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Found 247 results

  1. Thank you for reading in advance. (These are personal opinions and by no means facts) Escape from Tarkov is one of the hardest if not the hardest military simulation role playing mmo first person shooter with survival elements currently in the world at this moment. The learning curve is extremely difficult and steep, and this post is designed for everyone to slay that fear most players have of dying for starters along with losing gear, accidently team killing, accidently getting team killed or making common mistakes that cause your teammates to die from other players and/ or scavs. Also, this post will severely help with increasing loot speed and surviving most common situations and fire fights that are constantly happening every minute of every day in Tarkov. We will cover everything we can in this post and are looking forward to it helping at least one if not more new or old to the game. Here we go. Common phrases and acronyms: In lobby: Just a heads up for teammates to know that you are ready to deploy and waiting to squad up with them. A.S.S.: A callout that is very highly recommended and super important to say so your fellow teammates know that you are about to spawn in just in case they are moving toward another pmc spawn that you might spawn at that is different from the original spawn of the first teammate to deploy. Not stating your about to spawn and exactly where you spawned when you do will get you team killed almost every time guaranteed and well it will usually lead to getting that whole squad wiped since people will be busy trying to get the friendly that died gear picked up to either hide for insurance or bring it out the raid to give it back. For example, even if this happens in a 5-man squad, your now down to a 4 man, while one person is “cleaning up” (another phrase that will be addressed later) now you technically only have 3 sets of eyes or 3 angles you can cover while noble person is cleaning up. However, while shooting and/ or killing that friendly by accident in spawn every enemy player that spawned next you will automatically know where those gunshots came from and decent players will be able to tell exactly where it came from on the map. Now, statistically and numerically your squad has a very slim chance of staying alive if another 5man, 4man or 3man squad that knows what they are doing and knows best vantage points to go to lock down the area where the accidently tk happen and them knowing where your team is and you not knowing who will be pushing you when this happens is another obvious disadvantage as well. Strategies to Counter this Mistake: 1. One person grab the gun. And leave everything else on the body. Everyone who isn’t grabbing the gun should be immediately move to strategic position and lock down angle either toward other players spawns and or entrances and/ or exits to tk location. Then wait to patiently to ambush the players that 9/10 will come to investigate the shots. (Leaving everything else on the dead body will make 9/10 players think that this dead person was solo and think everything is clear as long as no one from your squad gets seen while they are moving in. This will allow your squad usually to be able to have eyes on the enemies while they attempt to loot the db and try to find cover while their teammate is looting then all you do is fire when ready and kill them all if this scenario falls into your favor. 2. A little more popular approach is to take everything off your dead team mate and reposition some where else on the map and go from there. How some maps with how close the spawns are (esp house side of the map on woods. Trying to do this method will mostly likely get you wiped. “I’m in”: A callout that is very highly recommended and super important to say especially if you’re the first one to deploy in and the next thing that is very highly recommended and super important to say is to immediately state where you spawned and the TIR (Time in Raid) (Press O) (Default Hotkey) so everyone spawning after has the information so your team can start to develop the IRP (In raid planning) because depending where you spawn (for ex. Again, on woods spawning behind the “house” or most popular callout across all eft “cabin”) you only have seconds before other pmcs can move 20 – 30 ft and be able to engage you right where you spawned in. (Some spawn points will allow you to see all other spawn points on some maps literally by moving to the nearest vantage point if next where you spawned within 45 secs and usually less time than that depending on players skills like endurance and strength) “I’m pushing”: A callout that is very highly recommended and super important to say so your team knows that you are moving from your last location to another. (Not calling out exactly where every time you change positions either will probably get you tk or lead to you tk someone else) we are not stating that you have to learn every callout on every map just to prevent this but stating things like “I’m next to a truck” when there might be 10 other vehicles and 5 other trucks around you will not help especially if rounds are flying all over the place. Just for example “I’m next to grey Toyota truck in front of a warehouse” is more than enough information if its your very first raid in eft and will make things so much easier when playing in a squad that literally has done thousands of raids and know exactly where everything little thing is located on every map. It saves confusion, comms, time, frustration and most of the accidental tk that occur from this. “Holding”: Stating this means you will not move from covering whatever angle you have so other teammates don’t have to worry about keeping track on you especially when hunting or being hunted and setting up ambush or when flanking in a firefight. (It is very highly recommended and super important to say that you are moving or doing anything else after saying this…) Callouts: Either nickname or general locations on map to communicate your position and/ route you are taking so everyone knows where everyone is at. Death Info: It is very highly recommended and super important to say right when your dead that you are dead. Doesn’t matter if its your first raid or ten thousand raid. If it is your first raid and you die just by saying that your dead will let more experienced players almost immediately figure out all the angles you could have been shot from which will mostly likely lead to them slaying whoever killed you. (Doesn’t matter if you don’t have any more info to give but obviously if you know where you where you when you died and where you got shot from helps immensely. It is very highly recommended and super important to keep comms clear from you end after giving out your death info because 99.9% of the time more action will develop within the first min after your dead. Gear Check: Super useful to do when either heading to lobby to say where you gear your bringing in and what is