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Found 66 results

  1. My game stutters like crazy after I load into a raid and start moving and looking around and as SOON as the shooting starts (at me) my game freezes for 2 seconds and I hear gunshots as I start falling to the floor from multiple shots to the head. What solutions are there? I have tried almost everything and I have great specs that I run on medium settings so why is this game crapping itself? Or is it just the crappy servers? Specs: CPU Intel Core i7 6700K @ 4.00GHz RAM 16.0GB Dual-Channel @ 1066MHz Motherboard Gigabyte Technology Co. Graphics 4095MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 (Gigabyte)
  2. GengySquid1

    Disconnected from server

    Im not quite sure what causes this, however during a scav run I just did I managed to pick up the best loot ive ever found during my game time. Then suddenly I get the disconnected error message, I try to load back into the game and I get hit with the same error instantly and now I cant rejoin. Is there anyway I can retrieve my gear? I hope this issue gets resolved quickly.
  3. llama7

    Disappearing Gear

    When I extracted from a labs raid I was in the loading screen for around 30 minutes and when It finished loading it put me straight to the main menu and when i went to character all my gear was gone including what i had in my gamma container and im freaking out because I lost my small S I C C case with all my lab key cards (including red :( card) (By gear im talking on my character not my stash)
  4. So ever since Reserve launched I take in around 6-10 minutes to load in and ALL my other Maps load in within 4 minutes so i always spawn in Late and never get to hit loot spots first, First i thought it was cuz my Hard drive was full so i went and Cleared my entire hard disk to half of its storage on every drive and STILL the problem persists, not to mention random crashes and sometimes i Literally desync from the Server after a hard freeze like my teammate stops moving in my screen but he says he is moving in his game and also sees me move... this is really hindering me from playing what i would call an excellent map without these loading issues. Please help me if its a Issue on my Side or is it the map is just poorly optimized. My Game is running on a Western Digital 1TB hard disk, and My Processor is I5-6600 paired with a RX 590 so i really dont think its any of my PC parts acting weird Thanks in advance :)
  5. As the title says. Most if not all of my raids in the last 3 days had been like this, spawn in, find PMC walking in place, and then getting killed by invisible bullets. I can loot, manage inventory, even see scavs walking normally some times (sometimes they're frozen too), but the PMC are like that. Is there anything that I can do, it's been a week since launch and the game is pretty much unplayable for me. Please help.
  6. GGilly

    Freezing Issues

    So I bought the game last night and I played a few games of it and it was running completely fine. The next day I attempt to play it and it freezes at the screen that asks if I want to play as a Scav or PMC. The game freezes but the audio continues but I cannot see a change to the screen. Sometimes the game doesn't freeze at this screen but when I attempt to load into a map it crashes. Has anyone got any fixes? I've tried restarting my PC but it didn't work and I've not really got any other ideas for potential solutions. Thanks.
  7. So I am relatively new to EFT, and i played a couple of raids and I encountered this issue where you spawn on a large map (Customs/Woods/Shoreline) where I can move freely around the map but when i encounter a scav for example they seem to be stuck running in place (standing still with the running animation), and when i shoot them (up close or from far away, regardless of the amount of bullets or region i shoot them) they dont die, and i mean you go up to their face and magdump, yet they dont die...and a few seconds later or later in general in the game i just start getting damage (with no player or scav in the area, no gunfire sounds or anything) out of nowhere with nothing in sight. And i am sure that i am not just bad at the game, it just seems an issue (not to mention that whenever i spawn i have severe lag/framedrops). My internet connection should not be an issue, and my specs are meeting the requirements of the game. I also asked BSG what i should do and they just said to change the server and some security settings, which i did to no avail sadly. Personal rant: its getting very frustrating to spawn in such conditions and play, especially if i go decked out....only to see scavs running in place and realizing that im going to die inevitably because of this issue, and it has happened countless of times and im getting sick of it to be honest. Not to mention the occasional memes when i get downed by being shot in the head while wearing a Altyn (shot by an inferior round i mean), or wearing tier 4 armor and getting destroyed from like roughly 20-30 meters by scav with one shotgun blast.
  8. While i was playing the game crashed, then i went to open it up again and i couldn't launch it, then the launcher had an update, and now I have to reinstall the game. I tried downloading it 2 times already but it stopped after a while giving me an error and restarting the download from the start. Now i Uninstalled bsgLauncher and I reinstalled it and I am trying to download the game for the third time, hoping it will work.
  9. So in the after action report it said i hit him 9 times. Hacks or unbalancing issue? I think this was just clean game play and the ammo is weak. For reference he's naked 100% and i'm in Full Fort FastMT with Visor. This needs to be changed.
  10. Hey, guys I had the issue that my game chrashed the whole time after the new patch. So I started to work on that issue and tryed to fix it for 5~ days. I reinstalled the Game 3 times, cleaned my Pc form all EFT files and the issue was still their. The I killed the Nvidia Overlay with the recording application still no improvment. Installed the Game on my gaming- notebook it worked fine but i am not that used to play on 17'' and the notebook... Killed my Defender to 100% no effect... So at the end I tryed three things at once that I set the Option ''start always as Admin'' on the Launcer Client and the Game Client (The Launcher and the Game have to diffrent .exe so be sure the set the Option on both). Then I deleted all the EFT setting-files in %AppData% and shut down the Windows thing that ask you all the time : '' Are you sure that you wanna start this as Admin'' So that thiss message don't pop up again. After all this I started the game reverted all settings in the game and et volà no chrashing EFT anymore. I hope I could help somebody to fix the issue if not mybe we will solve this together with other ideas. A fried had the idea to deinstall and reinstall the grapic driver maybe it will help somebody.
  11. stottmason24

