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Found 94 results

  1. elaxir

    Inventory items managment

    Hi guys! Just started plying (great job!) and so far, there's one thing pretty annoying: When grabbing items in stash or from containers and bodies, taken item will not replace the one equipped or taking slots in a bag. Clicking on the looted item and simply clicking again on the equipped item, replacing it - will be more convenient. Hope you'll understand what I mean.
  2. MasterOppai

    Extreme loot

    Please watch my luckiest win
  3. _Dex-

    Loot/spawn maps

    Hoi, Nog een nederlander die zich hier aansluit!! Weet iemand toevallig een recente link van een map waar de volgende punten opstaan: Loot, spawns, NPC's, exit locaties? Als ik ga google kom ik veel verschillende plaatjes tegen maar niet echt 1 duidelijke
  4. YoloHippy

    Insurance Rework

    Hi EFT Team and community, Just a noob player here throwing down a thought on how a change with insurance would help the game a little better. I have read many a forum post on Hatchlings and the constant salt that people have against them due to having loot grind stuff with just there hatchet and secure container. I know alot of us has done this, myself included to get loot and sell them to get more money to gear up for raids etc. I dont see any issue but alot of people are getting annoyed at it. Another issue is people going up against highly geared players who are highly skilled at the game and losing really fast due to the high learning curve this game offers, for me, nothing wrong with it as I find it challenging and rewarding. But I guess in a way to help everyone with having gear issues, gear fear, hoarding etc etc we can look into how insurance works. Currently we insure our stuff, and in the likely event that we die, we have a chance of getting our gear back if a player hasnt taken it from our cold dead body. And if they do, our gear is lost forever. Alot of people who are new fear this, and this creates alot of salt within the experienced players to the very nooby ones. Alot of us understand that this is a hardcore realistic game, but i think we can make a change to how insurance works to benefit everyone and have a healthier community and better gameplay. I would like to suggest that when you insure your gear, you are 100% guaranteed to get them back after death. Now now, hold the fire and pitchforks everyone. I only say this so that the GEAR we get doesnt have a place holder anymore. That means the only thing that we are really needing is PVE material that cant be insured, so the focus is more on the quest tasks and the trade items other then the enemies gear. You still can opt in to kill the enemies and loot them, but this makes the gameplay less annoying for those that are fearful of losing their hard earned loot. Now the experienced Tarkov players will probably read this and go whatever, but some of us dont live and breathe this game. I play this game a bit and have no issue with losing loot now but it does get annoying sometimes when a scav magically shoots you in the head after youve unloaded several AP rounds into him. How to balance the insurance mechanic since its a guaranteed return of goods? Well increase the payment by a large portion. Like, very large. That way our money isnt being hoarded, ppl have millions. Literally. The streamers can vouch for that. How does this help everyone? Well we are now not worried about our gear, we are now focused on the raid, looting what we find, killing what we see, engaging in PVP more often (the ones that dont like the pvp aspect will surely join in more instead of camping and getting the scraps) How does this impact economics? Well weapons degrade. If people are worried a change like this will break the game then make it so that when you receive your lost goods, all the items suffter a 20% durability loss. So this way, you die 5 times, your gear is rubbish, time to buy new gear, or farm it. This suggestion will not stop Hatchet runs etc, but it will help ease it off so that people are shooting more geared players for more fun or mayhem. I know myself and others would benefit a system like this and would be more engaging in PVP if knowing my gear will be back after death to go at it again before they eventually break and have to be replaced. I would rather have my gear fall apart after dying the 5th time then to work really hard in getting the gear or cash and have it be all gone in 30secs. That all being said, I know there can be more issues with having a guaranteed insurance policy, but i think it wouldnt hurt the players to have that peace of mind, and I know that the streamers/youtubers/highly experienced players would probably be ok with it either, hell theyd probably go all full terminator mode and hunt us all down even more then what they are now lol. Anyways, thanks for your time. PS - Now before all the ultra realistic hardcore players out there burn my suggestion in saying that this is meant to be a "hardcore realistic game and that when you die you lose everything, simple as that...." if thats how you are going to approach what I have said, that I suggest the devs remove the secure container for everyone... that way we all can be more realistic.... Just saying.
  5. sebs

    Loot Generation

    When we load into a map I see at the bottom of the screen where it is loading "Loot". Is loot pre-generated when the map loads or at the time the container/area is searched? To solve the hatchlings rushing safes or spawn locations like the Shoreline gold chain spawns here's an idea. The later in a raid it is, the better the chance for rarer items to spawn is. So beginning of a raid a safe may have nothing or a few rubles if it is checked early in a raid but if it is checked halfway through or longer in a raid could find gold chains, bitcoins, etc. This would be the same for containers and even items laying around encouraging slower play and avoid the "CoD effect". A negative of this is that it could also encourage people to camp locations waiting for the raid timer to tick down before they check a container.
  6. q906562706

    Loding loot 怎么解决啊?

  7. mapacheX

    Increase the prob of gas analyzer?

