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Found 94 results

  1. Atlas432

    Buddy Carry

    Instead of having to loot a squad member and escape with their items to later return them to them in-game during a raid it would add to the realism and immersion if it were possible to buddy carry or fireman carry a dead or wounded squad member to the exit. That way the person carrying the squad member can keep whatever loot they already have and exfil their squad member who can then retain their loot. While doing a buddy carry maybe make it so that it is only possible to shoot a pistol for defense or only hip-fire other weapons.
  2. BigDan818

    Please make more items UNBUYABLE.

    Hi Devs. I love your game. If I could suggest you guys making more items UNBUYABLE. Meaning they have to be found and looted on the field. Being able to buy almost anything takes away the value. Thank you for your time.
  3. CaptainPainite

    Inventory Management/Streamlining Ideas

    Two main suggestions really. I hope the Devs will be able to see this and read it! I've only been apart of this community for like two-three weeks now so if these ideas are already in the works let me know! First off, I've been doing fairly well, I've become more patient with my runs and been more strategic in how I approach various situations. I have the base version of the game, and I have run into a problem. As I've gotten better, I've found myself with an EXCESS of loot, so much so that I struggle to get it all in my vault and have taken to selling things I'd rather not to keep newer, cooler guns! However I am reluctant to upgrade because...well, I'm proud of my loot, I got into some intense firefights for some of these guns and I have a bit of an attachment to them. I'd rather lose it going out guns blazing than by upgrade. My solution to this is simple! It'd be neat if we could pay money to be able to expand our inventory. Some kind of system, be it in incriments of $5, $10, $15, whatever. I'd happily dish out cash to expand my inventory. Either add new pages or just make it longer and longer downwards extending. I think you could make good revenue off the game this way too if this was possible (More money to help crank out sweet updates and guns!), and I know I wouldn't shy away from shelling out cash to expand my inventory. Especially being a hoarder that I am. Second, kind of stems from the first idea. When I do scav runs I've gotten pretty good at gearing up well and coming out with fairly good hauls, however unlike PMC runs I cannot simply keep my gear on me. I have to shove it in the stash or lose it. While my first suggestion would also remedy this, I have an idea that could maybe help streamline getting rid of unwanted gear from Scav runs without having to drop it in your inventory. Perhaps an option to sell gear to a trader, Directly from your scav's inventory upon escaping? You already have the ability to dump it in your stash, perhaps a tab you could switch over to, and be able to sell it to traders before it dissappears forever? I've ended up giving up so much Scav gear that I could have otherwise just sold and made a bit of cash off of. Anyway! That's my two cents and two ideas I've had cross my mind that I think would be nice to have. Again, not sure if these or anything like them are in the works or have already been suggested/addressed, I've only been here two weeks and honestly this is my first time on the Forums. Feedback of any sort is appreciated! I'm really loving this game and intend to enjoy it for as long as possible!
  4. airelek

    Dogtag prices

    How are the prices calculated for Dogtags, i just found a Dog tag worth 40k R while some are worth 1k. What gives ?
  5. erdani94

    Improve the loot in other zones

    Every time there is 1 zone that has better loot that the others, that zone becomes a loot fest and no one plays other zones, right now everyone is going to the new shoreline part, dorms, and factory for quick pvp, i think other places should be improved so any place feels rewarding instead of all players feeling the need to go to 1 certain place to get something interesting or rewarding.
  6. Shepherd2305

