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Found 261 results

  1. herosvsbandits

    Stuck in Insurance Screen

    Just as the title suggests, I am having troubles with the insurance screen to the point I cannot play PMC mode, only scav mode. Is there a fix available?
  2. RabidWeasel95

    Blind fire

    I don’t know what keys make me do the blind fire thing, can somebody please tell me
  3. Bozzaleg3

    Matching time + key

    So currently in the Oceanic region as we know isn't the biggest region of gaming out of the rest but why is the matching time taking 4 hours to get into a game literally 4 hours, i left my PC running to look for a game in woods/shoreline and a game just takes to long to find, can we please shorten the amount of players needed to start a game (3 min - 8 max) and continuously allow players to join within the first 10 minutes of the game. Also i'm currently stuck on a quest for therapist that requires the BLUE DORMS KEY #206 needed to look for "missing water in a room" i've done over 200 raids ingame so far, yet to find that key i've searched every cabinet on every map and still cannot find the key...
  4. NigelSmith

    New to Tarkov

    Hello, I am new to Tarkov (I have just pre-paid to play the closed beta). Do you have any advice for a complete N00B? Where to start, what to use etc. If someone has already posted this question, I would appreciate being pointed in the direction of a concise and detailed guide. I will be playing this evening to start testing! Thanks, Nicolai
  5. Dirty_Fuzzy

    game specs

    I understand this is beta and still needs work. but the mim specs say 6gb of ram and duo core 2.4 GHz. really that is just for factory I should not have to upgrade my pc to just play i was able to play when the beta first came out but not anymore. your saying with these specs someone can play but that is a lie. kinda false advertising. in my opinion. not fair that i have to upgrade my pc cuz of this
  6. A-Mei-Zing

    My E-Mail got hacked!

    Hey all I wanted to log into my E-Mail today and check if i have anything new, sadly i dont have access to it anymore! Is there any way i can change my E-mail adress for BattleState? I already changed Steam and Battle.net Thanks guys!
  7. Please see the attached picture. Skier did not level up for me after all requirements are met. Thank you for reading.
  8. CrispyCream

    The Tarkov Resource

    Hi, a friend and I decided to congregate a bunch of resources that we use for Escape from Tarkov such as maps, weapons+attachments, and some other general tips and things we find useful into a Discord server. We originally made it to have these things easily accessible for only us but have decided that others may like to use it as well. We are avid fans of the game and would also like to meet others who are as well. So if you want to just use our discord for the resources no problem, but we invite you to come into the voice chat and say hello. Hope this helps players new and old. All we ask is you pay attention to our general rules we have set and to remain respectful at all times. Thanks. Discord: https://discord.gg/sEMZc6S
  9. So my buddy's wife usually joins us in other PC Games (Ark, Dayz, H1Z1, Arma3, PubG, ETC), but usually she'll decide what games she wants to try out based on watching female streamers or she'll come into the forums and check out what fellow female gamers think of this game. Seems she's really not seeing too many (OF COURSE THERE'S SOME just really not a good amount) female gamers streaming this nor does there seem to be much of a female gamer presence in the forum (AGAIN I know there are obviously some here just not as prevalent as in other games). So although myself and her husband have told her how much we enjoy the game lol we've also brought her into other titles where she absolutely couldn't tolerate them hence why she found a way for her to figure out if she wants to play before buying. SO with all that said IF there's any female gamers here who can just drop your opinion of the game here and maybe a little breakdown on why you enjoy it that would be great. When my buddy and her come by tonight I'll throw up this page so she can read what you all have to say. Thanks in advance!
  10. Can't join any maps with failing with the my main PMC, When i join as an SCAV it's works but not as an PMC it's pops up: 605 - No Servers Available
  11. shittinbullets

    Twitch Chat Ingame?

