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Found 40 results

  1. SilverAti

    Újdonságok 0.12-vel

    Egy pár képet tennék közre ízelítőként a következő (0.12) Óriási javítás megjelenéséhez ! Ti mi az a kiegészítő amit szívesen látnátok a játékban ?
  2. Having an empty gascan in your inventory isnt very useful. i suggest that getting with you the empty gascans and being able to refill them in the maps which have gas stations such as customs or shoreline could be an interesting mechanic to add.
  3. SamaelKhin

    Hideout improvements

    I love the RPG element of tarkov, especially with the hideout. To me, hideout don't just provide you with useful buffs and crafting options, but it also gives a greater purpose to acquire loot other than high priced loot or weapons/parts. To add to immersiveness of the hideout i have a few suggestions: The main idea is that if you have a hideout you dont keep all your useful stuff in a couple of crates in the corner, you spread it out where it belongs, for example: When you upgrade nutrition unit you get a small dedicated stash for foodstuff, doesnt have to be a large stash, just enough to keep some ingredients which you will use later for crafting. The same idea can be implemented on several uppgrades: Workbench: Stash for bolts, weaponparts, screws, etc Shooting range: weapon rack and ammo/magazine boxes Intelligence center: keys, documents, maps, etc. Library: documents, books, maps (extension of the stash for intelligence center) Water collector: stash for waterbottles, maybe even a function to fill up empty waterbottles to bring into raids. Lavatory: stash for toiletpaper (obviously), cleaning supplies (shampoo, bleach) Medstation: stash for meds of course It could be made so that you have to go to the hideout in order to access these specific stashes, so you have your general stash for gear and items you bring into raids, and these specific stashes for long time storage. Could also add Armory as a Module, where you can keep weapons and gear, maybe do some repairs and a stash for weapon-mods.
  4. El día de hoy en Rusia se celebra la despedida del Año viejo, manera la cual se cierran las vacaciones de Año nuevo. El día de fue removido el arbol de navidad de los escondites y la iluminación navideña. Los desarrolladores esperan que haya sido de su agrado la dinámica, a mucho más por venir en este 2020!
  5. TryHardTermite

    Cant use hideout fuel or upgrade

    Yesterday, I was trying to upgrade my solar power, I bought all the pieces and had the money and clicked install. The game crashed and I rebooted it. When I went back, the solar panel button went missing entirely, I could only find it by scrolling through the bottom list of everything, when I clicked on it, it showed me that I had no materials to upgrade it even though they are all in my inventory. Now I cant put new fuel into my generator even though I have multiple full fuel tanks in my stash. IS there anything I can do to fix this? I already tried checking file integrity and it checked out. Thanks in advance
  6. KiCkInUrAzZ

    *|*|* - TARKOV HIDEOUT - *|*|*

    Tarkov is growing at a rapid pace and we have created a group for people that don't have many friends to play with. People from ALL countries are welcome! We will be needing admins and moderators to help run the server in the near future due to having over 200+ members! There are currently SEVERAL members in our group who dedicate their life full time to help any rookies and beginners, so don't sweat it. I, myself will help anyone who needs it when i have the time. New to Tarkov? Looking to expand your teammates? JOIN UP NOW LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! https://discord.gg/zVzqWRX
  7. Not sure if this has been already suggested but couldn't find any widely popular opinion on this, but I think it would be nice if you could add a slider in your profile where owners of EOD and the other editions, could change their stash size to the standard edition size. Now with the hideout implemented, I think it would add another thing to work on without having to suffer from a small stash size for the entire game.
  8. PepperTime00

    Make solar panels scalable

    You could make solar power scalable by making the player use car batteries to increase the amount of power they can hold/use from solar
  9. El_Noni2050

    Girl in Lavatory level 3

    Does anyone know who the poster girl in the lavatory level 3 is?
  10. TarkovCitizen447027

    Hideout and tasks

    So in my opinion Tasks give poopy rewards. So I thought of an idea, why not have the task help you build the hideout. So for example the first task from proper is kill 5 scav's and get 3 shotguns. So the reward could be like some wires for like the the lights or whatever you want to use them for. plus the work stations could help you out better for what level they are on. so like level 1 nutrients table could make something that only hydrate and feeds you for the lowest amount. then as you go up in level's you get better over all things. The workbench could start out making like t ammo for 5.45 ammo and/or pst gzh for 9mm ammo. Plus you could have it make the like starter guns to lol a pistol or even an SMG. I don't just an idea what do you peeps think?
  11. Assassin7266

    Magazine Case, Bug?

