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Found 50 results

  1. can anyone add me and help me find some gas analyzers and room 206 key or be a good guy and donate the key or gas
  2. If anyone has these and would be willing to sell / trade / give them away hit me up. Been looking for a bit in order to finish 2 quest and am yet to have any luck. Figured it couldnt hurt to try my luck on here while I keep searching. Thanks for reading and thanks in advance to anyone who's willing to part ways with these
  3. acestrelok

    Never received my trial keys

    So I have been checking my account and I still have not received my 7-day trial keys. I bought my EOD version on jan 4 2017, so I should be eligible. From what I've seen on the forums they are supposed to show up in the profile page, but they are not there. Any help would be appreciated as today is the last day to activate them and I have some friends that would really like to try the game. EDIT: I purchased the game in the United States region if that makes any difference.
  4. vitalchicken


    I bought the game for 4 friends and was expecting them to get trial keys for my other friends and they didnt get them
  5. m4dk1ngd0m

    TRial Keys

    HI guys, happy new year to everyone at Tarkov! May i ask, how and where to claim my 2 (7 day trial keys?), i preodered the game Late June, Ive searched my Mail but no clue. Only the "gift" mail, and says is activated in game. (additional equipment), so please any advice will be much appreciated. Thanks!
  6. So I've discovered this strange key that looks like a 3 story dorm customs key but its called "Sanatorium Key" It's marked as a quest item and it can be "overlooked". Is there some kinda quest or door I don't know about? I've only found one other thread about it and it was literally just one speculation comment. Maybe for future Peacekeeper quests or something? Any information would be appreciated, thanks y'all.
  7. Hi guys, before starting, thanks to the developers for answering the topics and for the great work they are doing, I really appreciate that, thx guys. Now, I wonder if you have plans to implement / improve the controls, more specifically the Special Action Modifiers to separate controls. I mean having a particular key that triggers a single action, instead of having to use two keys, or being able to switch between these two modes, "Single key action" or the Special Action Modifiers. Examples: (My Special Action Modifiers Key is X) Press "H" to switch between LED, IR Laser, IR searchlight or turn it off. Instead of the current: Press "X" + "T" to switch between LED, IR Laser and IR searchlight. Or Press "O" to change the sight reticle Instead of Press "X" + "Mouse Button" to change the sight reticle Or switch between sights (Telescopic and the 45° backup sight) That last one affects me a lot, because I use the "Hold to Aim" setting, so it's a circus on my screen. Well, that's what I had to say, what do you think guys?. Thank you for reading.
  8. THX_Elite

    Factory Key

    YEEESSS! After 60+hrs a couple resets and a fresh EOD Edition upgrade(upgrade had nothing to do with finding key ), I found my factory key! It was on a decently bountiful Scav run. The Key was on the bottom shelf of the open blue lockers in the "smoke stack" building in Customs near where the dead Scav is on the couch. WOOOT!!
  9. madcow2448

    Keys For Trade

    Just want to create a forum for key trades often don't see many key trades in the main thread
  10. Just a quick question about the blue dorms room 206 key that should be a common key, and not that rare. But i can't seem to find it in any cabinets (looted maby over 250 - 300 of them at this point) or dead scav bodies (killed a ton) and i have been running just about 300 raids and i'm level 24 at this point. Does anyone know if it has a specific spawn location now, even though i have never heard of that key having such a spawn location, or am i just extremely unlucky. If someone has a spare i would love to make a deal with you, since at this point it's kind of getting annoyed that i can't complete the Therapist quest because of this key. Also if this has been posted before i'm sorry and could i please get directed to the post allready with this topic. Thanks.
  11. karonte84

    Giveaway EFT Italia

    Buongiorno ragazzi, vi volevo annunciare che Sabato 11/11 ci sarà un giveaway di 5 chiavi temporanee di EFT durante la 12 ore sullo stream http://twitch.tv/arydien Il Giveaway è organizzato in collaborazione della community Italiana di EFT Italia https://www.facebook.com/escapefromtarkovitalia Buon game a tutti ragazzi!
  12. Grimhaunting