    Hello Everyone, I'm not sure if its just me but I typically would use restream chat from RestreamIo however its not working for me in all games and this being an important one. I prefer to avoid using multiple monitors. So to keep things simple my question is.. How can I display twitch chat at the very least over Escape from Tarkov while playing? Is their a better software then restream chat program? Sorry for the off topic question just would like to get involved a bit more with this game and streaming in general but I feel like the biggest step is to figure out how to place my chat over the game. I'm a novice streamer and really appreciate the help on this one there seems to be lots of ways but what are you guys doing for this game? Thanks everyone for reading!
  12. BaileyStack

    Small Problem With Guns

    So, there has been a few times that I will go into a raid with a friend and go to unlock a door. Usually I'll have my M4 or AK out and unlock the door. No big deal. But there's a few times that my PMC will keep his left hand slightly off of the hand guard or grip after I unlock the door. At first I thought I was just stuck in the motion of unlocking the door but then I get stuck. I can't drop my gun, switch to melee or secondary, or get him to fix himself. The only thing that I have seen that fixes it, is to just leave the raid. But sometimes it's at the start of the raid like in Customs in the locked room in the red building. So from there I'm left to rely on my friend, who doesn't have the best aim or sprint out as fast as I can avoiding all players, scavs, and doors that have to be opened. Anyway, if anybody else has had that issue or one like it, let me know how you can fix it! Thanks!
  13. I'm not sure where to asked for help as I'm not the one having issues, Apparently a friend of mine just recently got banned for no apparent reason, he tried to contact support but everytime he makes a new ticket it closes. So I'm hoping either the devs, mods, or the support team could maybe help me out to help him as well. All he did was launch the battlestate launcher, check for updates, and opened up the forums, in result he got banned. Send help ASAP as we really wanna play together. Thank you!
  14. **I posted this thread in the for developers forum, i'm not sure where i should contact or ask so i'm posting it here as well. If the moderators were to assist it would be highly appreciated I'm not sure where to asked for help as I'm not the one having issues, Apparently a friend of mine just recently got banned for no apparent reason, he tried to contact support but everytime he makes a new ticket it closes. So I'm hoping either the devs, mods, or the support team could maybe help me out to help him as well. All he did was launch the battlestate launcher, check for updates, and opened up the forums, in result he got banned. Send help ASAP as we really wanna play together. Thank you!
  15. Game gets stuck while loading and matching. i was playing earlier, but the past 30 minutes havent been able to get into a game. is this happening to anyone else?
  16. TomakTheDank

    Rough Start (HELP)

    Before I start, please know that I am not calling this game bad in any way. I am very new to this game, i have watched a couple hours of video on the game explaining the basics, and come from a background of playing hard games. I have beaten the stalker games on master difficulty, as well as metro 2033 of ranger hardcore and survival mode. On top of that I am a souls game veteran, so I am not shy to difficult games. Although that being said I have had quite the rough start. I havent once been able to escape, and to boot I have lost most of my gear. Part of this is because I simply do not know the maps and I play solo since I do not know anyone who plays this game. Another Issue is that the servers always seem to be having trouble, I am in NA, and after every raid there is a server error and I cannto play again for some time. I am curious if I am simply doing something wrong, and if there is an easier way to get your foot in the door with this game. If I am being honest, I havent had fun in the few hours I have been playing, and I basically die within the first few minutes of entering a raid, almost exclusively to someone shooting me in the back. I have nothing but a knife now and a couple of pistols, though I am scared to even take the pistols for fear of losing them in my inevitable death. SO i feel very stuck, I cant learn the maps since I die instantly, I cant get gear because I dont know the maps plus I die anyway. Not sure if there is something I could be doing better, please what should I do, I want to have fun in this game.
  17. Sledziko


    Hello Everyone, I am wondering if there is a full complete LIST (not a walkthrough or how to guide) of all the tasks that are currently in the game. Thanks!
  18. So, my factory key is missing and my decked out AKS74 is missing, I clearly remember I didn't bring it on Any raids, just placed it nicely on my character, went on a scav raid(it might even happened before I got on the raid idk man shits weird) and i checked back its gone, the vest backpack, the gun everything, like, just gone. the next time I logged in, some items in my gamma case is missing, especially the key. The damn fuggin key I grinded for hours looking for. Just recently i entered a raid at 11PM(game time) with my AK74N, and some vest I looted on a factory raid long ago, I was at the gas station, shooting at a scav, thought that I died, and when the death screen came out(the screen where it shows you your character, who you were killed by and exp earned) and it says no one. No gaps, spaces, dots, underline etc. Wtf? Ever since the MP5 update, hackers been coming out like nani kore wa? I'm mainly concerned about the disspearance of my gear and the key that's missing from the gamma case. Anyone else getting this kind of issue? or is it just me being lucky to get hacked on?
  19. wackamowlaei

    Can't get better than 720p?