    I'm confused what I'm missing here do these items need to be found in raid? I've tried with power on and off in the hideout, and i get the same outcome and also have tried restarting the game and my computer.
  12. Strength seems like an impossible skill to train legitimately and is probably the best skill to get levels in. Realistically throwing grenades isn't going to make you run faster and hitting your friend in the leg shouldn't give you anything. I propose a gym (bench press) in the hideout:- I see it functioning as a time locked activity (maybe once a day - two days) drains your energy and hydration and you incur the "overworked" status debuff. Overworked status debuff lowers your overall stamina by a few points and/or lowers your endurance(The timer and severity of this debuff would need testing). The bench should give a flat amount of skillpoints depending on level of the bench and throughout the wipe therapist unlocks items to help increase strength gain as a way for players that start later into the wipe to keep up (not catch-up but around 60-70% of the strength level of dedicated players). These might not be needed if strength skill points needed per level grow more exponentially as you level. Pros: Time gated (no more cheesing with melee) Models for the bench/weights are already in the game. Catch up mechanics allow for fairer playing field where dedicated players still have the advantage. Rest area negative debuff gets a useful buff. New costly single use med items. High tier food market opens up abit. New places to find loot and could create some early game hot spots as strength training early is beneficial. Can't hatchling the weights (loot item) away because they are too heavy for gamma. Cons: Debuff can reduce the fun you have ingame if you decide to work out but end up playing later. Some people like having huge advantages through cheesing strength. Out of raid skill gain is questionable. Missing a day puts you (slightly) behind the curve. The catch-up mechanic does not work in a wipeless Tarkov. Grenade price decrease? I am still quite new to Tarkov (probably 80-90 hours total) but I feel this suggestion helps the general gameplay loop of the game for both the more casual player whilst still giving the dedicated players an edge and clears up some "fuzzy" gameplay mechanics. TL;DR: Time gated strength training from gym equipment that give flat Strength points with new cumbersome and large loot items. Small debuff for gaining strength and increase for food market.
  13. The idea here is to make the Hideout be a more seamless and tangible element to the gameplay loop, further grounding the player into the world. So rather than immediately throwing up stats and menu screens to the player upon extraction, why not return the player back "into" his hideout, having the player quickly step into the threshold? From there, whatever health state the player is in could be fully represented. So if the player was coughing and wheezing, the player would hear that too while he walks over to his med station to heal, etc. When surviving as a scav, what if instead of walking into the hideout, the player quickly steps up to the door of the exterior door of the hideout? Maybe it's down a short flight of stairs or something (??) and from there the Scav player could "use" the door to drop off items into the Hideout. This way you feel like you're literally "coming back" from something rather than breaking the fourth wall and immediately throwing stats and menus in front of the player. And who knows? Maybe when you're killed, you "wake up" from off the floor of your hideout or something? And of course, for those players who do not want this level of immersion, what if there were a laptop next to the entrance the player could "use" in order to go into a classic menu based experience? Or maybe it's a button in the lower right corner that's always there for the player click on if he so chooses. After all the applause we give EFT for its immersion, this could make transition into and back out of a raid feel more immersive and tangible. To those who kick and scream at the thought, why not give it a shot? You may find out that, not only does it draw you in more, but also that you can handle it. ***Thoughts? Improvements?***
  14. Hello. I noticed a problem with air filtration unit game mechanic in hideout. I cannot turn off the air filtration unit without turning off the electricity in the all hideout. Bitcoins farming and some crafting recipes require electricity which leads to wasting the 200 000 - 250 000 rub worth filter which I cannot extract from the unit. Therefore air filtration unit is a big waste of in-game currency right now. So is it possible to add a turn off switch to air filtration unit, so we (players) could use it to it's fullest potential?
  15. mrgoodtouches

    Hideout, Bugged Again....