    Key Rings

    I am just putting this out their but i think it would be a good idea to implement a key ring device to the game, the keys in the game are very useful but take up lots of space if you have lots of them. So I was thinking of just suggesting of a key ring that you can put keys on and would only take up 1 slot for your stash saving lots of space.
  13. mr_shkololo

    wtb/swap docs

    wtb/ swap docs for smth I can swap them for cash/sv98/vss/as val
  14. echomrg

    Keys spawning algorithm

    am i the only one thinking that the spawning algorithm for keys is a little weird? i get that some keys should be rarer than others but i get tons of some (literally, i once looted a scav that had FOUR room 214 keys in his bag and usually find multiple copies of the same key in drawsers) while others are basically impossible to find (e.g. factory keys or the damn key for the truck in Propor's quest). a more balanced distribution would be much better... M
  15. zpwarrior

    Separate Stash

    How would people feel with a separate stash for keys,cash and food/water. Right now keys and cash already take a decent amount of room and I don't even hold onto food or water which will be needed later on in the games progression. Getting closer to a possible patch, I have most of the traders maxed and I have issues with a full stash, even with the EOD version, cant imagine the standard version. I think it would be a nice quality of life addition, even if it was something you had to purchase from traders in order to gain access to them.
  16. snag180

    Key ring already!!!

    Like the Document pouch we need a Key Ring for key storage already!
  17. derickfoggs

    key ring?

    instead of each key taking up an addition slot in the inventory, why not do what the wallet does for money and be able to find a key ring that can hold more keys in one slot? good idea?
  18. Peek-A-Boo

    Make it random

    Why not make the spawns random,why people have to run to dorms to get the factory key or to get the wallts ?is it fun ??no its not,the game would be much more chalanging if the players take more time and try to search and loot evrywhere,same is for the scavs,they wont have any chance to loot all the good stuff cuz they spwan in next to it nah they have to look for it too,tell me if u share my opinion and thx.
  19. arcticsoldier


    Does anyone have an extra factory key they would like tot trade for?
  20. Sniper88

    Glitch to open doors needing keys

    I have found a way to open and even loot without opening locked doors that need keys, I would like to know how to get in contact with the developers so I may work with them to fix said glitch, amongst others I have found and indefinitely will find. Thank you for your time I very much appreciate the work being done. =)
  21. Kilon Kasio

    Forum on keys?

    Anyone got a list showing what the keys go to? Obv the dorm room keys are knwon but what about the keys that just say "Key" and the portable cabin key, where does it at?
  22. hanjeta

    Aplha or beta key giveaway

    Hello, ive bought the 100 package and its not staded that we get keys to give away for friends to try the game. Maybe its a good idea to give people who bought a package and can play arleady to give them 1 or 2 keys so that friends can try the game for like 2 days or something. I think it wil realy be helpfull for u guys and boost the playerbase. is this something you would consider ?
  23. DerpingWork

    Key and case spawning

    Hello, As i was watching video about loot, I've come to think about these cases and keys to them(or to rooms). So. Will there be any random-spawned cases with things inside with keys nearby (FE if there is a car 10m away the key will spawn there) or will they be static but keys would be spread across the map (FE i have a case here on place A, and i've seen key to it at place B, 20kms away)? Another one, will every room have it's own key generated in building if the room will be locked or will there be options to shoot the lock and go in the other way? Because to be honest, running around hotel finding 1 small key in alike 100 rooms would be pain Another one, as seen in the video, will there be any respawns of case keys (FE if i will take key and wont find crate for which it is, will the key despawn after me being away from it for like 1-2 kms?)? Because thinking of it, it would be troubling if i took key for the case, found case, had full inv. so then disconnected so noone will steal my case and making it useless for anyone finding the case later. That leads me to question, will the case keys be global? Like i got 1 key for all of the cases on server/map or will every case have it's own key? And final one, will there be a chance of finding a way to break into case? (Shooting it, damaging goods or using knife to lockpick it and find a "way around"? Thank you for your time reading this. Oh and also, tl;dr.: 1. Will there be keys near cases? 2. Will there be options to break a lock? 3. Will there be respawns for case keys if taken away/respawned? 4. Will the case keys unlock all the cases on server/map? Thanks!
  24. IH23

    key overuse

    i saw in the trailer that there will be option to change the view to the side scope of the gun and ability to sprint and in the dev diaries i also saw different animations such as reloading and other tasks. my question is roughly how many keyboard buttons will EFT take up on default settings
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