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Found 247 results

  1. I've been playing tarkov on and off for about 7 or 8 months but every time I start playing again I stop within a week or two because I just get stuck at lvl 1/2 traders and cant progress into gear that is enjoyable to use. I'm not a bad fps player and am good as far as aim and stuff but when im running into players who have tier 3 armor, kitted m4's, ak's etc and im stuck with lvl 1 armor (if i even have any in my stash) and a bare bones sks or shotgun you just have barely any chance. I've watched tens of youtube videos on tips for surviving raids but it seems like no youtuber can fathom the concept that most players who are struggling dont have stashes full of viable weapons, armor, and helmets.
  2. I am stuck on prapors mission:postman pat part 1. I know from doing this mission last time where the dead scavenger is, he's in the small building at the ramp to the underground area, I've now been there 5 times a couple of which I was definitely the first there and no letter on the scavenger, it's usually around his neck/collar area but not for me, any help appreciated
  3. LemmingRuss

    Menu lag/stalling (after raid)

    Just looking for any sort of fix to this. Whenever I open the game, the traders work fine. No major loading problems or lag. But when I play a single raid (Scav or PMC, it doesn't matter) they lag completely. Clicking a trader takes about 15-30 seconds and the game stops responding from about 5-10 seconds in. The stash and showcase menus lag slightly and trades also take a couple of seconds. This is for all of the traders and also stalls when trying to leave. Anyone got any ideas? I'm running the game from an i7 processor with 16GB RAM and a GTX970 4GB GPU.
  4. When I try to play the game as a scav it always immediately upon loading it says "lost connection to server" or something along those lines. I can connect sometimes as a PMC but that also is a hit and miss situation. I disabled my firewall and anti virus still did not fix the issue. Any ideas?
  5. I'm not offering a giveaway or player carry, but help and guidance so you can learn and make XP progress. Message me here with your Discord and I'll add you. Country: US Playing Time: 11:00 PM - 3:00 AM EST / 03:00 - 08:00 UTC
  6. Nicnick95

    Looking for group in a large Discord?

    If your looking for a group? Feel free to join our discord to find one! We currently have 1700+ members in our discord, we also offer help in other games as well to keep our discord diverse and to keep modivated players coming. This helps make matchmaking easier for you! Join us today to find a team for tarkov! We also have key maps and extraction maps for anyone that needs help even if they want to play solo! Our discord link: https://discord.gg/8kEHzUz
  7. It has happened several times where ill be spraying someone with my AKM and the bullets either are not registering or they're health hacking or something but this is getting ridiculous! Please fix this bug asap! I keep losing where i shouldn't because the lack of diligence and proper game functionality. All I ever see is the developers adding new guns and new mods. Like I really don't care. Just make this game "playable", please! Please fix this issue. I have a laundry list of game bugs that i can rattle off so please work on FIXING the game before considering adding more content. Procrastinating the important parts of the game over pilling on more content is irresponsible and negligible. Please, I really do think this game is such a neat idea, it would be such a shame to see it succumb to such ignorance. Thank you, KAMAARA PS. Ill try to record some "game" footage to further support this claim. My HDD isn't too large so I'll have a hard time doing this but I'll at least try.
  8. My Escape from Tarkov binds are not working for my left click on my mouse and the esc key as both of them are jumbled up, this leads to not being able to click on anything within the menu, if a button does work within the main menu, left clicking on my mouse to change a setting or revert the settings back will bring me back to the main menu. It's a mess, and I'm keen to play but this has been bugging me. I was curious if there was a way to access settings outside of Tarkov to revert this back within the game files or something? I have tried uninstalling twice now and nothing has changed, the settings have stayed the same even if I completely uninstall the game and launcher, nothing. If someone could help me resolve this issue it would be greatly appreciated!
  9. Plasmaproof11

    Need help with graphics

    I cannot seem to find a way to fix this issue i am having, when i play the game everything is outlined in a bright white, such ass trees bushes power lines buildings. on customs i saw what i think were like wet tire marks and they were completely white. ive tired many settings to fix this and i cant figure it out, weirdest part is a took a ton of screen shots so i could put them here but now when i look at them they look mostly normal but to me in game everything was either covered in white or outlined in white. i have never seen any youtuber or streamers game look like this, this game is really fun and i love it but having everything outlined in white hurts my eyes. if anyone has any idea what this is or how to fix please let me know also im going to post a picture to try and show what i mean. so in the picture everything looks fine but for me in game everything was outlined in a bright white. it looked horrible all i could see was white. even the individual grass stalks were outlined in white but for some reason it looks fine on the screenshot, i have never had this happen in any other game
  10. Plasmaproof11