insured to help with comms after events start to happen in raid. If changing your appearance while in raid once again it is very highly recommended and super important to say you are doing so to further, try and prevent accidental tk. Next Topic: Slaying bodies easier in EFT. There is an unlimited number of things you can do as far as setting up traps, baiting, ambushing, or aggressively pushing together or sweeping a map. Here are some things you can do. 1. Understand pmcs levels in relation to trader’s quests items and the “meta” of the game itself. It is very easy while waiting in lobby to do reconnaissance of everyone else not in your squad to get a “general” ( I mean very very very general idea of players you might be going up against) for example, Day 1 Wipe, Almost every single player in the game went to customs to kill 3 scavs within the first 3 hours after the wipe and it was very very very easy to use this kind of knowledge and know that people were going to be running nonstop either to old gas station extract or construction on customs depending on new spawns and set up and wait for entire squads to jump over fence and slay them all down while they were in a single file line ( as most squads usually move in when playing.) We can not tell how many times and I’m sure experienced players will vouch on this too from all over EFT can state that they have killed 5mans while playing solo with a 60-round clip slay them all with one mag… How ever if playing in playing large groups with either a new player and or new person Im not sure if there is a better way to move especially if that new squad is using the map boundary as a guide for navigation etc.. 2. Going prone will give you the most stability and best recoil management when about to slay a target of opportunity. HOWEVER, it will take you a very very long time to go through the animation of proning back to crouching or the standing (about 2 secs) which is forever if your getting shot at. Crouching is the next best thing from the prone as far as weapon control goes as far as shooting and moving while engaging a target or multiples or being shot at from UIT (unidentified threat) while engaging someone else. (Hopefully not me cause I’m a po-tay-toe aimer) This situation will always dictate along with your brain which position is best depending on xyz etc. 3. OMG this this 3rd bullet is huge and once again highly recommend as well. If your like me you will double tap targets even if they looked like they dropped like a sack of potatoes when you really shot and injured the target and he went prone (ESPECIALLY SCAVS NOW) then you get one tapped in the face assuming you killed him. If your going to make a bunch of noise shooting some one I don’t see problem with shooting a target one more time in the t-box. Esp your whole squad was engaging targets and throwing grenades, do you really think one more bullet is going to make the difference? If so please explain 4. Practice, Practice, Practice, Practice, Practice, Practice, Practice, Practice, Practice, Practice, Practice, Practice, as much as you can. There is still currently an offline mode that allows you to go into raid, turn on ai scavs (enable offline check, enable PVE check), and practice slaying bodies. If you die early in a pmc raid when playing with a squad and you don’t have a scav run available just go offline after setting pmc up for next raid and when they are all out the raid simply press escape disconnect confirm leave. All your gear will still be on your body that you went in with whether you die or disconnect from the raid. Or hatchet farm factory and get killed by fort ops core 60 rnd suppressed 5 mans after beating them to the safe <this is a joke by the way… I hope Quick Looting/ Clean Up Tips 1. Cntl Click + Left Click to quickly transfer items from db that are inside pockets, chest rigs and backpacks and it will automatically go (and rotate if needed) to available space in your backpack first, if backpack is full, then it will go to your chest rig next if space is available ( make sure it doesn’t clog mag slot or you will drop the mag in weapon on the floor the next time you perform a tactical reload…) ((I feel your pain if anyone has done it with 60 rn mags..) You can also double left click weapons and or gear with attachments on them off a dead body to inspect the gear then ctrl click + left click the individual attachments and they will automatically go to which ever open spot is left on your pmc in the order described above If you guys want more tips on how to loot even faster and go through the best and most efficient to loot and in what order depending on xyz. etc.. please just give feedback on this Also for the love god if everyone is looting and some spots an enemy please stop looting and slay the threat(s) before continuing to loot. It makes absolutely no sense to continue looting if teammates are taking contact and dying because you that kept looting decided to loot over helping out your teammates and which will most likely cause you to die anyways which means you and your entire squad not only gets all their gear taken because your all dead and which also means no one got any loot from your squad anyways. (Not talking about meme runs etc etc etc….) Plus it will only trigger most people anyways and destroy morale… Cleaning up dead team mates/ dead bodies For example, you are running in 3 man squad and one of you dies. One player will need to “clean up” ( pick up everything that was insured and hide it) while the other covers. Clean up dude should literally go some where there is cover and mouse cursor hover delete key everything on his body except for primary and (except for pockets) meds that are in pockets. Get back over the friendly db quickly loot drag his gun first to sling then body armor then helmet then rig then backpack off his body run somewhere that obviously isn’t next to dead body if your able to (because experienced players running scav runs find tons off decked guns and forts and now ops core helmets along with the usual gear because they will literally check every bush, crack, hole, ditch, glitch spot etc.. within about 100ft upon seeing a dead body ESPECAILLY if they go to resort for example and see double digit pmcs and scavs all lying dead around there any gear that was being “hidin” inside that compound will probably never come back from insurance along with all the other meta hot spots on different maps. After you hide team mates gear run back to your hidden gear pile and put back everything back on We will keep adding to this post as we have time as we know we are missing a lot of other things but for right now we just wanted to get this out there and just play. Please feel free to comment, discuss, help out with more, criticize and send feedback as much as you would like we are super friendly people and will be mature about it. Hopefully this helps at least one person out there and they can pass it along to their friends and further support the badass devs behind this game.
  2. OmarB