    I have been on the gas analyzer task running to the pumping station in factory and to the drawers of both factory AND customs for over 15 game hours just to find a single gas analyzer. No, i'm not on the mission where I need 3 gas analyzers, just a SINGLE GAS ANALYZER. AND I STILL CANT ducking FIND ONE. Please, it should not take me 15 hours of running in naked and dying just to try and find a gas analyzer, especially when the mission tells you the room you can supposedly find one in. I have been in that room over 100 times and have not found a gas an. Can you please increase the prob of the gas analyzer?
  8. Please Developers, Sort this mayhem out. Every single person has silencers on an M4 and fort armor. PLEASE, can you make silencers not appear in any trader so that way you have to loot boxes and crates to get them and if possible PLEASE could you fix fort armor values? I can be in a game with 42/58 on a repaired fort and then when I leave the game it is 0/58. This leads me to believe that it should be broken but isn't so it's keeping me alive, which sure is nice but not when EVERYBODY has fort, I cant shoot them in the chest, shoulders, neck or back. This needs fixing urgently as it means that basically bad connection, failed calculations and a fast fire rate beats you no matter what. I just want this game to go back to high gear being rare and skill being what made the game good, not spamming M4 runs until you are out of gear and stop playing. Please get back to me on this if you read it.
  9. KittehONaLeash

    Shoreline health resort loot Guide

    Here is the loot guide for the health resort. enjoy https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1oRF0gEE0QZ5-Rggj2CqnwqfVLGey3Fo9SvRnjJjGs0U/edit?usp=sharing
  10. Artyom91

    Searching sound effect

    Everytime I search a body, the searching sound effect gives me the impression that someone is coming nearby. That makes me all paranoid, I close the tab immediately and prepare myself for combat. After 5-10 seconds I realize there's nothing so I go back to the inventory and finish the looting. Maybe its just me, or maybe I'll get used to it, but I wonder if other player think the same thing. Can the sound effect be tweaked so that we don't mistake it for an enemy's footsteps? Cheers !
  11. Marineallupnyou

    Lost of gear

    So when ever you tab out of the main screen when you are changing your mods on your guns or loot.... it tends to freeze and black out...... I have lost tons of gear this way! so what i have tried is running only this game and just the window that is something in regards towards E.T.F. also i have tried to run as many things as i can to see if its my pc ( it is most definitely not my pc) so if any of you know anything i haven't tried please send me your thoughts. Thanks for your time.
  12. HI developers, I have a suggestion that maybe you guys can make more items not buyable and have to be found during the game. Now that I have a lot of money in Tarkov it seems to me M4s, DVL, and many others guns and gear don't have the value as it did when we didn't have our traders maxed out. It feels really good when you loot something that's unbuyable such as fort armor, Gold chains, Magpul pmag, green filters, and many more..... Please make more items unbuyable all the way from guns to grips to scopes, etc.........Thank you for your time and you're amazing game.
  13. Hi I have been watching streamers for a while and noticed they have different package to the EOD one I know it's called the press kit but I've also seen other packages that are similar to the press kit I'm wondering if there are even more packages currently in-game that the majority of us aren't aware of, is this true? also a major concern of mine is how will this affect the game on release I'm aware some of the packages won't be available once the game has released but will this mean there's an element of pay to win? Looking forward to hearing from you guys, please share your ideas. Zak
  14. InqGlokta

    Customs loot map

    Hey Escapers, just wanna share a new loot map for Customs. Its still in progress. If you have any suggestions or changes due to updates etc feel free to comment Good luck
  15. RooZvonBooZ

    What Is This Item For?

    Hello escapers & cheeki breekis: I found a mysterious diary the other day, while on Customs with my buddy. Anyone knows what it does? I can't even write my deepest secrets in it Sincerely: RooZvonBooZ, lvl 59 nub
  16. Pentatus

    2 Fatory Keys abzugeben!

    Hi an alle. Ich habe 2 Factory Keys die ich nicht brauche. Einmal melden wer einen haben möchte. Die werden verschenkt. Wer zuerst kommt malt zuerst. Privatnachricht an mich!
  17. TheMuffinMan24

    Loot multiplier

    To combat hatchet runners I think there should be a loot multiplier based on the gear you bring in a raid because I’ve noticed the loot has gotten considerably worse throughout this wipe due to hatchet runners running straight to factory office to loot the safe why should the people who bring fort in be punished for the actions of hatchlings a no risk no reward system could really benefit the game
  18. Bazout

    BUG : Impossible to loot anything

    Hello, I am playing on a new computer since yesterday, and since then it has been impossible to loot anything (corpses, crates, boxes...). Whenever i hit the "search" button, nothing comes up. It is not related to desyinc, as i can kill or get killed normally. Please fix the issue.
  19. Korner

