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Found 36 results

  1. zpwarrior

    Best setup

    What's your favorite setup for M4, AK-74n and the vepr/akm?
  2. dc13c16

    Master key door breaching?

    hello! will master key underslung shotguns be making their way into the game as well along side the m203??? also will you be able to breach doors with shotguns? if you do add this into the game it would be a really awesome feature and also probably the first and only game ever to do so which would be amazing.
  3. bifbaf

    Improve Weapon mods

    Hi Guys, I've bought the Game yesterday and haven't played only two short games until now but I have one idea that make buying mods for weapon much more easier. Would it be possible to show in some kind of way the available mods for a weapon in the mod menu and if you try to buy it and it is available on a trade you click on it and connect directly to the trader that shows you what you need for this kind of mod? That would also fix the problem that you always know what weapon mod can be put on which weapon. As I said I have the game only since yesterday but that is one thing that I noticed very quickly I like the game very much and it has so much potential. Keep on guys this will be the next big thing
  4. Hazel


    ***註意*** 各位同伴請留意! 如你所知, 我與城市中的不同單位進行聯絡。那位自稱是Peacekeeper的人通知我,他最近"合法採購"了一些H&K MP5的配件。 先不要興奮,這些配件還是需要透過"代價"換取的,請緊記任何東西在塔科夫都有一定的價值。 Peacekeeper通知這些配件仍然在運輸中,所以先整理好心情,當配件到貨後我們會第一時間通知大家。 那麼各位,今天的匯報已經完畢,請大家回到自己的位置上,或是用你自己的方式在塔科夫打發時間,這些大家都懂的。
  5. TheColdVein

    New MP5 Mod Shipment Incoming!

    **ATTN** Alright Mercs, listen up! As you may know, I play liaison to the different entities in the city. The one who calls himself, Peacekeeper, has recently made an "acquisition" of some legit new modifications for the H&K MP5. Now, don't rustle your jimmies just yet, you still gotta earn them. Remember, everything has a price in Tarkov. Peacekeeper reports that they are still in transit, so cool your jets and we'll let you know when they hit the warehouse. Ok, that's it fellas, I'll let you get back to your ops, or however you spend your time in Tarkov...I've heard stories.
  6. Butters_Gaming_

    What Happened to my Insured Items

    So I insured my items before going out to the tune of almost 20k ruples... I die and get a message saying that Prappor is sending guys out to get my stuff. I notice I have my pistol, but no flashlight. In addition to that I don't have my pistol magazines. I found 2 horse figures while scavenging and sold them to prappor for about 2700 ruples each which in no way shape or form covers my insurance... I am trying to figure out how I got some items back and not others? Also this is my first day playing this. I really have no idea what in the world I am doing or what I should look out for.
  7. Veaznor

    Gun modding ++

    I think it would be awesome to add these features into the gun modification ( which is already really good btw ) + Be able to choose location of the sight on the receiver. + Be able to choose location of attatchments on the handguard. + Be able to build your own guns from different gunparts, creating makeshift weapons ( I know this is hard to do and is not prioritized ) + More barrel options for more guns than just the shotguns. Theese are just suggestions, Don't get mad ; ^) Veaznor
  8. SenorKeener

    Different symbols on weapon mods

    i was wondering what these orange circles, green plus etc. on different weapon tools mean, does someone know?
  9. alexanderscs


    Hey Leute, ich wollte mal fragen ob es bei mir ein Bug ist oder ob es so gehört, dass ich wenn ich trade und ein Händlerobjekt inspiziere nie irgendeine Verfügbarkeit zu meinen Waffen angezeigt wird sondern immer nur der Strich -. Ich habe es mit demselben Magazin versucht dass ich im Inventar hatte: Wenn ich mein eigenes inspiziere, wird mir gesagt, dass es zu meiner Pistole kompatibel ist. Wennn ich dann dasselbe Magazin beim Händler inspiziere zeigt er mir keine Kompatibilität zu irgendwas. Wär schade, wenn das so gehört, weil sonst weiss man ja nicht welche Mods zu welchen Waffen passen. Oder erkennt man das irgendwie anders?
  10. BaD_KaRMa_701

    Mod Support / Steam Workshop Support

    I am wondering if you have had a conversation on giving the fans access to the tools to make mods, will the Developers support the modding community? Will there be a steam version of the game with workshop support. Something similar to games like the games ARMA,and DAYZ have implemented.
  11. barricade127

    Question about modding

    I know that modding will be moderated by the admins, but are we allowed to add in content like NPC animals, more weapons and a new map? I was hoping to make something like DayZ for ARMA(the mod won't be about zombies), so it will have custom servers but not affect the main game in any way(Inability to join main servers with mod, not affect stats). It will not be monetized in any way as it is to help me and my friends better our skills with Unity 5. If we are allowed to, we will most likely release a free download of the mod for everyone to use as long as they have purchased the game. Thanks in advance!
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