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Found 277 results

  1. Nik_Russian1

    Bizarre game-breaking bug.

    Hello anyone who can help! I don't know if you're the right people to ask about this, but I'm new here. I installed Tarkov earlier today and things seemed fine. I had some basic performance issues that I planned to fix, but lately whenever I try to go into a raid, the loading screen gets stuck at 100% and stays there for maybe a minute. Then, the game minimizes, becomes completely unresponsive, and the Steam client opens and starts launching Wolfenstein the New Order. Seriously. It makes the game unplayable and is far and away the strangest bug I've ever encountered. I have no clue why this is happening or what I can do about it. I really want this game to be playable, especially because I spent $74.99 on it. If any of you guys can help, please tell me anything I can do to fix this!
  2. Lolsteelz

    Scope Lag issues

    Hey guys, I know players have had issues with scopes dramatically drop their FPS and it's a problem I use to have in earlier versions of the game. For awhile, it got A LOT better to the point where I didn't lose a really noticeable amount of frames when using 4x scopes or anything of the type. . But for some reason, here more recently(with the update that released the new Interchange map) I've gotten a HUGE problem with any type of zoomed scope(Not red dots, EOTechs, ect.). Whenever I have any zoomed scope equipped I lag dramatically. This lag occurs even when not scoping AND when scoping in(becomes worse). Just with the weapon with the scope being in my hands this lag happens. I haven't seen anyone else post about an issue like this one. Has this been a problem others have been having that I just haven't seen? This has REALLY hurt the my enjoyment of this game because I'm forced to have to use only red dot like scopes. And being a play that typically enjoys going into raids with full gear along with a M4/AK with a HAMR/Red-Dot or something of the such this issue has been a huge thorn in my side. . FPS goes from a normal 60-70, to 40 with a scoped weapon in my hands AND 20 FPS when scoped in Is this a problem other players have been having? If so, are there any fixes or things I can do that will help this? I miss using scopes =[.
  3. liperium

    Elcan Scope

    So i've been using the sv-98 with the elcan for a few raids. And I found something. Sometimes it gets really small ( 1/8 of the screen ). and sometimes it is 2/3 of it ? It goes from 2/3 to 1/8 if I do ctrl + Rc. Am I pressing something ?
  4. EVERY (literally) raid, theres always teleporting players and teleporting AI. My ping is 50-70 to the sydney server (im in QLD Australia) yet every game, no matter the map, its impossible to kill anyone or anything. Id either shoot someone a hundred times in the face, give up, run away, then die all of a sudden when theres no one near me. Even trying to aim down on an AI is impossible cause of the constant teleport. It's unplayable unless I wanna play a finding item simulator. Cause of this Ive given up going in geared and just decided to do everything with a gamma container and a hatchet, cause no matter what i bring in, Ill lose it to some bullshit dsync way. Support wasnt much help but they did try to give as much advice as they could, Im wondering if anyone else has any kind of fix or has this problem? No firewall or anti virus programs.
  5. SlimJimBim


    Ok so literally EVERY SINGLE ducking GAME I play of this, I get disconnected at least once randomly. I don't know what the duck is happening but it really pisses me off how I'll be doing perfectly fine and get disconnected out of nowhere, only to have to go through another 2 minute load in and get killed by someone who wasn't there before i disconnected. Is this something the devs need to fix or is it on me? Cause I know for a ducking fact I'm not the only one
  6. VoxilFreak

    Can't seem to update the game.

    Just bought the game and now as soon as I wanted to install the game it gave me this error. Unable to connect to the remote server "A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond." And I don't know if it's to do with my region or anything and I don't know what to do.
  7. Skratingus

    Can't change my in-game resolution

    Hello, As the title suggests, I can't change the resolution of my game. I used to run the game in 1280x720, but after I reinstalled it, I can only run the default which is something like 1920xwhatever. This has taken a huge toll on my fps, especially maps like shoreline, which I can only run at 20-25 fps. If anyone knows how this problem can be fixed, plaease help Thank you
  8. Hermann

    Launcher problem

    My launcher won't open after many attempts and many forum threads read. I've already tried reinstalling, administrator run or registry clean. Yet i made a request ticket on support but since it got accepted i there is no response and i kinda get worried. To make clear i've recently booted the system and everything worked just fine 3 days ago(before the boot). But now i'm rather more pissed and i was looking forward to try out new patch. Also when i launched the game for the first time everything went fine, i was in the game but next attempts were unsuccessful.

