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Found 261 results

  1. aflyingpotato

    Repair Game

    Every time I reinstall the game or check integrity of files, i am told to repair the game files after i do that it says play. When i hit play it says error with the files and says to repair again. I've repaired the game several times, re installed it 3 times now and still no luck... I just upgraded to the EU version of the game because i thought that it being the "Other" version was the problem so that's my last idea of fixing this. I've put in a support request and waiting on that but if anyone else might know or can help that'd be amazing. this is my discord if you'd like to message me there: WindowSmudge#5870
  2. HushChild

    Flea Market Bug??

    (Wasn't sure where to post this, move if necessary) I ran into an issue where one of my offers on the market is flagged as "Out Of Stock" after it was purchased, and now i cant get that slot back, and am stuck at only 2 flea market spots..
  3. ROFLcaptain

    resolution problem

    Hello my problem is that i have to run the game in 1280x720 to have a good 50-60 fps, but when i start a map the game always changes its resolution back to a fake 1920x1080 (the resolution changes but the image is clear and i have 20-30 low fps. The change can be seen on the picture quality. finding out why this happens would be cool, cus now i have to change the graphics every time i start and end a raid. I cant really just ignore it after raid because if i open a weapon/armor/case the window is out of border and cant move it cus it jumps out again. thx for the help
  4. ok so i bought this game like 7-8 months ago and it looked like a lot of fun but when i went to load into a map it gave me this error (Cant Load bundle;maps/(map name)_preset.bundle) after sitting on 0% map load for a few minutes, now i talked to of number of people who have or dont have the game and watnot but nothing they suggested worked i uninstalled and reinstalled the game and launcher 8+ times but that didnt work. so i decided to wait until the problem was brought more into light and potentially even fixed in a patch or something but here i am months later with the same problem. in hindsight i should have tried to do something about it then but i had other things to do, i really want to play this game and thank you in advance for any help
  5. As the title says. Most if not all of my raids in the last 3 days had been like this, spawn in, find PMC walking in place, and then getting killed by invisible bullets. I can loot, manage inventory, even see scavs walking normally some times (sometimes they're frozen too), but the PMC are like that. Is there anything that I can do, it's been a week since launch and the game is pretty much unplayable for me. Please help.
  6. Benwhite2002

    im new to game help

    i cant move forwards for more than 2 seconds because it stops. i have changed key binds and restarted the game but cant find a solution. please help
  7. od 8.10.19 nie jestem w stanie grać w Tarkov, mapy ładują się mi po 20 min minimum oraz czas oczekiwania na start sesji trwa u mnie od 2 do 5 min m można coś z tym zrobić? jest jakaś rada?
  8. Dan_Man74

    Cant Install the game

    I've been trying to install the game for over 3 hours now and each time it finishes it says something about checksum or something not being right. So i did research and tried a bunch of different things like uninstalling the launcher and unpacking a Zip file and nothing is working, a lot of my friends don't have this problem, i just really want to play the game.
  9. Supernaut501

    No Confirmation Email

    A friend of mine has purchased a game this afternoon, and has been waiting about 5 hours for a code that is required to enter the launcher. He is getting kind of stressed out, and we would really like some help figuring this out. This seems to be a somewhat common problem.
  10. Wulfen109

    New player LFG

    Hey guys, I have been casually following this game and have decided to buy it finally. Haven't even finished downloading it but I know i am gonna need some weathered players to assist me. I'm just looking for some peeps that I could potentially play with regularly. I'm new to this game but fairly competent in shooters. I have a mic and discord as well. Anyone wants to help a newbie out let me know! Thanks
  11. I'm a new player who wants to get in to the game but it's so unforgivingly hard as a solo I can't, does anyone want to help me and show me the ropes of the game discord is Momoge#7319 contact me there
  12. escape from tarkov profile data loading stuck I waited 15 minutes Nothing happened Help me pls T T My pc spec cpu i5 9400 ram 16 gb vga gtx 1050ti hdd 1t wd psu 650w os windows 10 64bit
  13. IgnisRaptorem