    Text is hard to see

    I play on a 32in tv that’s only a few feet away from me and I never have problems in other games but for whatever reason the text in this game is burrly and very hard to see, after a short time of trying to read stuff my eyes start to hurt. Is there any setting that can help with this because when I watch streamers it looks fine
  11. Don't know if this is the right place for this topic, it's my first time posting here so apologies in advance. I also created a support ticket for this issue but I haven't heard anything back yet. SO more or less, my issue is Tarkov is crashing right as the "loading loot" hits 100% and I'm about to load into the raid. This consistently happens every single time I try to load into a raid, no matter if it's a Scav raid or PMC. I've done both online and offline raids and neither of those have been fruitful. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game, updating all the drivers on my computer and the like, and nothing has seemed to work. This has only been an issue since the 0.9.2 update, before that I could play the game fine. I've also noticed that when the crash happens, the launcher acknowledges it and asks if I'd like to submit a bug report, which I always say yes to. However sometimes I get the email that it went through, and sometimes I don't. Another weird thing with this bug is that in the crash folder there's only 1 instance of the crash happening, even though it's happening every time I try to play the game. Any help would be greatly appreciated, I'll try to provide a dxdiag and the crash folder if need be.
  12. When I try and Install the game it sends me to an error screen and won't let me install it. I can't even get the launcher. Somebody please help.
  13. Hey, guys I had the issue that my game chrashed the whole time after the new patch. So I started to work on that issue and tryed to fix it for 5~ days. I reinstalled the Game 3 times, cleaned my Pc form all EFT files and the issue was still their. The I killed the Nvidia Overlay with the recording application still no improvment. Installed the Game on my gaming- notebook it worked fine but i am not that used to play on 17'' and the notebook... Killed my Defender to 100% no effect... So at the end I tryed three things at once that I set the Option ''start always as Admin'' on the Launcer Client and the Game Client (The Launcher and the Game have to diffrent .exe so be sure the set the Option on both). Then I deleted all the EFT setting-files in %AppData% and shut down the Windows thing that ask you all the time : '' Are you sure that you wanna start this as Admin'' So that thiss message don't pop up again. After all this I started the game reverted all settings in the game and et volà no chrashing EFT anymore. I hope I could help somebody to fix the issue if not mybe we will solve this together with other ideas. A fried had the idea to deinstall and reinstall the grapic driver maybe it will help somebody.
  14. vTaught


    Im love EFT! PLS HMU TO PLAY I HAVE NO FRIENDS THAT PLAY THIS GAME! IM VERY LONELY ON RAIDS! Im pretty good at eft but the only maps i know so far are Factory, Interchange (a little bit), and shorline. All my friends think that these types of games are boring compared to poo like fortnite. I would like someone to guide me kinda and teach me some tricks or stuff in the game. thanks! DISCORD = Taught#9636 (DM ME) DISCORD SERVER = https://discord.gg/kje69HU !
  15. tote

    Asia Servers?

    I just moved to Hong kong for a bussines oportunity and im currently trying to play Tarkov, my game region is USA, that is what it says on the Game Launcher but since i am over here and will be staying for a couple of years i went into de option to move servers and for obvious reasons i moved to hte hong kong one, then i tried to play and my Ping was over 200+ so my question is, are the Asian servers working? my region is USA does that mean i am fucked and cant play on any of the order servers? is there a solution?? And if you are wondering if the internet i am using is poo, well the answer is no, since i am playing PUBG with less that 60Ping in Asians servers.
  16. kristof55pl

    Check ammo doesnt work

    Hey guys just a quick one I can't find a solution online for it the Alt+T combination used to work fine for me but for the last few weeks it's not working whilst loading into the game sometimes the screen with advanced controls come up and on there for me it pops up with Alt and blank I don't know how this happened but resetting to defaults in controls didn't fix it for me does anybody know how I can fix? It's quite hard being in a fight not knowing the approximate amount of ammo in my mags
  17. RickyTheRick

    Quickest Gas Analyzer HELP

    I need help getting a gas analyzer, I've done several Factory runs, (no factory key, but pump station key), and I still haven't had any luck. I just would like to know if there was a way to quickly farm a gas analyzer. Thanks!
  18. kamcos


    Hi guys I'm now to this forum and i have a question if somebody can sell me keybar . Flea market and Auctions are implemented yet and i want to collect all the keys for shoreline but i can't find them no more in markered room on the customs i was farming about a week . It always was some hachet guy or empty room (2 times i found toz inside). Can somebody help me with that ? My nick name is kamcos
  19. Nik_Russian1

    Bizarre game-breaking bug.