    EU servers

    i have a problem i'm from saudi arabia and always connect me on china servers or korea instead eu servers my ping on china servers 240 to 320 and eu servers is 75 to 100
  3. So ive failed a task on therapist which was -15 rep if i failed, I didnt know but i guess I failed it meaning now i cant get maxed out therapist so no Item or Money cases... Whats the deal with getting the quest back or redoing it, cause ive read that the only way is to reset your whole profile but im not about to do that over a failed quest. Ive been grinding, please respond and let me know what i can do, I also read that waiting 48 hours will refresh the quest and allow you to redo it. Hit me up and let me know before i drive myself insane grieving over the loss of much needed stash space.
  4. Notleee

    Updating Game Gug

    I have the launcher up and i'm clicking the update button but nothing happens. Please somebody give me the solution!
  5. leongutman


    im living in isreal and my region is usa and i need eu is there any way to change that and buying the eu servers for 10$
  6. shawshanked

    I need help

    Im fairly new to tarkov and i took a task on from skier without realising it had a time limit, i don't think im going to be able to complete the task on my own before the time limit is up thus resulting in getting the penalty. Would anybody please be able to help me to aquire the Fort body armor.
  7. LukaTheSlav

    Error: Access is denied

    Well I got a problem, my game was laggy and I exited the normal way, and since it froze my entire PC I had to reset my PC by pressing the reset button on my case, and now that I tried starting up Escape From Tarkov, when I open the launcher a pop up appears say: Error: Access is denied. Any help? Please?
  8. Skratingus

    Prapor mission 3

    As the title suggests, I need some help with prapor mission 3. This is soooooo annoying because I need to kill 14 scavs (I think) on woods. This might seem easy, but oh boy... Every time I shoot at scavs, they shoot back, and loud gunfire ensues. Of course, a geared squad just HAS to show up, kill me, take my gear, and kill the scavs I was meant to kill. It is pretty much necessary to have a suppressor when doing this mission, but the only one I have is for my saiga shotgun, which isn't any good on a big map like woods. The main reason I want to level up prapor is to buy some suppressors for my ak's, but I can't because I need a suppressor for his mission. If anyone knows how to kill scavs on woods without going in with some gear (because I already lost most of it), please help. Or if you know how to get your hands on a suppressor, even better! Thank you
  9. GrantMoles

    Trader Quests

    I love this game, it is like no other and it is extremely addictive. But, i have one issue with this game; the trader leveling system is incredibly tedious and aggravating. This game is based on nothing but loot and survival and over all, having a good time. But my issue, is the quests that you must complete in order to level the traders to buy better loot. This is not a fun way to level traders and makes the game a chore to play. I bought this to have fun, not to complete tedious tasks that take multiple tries to complete. Thank you for reading my suggestion and i hope that you will take it to mind in order to make this an even better game.
  10. hawkeyetesniper

    I need some MILK

    Looking for help, Amerifat, 20, bad Got this game a while ago and just started playing it a couple days ago and holy sheet I hate it. I need someone to teach me how to play this because as is my play-throughs are the equivalent of a flaming pile of garbage, they usually go like this: 1. run in with a hatchet, attack, mid swing im ded af 2. creep in with hatchet, sneaky breeky, loot some, shot to death/ defend myself, mid-swing, ded af 3. pistol, sneaky sneaky, pew pew, dead af because the human skull is bulletproof 4. pissed, grabs Saiga 12, insures gun, sneaky sneaky, find man, wait for him, *SURPRISE MFER*, *shotgun sounds*, he's still alive, all rounds connected to his chest, he shoots me, ded af CYKA BLYAT I HATE MY LIFE *rage quit* *forum typing* Help me so i dont kms, or don't, I wish to be released from this pain
  11. BigBossMDM

    Trader´s not leveling up!