    Acquisto del gioco

    Salve a tutti, qualche mese fa un amico ha acquistato il gioco ed ho avuto modo di provarlo tramite la key di prova che viene fornita assieme al gioco, nulla da dire a riguardo perchè il gioco è bellissimo e lo adoro, più che altro avrei bisogno di consigli da chi segue il forum e le news per sapere se effettivamente conviene acquistare il gioco ADESSO. Vorrei sapere se conviene aspettare perchè ho sentito rumor vari sul fatto che il gioco potrebbe arrivare sulla piattaforma di Steam (nel caso arrivasse in un futuro prossimo, la key per steam ci verrebbe fornita direttamente da battlestate? Oppure i server attuali rimarrano aperti lo stesso giocando dal client scaricato dal sito?) in più un dubbio che continua a pervadermi è se vale o meno comprare il gioco poco prima del grandissimo update alla versione 0.12, essendo che ci sarà un cambio di versione dell'engine mi conviene aspettare e vedere quando sarà stabile la prossima versione? Ultima domanda che mi ha reso parecchio perplesso bloccandomi all'acquisto del gioco, su alcuni forum ho letto di gente che ha speso sul gioco anche 250 euro, dicendo che lo aveva riacquistato, ho bisogno di delucidazioni riguardo al fatto che magari il gioco acquistato ha una scadenza precisa tipo un abbonamento, vi ringrazio in anticipo delle risposte che mi darete e vi chiedo scusa se magari alcuni di questi dubbi possano risultare banali.
  14. TizzleBabyBoomn

    Are my specs good enough to run the game

    It's a stupid question to ask I see when players post their specs their numbers are way above mines and they still have problems. Don't laugh but I have a HP all in one 24 Foxx Intel (r) core (tm) i3-8130u CPU @2.20 GHZ 8GB RAM 64 bit. I only got this computer because the people at rent a center said it could hold the gaming files. Can I do anything to make it more acceptable for Tarkov or should I bring the computer back before I'm done making payments on it. I've only played a total of 2 hours lag free with tarkov and it was the best 2 hours of my life. Mind you I've had the game for 4 months 😭 please anyone I feel stupid for even coming ask the question I need help.
  15. Hi everyone! To put you in situation I'm just about to buy a monitor for playing ( untill now I'm playing in a gaming laptop ) and I have a few questions/doubts which you maybe can help me with, to choose the right one. Plus I'm a little disconnected of the PC world over the last many years ( except for playing tarkov for 2yr now) and I don't know too much about hardware, so maybe anyone who knows better about specs and parameters can help me out. First of all, my needs are a size upgrade, and ghosting remove. I think this will improve my tarkov life quality a lot 😜 Then my doubts here: At first I was thinking to buy an 24" one. But after checking lenght and wide I realized that is not too much bigger than the laptop one of 17" ( well is bigger at least but.. ) Since I'm about to buy something new, why not buy a 27" then? Well somewhere I read that 27" in FullHD at close distance is not enough resolution and I will see it pixelated. Is that true? Otherwise I was thinking in buying a QuadHD monitor to overpass this issue, but I looked around the forums and read about some problems with UI scalling and other issues. Although those posts are quite old, cannot know if this issues were fixed, or maybe reappeared with any bug in recent patches. So, is working properly 2560x1440 res? Is it worth versus 1920x1080? I will need it with a 27"? It change the performace noticeably? Is lowering FPS or something QHD vs FHD? My budget is limited ( well only by me, I don't want to spend 600-700 bucks on the monitor) , but since nvidia now supports freesync I guess is easier to get a good monitor for less price. Do you have any recommendation from you personal experience? My goal is to buy the best available for my needs without being too expensive: 1ms or less, good enough reolution ( but without compatibility issues with the game ) 27", no ghosting ( I feel Freesync is good for that... ) Any extras welcome like better color display, connections ( display port or HDMI btw?) blue light reduction and this kind of stuff... EDIT: 32" is too big for my desktop that's why I didn't even consider. After looking at monitors I can tell that Acer or Benq are on top or alike, but the price diferences are there too, predator series are quite expensive, really better in performace or just the name? Other brands are good or not? I'll really be thankful to you all for you responses/suggestions.
  16. PlastoredPastor