    Hello anyone who can help! I don't know if you're the right people to ask about this, but I'm new here. I installed Tarkov earlier today and things seemed fine. I had some basic performance issues that I planned to fix, but lately whenever I try to go into a raid, the loading screen gets stuck at 100% and stays there for maybe a minute. Then, the game minimizes, becomes completely unresponsive, and the Steam client opens and starts launching Wolfenstein the New Order. Seriously. It makes the game unplayable and is far and away the strangest bug I've ever encountered. I have no clue why this is happening or what I can do about it. I really want this game to be playable, especially because I spent $74.99 on it. If any of you guys can help, please tell me anything I can do to fix this!
  20. Lolsteelz

    Scope Lag issues

    Hey guys, I know players have had issues with scopes dramatically drop their FPS and it's a problem I use to have in earlier versions of the game. For awhile, it got A LOT better to the point where I didn't lose a really noticeable amount of frames when using 4x scopes or anything of the type. . But for some reason, here more recently(with the update that released the new Interchange map) I've gotten a HUGE problem with any type of zoomed scope(Not red dots, EOTechs, ect.). Whenever I have any zoomed scope equipped I lag dramatically. This lag occurs even when not scoping AND when scoping in(becomes worse). Just with the weapon with the scope being in my hands this lag happens. I haven't seen anyone else post about an issue like this one. Has this been a problem others have been having that I just haven't seen? This has REALLY hurt the my enjoyment of this game because I'm forced to have to use only red dot like scopes. And being a play that typically enjoys going into raids with full gear along with a M4/AK with a HAMR/Red-Dot or something of the such this issue has been a huge thorn in my side. . FPS goes from a normal 60-70, to 40 with a scoped weapon in my hands AND 20 FPS when scoped in Is this a problem other players have been having? If so, are there any fixes or things I can do that will help this? I miss using scopes =[.
  21. liperium

    Elcan Scope

    So i've been using the sv-98 with the elcan for a few raids. And I found something. Sometimes it gets really small ( 1/8 of the screen ). and sometimes it is 2/3 of it ? It goes from 2/3 to 1/8 if I do ctrl + Rc. Am I pressing something ?
  22. EVERY (literally) raid, theres always teleporting players and teleporting AI. My ping is 50-70 to the sydney server (im in QLD Australia) yet every game, no matter the map, its impossible to kill anyone or anything. Id either shoot someone a hundred times in the face, give up, run away, then die all of a sudden when theres no one near me. Even trying to aim down on an AI is impossible cause of the constant teleport. It's unplayable unless I wanna play a finding item simulator. Cause of this Ive given up going in geared and just decided to do everything with a gamma container and a hatchet, cause no matter what i bring in, Ill lose it to some bullshit dsync way. Support wasnt much help but they did try to give as much advice as they could, Im wondering if anyone else has any kind of fix or has this problem? No firewall or anti virus programs.
  23. SlimJimBim


    Ok so literally EVERY SINGLE ducking GAME I play of this, I get disconnected at least once randomly. I don't know what the duck is happening but it really pisses me off how I'll be doing perfectly fine and get disconnected out of nowhere, only to have to go through another 2 minute load in and get killed by someone who wasn't there before i disconnected. Is this something the devs need to fix or is it on me? Cause I know for a ducking fact I'm not the only one
  24. VoxilFreak

    Can't seem to update the game.

    Just bought the game and now as soon as I wanted to install the game it gave me this error. Unable to connect to the remote server "A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond." And I don't know if it's to do with my region or anything and I don't know what to do.
  25. Skratingus

    Can't change my in-game resolution

    Hello, As the title suggests, I can't change the resolution of my game. I used to run the game in 1280x720, but after I reinstalled it, I can only run the default which is something like 1920xwhatever. This has taken a huge toll on my fps, especially maps like shoreline, which I can only run at 20-25 fps. If anyone knows how this problem can be fixed, plaease help Thank you
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