    I cant loot weapons

    Title says it all. I cant pick up ANY weapons, pistols, knife, hatchets, rifles... from dead bodies or off the ground. Saw a spawned ak on the ground and I couldn't take it. Its not desync unless desync lasts the whole game and allows you still drop stuff with no problem, loot other items and play with other players. Anybody else having the same problem?
  7. So I was just thinking, if you take all the preppers into consideration, there could be hidden stashed scattered in the woods, basements, houses etc. You know, you walk in and there is tons of ammunition, food, drinks, tools, everything. Just google "prepper" if you don't know what I'm talking about. But of course it would be way too bad if wecould just open one doors and cash in. With hatchlings grinding Mark Room we can see that this game is putting slow, tactical and sneaky playstyle (the realistic one IMHO) at disadvantage. And it's the people using CoD/PUBG playstyle that have the best chance to get Factory key or the best loot possible (like Mark Room, small Gas Station, the blue tin or ritual spot on woods etc.). I dislike this. So, I was thinking: random events. Let's say, there was prepper in Tarkov that owned some land in Woods. He made himself a bunker. Just like the two we already seen. And he hid it. Players cannot access it normally under any circumstances. But let's say that once in about 10/15 raids (or even one in 30-50) there is a chance for earthquake/bomb/artillery shell/magic/whatever to happen and entrance emerges. At random time. It could be 5 minutes into the raid, it could be 40 minutes after raid started. It could be further locked behind a closed doors with key needed. And inside there could be nice loot. Like some food, drinks, chance for one or more weapons etc. This of course could be reason for special wave of scavs spawning in. Let's remember that Tarkov is an active warzone between 5 sides (in case you don't know: UN, Russians, private companies: USEC and BEAR... that's 4. You add civilians/bandits and you have 5). There is quick list of my ideas, of course they are just first things that popped in my mind, but I hope you will get the general idea. Prepper's cache Locations: anywhere. Hidden bunker/hidden basement in forested areas, basement of standalone house; locked for key Loot: mostly food and drink, some tools, ammunition, some meds, little chance for civilian/sport/hunting grade weapons (Veprs, shotguns, pistols, (OP-)SKS) Event: random bomb/artillery shell/earthquake uncovered the entrance Threat: group (3-6) of scavs investigating noise (they eventually break in, take stuff and head somewhere to exit) Frequency: medium Tinhat's apartment Locations: flats, tenements, locked for key Loot: weird stuff. All kinds of radios, counters, surveillance and scanning equipment (GM Counters and Gas Analyzers for example), food, drinks, maybe low grade weapons (melee, handgun) Event: random group of scavs "dug" access to apartment (barricaded with shelves, fridges, etc), but they don't have key Threat: group (2-3) of scavs trying to breach doors (they eventually break in, take stuff and head somewhere to exit) Frequency: high Police Station's Armoury Locations: some kind of police station, armoury locked for key Loot: armours (high chance for multiple grade 1-3 armour items, low chance for one/two better armour items), chance for multiple police/military grade weapons (PM, PMM, Yarygin's Grach, P99 Walther, P-2000, SKS, AKM, AK-74, RPK), grenades, ammunition. Nothing of much worth outside armoury Event: random bomb/tank round/artillery shell/earthquake destroyed outer wall leading inside the police station Threat: group (2-6) of scavs pillaging the place outside armoury Frequency: very low Charity Air Drop Locations: any Loot: high quantities of food and drinks with high chances for multiple first aid kits (including Grizzlys, Salewas, Morphine Injectors etc) Event: air drop Threat: group (2-5) of scavs closing in (they eventually take stuff and head somewhere to exit) Frequency: medium/low Shot down plane (crashing) Locations: open spaces (Woods, Shoreline) Loot: depending on plane's type Event: plane got shot down and is going down to crash somewhere on the map Threat: group (2-5) of scavs closing in to investigate (they eventually take stuff and head somewhere to exit) Frequency: very low UN Convoy Locations: any, moving across the map Loot: any/depending on convoy type Event: UN convoy with protection of squad or two of military geared NPCs Threat: group (4-10) of UN armed guards (they eventually escort convoy outside the map), won't shoot unprovoken. Scavs encounter them on sight. Frequency: any If you like that idea, give some upvote and share your thoughts in the comments. You might also want to check, comment, and maybe upvote/dislike my other suggestions: Usage of batteries to power gear: link UI for loading mixed ammo: link Shift-click to fast open containers in inventory: link Hiding HUD: link
  8. Hey, ich wollte einmal wissen ob es möglich ist ein Secure Loot Container zu verschenken. Mein Freund ist erst Level 7 und ich habe bereits Peacekeeper Lv 4 und wollte ihm den Beta Container kaufen da er nur den Alpha Container hat. Jedoch habe ich einmal gehört dass nur die Person die den Contaier zuerst erhalten haben ihn öffnen können. Also wollte ich wissen ob ich wenn ich ihm den Container droppe, er ihn auch danach verwenden kann.
  9. swagtagstic

    Trade Offers Ruining The Game?