    Dehydration is exxxxxtreme

    Many a time have I been stalking a squad waiting for the perfect moment to take my kill shots, when suddenly I am caught off guard by a pistol wielding player or a random scav who then proceeds to blast a hole in my stomach before I poke a 7.62 round through their eye. I understand the effects that a missing stomach should have on your character, but I feel very strongly that he shouldn't just keel over dead from 10 minutes without water. My suggestion is that rather than just straight up killing the player, gradually reduce their maximum stamina in proportion to their hydration level. I am writing this just after losing an M4 and 2 mp5's to dehydration, so I may be biased, but dehydration in its current state should be changed.
  12. I can't play the game cause it chrashes after spawning or some secs... I shut down Nvidia Overlay, started the game as admin and reinstalled it twice now... that issue needs a hotfix, because a lot of people have the same problem right now... Any ideas how to fix it maybe? Now I reinstalled the game 3 times...
  13. Lorddandef

    Gamebreaking desync issue [EU]

    I am located in the Netherlands, and I use automatic server selection, and it automatically therefore picks the EUR servers. I recently played several games on the different maps, but decided after my last run that I’m not going to play anymore till the following problem is fixed. I think I’m having massive desync issues, deducted from the following symptoms: Shots are not hitting while I was clearly hitting the shots when ADSsing. Scavs and players that peek me often fire and hit me right as they become visible or even when they haven’t peeked on my screen yet. These symptoms have reoccurred every match. I’ve once or twice seen the latter happen to my advantage, where there was no reaction from the pmc and I could kill him without any reaction from him. My last run I shot my entire SKS into thw legs of a pmc about 200 metres away. I am positive that the majority of the shots hit. I reload, he looks for me, finds me, and onetaps me in the head. I was kinda done after that :). My stats are listed here: ASRock b85 pro4 MSI GTX 1080 Gaming X I5-4590 Tarkov is installed on an HDD (1TB WD Green) 8GB HyperX DDR3 (I use a program that wipes my memory every minute which makes the game playable for me, not using this program results in massive stutters and ultimately the game crashing) Internet down: 25mb/s Internet up: 10 mb/s Im pretty certain it is a server problem, but if I am in error please point it out to me! I hope we can get this fixed! (this was also posted on https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapeFromTarkov)
  14. Have attempted multiple times with markers both in and outside of my gamma container and it never works even though when in the raid it says it does. Update - Chemical Part 4 same issue for me.
  15. Sup everyone. My mate and me, decided to play a round factory a couple of hours ago. So, as we went up from solo to the catwalk in front of the hole, towards the office hallway, i noticed a fight at the new spawn next to the bunker. Two hatchlings fightet there, so i started to shoot. Killed the first one and dropped some more shots on the other one. As soon as he tooked the shots, he started to ran and stopped emmidiately after it and was now sitting under the staircases of the bunker, from where you can get on top of it. I shot a whole mag on him. While i shot, he noticed to not get any damage and put out his gun, from his container (mention he was under fire and still not moved a meter). As he done this realy slow, i had to reload and started to shoot again, he just aimed on and killed me. Sure i standed still and face hit box is just perfekt for such a shot, so diddnt matterd. After i died, my mate turns around and starts to shoot as well, the guy still was sitting there and diddnt took damage. He killed my mate too. im just curious, if this happend to someone else as well...? Some thinks to keep in mind: 1.He diddnt moved away, might cause that he couldnt walk anymore. 2. He noticed realy late that he diddint took damage, so might not be hacking. 3. You had could see, how he noticed and just thought to put out his gun from the container to shoot back.(who wouldnt do it) 4. He still diddnt moved after killing me. could be a new bug may? should i report it? and just in case, i play this game for quiet a year now, so it should be not some stupid bs that im talking. Thanks for any replies, may also from a mod. Have a great day and good luck on youre way through tarkov.
  16. likailinwow

