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Found 95 results

  1. hoonee02

    스피드핵 의심합니다.

    순식간(0.8초)에 여러발맞고 죽었습니다.
  2. JamesFerry

    Work on the anti-cheat system needed!

    Saw a hacker today. It wasn't the best feeling.
  3. Lashagiorgi

    Too many Cheaters and hackers

    Greetings, I barely do any posts in game forums, but when i do, mostly is because of cheaters. I really like the game, it's really fun, especially playing against skilled players,but it gets boring when you meat these annoying cheaters. Sorry if this is a re-post or if such topic exists, but i couldn't figure it out in which one i should post. Yeah most people will say that you're unskilled or a bad player, but it's a fact that flying player and super speed player isn't part of the game. Here are screenshots of some possible cheaters i've faced, But besides these people i met a lot, but i can't screenshot them since i get backend error or game crashes. I'll explain in detail what kind of cheaters i met. (also one funny bug image ) 1. Super speed - i silently waiting on spot, few times i noticed somebody ran with a lightning speed. Ok let's think that i imagined it, but everytime this happens i get lag spikes, like 1-2 second. and one time i got spiked, got spiked on the exact same second that cheater ran in front of me with a piligrim and fully upgraded weapons :D. i meat 2-3 such cheaters everyday. 2. Wall c\hacks, Teleportation, scav and pmc together - wall hackers are many, ok it is hard to prove that they are wall hackers or are using teleport, so me and my friend were playing shoreline and we were at station with tower, he was inside, i was outside waiting, I saw a scav player and my mate killed him, but he said that he noticed a second person with him, second person turned out to be a pmc, PMC and scav together? ok let's drop that scav and pmc together thing, after that i went inside, we were moving inside the building , when we got close to window he was shooting, he activated wall hack, how did he know our locations? we were moving on first and second floor. That's not all, before going in i went around the building, noone was there, when i got inside first time i saw him was on the tower, I started aiming at him, he disappeared and appeared on grass. There goes your teleportation. 3.back end error and game crashes when i meet cheaters - when i'm almost possitive that i'm facing a cheater i get errors and crashes so we don't know his name who killed us. 4.cheaters hiding under scavs - most cheaters started playing under scav players, or pmc-s with scav names. 5. A flying scav with rocket speed. Couldn't print screen. Too many cheaters in this game
  4. HattoriHanzo31


    <snip> on 1MAY2018, 1945 CST, was caught blatantly hacking by my group and I. ESP, teleporting around, aimbot killed all of us with headshots. It was the most unashamed kind of hacking I have ever seen. Just so you know, <snip> hacks are ruining this game, do something about this devs....i hope more people start hacking so the game becomes unplayable and they're forced to do something, this is ridiculous.
  5. Please look at the footage and tell me what you saw, is this speed hacking or network lag? Even Scav AI couldn't follow him... I saw TBuckNasty peeking from behind a tank, as I run towards that direction the AI Scavs are firing at him and he zooms from screen left to right. You can barely see him running from the trees into a trailer shack, and then he zooms right out to attack, its nuts. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/254116882
  6. Evade_Outlaw

    obvious hackers still in the game.

    Player name [REDACTED] currently level 23 is an obvious hacker. its embarrassing that people hack on this game. and the fact that battlestate just denies that hackers exist is honestly very disheartening
  7. I've been playing this game A LOT, enough to determine when someone is wall hacking. You know when you and your mate sit around dead silent long enough for someone to just pop around corners pre firing. Walking down the stairs and pre-firing through the gaps.. Pure skill right? Suspect #1: [Player name deleted] If you come across this player, be mindful he is most likely running some wallhacks.
  8. I got aimbotted/ESP'd through a bush by some random chinese guy playing on the EU servers. I got a screenshot of his username and I also managed to get a video of the gameplay where the guy continued to fire at me through a bush. After I was dead he proceeded to go after my friend who managed to elude his bullets until he reached lumber yard, before the hacker simply locked onto his head and shot him through a rock. The hackers name was [username deleted]

    Hacker Confirmed:

    Dear BanHammer, has aimbot and a movement hack to quickly kill players. I died by him instantly got into another raid, and there he was again in a span of 3 minutes he's already in my raid once more. The first raid ended within 2 minutes of starting. Rsass and aimbot isn't a fun experience especially when you die to the same person multiple times. pre-aiming at my head, instantly killing me. Next raid same place same result death by one bullet to the head. Earlier today I was at Admin Gate behind the cart, while another buddy of mine was at the back entrance(having to open the door) of m4 building and we both died at the same time by the same person. Please ban this sack of poo so I can enjoy your game. Thank you, SOOOS
  10. Retweiser

    Cheater on customs

    me and a buddy of mine played today (3/11/2018 at 1-4am) and have run into the same dude cheating on customs 3 times and his in game tag as of now is and is teleporting, aim botting, maybe even a skybox hack, etc. All i would like is for the devs to look into this dude and please put a god damn anti cheat into the game. Please anyone that runs into hackers make a thread about them because they are ruining the game
  11. Enemy-Shark

    Hacker, Hacker everywhere....