    Does anyone else feel like the trade offers that litter the trader menus somewhat ruin the whole trader attitude level aspect? I just spent who knows how long acquiring the funds and EXP to get Prapor to crown level, and I'm greeted with three new guns to be my main reward. At first i'm stoked and ready to throw down all my cash I've been saving, but my excitement is crushed when I see everything is locked behind a trade wall. Literally all three new guns are locked behind trades that would take me day's upon days to complete. I would be fine with this if it wasn't so steep. In order to acquire a SV-98 (a weapon I have sought after since it's release) I am required to find 7 car batteries, and 6 rechargeable batteries. I would be perfectly fine with this if loot wasn't so barren in this game. I have seen maybe 3 car batteries in my entire playtime, and recharge batteries follow down a similar road. The SV-98 is a powerful weapon I understand, (But from what I've heard from other people, it doesn't even manage to strike that hard) but I find it really hard to believe it is worth all the time I will have to sink in to find this trade items. Items that I'm not even able to purchase from the fence like before. I much rather pay a massive sum of cash to get my hands on this weapon. I understand the trade aspect is there for balance, but I feel a cash alternative should definitely be put in place for most of the trade items. Please let me know in the comments if you feel the same, or if I'm just a little cutie
  10. Hi there, I was wondering if the full game will allow us to play OFFLINE and keep the LOOT we gain.....Even if its low lever guns and gear. Not that valuable. And maybe they can throw in 2 times or 3 times more SCAV ENEMIES so we feel like the loot is more earnable.....
  11. JoshuaFetter

    2 Suggestions

    #1 : There should be a little incentive to help push more gear out. A geared players should earn a bonus for x amount of currency they have in gear. Example: Player running a hatchet gets a x 0 multiplier for coming in with a hatchet while a player with a gangster M4 and full body armor should receive x 2 - 3 on escape. That way you can earn more xp and the risk vs reward will increase #2 : No more quests that require the killing of scavs on a time limit. 25 scavs in one hour is fine, whatever but it promotes a non tactical sprint to get all the kills you can. IMO. If it's a limit, 1 hour on customs to kill 10 scavs would be fine. You can slow move through and play it tactically how it is designed but when you start putting a number of scav kills past what the amount that spawn pretty much eliminates any tactics.
  12. So I had this extremely profitable hatchet run earlier on Woods and thought I'd share, I used the hatchet to scalp a guy using a Vepr VPO. Picked that up along with a few mags and jumped on these two dudes wearing blueberries with kitted out AK's. Swiped a kiver and some meds off one of them as well. This is probably my most girthy run so far using hatchet. (If this was one of you, sorry guys. You did some work on me though, you broke both my legs and I had to limp from big rock to extraction.)
  13. I think we should implement a crafting system in the game, only for a limited amount of items though, so gun accessories(Sights,Grips,ETC, and very basic armor) a example of basic armor would be like a heater plate armor(western showdown in back to the future), you would need 2 heater plates any kind of rope but different kinds of rope influence weight by a small margin. or a sight would be a small pipe, metal scrap,a screw, and wire. I will have some concept art below of both the armor and sight after i restart my computer cause my tablet drive isn't responding. also all these self-made items have a way higher weight than the military grade items, especially the armor, since you have two large hunks of metal on your body.
  14. TechoverMana

