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Found 46 results

  1. jburke620

    What happens in a wipe?

    As the title says, what happens in a wipe? More so, do you lose EVERYTHING or are there some things that are kept? -Money -Containers (Alpha, Beta, Gamma) I've looked into other threads but most of them talked about the stash & stats only. If a wipe happens, do you get "reset" back to what you originally purchased? If no, do you get to keep your money? Sell everything before wipe to have a nice savings lined up. (THIS IS NOT OP IF YOU HAVE TO UNLOCK TRADER LEVELS AGAIN). Or is it just as it sounds? Regardless of which pre-order you got in the event of a wipe you lose EVERYTHING. Containers, money, stats, ect... You have NOTHING but your fists & Scav mode. Thanks!! Joe
  2. TheKewk

    Lost money(Rubles)

    Lost Money (Rubles) Hello every1! I want to start of buy saying that i love this game (true adict), and think that the Dev-team have done great whit this Idé of gameplay, I support you all the way! otherwise i would not have purchased ''Edge of Darkness'' And i know that you guys have a lot to do right now.. but just take a breake, and lissen fore 1,5 - 2 min ❤️ (Sorry that my english is not that great) In the past hour i have lost about 450 000 - 600 000 Rubles, I know some of you have had the same issue, First, i lost about 250-300 000 I thaught to myself.. nananaaa, this poo will not break me! So i kept raiding and selling poo and stuff to get my money count up a bitt.. Then, Tarkov starts to act wierd 4 the 10000 time this weak, (since all the new players have started playing) and i sat here like a dumb fool, thinking, naah naah, it will be over soon, (15 min later) you guys can guess what happend next, I lost more money (Rubles).... 💔 😢 I have, like always, pressd the ''Report bug'' and sent in the files and all that, with a cute message. so know.. to my Question: What is there to expect from now on??!!! When im done with a raid, and have all that awesome stuff that i have picked up along the way and the my money(Rubels) i get from selling that poo, I want that stuff safe man, not taken away, like im the fkn santa on christmas.. guys.. comone now.
  3. Witoldinio

    Kto kradnie ruble z portfeli?

    Zauważyłem, że pieniądze wsadzone do portfela / docsow / case znikają. Po tygodniu brakowało mi 70k rubli. Zachęcam do zrobienia eksperymentu i wsadzenia 400k rubli do portfela (można kopić u Fence'a). Po tygodniu zajrzeć do portfela ponownie i ... samemu zobaczyć. Dlaczego tak się dzieje?
  4. Skalden1

    Please remove Fleamarket

    Dear Developers, please remove the flea market from the game. It ruins so much things. Hackers, and/or professional Farmers, a complete destruction of the balancing for the loot and the PvP/PvE and it creates a toxic comunity. In the first time I was exited, that we will be able to sell/buy things to/from other players. But, if you see, that you now can buy 5 million roubles for just 3,50 € it is a sign, ho much ingame money the farmers are grabbing out of the normal player base. I see no advantages for normal players in your current system. Best wisches Karotte
  5. spac3m4r1n3

    Rubel verschwunden

    Hallo an alle, ich bin relativ Neu(knapp 1 Monat) bei EFT und habe mich relativ gut in die Spielmechaniken eingelebt. Daher kenne ich mich auch aktuell wenig mit den bestehenden Bugs des Spiel innerhalb der Beta Phase aus. Nun zum enstanden Problem/Bug...oder was es auch immer war. Ich hatte 7,7M Rubel auf meinem Konto und habe auf dem Marktplatz lediglich Munition aus Raids verkauft, also auch keine Container,Rucksäcke oder Taktikwesten o.ä.. Das Spiel war den gesamten Vormittag im Hintergrund offen da ich AFK war. Als ich am Nachmittag wieder ins Spiel tabbte waren 3,5M Rubel vom Konto verschwunden. Das Geld befand sich in einem Geldkoffer und mehrere Stacks waren betroffen....also es fehlten mehrere 500k Stacks und viele waren angebrochen. Ich habe aber weder was auf dem Fleamarkt gekauft oder versichert oder bei TRadern gekauft. Mein Stash platzt aus allen Näten undn daher war dies nicht nötig. Habe das Spiel gestern Neugestartet...aber dennoch bleiben die 3,5M Rubel verschwunden. Ist sowas bereits bekannt? Mit freundlichen Grüßen Space
  6. UnidentifedGhost

