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Found 262 results

  1. hawkeyetesniper

    I need some MILK

    Looking for help, Amerifat, 20, bad Got this game a while ago and just started playing it a couple days ago and holy sheet I hate it. I need someone to teach me how to play this because as is my play-throughs are the equivalent of a flaming pile of garbage, they usually go like this: 1. run in with a hatchet, attack, mid swing im ded af 2. creep in with hatchet, sneaky breeky, loot some, shot to death/ defend myself, mid-swing, ded af 3. pistol, sneaky sneaky, pew pew, dead af because the human skull is bulletproof 4. pissed, grabs Saiga 12, insures gun, sneaky sneaky, find man, wait for him, *SURPRISE MFER*, *shotgun sounds*, he's still alive, all rounds connected to his chest, he shoots me, ded af CYKA BLYAT I HATE MY LIFE *rage quit* *forum typing* Help me so i dont kms, or don't, I wish to be released from this pain
  2. BigBossMDM

    Trader´s not leveling up!

    Since i started playing Escape From tarkov i have been enjoying my stay in the game but then i realizaed something weird was happening. My trader's wouldn't level up and when they did, the level would come back down to one right after the event. Follow the pictures and help me out if you can, i'm new to the game so it might just be me but if it's not i would apreciate help, thx. Has you can see on this first picture, my trader is level 1. I got ahead and buy a helmet to boost my trader to level 2. But then it drops down to level 1 again.
  3. LEONdadaoshuai

    求助 登录器看不到文字

  4. Colby_young

    Game told me to contact forums

    I went on a scav run and escaped through the "road to customs" exit. I escaped but when it normally shows the loot it said contact the forum. My ingame name is Colby. I would really appreciate if i could get refunded for the items i didnt recieve. As it was around 200k in gear and i had found key 226 for the east hall i was looking for. thanks Colby
  5. ash367

    2 game files .

    ok guys i need some advice.
  6. I just got the game last week and have only played for a couple hours. Been sticking to one map (customs) to familiarize with the game. Having trouble with gun mods, routes to take, basic noob stuff. Looking for a steady playmate(s) I have a mic. 3 to 9pm cst is my usual times. Thanks in advance.
  7. a2sigma

    Game Version Reset

    So, on December 29th, I made a ticket with the devs because my game version was reset. I had the Edge of Darkness edition, it was purchased as a gift code - I logged in on the 28th or 29th and my game was reset to the standard version. That's just about $100 of real life money that was removed from my account. I'm not sure what to do, the only response was from the devs on the 29th of December, all it said was "I see no editions on this account" - which is really annoying, considering I was reporting exactly that fact. Ever since, I've supplied receipts, asked questions on how I can prove I had it, et cetera. Two tickets later, a few bumps, and staff have yet to reply. Almost two weeks and someone who paid $140 still has not had their problem even remotely addressed.
  8. Can someone help me its not letting me play. I recently moved to college and now when i open up the launcher its not giving me the option to hit play. it gives me this error: Login error Unable to connect to the remote server A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond
  9. jakalpipboy

    Looking for New and old players

    Are you new or a veteran at escape from Tarkov and looking for people to play with or be part of a community, or just want someone to show you the ropes of the game??? Than come join Jakalpipboy1 who is a twitch streamer who has a fast growing community of EFT gamers and also other games who wants to teach others and also learn from others :D.. Come join the community at: https://www.twitch.tv/jakalpipboy1 Discord Channel: https://discord.gg/MDqpcj7 P.S: Everyone welcome
  10. SyntoX

    Can i gift the game to a friend ?