    Searching Computers in Tarkov

    Currently, searching through the computers, they're quite odd in what they'll produce. Mostly this is due to RNG and just a preset list of 'parts' but often you're effectively finding a box that's just got 3 DVD players and a CPU fan, or just 3 cpu fans. This really seems odd, and starts breaking the illusion and seeing too much of the RNG loot mechanic. On top of that, we currently can only search through one type of computer, with several other computers that are unable to be searched for no discernible reason throughout the game, such as the "Unity" computer in the Dorms. And the 'gaming' computer I suppose What I would propose, is that all currently searchable computers, instead of using an RNG mechanic to determine what is in them, be fairly prebuilt at the start of every raid. A computer being searched for the first time would always yield at a minimum: A CPU, a cpu fan, a motherboard (replacing the current 'circuit' and making a 4x4 version), a PSU, As well as between 1-4 pieces of RAM, and 1-4 HDD and/or SSD. The only real random probabilities I would say would be for if a GPU spawns inside, or possibly to limit GPUs only to 'gaming' computers. This would go with making all computers searchable, as well as the laptops around the area, except I would think that laptops would have a higher chance of spawning an SSD over a HDD, and spawn a rechargeable battery instead of a PSU. I think such a change would add a greater level of immersion into the game, make it more realistic, and encourage more people to explore and seek out the computers and areas where they are since they would become a more reliable and valuable loot area.
  15. InqGlokta

    - BUG - Doppeltes Menü

    Hi, konnte den Fehler noch nicht reproduzieren, aber ungefähr so ists passiert: Ich hatte Schaden an den Beinen, durch den Stacheldraht vor der Tür (kleinerer Dorm, 2 Stock) Nach auswählen der Durchsuchen Option öffnete sich ganz normal das Fenster zum suchen. Als ich dann aber auf den Tab *Health gewechselt habe, hört man auf zu durchsuchen. Daher habe ich erneut auf search geklickt. Dann habe ich ein Medipack auf das linke Bein gezogen. Auf einmal verdoppelte sich das Loot Menü. Ich bin mir nicht sicher ob der Bug nach Schritt 3 oder 4 aufgetreten ist. Wenn ich Items aus dem Loot entfernt oder hinzugefügt habe, änderte sich der Zustand in beiden Fenstern. happy escaping!!
  16. DieMauerDie

    Escape from Desync

    Momentan einfach unspielbar! Bin als Käufer der ``Edge of darkness`` Edition so langam echt angepisst das die das trotz der extrem überzogenen Preise nicht hin bekommen mal gescheite Server zu Miete. Einfach nur mieserabel was die Jungs da abliefern in jedem 2ten Raid hat man min 5-10 Sekunden Desync und verliert dann wieder alles durch solch einen Müll. Wenn ich hierfür Verwarnungpunkte bekomme dann tick ich komplett aus einfach lächerlich ! was hier im Forum so abgezogen wird jeder der was dazu sagt das das Game scheiße läuft wird verwarnt. Kümmert euch lieber darum das es sauber läuft und verwarnt nicht 8 Stundem am Tag Leute im Forum und nennt es am Spiel arbeiten......
  17. ZacCyp

    Scav Run Warning

    Please put in some giant warning for the first scav run you manage to complete, I clicked next without knowing I had to put loot in inventory first. Was so excited I picked up stuff I clicked next thinking "come on, I wanna go see my loot", without realising you had to move it on that that screen.
  18. Richard_Floppin

    Inventory Bug

    I am having a bug where i cant drop/switch items around in my inventory. please help i am new and this is really ruining my gameplay.
  19. Hey guys, I'm a real noob when it comes to this but I've been having some issues. I only started playing a day or 2 ago but I'm having the following problem: When I open a crate (or whatever I open), the inventory screen opens about 3 minutes later, and most of the times I won't even be able to do anything with it. secondly, I just had a game in wich the scavs did not even react to me, and I could not shoot them either... I added a screenshot of the terminal, mayby some of you guys can see something in it. thanks!
  20. SpaceCake

    Looting and inventory improvements?