    It is quite funny how I join a games 3 time and everytime there is a dude who is trying to destory the walls with bullets. Maybe I missed a patch but why this guys can track me behinde walls ? And now they were not range to hear... Is it fun to play with wallhack ? Is it a challange to shoot PMC's trough walls or pin them down behinde a wall? ? Is just happens at the moment ? Laggs droping fps randome, burning severs and epidemic of cheaters. To be honest I understand taht this is a BETA performance is a problem in lots of games but there i just one thing that should worke more the 10 days after every '' anti cheat or glitch patch ''. For real I like the game and hope it will be finished, but announce of the plans for 2018 seems such unreal, because the things that should work don't work and some huge problems exist a long long long time.
  12. TuPapiDawson

    Just was killed by a Hacker

    So this is the first time me experiencing Hackers in game. I was in a Factory Raid with my friend and there was 2 Fully geared players in Hallway and was in the Office, My friend was Upstairs on 3rd Floor by the Hole in the wall and I was in bathroom then out of nowhere my friend and I get killed by the same guy even though we are in cover and In 2 different spots with makes it impossible to kill us at the same time. Heres a clip for proof
  13. PoliteStranger


    Just so everyone is aware, found someone 100% hacking, (flying in the air on customs, invisible, using unsuppressed AK with Tracer rounds. Here is his name, if you see somebody flying through the air on customs or whatever map, don't assume it's a glitch. He wiped our full geared squad of 3 and nobody ever even saw him, and he had tracers. It was as if they just came from a cloud. Also, next to him, there was a naked USEC, swinging his hatchet in the air a few times, and suddenly an RSASS appeared in his hands. It was soon after this we got wiped by mystery bullets from the sky. Name removed By Mr_Sheep.
  14. LazyDreamer

    This person should be banned!!!

    Just look at the video and try to make some thought on that
  15. CWill_23

    *name removed* is a hacker

    I was playing on Customs with my buddy, and we spawned at boilers, went around to the train tracks. Saw someone running really fast, at first thought it was desync, but it continued. Ran around where we couldn't hit him, appeared in front of me, one tapped me and then got in front of my buddy and one tapped him within a second. My friend said he just flicked right to his head and killed him without even a pause between us. Please help this guy banned. Ruining the experience for us.
  16. Wiplash78

    Beware of This hacker

    Everyone be CAREFUL of Named removed by Mr_Sheep. he is 100% hacker went in two rounds with three of us both times he killed us all within so fast we couldn't even say I'm dead before the next person died, we were not close to each other, and also was not even 2 minutes into the round both times you see him just do a different map.
  17. tyce95


    PROOF you can watch the video of us spawning and hes already spraying the hill before we come over it. no noise. murked a 5 man squad i was split from my squad and am so far away he comes over the hill spraying again. if need of more proof can provide more clips. USER:
  18. non14612

    Report Hacker

    this guy knew where I am and I hit him more than 5 times but he still alive, but the important thing that I can tell u is he moved faster than it be. u guys should go check him.
  19. GMR


    SWOLE_MARONE literally full auto sprays across the map and doesn't miss a shot. This kid killed me multiple times and is blatantly cheating. It would be nice to not have to face so many cheaters in this game. Its a shame really.
  20. Shoreline, using a silenced TT.... splinter cell'd the poo out of these two dudes, following them for 10 minutes. Finally get my moment annnnd? Watch the video below lol https://www.twitch.tv/videos/221939566 Are they hackers? Is this a glitch? What's going on!?
  21. xXDendrotoxinXx


    Hallo Liebe Tarkov Gemeinde wie euch denke ich mal bekannt sein dürfte, haben wir einen massiven Schwung an Hackern dazu bekommen. Ich bin sichtlich entäucht das die Entwikler lieber die Verkäufer Reihenfolge ändern sich aber nicht wirklich mit dem Thema hacker befassen das finde ich sehr Traurig. Ich bitte alle Tarkov Spieler denen es genau so geht einen Beitrag zu verfassen, das endlich was gegen diese Hacker unternommen wird. Tarkov hat so viel Potenzial und die Hacker zerstören dieses Potenzial, helft bitte alle mit das nicht noch mehr Spieler das Spiel verlassen, das wäre viel zu Schade um das Spiel.
  22. Is this god mode? 10 hits, 10 dmg? TT silenced, splinter cell'd them for 10 minutes and then took my shots. What do you think? https://www.twitch.tv/videos/221952521
  23. Omayga

    Anyone killed by tjspartan420?

    Me and a buddy just got deleted by tjspartan420. He seemed to be invisible and came up to kill me. Anyone been killed by hime before? https://clips.twitch.tv/SlipperyPluckyDonkeyFloof
  24. would love a wipe since u dont ban cheaters we could use a wipe k thx,.. useless
  25. IC4TACOS

    Anyone know where to report hackers?

    Doing a hatchet run, pretty simple, holding up in office and this happened, I apparently can't post videos, but I'll just take screenshots as the door gets gunned down and me through it, not the first time it's happened either. Is this some gear that I am just unaware of? This has occurred to me before but only rarely. I tried uploading them in the order that it occurred, any time I'm pausing looking at a door I thought I heard something outside, I paused at the two to figure out which door the intruder would be breaching from. ( I have the video clip if someone needs to see it or whatever )
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