    Stash Guide

    Hi Escapers , i saw a ton of guys who say EFT is Pay to win , just because u get a bigger Stash if u own a bigger Version of the Game . But thats not true , i startet with the standart Edition and did very well with it . Its all about the Stash Management , and now im here and i will show u how to store the Maximum. 1.) Weapons Consider which Weapon u realy need , Noone needs 10 Pistols 5 Shotguns and 20 AKs and Stuff like this. >>> Go sell it ! sell everything u dont need . How to Store Weapons >>> take the Grip of and put out the Magazine >> now your AK only takes 1 insteed of 2 slots ! If your Gun have a folding Stock >>> Fold it ! ( AKS Saiga AKMS etc.) 2.) Attachments Only Store Attachments if u realy need them and wanna use them , to store it mount it on some picatinny rails or guns. U can easily store the Grips under the Guns or anywhere else in your stash or sell it and buy new ones when u are assembling a Gun. They are Cheap. 3.) Magazines Magazines use a lot of Space in your Stash , >>> Only take 2 Magazines of each in the Stash sell all others , u dont need 100s of Magazines . Because u only took 2 Mags when u are going for a Raid . And Mags are cheap. 4.) Backbags If u realy need a ton of Backbags then Stack them , the only Backbags i store are lootet Pilgrims and some Trizips . They are cheap so dont waste your stash sell them ! 5.) Vests Vests need a lot of Space in your Stash but u dont need them >>> sell the Vests , if u go in a Raid just buy a Scav vest and u do Good ! You can easily upgrade your vest at a killed Player or SCAV. 6.) Body armor Body Armor Takes a Lot of Space in your Stash ! 3M Armor is nearly Useless and cheap >> DONT STORE Paca Armor is the best Friend of an Escaper but they also very cheap >> DONT STORE Fort Armor if u got one u will find a Way to Store it in your Stash ! never sell a FORT armor ! If u reached Lvl 35 u can Buy some ICases i think this Case can hold 4 Forts ! 6.) a Helmets Kolpaks are only usefull against small Calibers like 9mm and Hatchlings. and cost only 8000 Rubels ? so >>> DONT STORE Kifer Helmets are good Store them if u can but if u are on lvl 35 u are able to buy them . OPS Core Helmet is the same as the Kifer if u have Space , store it if u are lvl 35 u can buy them. 7.) Questitems Store them in Cases or anywhere u find Space for. 7.)a Goldchains and Bitcoins Store them if u reach lvl 35 u can Trade i think 7 Gold chains against an Fort Armor ! Bitcoins are more worth then 100k Rubels but only needs 1 slot ! 8.) Cases When u reach Level 35 u are able to Buy Cases at Therapist and Skier . Guncases >>> Guns Ammo and Magazines . Wallets >>> 4 Stacks of money Moneycase >>> a lot more money Icase >>> Everything Keybar >>> Keys Docs >>> Keys and Money LvL 35 is the level it deletes the differense between Standart and EoD version. I hope i could help u Survivors a little bit please note , this is just my Opinion and English is not my Mainlanguage Cheers Korner
  20. Hey Leute, ich habe mir mal die Mühe gemacht und ein Tutorial darüber erstellt, wie man 5+ Millionen Rouble Hatchet Runs macht. Hoffe Ihr nehmt das ganze mit ein wenig Humor ;D Viel Spaß beim ansehen und selbst ausprobieren :> XOXO StokieMokie
  21. TigerKnee

    DONT Reduce the loot

    So ive been playing this game for awhile now and ive noticed that the loot has been reduce to the point of not even looting anything anymore and just getting ur loot from geared players which i have no problem doing but i like looting things but it seem that theres no point anymore also side note if u reduced the loot you will see more hatchlings running around im interested on whats ur guys opinion on this topic
  22. Doctorwue


    Servus Escaper, ist euch auch aufgefallen das der Loot weniger geworden ist. Wurde das was gestern in Fragen und Antowrten geschrieben wurde schon umgesetzt oder bilde ich mir das nur ein?
  23. Assalariado

    Tempo de loot disponível após morte.

    Tenho uma pequena curiosidade sobre um assunto que não tenho ideia se alguém já questionou por aqui: Após eu ser abatido por um inimigo, por quanto tempo meu corpo fica disponível no mapa para que as pessoas possam pegar os itens?
  24. I went on Shoreline with budget/throw-away gear to do the UAV quest for Peacekeeper and then I came along two players doing a trade in their spawn...
  25. Cigarettes and Lighters already exist within the game but serve very little purpose. I think that you should be able to use them within the raid to serve as a sort of weak painkiller or something of the sort. Different lighters like the Zibbo etc. could make the process of applying them (like anyother in game consumable) faster or slower and different packages could carry different amounts of charges. The charge idea could most likey be applied to the lighters too as it would only make sense. And scavs already can spawn with cigarettes in their mouth but that is merely cosmetic, however I think it shows the developers would not be entirely opposed to the idea. I just want to know what everyone thinks about this. I know for some smoking may be taboo/gross but I see it more as a way to diversify what you can take into and do in the raid making things overall more interesting for everyone. As of current there are these for cigarettes and lighters. Malboro cigarettes Wilston cigarettes Strike cigarettes Matches Zibbo lighter Crikent lighter
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