    卡在term page

    刚买了 黑边版 无法点击ACCEPT 怎么点都进不去游戏 有人知道为什么吗
  17. ressereus

    Chemical Part 4 issue

    Hello, i recently completed Chemical Part 3 but i have an issue with the part 4 Like we know this part 4 is focused on placing a beacon in a van then wait 30sec and extract i did it like 4 times and none of the 3 sellers want me to validate this quest While placing the beacon i saw a Cyrillic text in the Tasks tab :
  18. turih

    Long Matching Times

    Hey guys, am I the only one who is waiting obnoxiously long time when joining a raid? It was working fine right after the launch but today, no matter what map and time I want to play, I am getting long waiting times while Matching. (we are talking 10+mins, longest was 33mins after which I didn't have patience to wait any longer.) My friend is not experiencing this at all (we live in the same region/city) and when I invite him to a group, there is no improvement. Thank you in advance for all your suggestions
  19. ToastedNotes

    Removal of the hydration system

    Picture this, you have just killed roughly 6-8 Scavs by yourself and collected a lot of mid to high tier loot, when you notice you are at 1/100 hydration so you quickly rush and search every Scav you killed looking for any sort of drink, but none of them have any backpacks and their vests only have spare ammo in them. So you quickly start to bleed out (bleed out?!?) and die because you avoided residential areas, which a lot of players and Scavs inhabit, And wanted to not die from foe hidden in one of the buildings. So you died because you couldn't find any source of water at. and your extraction point was half-way across the map. The point I'm trying to get across is that one shouldn't die from something as menial as dehydration. I get the game is going for a "realistic" theme. But it shouldn't be this hard to find at least one, ONE! water bottle on a Scav. Dying from a sniper, I can understand. Dying from a Hatchling, frustrating, but understandable. BUT
  20. Lil_mo

    Scav Problem

    if you're in a scav game and you see another player scav killing all of the NPCs, you should be able to kill him without the NPCs freaking out and killing you. think about it, if all the NPC scavs wanted to kill a player scav because he shot them and you killed him and saved their lives.... you should be shot and killed for it???? it just doesn't make sense. i'm not hating on the development team either, you guys are doing a great job..... but please hear me out because this issue needs to be fixed.
  21. Yngvaerr

    Squad "issues"

    Hi, Lately I've been running a lot into 4-man squads when playing solo or in a team of 2. They often camp building exits, spawn points for specific Trader Tasks and the exfiltration points. Is there any mechanic planned to balance out the discrepancy between solo and team play? Perhaps dropping squads into a separate raid depending on squad size (teams of 3-5 players), and the same for solo players (1-2 players)? Might give them more of a surviving chance. I understand that this might go against the "hardcore" aspect of the game, but being mowed down by automatic fire from a 4-man team time and time again is not fun either. (Especially when these people are wearing the heaviest armor in the game, and they're camping a drop/spawn site for a task you need/ want to complete)
  22. Hi, My specs: Ryzen 1700 1080ti Corsair 16gb ram 2600mHz 960 EVO SSD My issues: At random points, my game freezes for 2 seconds. My guess is that it loads nearby players and scavs, i can live with that altough its disturbing. However, it also freezes when i am getting shot at both by players and scav and this happens 7 times out of 10, and we are talking about atleast 2 seconds. Is this a common issue and something that is being a priority? Its a gamebreaker.
  23. quadvisor

    Fall damage

    Fall damage currently seems broken, although small, recieving fall damage for a 6 foot drop seems ridiculous playing as what appear to be special forces operators Also a bug with falling, when you are trying to get down from a high place of you land on something that you can't necessarily stand on but your character collides with it and slows their fall, you keep all of your momentum as if you jumped the full height, sometimes causing massive damage from what should be an easy fall, for example getting down from snipers rock on Woods
  24. Allahu

    Wrong game version?

    The launcher doesn't say the game is outdated, but when I open the game it says:
  25. For the past couple of days, I've been having an issue where the launcher would prompt me to reinstall the game every time it launched. I told the game to download into a folder in Program files x86 that was called "Escape from Tarkov". However, every time I would exit the game and come back later, the launcher would tell me to install and when I set a file path to the folder, it would tell me it is the wrong game version installed. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks ahead of time.
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