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Found 247 results

  1. Bad_Luck_Roy


    I'm trying to find some people I can play this with add me on discord if you'd want to play Bad_Luck_Roy#1611. I'm trying to get better loot and a good squad to play with hmu asap!
  2. As I said in the title. The title is the error message, but I paraphrased a little because I got mad and kinda forgot what it said lol. Before this error, I got one scav run in, which was glitchy and didnt let me aim??? Then when I tried to reinsert I kept getting "Backend error" or something like that. I closed the game and relaunched 2 or 3 times, then I was apparently joining a a raid while still being on the home screen? IDRK Fam im just tryin to loot up lol Thanks for any help guys (Feel free to move topic to a new thread or something)
  3. I was wondering how to split bullets so i don't have to take so many.
  4. Ghost_Bluf0rd

    How i upgrade my stash?

    Hi i am new player and i try to find where i upgrade the stash but i just cant find it can someone help me please
  5. where you get to talk about the server being down 2x in a day
  6. As the title suggests, will I be able to buy an upgraded container from a trader of any sort? I noticed the Shady guy sells Alpha containers, will I be able to buy a bigger one without real money?
  7. where you get to talk about the server being down 2x in a day
  8. Upon downloading the game it runs perfectly fine, the launcher stays open and the actual game runs as well. Upon the closing of the launcher however, it does not open again. I've tried running as an administrator, troubleshooting it, nothing appears to work. I've uninstalled and re-downloaded it, moving it to a different hard drive, and the same situation occurs. It is cumbersome to have to re-download the game every time I close it and want to play again. If anyone has any advice as to what I could do it would be greatly appreciated.
  9. jakubpos

    Cant start a game

    Hello! I have a big problem, when i click play game does not launch and then a bug information appears... i tried to reinstall, open with admin as well Please help!
  10. Glance

    I got an Error

    User action requred. It appears the game has terminated with an error. How can I fix it ? plz help. Photo: https://gyazo.com/e09aa83b45dd6a0d6b163d086c9f3ef7
  11. http://steamcommunity.com/groups/escapefromtarkovint/discussions/0/2592234299554363063/
  12. Orbixal

    Sherpa Help Guide

    I have over a few months been collecting bits of information and placing them in a google Drive for users to reference. When you have just started or need to remember what mod goes where this is the perfect place to check. I suggest that other's who wan't to join the Sherpa program pools together and gathers info for this drive so it can be used to help new players. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6DRQp7Lka2_VGt0WjlEV1Bzblk Let me know what you think.
  13. African_Plz

    Package Upgrade Advice

    I have the standard package for Tarkov and as it is 20% off, i am interested in upgrading to the "Left Behind" or "Prepare for Escape" packages. The problem is, i am not sure which one to get. The left behind package is $24 for an upgrade and the prepare for escape is $44 but i am not sure the prepare for escape package is worth the $20 extra over the left behind package. If anyone can share their opinions/advice on the subject, i would really appreciate it Thanks!
  14. I know, git gud. But please listen: So today I just FINALLY got access to the alpha and was very excited to join the multiplayer. First tried Scavs on Woods, and got shot within 10 seconds of spawning. Okay, must be bad luck. Joined as PMC on Factory, got shot by a random player running at my direction 10-15 seconds later. Huh, must be another bad mistake. Joined as PMC on Factory again, only to be grazed by another random player within 10 seconds, corning me and throwing a grenade at me. Huh. Joined as PMC on Factory again, only to met and grazed by a player, so I ran the opposite direction, only to meet another player with a shotgun to my stomach. Did I just get ganked? Joined as PMC on Factory again, only to shot by a random player that was straight at me within 10 seconds, as if he knew exactly where I was. Okay........ I don't want to start hackusations on other online players due to my inexperience in this game, but I'm oddly discourage to play this game in the future. I was crouched and kept silent the entire time, but whenever another player spots me, I get KOS asap as if they knew where the spawn locations where. I play plenty of other FPS games, such as Rainbow Six Siege, 7 Days to Die, DayZ, and ARMA 2&3, but this experience so far has been not what I anticipated. I'm dying the moment I join the game. And I'm Solid Snake quiet about it too! Maybe I am doing something wrong. So with all due respect, please help enlighten me on what I can do to not suck and keep dying. Otherwise, I would probably stop playing this game in the future, as I love the concept of the survival FPS genre. Thanks!
  15. Takazaki


    I've been playing the past few days and after the wipe and losing all of my starter gear I had some rough times getting gear. How ever I've found a formula that reaps results constantly, but before I spend an hour or 2 typing out a guide on how to play the game I was wondering if other player guides exist. This way I can have more information to work with when I create my mega guide.
  16. Vanhorn420

    Broken loot

    Some items wont go into certain storage slots on your backpack, avs etc. the game either thinks there's an item there still.
  17. PimPy_Butcher

    Bug Report

    I’ve searched the forum but I can’t find where to report bug in the Alpha stage of the game, does anyone know? Thx
  18. Either inventories doesnt seem to be loading, is this just a bug? Or does the timer indicate that the trader is on cooldown and you can only trade every now and then? Thanks in advance
  19. Hey guys new to the game and discord for that matter I have been getting really bad lag spikes in pve hoping it's better online with the servers the discord is https://discord.gg/ayYuBy2 come say hi and help a bro out!
  20. nodramallama

    How Do you Escape?

    I've killed everyone and looted everything but I run around for the remainder of the match unable to find the exit and lose all my stuff? Anyone know what to do??
  21. ScarShoot3r15837

    Need Help Navigating Around Forums.

    Hello community! This is my first ever post in the English-speaking forum. Can some helpful community members point me in the right direction to which topics I should view? Thank you.
  22. Do i have to pre order the game in order to download and play the beta, also will the game be released on steam?
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