    Idea of a 'Bounty' System

    Hello all, after chatting a bit in twitch chat and watching Veritas video I thought it would be good to put my two cents on a system I think we should consider. So the bounty system would try to encourage (and reward) players to bring in high level gear to pvp with. The Bounty system would reward players (based off their gear) for killing other players. I do not know what the ratio should be, but if you kill 2-3 people you should revive money equivalent, or more than your gear is worth. This bounty should be more if you survive the raid than if you did not. The bounty that players get for killing other players would be calculated much like the insurance system in the game. Additionally you could take this system a step further and make it so that when killing other players you not only get a bounty worth of your gear but also the other players (I.E if you have a 750k kit and you kill a guy with 500k kit you should receive 250k bounty of that player in addition to your own bounty). This system probably needs to be refined since players could probably inflate their kits value (like having a mag case in gamma, and leaving all of the mags in their bag/rig when they start the raid so they get the maximum bounty). If you disagree with my idea for this system feel free to criticize it after all this is just a nuanced idea. Pros -Encourages pvp -Encourages bringing expensive kits -Allows players to get money for bringing in expensive kits -Works similar to the insurance system (so not a lot of developing) Cons -Could be abused -(ETC)
  7. MeatballGaming

    Screenshots of Success

    Siia võite visata oma Saavutusi enne Wipe et saada minutike Flexida oma Stashiga / Stash Valuega / Võtmetega või millega tahes 😃
  8. Hey guys, I'm new to the forums but have been playing EFT for a month or two now and just ran into my first serious bug. Below I have pasted in the email I sent the devs regarding the bug. In short, I spent a bunch of money to complete some rather expensive missions and when I logged back in all my progress was lost but my money was still gone. "Hello, last night I was playing some EFT and completed a few missions. Namely; Ragmans - Database - Part 2, Sew it good - Part 1 - 4, (4/6) of The Blood of War - Part 2, and most importantly Skiers - Loyalty Buyout. The problem here is that when I started last night I have just over a million Rubles saved up, after completing all of these I am nearly penniless. When logging back in today I have come to find that none of these missions are completed despite my money being eaten trough still and it is even prompting me to redo the million RUB Loyalty Buyout. Like a moron, I clicked on the Loyalty Buyout again to see if it was actually real and now what little money I had left is stuck back in Ragmans clutches. Is there anything you can do to return the progress that seems to have vanished or return the money I had spent so I can finish the quests again? I ended up selling a lot of my stored weapons and gear to make enough money to get this far in the missions last night and this is extremely disappointing and muse killing to wake up to. Thanks a million (no pun intended) -D_domic" Has anyone else had this problem and if so was there any solution to it? Thanks in advance for the help and it's good to be here in the community. -D_domic
  9. So i was doing the Skier quest friend from the west part 1 where you need to hand over 2 mbss and 6 avs vests. When i was doing this i had al my money stored in a wallets inside an mbss (to save space and organize it). I got 2 mbss for the quest (so 3 in total) and when i wanted to hand them in i clicked auto thinking it would not hand in the backpack with the money in it.... But it did. I lost over 1.5M Roubles, 5k EU and 15k USD. I would of course like it back but i know this is impossible since everyone can claim to have this happend to them. I would have like it if you made it so you can't hand in items with items or money inside for quest thus making them disapear. I added a picture of 0 0 0 for "proof" even if it isn't that special.
  10. So something I've noticed after a few days on the flea market. Money sometimes stacks automatically but sometimes doesn't, and it does seem to be because of a change in stack value when it doesn't. After some time doing a lot of back and forth trading the menus really bog down. This leads me to believe with my very limited knowledge that a stack has a unique ref/val and whenever you add a "fresh" stack onto a "refreshed" stack it changes that ref/val to the fresh stacks'. This would eventually make for a huge increase in calls being made to fetch these references which could bog down the pipeline. Thus, this really is a suggestion as far as maybe look into it with your more higher knowledge of your systems, I would've tried reading the memory to confirm some of this but I don't wanna risk a potential ban, but would love any knowledge bombs to improve my understanding of all this.
  11. Torqen

    Bank account system

    I am currently using approximately 40% of my stash to store money. Why on earth is there not implemented som sort of «banking system» where you can «deposit» and “withdraw” money from an account? There should also be a increase in the amount you can store in one slot. I am sure I’m not the richest man I Tarkov, there must be other people in worse situations than me, so please devs, help us out with this as soon as possible. Thanks
  12. Shikascott