    Initially tried submitting bug report, but thats bugged too.... Hideout is bugged.... Can't fuel generator, can't upgrade any stations, can't craft anything....
  16. Griever14

    Hideout Healing Not working

    I might be missing something obvious here, and I hope that is the case and not a function of how the hideout is working. I also skimmed and searched for this issue but did not find it. If this has been addressed please point me to that discussion and delete this. So I have upgraded my hideout, not a lot, but enough to get my healing to 504/hr. With the generator running or off, I am only getting like 1 heal per minute, which is by my best calculation 60/hr. Something seems off with the way the healing station(s) should work. I tried sitting in the hideout and activating each area that offered heals but found no boost to my out of raid healing rate. Please assist.
  17. Wouldn't it be nice to have a feature similar to the quests where you need to turn in barter items but for hideout requirements? I'm finding trying to upgrade hideout components to take way too much space in my stash and for too long (until I find every single item needed). Its mildly annoying, but maybe the turn-in feature would make the game trivial regarding inventory managment? Also it might render barter item cases useless. Overall I think it would be a nice QOL addition to the game but it would require a little bit of item case balancing.
  18. It seems that with 0.12, there's a renewed discussion surrounding the lack of ballistic statistics that are shown to the player in-game. Rather than take the spreadsheet values and add them into each bullet's stats window -- essentially "giving" them to the player -- what if this type of knowledge could be gained over time by "examining" the round's performance against different vests/plates in the hideout? For example, let's say you're interested in 5.45 BP and how it performs against a UN vest. You could purchase a UN vest, set it up downrange in your hideout, fire a few rounds at it, then walk up and "examine" the vest. At this point, your character would "know" how many rounds punched through that armor and that information would get added to some sort of ballistics chart in the hideout. So in this case, maybe it could say something like, 5.45 BP 3 out of 5 rounds penetrated UN vest lvl 3 at 80% health, fired from AKSU (or whatever was used). The same process could be repeated against soft armors and eventually individual plates once those are added in game. And with each new round he tests against a mix and match of different armors, etc, his "ballistics chart" would gradually become more and more filled out until he has a nice reference for himself. And perhaps, for flesh damage, something like ballistic gel blocks could be set up and, after a course of fire, "examined" by the player for penetration depth, fragmentation, etc. I'm NOT envisioning a "live" 3D representation of the paths or anything cut through the gel, but rather a text output that is shown to the player upon "examination". The interesting thing here is that, if something this resonates with the community, the ammo chart could essentially be removed from circulation. And from that point on, any updates or ammo changes would need to be actively tested by players themselves. It also retains a notable level of uncertainty into the mix as well. Rather than read raw numerical values from a spreadsheet, the player is now left to contend with only observable performance. This would offer a general sense of a round's effectiveness against certain targets, something that is likely more "realistic" at the end of the day. Thoughts? Improvements? THANK YOU BSG for all the hard work you put into 0.12! The patch is excellent, you've added SO MANY great things to the game. Your craftsmanship and attention to detail is in fine display here. Onward and upward
  19. Dear BSG & EFT community, Title says it all...Can I use Hideout to level up my PMC's Passive Skills? For instance, can I use Hideout's Shooting Range to level up my Recoil Control Skill? Or leveling up Passive Skills still has to be done only in online Raid? Thanks in advance, -Vekongmaster-
  20. For those who may not be aware, it sounds like EOD owners will start the new patch with the Hideout square footage already expanded to its max. As an EOD owner myself, part of me would really like to get the "full" 0.12 experience by starting at square one with the normal size hideout and then expanding from there. Also, back when I was on Standard Edition, I actually enjoyed the extra layer of having to deal with Trader Reputations. This got me thinking... Why not allow users to choose which perks of their edition they would like to start with? Maybe some want the additional stash/hideout size? Maybe others want the starting gear? Maybe others want the Trader Rep boosts? Maybe others want the larger Secure Container? Some mix and match of the above? Allowing players to pick and choose the perks they want would help them "level down" their edition if they so desire. Thoughts? Improvements?
  21. As far as hideout it’d be cool to see some sort of offline skill progression option i.e. like you could put you PMC into the firing range to practice either a basic task (or more/better complex tasks unlock overtime) and once he completes it certain stats/skills improve a certain or random amount (i.e. recoil control, weapon class lvl or mastery, etc). Also the PMC should have to have a certain energy lvl and or other requirements to start it and possibly a rest time requirement before you can start or schedule another task (offline) for him to perform. Basically some sort of learning/practicing system so when you’re done raiding or don’t have time to play for a while you could still login and have you PMC improve, and obviously make it so someone can’t just setup unlimited tasks for the PMC to perform and improve on without having to ever login. Also maybe add items you need to collect and consume to start and perform a task making it so you would have to raid and you couldn’t just build up a PMC without raiding.
  22. DanExert

