstand over 40 rounds from 3 separate players, whilst only wearing a Kolpak and Paca armor. He was with one other player who went down after 4 rounds at his head and was wearing a kiver. Blood splatter was reported from all three players in regards to when he was engaged. managed to absorb all rounds after being ambushed and then continue to engage and kill all three opposing players. The match took place on factory and was at approximately 2030 eastern US time.
  21. BG-Skech


    Player name censored kill us from the AIR ... was walkin in the air and kill us with one shot , 2 people simltanious ! I saw him in the air 10-15 m above us !
  22. AlphaVeRaptor

    First Game

    First game I play and I come against a Hacker with an infinite health hack. I fired an AKMs full magazine into him and he chopped me to pieces with a hatchet. The hackers name is GobbleGob if admins could look into it that would be great.
  23. AlphaVeRaptor

    First Game

    First game I play and I come against a Hacker with an infinite health hack. I fired an AKMs full magazine into him and he chopped me to pieces with a hatchet. The hackers name is GobbleGob if admins could look into it that would be great.
  24. Tritania

    Hacker Warning

    Ok so I was running factory with 2 friends, we came out great for around 6 runs, the last run I did with them 1 of my friends died by his own grenade so me and a friend was hunting another player down in office, I killed both, went into office with my friend and started looting, started shutting the door as this hacker teleported inside of the room with us, I put 50 rounds into him of 5.45 and my friend shot at him also. we then switched to our hatchets and started hitting him, he still wasn't dead, he was running around reloading his shot gun and then started just hatcheting us because he knew he wasn't going to die. His name is VOSERROR. This post is just warning you guys that it is happening still, this is the 2nd time killed by a hacker in 3 months (pretty good tbh) Post your hacking experiences down below if you have any.
  25. Herotyx

    New hack? (possibly?)

    I was fully geared on a factory pvp run, I do these all the time. after shooting a player i was looting his body and i heard a taunt coming from below me. I was outside the PVE spawn, and not near the underground tunnels. I walked around trying to locate it when a player popped out of no where with nothing but a 3M body armour, a knife and a pilgrim bag. At first i thought he was a fresh spawn who'd luckily stolen some loot and was just messing with me. But he stood in front of me doing the Q E friendly dance, I unloaded an entire AKM mag into him and he taunted and disappeared. He flew through the wall behind me. I ran towards him and confirmed he had done this. I immediately thought "Oh poo." So I ran to the exit point as he flew behind me hitting the walls and floor with a knife. He wasn't aggressive, he never attacked. He was a troll, or someone just out for a laugh, maybe even a Dev? Thought i should bring this to the communities attention in case there is a new cheat/hack for EFT. I didnt record or screenshot as i was too busy trying to run and save my gear.
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