    Selling items for IRL money

    Hello, I was watching a streamer who was getting donations from people to give them in game items. Is this not against the TOS even thoe it's a sale disguised as a donation?
  13. Guten tag alle zusammen., Ich habe leider eine Leidige Anfrage und Hilfestellung. Ist es jemanden Gelungen ein Refund zu bekommen? Dieser Account hier ist von meinem Sohn der ohne Erlaubnis Geld benutzt hat um sich das Paket zu Kaufen. Wir haben von Grund auf schon nicht viel geld und ich habe versucht den Support zu bitten diesen Account einfach zu Sperren aber dieser Weigert sich zu einer Rückzahlung. Leider oder zum glück Leben wir in der EU und noch genauer in Deutschland, nach einem kurzen Gespräch mit der Verbraucherschutzzentrale wurde klar das die Politik zum zurückzahlen unter "Unerwartete Klausel fällt" da es üblich ist das man solche Founder packs auch erstattet bekommt ist die Klausel in der User Agreement nicht gültig. Ich will mich darauf nicht Versteifen und ich verstehe ja warum sie es reingeschrieben haben, aber dieser Account ist nicht mit meiner Erlaubnis Entstanden. Sie sagten mir das sie solche sachen nicht erzwingen wollen aber haben mir 4 mal mit der gleichen Standart Antwort zum Refund geantwortet. Ich will das nicht an die VSZ weitergeben den sonst kann es sein das Jeder Deutsche das recht hat ein refund einzufordern und das soll ja nicht Ziel sein. Ich will nur das Geld wiederhaben das gar nicht erst hier landen sollte. Das SPiel wurde meines Wissen nicht einmal Gespielt sicher bin ich mir da allerdings nicht. Es ist keine 2 Wochen her. Gibt es ein Moderator der vielleicht Hilfestellung walten lassen kann bevor ich den Rechtlichen Weg einschlage? Das Geld wird dringend gebraucht wir könne uns solche Spiele hier nicht Leisten.
  14. JacksonBarret

    Tarbank Case

    Since i stream on twitch and my channel is EFT based and i recently added donations..i just drew the Tarbank case as my Donation Imagine..hope you guys like it!
  15. I decided to Crosspost this from Reddit since I know there has been a schism lately and someone mentioned it might be a good idea: So, you're an international PMC, getting all sorts of cash, valuables and riches. What do you do with them? Store them under the bed of course! Obviously not. But I was thinking about how money takes up a huge amount of space and I had an interesting idea how to remedy that. Mercs wouldn't be hoarding it, they'd be putting it in an untraceable account for safe keeping. This solves one major problem: Inventory space. Standard players don't have much and money can rapidly accrue. This wastes time on inventory management and can be frustrating. Especially with keybars and the like. It solves another major problem: Poverty. I'll get into this later. For the Swiss Banker, my idea is this: All currency purchases will be moved to him and based on level. The description of how the account works is at the bottom. For levels, It goes as follows: Trader Level 1 Converts Rubles to Dollars and Dollars to Rubles Quest Unlock - Purchase Basic Swiss Account Quest Unlock - Purchase Safety Deposit Box: Small (Store Valuables and Extra Money outside of your inventory. This would be instant withdraw, not in your inventory, but it gains no interest. You could put whatever you wanted in here with the exception of weapons, mods and things of that nature. The box would cost a certain amount of money per month based on level, which will increase slightly due to more space. You would be able to 'lock' the box and not make a payment, but you would be unable to withdraw until you paid the balance)* Quest Unlock - Purchase Wallet Quest Unlock - Purchase PO Box: Small (Allows you to put items into it to trade to other players. Same restrictions as Safety Deposit Box, except much smaller fees) Trader Level 2 Converts Rubles to Euros and Euros to Rubles Converts Euros to Dollars and Dollars to Euros Quest Unlock - Purchase Premium Swiss Account Quest Unlock - Purchase Safety Deposit Box: Medium Quest Unlock - Purchase PO Box: Medium Quest Unlock - Purchase Horse Figurine Quest Unlock - Purchase Cat Statue Trader Level 3 Sell Valuables Case (Store Figurines, Clocks, Gold chains, Rolexes, Bitcoins, etc.) Sell Money Case Quest Unlock - Purchase Private Swiss Account Quest Unlock - Purchase Documents Case Quest Unlock - Purchase Gold Chain Quest Unlock - Purchase Clock/Expensive Art Quest Unlock - Purchase Safety Deposit Box: Large Quest Unlock - Purchase PO Box: Large Trader Level King Converts Dollars to Bitcoin and Bitcoin to Dollars Converts Euros to Bitcoin and Bitcoin to Euros Converts Rubles to Bitcoin and Bitcoin to Rubles Quest Unlock - Purchase Untraceable Swiss Account Quest Unlock - Purchase Keybar Quest Unlock - Purchase Rolex Quest Unlock - Purchase Safety Deposit Box: Very Large Quest Unlock - Purchase PO Box: Very Large Quest Unlock - Upgrade Safety Deposit Box: Illegal Storage (Allows you to store weapons, grenades and other dangerous items) Quest Unlock - Upgrade PO Box: Illegal Storage (See above) I just put other valuables for purchase just in case they are made available for quest trades later on. Here's how I think Swiss Accounts should work: Swiss Account Based on the level, you are allowed to put in a certain amount of money of each type. Depositing the money takes a certain amount of time, like insurance. Based on the account level, the speed of transaction increases with better accounts. Once there, it accrues interest based on the level of the account. This would help with people losing lots of money with no means to get more. The money in the Swiss Account is unavailable to purchase anything, as it is stored in a network in order to prevent it from being stolen. You have to withdraw your money in order to use it, which again, would take time depending on the level of the account. Interest rates might be tied also to trader favorability, trust and things like that. However, things can quickly become unbalanced by dumping money into the economy. To combat this, fees would be instituted whenever you move money. The higher level the account and the more money you move, the more fees you get hit with. The fees reflect paying off people to move illegally earned money undetected. This would provide insulation to the economy and prevent money hoarders from ruining it or dumping cash. It would also allow smaller players to reap more benefits, as players down on their luck wouldn't be hit nowhere near as hard. The real purpose of interest is to counter bad luck, RNG or just learning the game. Its intent is to not make people super wealthy, but to provide a buffer for bad streaks. That's why the fees are there. Saftey Deposit Box Another method of offsite storage, here you can stash quest items, money, valuables, geiger counters, meds, etc. Money will not gain interest however. Withdrawal is instant. However, there will be fees depending on how big the box is to offset this advantage. The fees get more and more expensive as your box gets bigger. It would be a monthly or weekly fee, no matter if you use it or not. However, if you don't use it that much, you can 'freeze' it, which means you no longer have to pay any fees. However, once frozen you can't take anything out of it or put things into it until you pay what you owe. To prevent items from being permanently locked out in a worst case scenario, you could remove/sell/get rid of your box, maybe for a lower fee than unlocking. However, you'd have to buy it again and the fees would increase for a time, just like going bankrupt. If you dislike the box, you can either sell it or give it up PO Box Trading in this game is difficult. The PO Box would be a box for trading only, where you pay a much smaller fee, only as long as something is in it. This is for trading and you can give access to this box to another player. That way you don't have to drop things on the ground in game. Conclusions I think this would be a good compromise, helping with inventory spaces and grinding for items. It adds another layer to the economy, removes frustrating inventory management, and provides some quality of life issues and makes losing less frustrating since you know you've got money in the bank and you won't go poor. Let me know what you guys think.
  16. UCFBaron88

