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Found 41 results

  1. There's no real indication anywhere what you have to do if you encounter a possible hacker. My friend got killed by a guy on top of the resort roof, so I sneak up to the roof and I can hear someone moving on metal (So he has to be on the metal staircase right?). So I hide behind the block where the door is to the roof, and I suddenly hear metal movement right behind me and I start taking shots?? How?? Anyway, how to report hackers?
  2. IBeLegit

    Identified Hacker

    Loaded into game with 2 friends then moved a couple meters then all of us died once to body shots from a player named Jezzzzza2g please keep an eye out for him just wanted to let everyone know
  3. unknownZERO

    Hacking spike

    Some hacker by the name of , destroyed my whole squad on Woods just a minute ago, no shots anywhere, and died while taking complete cover along with the rest of my boys, anyone else having a bad time with hackers lately?
  4. amateurmillman

    Can't talk about hackers

    So we are told that anti hacking software will solve our problems but when you have this blin happening alot and we don't get anything to compensate us for the huge time and funds lost. Whats going on? You give us a stable enough closed beta towards the end patches then break the game again for the new rollouts.

    I just got cheated upon :(

    So my buddy and I just spontaneously combusted at spawn on customs... the player name was "camiitoe" ... maybe it was a glitch of some kind, but looked like pure cheats to me! I can upload the video to youtube and link it if u need it!
  6. MidenRauel

    Possible Hackers?

    I haven't really seen too much of it. The occasional guy flying (literally) across customs, being shot from around walls with no one near you (as in, in an enclosed room listening). I was moving through a match in Factory with my Scav BP, AKM, headset for listening. The match was going well, and I decided because it was the last 15 minutes to go wait at the extraction in case I somehow missed anyone in my scouring. I'm standing next to the barrel in the room, not against the wall. I hear what's obviously a player moving around and as the timer ticked stating there were only 10 minutes left, this guy opened the 2nd door to the public factory escape and no later than 1 second after the door is opening, this guy moves 1 step in, snaps to me, and 1-shots me in the head. I made sure I was quiet. there were literally 0 indicators that someone was on the other side of the door. Has anyone else encountered this or anything like it? I lost a heap-load of poo (didn't have a helmet because I couldn't find one) due to this snap-shot single-hit bullshit. I was as stealthy as the game could let me. For 5 minutes I was waiting, and someone knew I was in my position. There's no "hey, there might just be someone right there". There was no peeking. The door was opening and the guy, gun, body and all, moved a single step into the room and shot me. Name in the picture attached.
  7. propanu

    Hacking topic in forums

    Considering you don't accept screenshots for bug submissions, please open a hacking/cheating topic in the forum where people can post hacker encounters and proof so that you take action against them.
  8. mKHammerBro

    Report Hackers

    I'm not sure where to do this so starting a thread here. A player by the name of 'FKiller' is using flying hacks. Please ban!
  9. So I would like to understand how I am supposed to go about reporting hackers when the past few times I have been killed by a flying hacker they are doing so under their SCAV runs which means they have some randomized Russian name which means no linking them to the incident so that I can report him with my recordings and screenshots. It seems to me that you guys should be considering adding a name in quotes or parentheses next to the Russian name so that we can report more easily and keep track of who is breaking the rules. I am sick of losing gear with my buddies from a hacker or sometimes squads of them flying around the map killing as they please and us being powerless to do anything about it. I paid 140$ to support your Studio and Game which is a lot now a days considering the price of AAA games is 60$. I hold this game dear to my heart due to the fact you as Dev's are thinking outside the box doing things no one else is doing right now. You guys have built an amazing game, please don't let these little script kiddies run away with the dream of this game being huge and successful because that's what they are doing right now. all 5 of us have quit playing the game till it calms down a tad but I have not been able to run a single decent run out of the past 10 runs, 8 of them had hackers! So if anything, can you guys tell us how you're going to fix the issue of them using SCAV runs to hide their name? Please give me at least that? Lastly, thank you for this game! Its amazing and one of the best games I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing. I recommend this game to anyone and everyone but it scares me that they may start their first day and be smashed by one of these hackers and be turned off twords the game. Please keep up your hard work, you guys rock! Below is an example of what I assume is a SCAV name that was the hacker who killed my whole squad. I hope this helps and if it hasn't been brought to your attention that it is now that something may need to be done about hiding a persons name. Thank you again, TIPPY
  10. I am wondering if there are going to be ban waves for exploiters as well as the cheaters/hackers. They are both a massive annoyance. I am talking about the people who use the pistol glitch to permanently have their pistol as a usable weapon in their Gamma cases. Also the pistol exploit where they can use 84-round mags and keep them in gamma containers. Also the people who are exploiting the SMG with infinite rounds in Gamma container.
  11. The amount of hackers in this game is getting really unbearable. I'm currently a level 39 usec and it seems every time I run woods I am either teleported to or killed at a random time through buildings. I have over 350 raids played and out of the 350 I can assume about 100 of them are woods, and out of that 100 I would say about 40 of them I have been killed by hackers. Its getting really annoying, Ive lost ~10000usd worth of gear and probably 1000000R worth of gear just to cheaters.
  12. Rhymster