    Project Catch-Up 2019

    Hi all, Due to the outstanding community feedback on a topic I created in Jan 2018, I've decided to once again compile as much knowledge and imagery as I can in order to paint a picture on what we can look forward to this year, and subsequent years of Escape From Tarkov. For those interested, I have included the link for the previous topic at the bottom of this post! Many of this is most likely common knowledge amongst the more seasoned players, though after a good year of development and many more teaser images it's time to help inform a new generation of Escapers I would also recommend new players to read up on the lore in one of the below sections; Tarkov has a fantastic story and there are plenty of materials to enjoy whilst we wait for the 2nd book to be translated (ETA on that at all? Excited for it!) Please, do not use this topic as a source, it is merely a compilation of info and images supplied by BSG over the past couple of years. I will link official topics from where materials have been sourced, down below. DISCLAIMER - this is all speculation, and has had zero input from the developers. It is merely an unofficial collection of ideas and images and should not be cited as reference material for future game content. Some of this information may be outdated and/or superseded; if this is the case, please let me know with sources and I will happily edit and embed links where necessary. All materials and text are included for interest purposes only and are not intended to mislead or misinform the community. Mechanics: Weapons: Attachments, Gear and Clothing: Characters: Hideout (0.12): Maps: Videos: Lore: Sources, Q&As and Official Topics: :
  23. titi4600