    What to do While Awaiting the Wipe

    Sick of seeing all the annoying posts people put up complaining about how boring the game is, when the wipe will be, etc? Well ur in luck cause' I decided to make this list of cheap games and/or activities to do to satisfy the aching in your hearts for something at least decently fun to do. Here we go: For $5, you can get EA access, which gives you a month's worth trial of games like Titanfall 2, and Battlefield One and 4 (and many others, these are just some of my favorite) If any of you are fans of RPG's, and you've never played this before, I HIGHLY recommend buying Dark Souls 3 off of steam (or somewhere else if you can get it cheaper) (<---GREAT GAME) I just bought this game called "Deep Rock Galactic" literally like 2 hours before I made this post, and I have to say, it seems to be one of the most fun casual, first person, survival/mining game (not like Minecraft) that I have ever played. Very fun game, especially with up to 3 friends. You could buy the EFT "Predator" e-book and read that. If you've never played "Cuphead" you could play that. It's extra fun if you invite a friend over and play co-op Assuming you have Skyrim on your PC, you could start another playthrough of that. Maybe try something new this time, you know, like some new mods, spec-ing into another skill set of skill trees, etc. FarCry 5 just came out. If you've never heard of "Warframe", well, you have now. Warframe is a cooperative free-to-play third person online action game with a sci-fi style to it. On the surface, it looks P2W, but it really isn't, since its not pvp and the grind for what you want to get isn't to bad. Also, there's apparently some kind of open-world update that came out. I haven't played since the update but it looks pretty cool. If you have any other time killing games to suggest, put em' in the comments. now that i think of it, not all these games are very cheap thats all i got its 4 AM im tired seeya
  10. PooperMcPoop

    Can't Escape On Factory

    The normal extract didn't let me leave as a scav. I had just found 2 m4's, 2 trizips, fort armor, etc. I have a video that I can post to youtube as the forum doesn't except the format. This is the 2nd time in 2 days that I've had extraction problems. Please fix it ASAP
  11. I've been getting into Escape from Tarkov and I'm ok at it. I win 1v1's 90% of the time but most of the time I am not that lucky. I keep getting cuck'd by duo's trio's and squad's. I have watched a lot of tips but I was wondering if anyone had any tips you don't see in videos. Sorta anecdotal but tested a lot by you please!
  12. I have 2 hdd for main stuff, and ssd for important things. My poor m2 ssd is 500gb, and full... When i try to find info on diskmanager they arent instalised, when i try to do this. I dont have the space. Or something like that. Main issue for me, i have data on them i dont wanna loose. So any program, tricks i can use to get windows to reconise my hdd like they allways been before this happened. I reinstaled windows several times, this has never happened before... And i need space, 500gb ssd isnt enugh... Thank for any help!
  13. Agent_Ice

    Technical Advice

    Hello all, I was wondering if anyone else has this issue or has any advice for me. I have been playing this game since the end of January. Until today, I had a couple of instances where I would be in the game and my computer would suddenly restart on me. I play several other games and have not had that issue. Today, It happened to me once in a raid and twice in my stash. Now, pretty much as soon as the game launches, (not even getting to the main menu) my computer restarts on me. I know a lot has been going on with the game, especially with this trader event going on (which I think was a great idea). I am not sure if it is a patch or something that could be making my machine unstable when playing this particular game or what. If anyone else has experienced this let me know. If anyone has any advice for me, feel free to share it. I have tried unplugging and removing any extra hard drives and devices from my machine, cleaned all the dust out, turned up the fan speeds, checked connectors and made sure all the cards were in the slots tight. Tried different outlet for the computer. Updated Windows and installed updated video card drivers, and tried running it without other applications up. Not sure what to think of this. Guess I will wait for another patch or something. My event logs don't show anything useful either.
  14. NetMole

    Wipe Date?

    I would Like to ask if anyone know wipe date staff or players?
  15. NetMole

    Wipe Date?