    Hello so i have a monitor that is 2560x1080p as well as one that is 1920x1080 and i have tried my escape from tarkov on both of these monitors but in the settings of the escape from tarkov it doesnt let me go above 1280x720p. Please help. I have a 4gb rx480 / i5 6600k. every other game is fine and my graphics software is up to date. Thanks!
  20. GooferTrooper

    Launcher issue

    After updating my game in the launcher, i started getting this problem in the launcher. the game is not running in the background at all when i start my launcher yet it still says it's in game and i cant actually start the game because of it. please help?
  21. Wagonfixin

    Tips on actually extracting

    How can you learn where extraction points are I've been playing for about 10 hours and haven't extracted once because I can't figure out where they are. Everytime I just kinda wandered over to where I think the points are with full gear and then I die and lose everything.
  22. Hello, haven't played for a while I am an Alpha Tester, do I need to reinstall the Game so the Beta runs? The Alpha Launcher has no connection and cant update. I would like my keybindings etc. to stay the same, if I can't update - where are the Config files i need to copy? Thanks in advance Frizzant
  23. ImSpray

    Set to the wrong region

    Hey. I set my profile to UK and I currently live there meaning I live in the EU however when opening the Tarkov launcher it sets my region to USA making my ping way too high to play. Any suggestions on how to change the region. I don't see why it set my region to USA. I don't live in the USA my account is set to the UK yet it is region set to USA Just what it shows: https://gyazo.com/1717eb619979e8efb509999af84c2325
  24. Всем неравнодушным привет. Как один из первых участников ЗБТ. Скажу сразу проблемы то все теже! И перед тем как добавить, что то новое выведите игру на "ноль", сейчас просто наблюдая за стриммами и опять много негатива, эффект вау пропадает через неделю. А перед выпуском похожего проекта от студии ForOneGame, боюсь конкуренции. дабы проект не умер, предлагаю: 1. Уберите неадекватное раскачивание деревьев. 2. Поправьте гамму, похожа на детскую книжку 90ых годов. 3. Поправьте модели персонажей! Они похожи на модели из игры дум! 90ого года. 4. Ну про качество текстур в общем надеюсь рано говорить видимо просто бетта. 5. Добавьте нормальную физику тел это же так просто и физику для мелких предметов: ящики, корзин, шины и т.д. 6. Не забывайте про хардкор, который обещали в начале! Заражение! Радиация! Все умения и перки! И немного предложений из старого опыта: 1. Перенос тел убитых. 2. Командные бои/клановые бои с возможность аксессуаров типо кепок определенного цвета и так далее. 3. Открыл дверь ключом, закрой ключем что бы ни кто не открыл. 4. Чёрный рынок, торговля между игроками, но эти вещи нельзя застраховать например ну или регулировка цен пусть там будет ну или не напрямую а через бота. Кроме квестовых вещей ну понятно. * или покупка там возможна только за реал. 5. Кнопка быстрой игры после смерти: нажимаешь и попадаешь в игру с тем же снаряжением и на ту же локацию, фактический на новую но просто та же. 6. Замки которые можно открыть только перебором, что бы в них самый топчик или квестовые вещи лежали, что бы у игроков был смысл идти именно туда и бороться за крестовую вещь. 7. Естественно радио подрывная взрывчатка или растяжки там, светошумовые. И средства борьбы: кусачки там и все такое. 8. Возможность бить прикладом. 9. Анимация движений типо танца чисто по фану )) 10. Улучшенная статистика в общем и более полная статистика: был убит в голову, попал а артерию. Удачной игры.
  25. Hello peeps. So I want preface this by saying I got all level 4 traders and am lvl 36, so I have been playing for a long time. Today was the first time I realized that this was really a bug or issue and haven't found a forum post that resolves it or even confirms that other people are having it. So I might be the only one. Basically my Special Action Modifier [default = ctrl key] is not working at all ingame. I know it recognizes it because in chat i can use ctrl-c and ctrl-v plus i can unbind it and rebind it. However it does not work in game for some damn reason. I cannot use CTRL-T or CTRL-RMB to toggle LAZERS or SIGHTS. Before i had lazer sights and when trying to toggle them it wouldn't work and I thought, "O well, guess its a bug" but now that I'm trying to get hybrid far/short range sights I realized that it also doesn't work and its a huge issue.... Has anyone encountered this or know of steps to troubleshoot this. I have tried to bind it to something else but to no avail... I cannot understand what would cause this issue for me uniquely. Like I said, it works everywhere (in-game other games) except when I am actually in a session with a gun in hand Please help Thx in advance.
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