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Found 39 results

  1. Kelsosp

    Invisible players?

    Has anyone else ran into "invisible players"? I have been killed multiple times by people I cannot see, or hear. I know this is an issue because when I have been grouped up, specifically on shoreline, My buddy may be able to see me whereas I cannot see him, and vice versa. I believe this is due to some sort of server issues, and hopefully will be resolved soon, because dying from thin air kind of hurts my ego, lol. Just curious if anyone else has had this issue, or found a fix for that matter.
  2. HornyPoptarts

    Can play...

    I recently purchased the first edition of escape from tarkov and i have not recieved an email with my device id and this seems to be a relatively common problem with some players and i just hope posting this will help me be able to play aswell as others.
  3. Jdawg319

    Trade Boot to main screen

    There are items in the traders, that have already been sold, and then you get the error of it being gone. It throws off trying to buy other items quickly when it takes you to the main screen every time. It'd be nice if that error just caused a refresh of the trader, not kick you to main menu.
  4. So I'm having an issue with the game at the moment where I seem to get 2000ms on my discord when I load into a raid, when this happens I get some kind of desync where I can move around the map but cannot kill anyone, loot or open doors. Also if i get killed or disconnect from a raid I instantly get regular ping (around 43ms) which has happened after every time I play the game, quitting the whole game also fixes the lag which is concerning. My question is really...is there a setting or something specific about the game that is causing internet problems for me? Please help.
  5. BlanketParty

    Literally cant play the game

    Every time i open the launcher it has me sign in( which wasn't the case before today) and when i enter my password it logs me in but pops up with a window saying ACCESS DENIED. The play button that usually displayed at the bottom right hand side is no where to be found and i cant launch the game to play at this point .
  6. BaileyStack

    Small Problem With Guns

    So, there has been a few times that I will go into a raid with a friend and go to unlock a door. Usually I'll have my M4 or AK out and unlock the door. No big deal. But there's a few times that my PMC will keep his left hand slightly off of the hand guard or grip after I unlock the door. At first I thought I was just stuck in the motion of unlocking the door but then I get stuck. I can't drop my gun, switch to melee or secondary, or get him to fix himself. The only thing that I have seen that fixes it, is to just leave the raid. But sometimes it's at the start of the raid like in Customs in the locked room in the red building. So from there I'm left to rely on my friend, who doesn't have the best aim or sprint out as fast as I can avoiding all players, scavs, and doors that have to be opened. Anyway, if anybody else has had that issue or one like it, let me know how you can fix it! Thanks!
  7. BDRMrTBag

    Server Response Issues

    Hey guys, So me and my friend just tried to go Shoreline geared up, we got into the game loading screen perfectly fine but it then disconnected us and whenever we try to Confirm Leave we get stuck on a blank screen and have to reset the game again and it stills keeps us in the lobby, how do we get off this? I have posted the screen that we get stuck on as an attachment. Thanks
  8. BDRMrTBag

    Global Chat Missing In-Game

    Hey guys! I don't know what has happened but as of recently I have no longer got access to the Global Chat, is this a bug and has anyone else got this issue too, its also happening to my buddy who's with me currently on Discord. - TBag
  9. CaptainRiik

    Issue with installation

    Hi guys, just looking for some help. I've been playing the game a lot and experienced no issues with the installation process. my friend is currently trying to install the game. he has the launcher downloaded and when he clicks the install button it says that the disk doesn't have enough space. the disk has more than a TB of free space so were unsure what the issue could be. Any help would be great. Much appreciated Rick
  10. loganburns346

    Unpacking Game Files

    I'm currently trying to install the game and it refuses to pass the "unpacking game files" section. Do you have a fix?
  11. Hey, after you guys posted about having fixed the issue about people who have 8GB of RAM having FPS drops, my game ran fine. Now today I'm having the same issue again. I'm getting stuttering, frame drops, freezes, etc.
  12. Tried scope again last night and im astounded over how much fps can drop in some ares. For fun i risked my 400 dollar scope to test how different settings affected performance when looking over bridge in customs. I was near train on the right side of bridge looking over. My fps dropped from 72 to 32 and lower with the settings i normally use. I tried lowering resolution from 4k to 1440p, well, to my surprise it still massacred performance. But it went from low 30's to low 40's to high 30's. After that i turned down lod distance, and draw distance. I managed to get fps to go up to 47-52. Without scope my fps was very high. Its just crazy how fps drops at some areas using scope. My hardware isnt bad, 16gb ram, intel 6600k coupled with a msi gtx1080 gaming x. You will need a monster gpu to get ok fps with high powered scopes. Next gen gpu? I read that this is a problem with unity, and you have tried to report it to the people behind this engine but they dont reply? So, im question is, if this flaw in the engine dosent get improved. Do you have any ideas on how to somewhat improve this issue, or will this be a flaw that will plague the game until unity gets fixed? Any info regarding this at all? Thanks.
  13. Hey guys, So about 25 minutes ago, I tried to upgrade my package from PTE Edition to the EOD Limited Edition but it rejected my VISA card even though I got paid today, had to pay through PayPal, will it take long for it to fully process, my friend said it might take a while to process plus I might not be able to reset my ACC because I reset it today when I upgraded from the Standard Edition to the PTE Edition. If anyone can tell me the average waiting time for a PayPal processing payment that would be great!
  14. [Issue has been resolved. You should get emails now.] Hello everyone, We are aware of the issue that you do not get any email regarding your purchase and the profile page not updating with the required form as well as a download link. We are working on it so please be patient and we would like to also apologize for any inconvenience caused with it. Thank you for your patience and understanding. We will get it resolved. But until then please make sure to try the following things: 1. Check spam folder 2. Go to your profile over here: http://www.escapefromtarkov.com/profile And in there, check if there is a form to be filled and for client download link. 3. Try the following: add our email to whitelist and send test mail into [email protected] then emails should start coming from then on. 4. Understand that, sometimes it is possible for the email coming late after few hours. You are not alone and several others are having this issue while others do not and we will ensure this gets fixed ASAP. Again thank you for your patience.
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