    So I accidently preordered the standart version twice... now my question is, can i refund one of them or gift it to a friend ?
  11. What to do if you aren't granted access to the launcher after a week of playing?
  12. BlackHoleMemes

    Prapor task, Bad Rep Evidence

    I will buy the key to bad rep evidence for 100,000 roubles. Add "BlackHolesMemes" if your intersted.
  13. I have had the game since early 2017, but never really played much. I am now getting into it more. I need some friends that play this game that are mature and are willing to be patient with me. Especially after all the updates that went on while i was at work. I have a discord server as well.
  14. Colby_young

    Game said contact forum

    I went on a scav run and escaped through the "road to customs" exit. I escaped but when it normally shows the loot it said contact the forum. My ingame name is Colby. I would really appreciate if i could get refunded for the items i didnt recieve. As it was around 200k in gear and i had found key 226 for the east hall i was looking for. thanks Colby
  15. Shinyleapfrog

    Intel Integrated taking priority?

    SO for some reason the Intel Integrated graphics has taken priority over my Nvidia 1070, would the devs be able to drop a hotfix to enable an option in the settings to choose a GPU to run on. PS: I have tried going into Nvidia control panel and told it to default to the 1070, to be used instead. However EFT still chooses II instead.
  16. i was supposed to level up to max lvl peacekeeper but nothing happened. i tried everything like restarting game. going in to a raid and out, selling/buying stuff from him, but nothing worked pls help if u can. this is kinda bad quality picture but u can see that im lvl 3 on peacekeeper on the left side but on the right side it says im supposed to be max level. https://gyazo.com/47a8bafe3418aab55f06c734b58419e1
  17. Razorchicken

    Cant Exit Factory

    I cant seem to exit anywhere in factory and my exits are red on the time.
  18. NecroDeity

    Guy from India need people to coop with

    So, got the game recently after being hyped about it for quite a while. And I'm not great at it. So I was looking for some people to play and have some fun with, who would also not mind showing me the ropes along the way. Since I am from India, i believe my region is "Other" (it was so during the purchase), but in the launcher it shows the region as USA(confused about that). So, if anyone wants to play together (preferably someone with whom I can play without having sky-high ping), let me know Cheers.
  19. SnekFurce

    Buying Fort Armor for 400k

    Ives tried for 5 days now and I just cant get it. Ive tried doing factory runs but no scavs have it. Ive stayed in raids till 30s left and no scavs spawn with it. I am will to buy Fort Armor for 400k roubles,
  20. dayzbot

    Unknown Bug Load-In Bug

    Loading into Factory, prob should have ALT-F4 but I wasnt thinking when I heard foot steps around me. I did not even get a chance to keep my gear. Was actually fully geared, AK74N(kitted), Tri-Zip etc. Such a waste of gear, This is the second time this has happened but this time I got it on video. To see the video here is the link: https://youtu.be/ha6Rwxc6_Qk
  21. Rhuan

    I need someone to help me

    i need friends to help me learn the game so hit me up on steam Steam: Rhuan
  22. LucasGames

    My mouse wont stop movving?

    Before you ask, yes I have disconnected all controllers. I recently purchased Escape from Tarkov and as soon as I booted it up and hopped into a game, my mouse wouldn't stop moving up and to the left! Any software tips or console commands that i could use to fix this? I really want to play this game!! thanks!
  23. My Freind Bought Me A Copy Of The Standard Edition But Im From The US He Bought Me The CIS Version When He Realised That He Tried To Upgrade My Game And It Didnt Work. I Then Proceded To Make Support Request And So Did He We Both Got The Same Copy Paste About Regions.... Now What.... Then I Head To Reddit About This And People Say Buy The Upgrade... When We Already Have... If I Buy The Upgrade That Means My Freind Got Scammazed. Any Suggestions On What I Should Do???
  24. itsozbub

    Bug Report - How to Fix?

    Get this error message when I launch the game. I know they are testing the servers right now and that might be why I cannot get in. If someone can help me fix it i would appreciate it.
  25. Smoerble

    Q: when do SCAVs spawn?

    Hi all, I think, I heard from someone, that SCAVs spawn in waves every [x] minutes. Is that correct? What is the exact pattern please? Thanks in advance.
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