    Since i started playing Escape From tarkov i have been enjoying my stay in the game but then i realizaed something weird was happening. My trader's wouldn't level up and when they did, the level would come back down to one right after the event. Follow the pictures and help me out if you can, i'm new to the game so it might just be me but if it's not i would apreciate help, thx. Has you can see on this first picture, my trader is level 1. I got ahead and buy a helmet to boost my trader to level 2. But then it drops down to level 1 again.
  12. LEONdadaoshuai

    求助 登录器看不到文字

  13. Colby_young

    Game told me to contact forums

    I went on a scav run and escaped through the "road to customs" exit. I escaped but when it normally shows the loot it said contact the forum. My ingame name is Colby. I would really appreciate if i could get refunded for the items i didnt recieve. As it was around 200k in gear and i had found key 226 for the east hall i was looking for. thanks Colby
  14. ash367

    2 game files .

    ok guys i need some advice.
  15. I just got the game last week and have only played for a couple hours. Been sticking to one map (customs) to familiarize with the game. Having trouble with gun mods, routes to take, basic noob stuff. Looking for a steady playmate(s) I have a mic. 3 to 9pm cst is my usual times. Thanks in advance.
  16. a2sigma

    Game Version Reset

    So, on December 29th, I made a ticket with the devs because my game version was reset. I had the Edge of Darkness edition, it was purchased as a gift code - I logged in on the 28th or 29th and my game was reset to the standard version. That's just about $100 of real life money that was removed from my account. I'm not sure what to do, the only response was from the devs on the 29th of December, all it said was "I see no editions on this account" - which is really annoying, considering I was reporting exactly that fact. Ever since, I've supplied receipts, asked questions on how I can prove I had it, et cetera. Two tickets later, a few bumps, and staff have yet to reply. Almost two weeks and someone who paid $140 still has not had their problem even remotely addressed.
  17. Can someone help me its not letting me play. I recently moved to college and now when i open up the launcher its not giving me the option to hit play. it gives me this error: Login error Unable to connect to the remote server A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond
  18. jakalpipboy

    Looking for New and old players

    Are you new or a veteran at escape from Tarkov and looking for people to play with or be part of a community, or just want someone to show you the ropes of the game??? Than come join Jakalpipboy1 who is a twitch streamer who has a fast growing community of EFT gamers and also other games who wants to teach others and also learn from others :D.. Come join the community at: https://www.twitch.tv/jakalpipboy1 Discord Channel: https://discord.gg/MDqpcj7 P.S: Everyone welcome
  19. SyntoX

    Can i gift the game to a friend ?

    So I accidently preordered the standart version twice... now my question is, can i refund one of them or gift it to a friend ?
  20. Hey guys.. i was playing as a scav on the woods map and I was just having fun looting this jacket.. then it disconnected me saying "server connection lost", so i was like okay i'll just reconnect but no.. it won't let me. I tried reconnecting like 10 times and each time it would give me a "server connection lost" screen. I was like fine i'll just abandon the match.. so I tried that and i can't do that either... it won't work. it will bring me back to this screen each time.... I tried closing the game and confirming to leave again and it still won't work. How do i get past this? -nuRdy I waited until the time was up and then I abandoned the match and it worked... but it's still very weird how it will not let me confirm leave..
  21. What to do if you aren't granted access to the launcher after a week of playing?
  22. BlackHoleMemes

    Prapor task, Bad Rep Evidence

    I will buy the key to bad rep evidence for 100,000 roubles. Add "BlackHolesMemes" if your intersted.
  23. I have had the game since early 2017, but never really played much. I am now getting into it more. I need some friends that play this game that are mature and are willing to be patient with me. Especially after all the updates that went on while i was at work. I have a discord server as well.
  24. Colby_young

    Game said contact forum

    I went on a scav run and escaped through the "road to customs" exit. I escaped but when it normally shows the loot it said contact the forum. My ingame name is Colby. I would really appreciate if i could get refunded for the items i didnt recieve. As it was around 200k in gear and i had found key 226 for the east hall i was looking for. thanks Colby
  25. Shinyleapfrog

    Intel Integrated taking priority?

    SO for some reason the Intel Integrated graphics has taken priority over my Nvidia 1070, would the devs be able to drop a hotfix to enable an option in the settings to choose a GPU to run on. PS: I have tried going into Nvidia control panel and told it to default to the 1070, to be used instead. However EFT still chooses II instead.
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