    ignoring hackers

    I dont know how long battlestate and the devs think they can ignore all the people complaingin about hackers . Its rampant right now i just played 3 back to back games and died out of no where to the same person . Forums, and discord all have people complaining about them. it ruins the game makes it unplayable . so go ahead delete this post locked it or do whatever it is you guys do besides address the problem and fix it. btw USMC-ted is a hacker im sure he will have free reign though
  13. UWS_Ghost

    Please ban the hackers

    in one day alone i got killed by 5 hackers, it seems like every couple raids you go in to their is another hacker. makes the game near unplayable knowing youre just losing your gear to a cheater. I love the game a lot but this spoils it majorly.
  14. Maverick495

    Hacks Making this game unplayable

    I bought into this game because of watching all of the great content put out by you tubers and twitch streamers. What i get is login see some guy flying around 360 no scope with a shotty. I say ok maybe its desync. Im new could be a bug. Round 2 log in run up hatchet them they die I think aww yeah its on like Donkey Kong man appears through a wall bang dead. Ok go to customs I see a guy floating in the center of spawn hatchling trying to hit him hes 2 high bang dead again. I have to ask are the Devs even working on the hacker problem. Too many aimbots esp flyin noclip mfers in raids to mak going in with anything other than a hatchet then your at a disadvantage against the aimbot at times ai. I mean come on man there has to be a breaking point before those same you tubers/streamers turn on the devs and kill this amazing product before it gets out of beta.
  15. masterl0ganw1n


    Me and my friend were in a raid on shoreline. I was inside of one of the houses that was fenced in. I cleared all of it. Go upstairs and closed the door behind me to make sure I don't get snuck up on. Next thing you know, full auto suppressed fire kills me. I was watching the only entrance, and I wasn't near the windows. Only way that he could kill me was through the house. Next thing you know my friend sees someone flying in the air and then kills him. I also saw earlier someone floating in the air, but that could be unrelated. The guy flying around was called GetCucked.
  16. tsmhicks

    Anti-Cheat Homebrew or existing?

    Was wondering how you guys will handle Cheaters/Hackers or what you will do in terms of creating/choosing the anti-cheat for this game because lets just admit it, games like this bring in tons of cheaters because this are hardcore, there is loot, and perma death involved so it does bring out the sad players who want to ruin that intensiveness for others. Look at games like ARMA2, DayZ Mods and Standalone, H1Z1, etc. All very hardcore games (outside of H1Z1 probably) where cheaters/hackers can literally kill a game off. I personally don't think VAC, BattleEye, or even Punkbuster should be used as time and time again have proven to be terrible. I have always been a fan of Metro and Stalker for many many years and see this going in that direction, which is great, and adds a touch of the ARMA feel to it as well. I just don't want something that you guys have worked on so hard get ruined by cheaters/hackers. As a suggestion. maybe getting the community involved to help with cheaters in some fashion could be something?
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