    I would Like to ask if anyone know wipe date staff or players?
  16. Hey all, after a raid, I noticed all my traders were ranked to level 4, despite the fact that I'm only level 20, very below the minimum spend amount, and not enough reputation. I've sold and bought from them, restarted my game, and kept the items I've bought from them. In any case, I'm not complaining with the upgrades Thanks - GLHF
  17. Gorkka


    So Can We get an update to when Wipe is
  18. Queridos supervivientes! Hemos empezado a optimizar Shoreline y por tanto hemos decidido arreglar también todos los bugs visuales y de colisión, asi como los glitches que presenta éste mapa. Os pedimos a TODOS que envieís vuestras fotos de esos lugares y objetos que presenten errores. Cosas como: Objetos Volando Objetos insertándose unos en otros. Objetos que se puedan atravesar y no presenten colisiones con balas ni con objetos. Lugares en los que te puedas quedar atrapado (Stuck) Cualquier cosa problemática. Todo ésto será mucho más rápido y sencillo si lo juntamos en un sólo sitio. Por favor compartir las screenshots de esos lugares y las juntaré todas y se las haré llegar al equipo de desarrolladores. Necesitamos información constructiva, capturas de pantalla con una descripción exacta del problema y su localización, o incluso si no somos capaces de decirlo exactamente una descripción orientativa. Es MUY IMPORTANTE que las capturas se tomen desde el juego, con el botón de capturar pantalla. Gracias a todos por vuestra ayuda y apoyo en la corrección de éstos problemas! El post Original es éste por si quereis leerlo!
  19. Kaizer_Mate

    Change username possible?

    is it possible to change your ingame username at all?
  20. The-Angry-Gay

    lanuch menu not working

    Upon launch of game and loading of the start menu. I'm prompted to select language, so I select English and click accept and it just clicks and does not let me proceed to any other options. Just bought the game. Please help me NVidia graphics card: Zotac GTX 1080 CPU: 6 core AMD processor All drivers are up to date
  21. Hi everybody! This is my first post on the forums. I recently got into the game and have been playing it for quite a bit. The only thing is, I don't seem to be progressing. I've been going on Hatchet runs in Factory. Occasionally I am able to extract with little loot. I've also been going to Shoreline and customs a bit. I also have found the marked key. I have been watching streamers like deadlyslob. I watched one of his strains where he plays the game but sets rules for himself, he can't buy ammo from Traders, etc. Anyways, in that one day of him playing, he was able to get fully modded weapons pretty quickly. His sash had at least 5 decent weapons in it. So my question is, how can I go about getting weapons and money. Also, what's the best way to level up my Traders and who should I level up first. I've watched plenty of beginner's guides so I get the basics of the game. So if someone could tell me the premise of what I should do to get guns and stuff like that , that would be great. Also, if anyone wants to play and help me if they're more experienced and willing to help a noob, that would be amazing. Thank you community!
  22. PooperMcPoop

    Upgraded Account, nothing happened

    I have had the Standard Edition for a little while and decided to upgrade to the Prepare For Escape Edition. After doing so my profile says I have the PFE edition but in game I'm still Standard. I received an email but it wasn't an activation code, just a purchase confirmation.
  23. Extremeoverride

    New Member!

    Hi everyone, Just bought the game, very new! be lucky if i can do anything right now, i have headset if helps, looking to play / join with someone to get the hang of things, be a laugh playing with another team player, used to playing COD, time for some real gameplay now! Thanks all, Extremeoverride
  24. XTS

    Accepting a gifted copy

    Hey im trying to gift the game to a friend, It seems like he needs to download and install the game launcher to activate the code? how can he install the launcher without the email and a link to it? Ill buy the copy when I know how and if this will work.
  25. Panza

    Game Tearing

    I'm not to sure if the new update caused this or anything. I've been running the game smoothly ever since i have gotten it.(which was in January) recently after the new update i have been experiencing tears in the game. It's happening constantly. I'm trying to enjoy the game but right now its just been to much to handle. I run at a good 80fps on customs with it still tearing. and a good 120fps on factory usually. i have already tried uninstalling and such with the game. Any idea on how I can fix this?
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