    Foire aux questions : La planque

    Foire aux questions : La planque Camarades, avec la sortie de la planque arrivant à grands pas, nous avons collecté quelques questions afin d’y répondre. Q : Quand la planque sera-t-elle disponible ? R :Dans la mise à jour 0.12 Q : Aurons-nous la possibilité d’ajouter des photos sous forme de poster dans la planque ? R :Pas encore. Q : Comment va fonctionner le système de fabrication (craft) ? R :Il vous faudra des objets spécifiques, puis cliquer dessus, le processus de fabrication prendra un certain temps. Q : Onglet « Sécurité » ? Est-ce que les planques pourront subir des assauts d’autres joueurs ou IA ? R : Non, les planques ne pourront pas être prises d’assaut. Q : Nous sera-t-il possible de faire nos propres cartouches ou armes dans la planque ? R : Oui pour les cartouches. Q : Comment améliore-t-on la planque ? Aurons-nous besoin d’objets, d’accomplir des quêtes, etc ? R : Oui il vous faudra des objets, débloquer des marchands, accomplir des quêtes, certaines compétences et de l’argent. Q : Jusqu’où va la personnalisation de la planque ? Pourrons-nous positionner des objets où nous voulons, en poser sur les tables/étagères/casiers ? R : Pas de personnalisation aussi poussée pour le moment en 0.12, ce n’est que la première itération de la planque avec des fonctions basiques. Q : Pourrons-nous nous déplacer dans la planque ou ça ne sera qu’une sorte de menu ? R : Oui, vous pourrez vous y déplacer. Q : Aurons-nous plusieurs variantes de la planque à un moment donné ? R : Probablement non. Q : Quels sont les fonctionnalités de la planque qui t’intéresse le plus, Nikita ? R : Le générateur et la fabrication. Q : Est-ce que notre personnage ira directement dans la plaque après un raid ou il y aura un bouton « Planque » dans le menu du jeu ? R : Il y aura un bouton « Planque » dans le menu du jeu. Q : Où se trouve la planque sur la carte de Tarkov ? Comment sera-t-elle accessible aux joueurs quand toutes les zones de Tarkov seront connectées ? R : La planque se trouve à l’extérieur de l’environnement du jeu. Q : Pourrons-nous construire un salon pour nous y reposer ? R : Ça portera le nom de zone de repos. Q : Sera-t-il possible d’inviter notre escouade dans notre planque ? R : Pas encore. Q : On devrait avoir à construire un PC avec les composants dans le jeu afin d’accéder au marché, et en faire une quête pour accéder à la planque R : Ce n’est pas prévu, mais il sera possible de monter une ferme à Bitcoin dans les mises à jour futures. Q : Pourrons-nous utiliser les objets fonctionnels tels que les briquets, cigarettes, bouteilles de propane, savon, etc ? R : Si vous voulez dire allumer le briquer, non, pas encore. Q : Pourrons-nous avoir des animaux de compagnie dans la planque ? Un chat ? (Chat personnalisable svp) R : Des chats personnalisables…dans EFT… Q : Une salle de jeu prévue ? Ou une sorte de bar ? J’aimerai bien qu’on puisse s’amuser un peu à côté des raids, surtout quand nous sommes dans la planque pour nous regénérer. Billard ou poker ? A : Quelques jeux/activités viendront plus tard. Q : Est-ce que la planque sortira en même temps que la mécanique de régénération après raid ? R : Oui Q : Des racks d’arme ou des vitrines ? R : Quelque chose comme ça de prévu. Q : Pouvez-vous expliquer un peu plus le système de musiques/vidéos dont vous avez parlé auparavant ? R : Si vous parlez du fait de pouvoir écouter de la musique dans la planque, c’est prévu. Vous aurez à mettre vos musiques dans un dossier et le système les jouera. Q : Est-ce que le pas de tir de la planque aura des défis ? Ou des cibles mouvantes ? R : Non, ce n’est pas encore prévu . Q : Aurons-nous une réserve plus grande que celle de la version EoD de disponible ? R : Non. Q : Les armes de la réserve seront-elles visibles dans la planque ? R : C’est possible. Q : Aurons-nous des extensions et du nouveau contenu régulier pour la planque ? R : Oui. Q : Dans la planque, pourrons-nous appliquer des peintures sur les armes ? R : Ce n’est pas lié à la planque Q : Pourrons-nous améliorer nos compétences dans la planque ? R : Pas encore
  24. ¡Supervivientes! Esperamos que las siguientes respuestas arrojen un poco más de luz sobre el escondite y salgáis de dudas. P: ¿Cuándo saldrá el escondite? R: En el parche 0.12. P: ¿Tendremos la posibilidad de añadir imágenes personalizadas a modo de posters en el escondite? R: Todavía no. P: ¿Cómo funcionará la fabricación de objetos? ¿Se hace clic y ya está? R: Tendrás que conseguir ciertos objetos, hacer clic y esperar a que se fabrique por completo. P: ¿Habrá una pestaña para la seguridad del escondite? El escondite podrá ser asaltado por otros jugadores o Scavs de la IA? R: No, el escondite no podrá ser asaltado. P: ¿Podremos crear munición y armas en el escondite? R: Munición sí. P: ¿Cómo se mejora el escondite? ¿Necesitas ciertos objetos, misiones y demás? R: Sí, necesitarás ciertos objetos, tener los vendedores desbloqueados, completar ciertas misiones y tener ciertas habilidades. También dinero. P: ¿Cómo de profunda será la personalización del escondite para los jugadores? ¿Se podrán colocar objetos sobre estanterías, mesas, armas, trofeos...? R: Todavía no habrá personalización propia. En el parche 0.12 será la primera fase de implementación del escondite con las funciones básicas. P: ¿Podremos movernos libremente dentro del escondite o será algo parecido a un menú? R: Sí, podrás moverte por dentro. P: ¿Tendremos diferentes versiones del escondite para escoger en algún momento? R: Probablemente no. P: ¿Qué función del escondite te interesa más Nikita? R: El generador y la función de crafteo. P: ¿Nuestro personaje irá directamente al escondite tras la incursión o habrá un botón en el menú llamado "ESCONDITE" para ir? R: Habrá un botón llamado "ESCONDITE". P: ¿Dónde se localiza el escondite dentro del mapa de Tarkov? ¿Cómo será accesible para los jugadores cuando se conecten todos los mapas? R: Está fuera del mundo del juego. P: ¿Se puede construir una zona chill-out o de descanso? R: La hemos llamado "Rest Space" (Espacio de Descanso). P: ¿Podremos invitar a nuestro grupo o squad al escondite? R: Todavía no. P: Deberíamos tener que construir un PC con todos los componentes sacados de las incursiones para acceder al mercado. Hacerlo una misión para desbloquear el escondite. R: No está planeado. Pero podréis montar una granja de Bitcoin más tarde, en próximos parches. P: ¿Podremos utilizar objetos como el Zibbo, los cigarros, los tanques de propano, pastillas de jabón, etc? ¿Podremos farmear Bitcoin? R: Si te refieres a encender el mechero no, todavía no. P: ¿Podríamos tener mascotas en el escondite? ¿Un gato por favor? También personalización para los gatos, por favor. R: Personalización de gatos... en EFT. P: ¿Tenéis planeado algún tipo de habitación para actividades? ¿Algún tipo de bar? Espero que podamos tener un poco de diversión entre incursión e incursión. Especialmente pensando en el sistema de curado tras la incursión. ¿Billar o póquer? R: Habrán algunos juegos de tipo "metagame" más tarde. P: ¿Se va a implementar el escondite con el sistema de curación tras la incursión? R: Sí. P: ¿Tenéis planeado implementar en el escondite una estantería o rak para trofeos, armas y demás? Un expositor. R: Tenemos planeado algo parecido. P: ¿Podrías explicar el sistema de música y vídeos del que hablasteis hace algún tiempo? R: Si te refieres a si podréis escuchar música desde un reproductor dentro del escondite... sí, está planeado. Podréis poner música en una carpeta en el directorio del juego y el sistema las reproducirá. P: ¿El campo de tiro del escondite tendrá algún tipo de reto u opciones como mover los blancos y demás? R: No, todavía no lo hemos planeado. P: ¿El sistema de curación tras la incursión será algo constante? ¿Pasará siempre? Y si es así, ¿se añadirá con el escondite o después? R: Ya lo he contestado. Se añadirá con el escondite. P: ¿Cuál es el impacto del escondite en el juego? ¿Cuál es el propósito de las mejoras? ¿Qué podemos hacer dentro del escondite? ¿Habrá una vista en primera persona? R: Ya he respondido a todo eso. P: ¿Tendremos misiones relacionadas con el mantenimiento y mejora del escondite? Como obtener combustible, por ejemplo, para los generadores o tener que conseguir recursos para el escondite... Y en cuanto a los jugadores que tienen diferentes versiones del juego, como la EOD, ¿deberían estos empezar con alguna mejora o no? R: Ya se ha respondido a esto con anterioridad. P: ¿Tendremos un alijo más grande que el de la EOD? R: No. P: En genera, ¿cómo va a funcionar el escondite? ¿Cómo entrar y salir? R: Ya se ha contestado. P: ¿Estará disponible el campo de tiro? R: Sí. P: ¿Habrá personalización del arma visible? Estanterías, mostradores, mesas... R: Es posible. P: ¿Se va a ampliar en el futuro? ¿Tendremos nuevo contenido para el escondite con regularidad? R: Sí. P: ¿Podremos pintar nuestras armas en el escondite con sprays de pintura? Con el fin de camuflarlas. R: Este sistema no tiene que ver con el escondite. P: ¿Podremos fabricar nuestra propia munición en el escondite? R: Sí. P: En el escondite, ¿podremos ver cómo están instalados los mods de las armas? R: Es posible. P: ¿Podremos mejorar nuestras habilidades dentro del escondite? R: Todavía no.
  25. NoisyCosmos

    Hideout: primer vídeo

    ¡Supervivientes! ¡¿Os gustaría ver el primer vídeo del escondite que vendrá en el próximo parche 0.12 de Escape from Tarkov?! ¡No vais a tener que esperar! Tened en cuenta que se trata de una perspectiva cenital del escondite, a modo de visión general, en la versión final también se contará con una vista en primera persona y podréis mover al personaje libremente. ¿Tenéis ganas de más?
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