    no play button on launcher

    I have been playing the game for about 2 weeks now with no issue, but when i opened the launcher today the whole area where you press play just wasn't there. has anyone had this issue, or know of a fix?
  17. So, I'm not sure when this became a problem, but after one of the patches, my cursor hasn't been staying locked onto just my screen while in-game, even though everything is set to Fullscreen, that being in-game and in the client launcher. This makes this really difficult for aiming and attempting to shoot, being that it tabs me out of game due to the cursor dragging itself out of game, onto my second monitor. The simple work around would be to just use one of monitors while playing Tarkov, but being the only game that I have this unique issue with, I feel like I shouldn't have to do that. My question is: Am I the only one having this problem, or is this a known issue yet? And secondly, is there a fix?
  18. So, my game crashed and I reinstalled the game and now it is very choppy. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  19. Title says it all. Just need to get to marked room, will pay something idk I do not need anything out of there but the door open.
  20. Darealluigi

    For HDD users.

    Hey there. I'm just wondering if there is any way to help people using HDD instead of SSD (I would buy one but money is tight). I spend about 4 minutes up to 7 minutes sometimes loading the map and loot (loot being the worst of my problem, it takes a very long time to load loot for me). I know there's probably little to do about this but i'm just putting it out there. My specs: Processor: Intel i-7-3770 @ 3.40gh RAM: 8GB <- this might tie in with my issue as well. Graphics: NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1070 Ti OS: Windows 10 HDD 4TB 7,200RPM Thank you and have a nice day!
  21. Sebodon


    Hi this is the first time I have made something like this and I am only making this because for the first time in my thousand of hours on tarkov I am fed up of dying to lag or a hacker or some bs where I disconnect from the game just to load back in a be dead. I really try to have fun when I play tarkov and I find my self disliking the game more and more... back when I first picked up tarkov I loved the game, I would get home from a day of work and look forward to playing the game I was one of the best games I had ever played and still is but I just can't continue to play this game with all the bugs and hackers there are. Tarkov has great potential and I could see this game going somewhere but that's if you fix the bugs I the game. It's small things like when I go to shoot someone and lag and die or when I'm in a gun battle and I disconnect from the game. Like I have said I really want tarkov to do well but I find myself playing other games that aren't tarkov, It's the same with my other mates they would much rather play something that isn't tarkov because they don't have bugs and hackers... the game is ace but I am unsure if I want to keep it or not. If you have read this thanks for your time and any feed back on what you guys and the community think would be nice. Thanks Seb
  22. nachoben

    staying in matchmaking

    is it just me but when i try to go into a raid im always stuck in matchmaking for 10+ mins then if i get in the game the server seems to freeze. but when i join on people and they take me into raids its fine. if you know why this is please say.
  23. ChaseMatic

    In-Depth Guide Available?

    Hello. Names Chase. I am new to the game and the forum. I'm sure this is posted about a lot... Besides the wiki, does anyone have any in-depth guides (guns, items, maps, etc.) for the game that I could possibly get access to and/or print to help me while I play EFT? Whether they be user created or not, that would be great. Thanks a lot!
  24. Guten Tag liebe Community, ich spiele EFT eigentlich mit guten FPS z.B. auf Customs mit ~120 fps. Nun ist es mittlerweile so, dass ich zwischendurch Frame drops bekomme und meine FPS kurz nach unten brechen. Diese führen zu kurzen lags bzw freezes die natürlich zum Tod führen können wenn ich im mich im Kampf befinde. Habe auch kein Muster entdecken können woran es liegt. Habe schon google gefragt aber nichts hilfreiches gefunden. Ich wollte mal fragen ob ihr eventuell das Problem kennt und eine Lösung dazu habt? Es kann echt nervig sein. Specs: I7-9700k, 16Gb Ram 3000 Mhz, GTX 1070, EFT ist auf einer SSD installiert Lg. DeaNozzo
  25. HvnZeus

    Launcher really zoomed in

    So im having an issues where it seems that the launcher and the game is zoomed in and i cant seem to fix it, has anyone else had this issue?
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