    So as a fairly new player to the game, since my first raid on factory (i actually ended up killing 22 enemies, atleast half of them players) i noticed that looting can be extremely tedious sometimes. Not being able to pick up even 10% of the gear of players you down is absolutely heartbraking, and i feel like it strongly encourages people to not fight it out to the end, but to escape with the first shotgun you find.. Secondly, looting a dead body fully can take a lot of time and be very risky, i sort of like this aspect, but its punishing newer players harshly, as they cannot take a tri-zip backpack to every raid to pick up more weapons. Im not here to just whine about it, i have a suggestion for this: Much like the insurance mechanic, there could be an paid gear delivery mechanic. Theres a lot of different ways this could be done, but after playing around with the idea for some while i came to an conclusion that it would make it too easy and risk free farming for endgame, if you could just pay a small fee to get every bit of gear extracted for you from any given raid. But this would not mean you cannot make it balanced, you could perhaps need an specific rare item like lets say a prepaid phone with Prapor's number on it to call in extraction for some specific gear for a certain price. This would leave less room for other important stuff in your secure container, and it would cost you, and if someone else stumbles on the gear you left behind for extraction and picks it up in their inventory, the item is gone and cannot be extracted even after you paid for the extraction. So it would definately not be risk-free. This kind of mechanic, or something similar would encourage players to stay in the raids longer, make good plays and try to actually play the game instead of picking up a shotgun from the ground at the start of the raid and immediately escaping for that super easy 10k profit like a little girl. Sadly i feel like this is now the meta, just my 2 cents on how you could potentially change things for the better. And im sure a million loot-goblins will be a little less frustrated in Tarkov
  21. UKzKnight

    Less Loot on Shoreline

    Is it me or has the loot on shoreline been nerfed? I go to the construction houses and there's nothing there anymore it seems. I am the first person there, just wondering if anyone else has been feeling this or if the devs have said anything about this.
  22. LlMA

    My Opinion About The Game

    Hello community. So after a month playing this beauty, I'll give my opinion about the game in general and my suggestion as well. This game is far the best in this gender I ever played, different ideas just made this game great, it isn't a generic game. Graphics, animations, environment, sound and custons made this game so great. But nothing is perfect in our world , I'm not saying this game should be, but definitely there're some small adjustments that can make this game better. Grass distance disappear in 50 m or less, it's make your life pretty hard when you trying to aim someone while you're lie down, although it's make the enemy life so easy when he aim to you. I know it's heavy to the game, we'll FPS loss, in this case I've no idea what you guys can do to change it. Game become repetitive because you know everything is going to happen, after your spawn, you know all the enemy locations, SCAV locations, all the important loot locations, I mean you know where you can find keys, what door you can find guns... So, a good idea could be make spawns of PMC / SCAV (players) random, make SCAV AI patrol big areas, not just guarding small areas. About the loot, it's getting bore because you know where to go, and what you'll find between you and the loot. An example about AI SACV could be Shoreline, you know exactly where and how much SCAV you can find. When we're playing in group, we should spawn together, since we're living the safe zone to join the city of Tarkov in group right? About the loot, my only complement is: we're living in a post-apocalyptic world, it's to easy to find loot, almost every house you get in you can find something, and guns shouldn't be the most important thing is this scenario, I always fill my backpack with loots and just before I escape my backpack is full of guns, because I can sell those for a really nice amount of money, and buy everything that I need later on in the shop NPC's. My advise is, make loot harder, and more valuable, make NPC's store more expensive and with less items, make the game really hard to survive and escape. Overall: Escape From Tarkov is amazing, beautiful and immersive, but I can feel you guys can make this game even better, and make its survival a challenge even for experienced players. Don't let the game become repetitive and just another PvP game with survival aspects like the other became. Ty all devs for this game and I wish you guys just the best!
  23. Scav players who spawn at the end of the map grab loot and/or kill A.I scav then leave. This is a problem becuase they have no risk and high reward while only taking content from pmc. (loot that spawns at the and the combat of the A.I.) My idea for a solution is make exits specific for scav players near pmc spawn forcing encounters and makes spawning in as a player scav an engaging experince instead of just free loot. any other ideas or opinions are welcome.
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