    Money Glitch - Won't Stack

    I am currently experiencing a glitch with currency in my stash. I have dollars and rubles which are not at max stack size (100,000). When trying to combine the stacks, the icon turns red when dragging and dropping and the stacks won't combine. The problem stacks were in wallet I took off a dead scav in the previous raid.
  17. Is there any reason to keep wallets after getting the money case(s)? Other than keeping one in your game for raids. Just curious if I should keep them or sell them. I'd hate to sell them and then learn/realize later that I could have done something way more useful with them. Cheers, guys
  18. Mitch03

    Bitcon Bug, DON'T STACK THEM

    A quick word of the wise, do NOT stack bitcoins. I had found 2 bitcoins while doing loot runs. They were found on separate occasions and this was during the new patch of 8.0. I had stacked them both in my inventory to save space. Nothing new there. When I exited and came back on the next day, my stack was gone and I was left with only one bitcoin. From now on, I will be stacking my bitcoins separately.
  19. 3rd run in Customs and i found a dead scav, looted him and found a stack of 12 bitcoins! what luck just after wipe.
  20. I am wondering in the future that we will be able to use the money in our wallets/cases without having to withdraw stacks individually for it to be available for buying/selling with traders. A few times now I have wanted to buy some rare items that disappear in seconds, but could not due to only keeping a couple stacks of cash out for stash space reasons. I would hope that in the future wallets and cases are added to available cash resources. I am sorry if this has been asked already, but I could not find an answer in the searches.
  21. YoloHippy

    Insurance Rework

    Hi EFT Team and community, Just a noob player here throwing down a thought on how a change with insurance would help the game a little better. I have read many a forum post on Hatchlings and the constant salt that people have against them due to having loot grind stuff with just there hatchet and secure container. I know alot of us has done this, myself included to get loot and sell them to get more money to gear up for raids etc. I dont see any issue but alot of people are getting annoyed at it. Another issue is people going up against highly geared players who are highly skilled at the game and losing really fast due to the high learning curve this game offers, for me, nothing wrong with it as I find it challenging and rewarding. But I guess in a way to help everyone with having gear issues, gear fear, hoarding etc etc we can look into how insurance works. Currently we insure our stuff, and in the likely event that we die, we have a chance of getting our gear back if a player hasnt taken it from our cold dead body. And if they do, our gear is lost forever. Alot of people who are new fear this, and this creates alot of salt within the experienced players to the very nooby ones. Alot of us understand that this is a hardcore realistic game, but i think we can make a change to how insurance works to benefit everyone and have a healthier community and better gameplay. I would like to suggest that when you insure your gear, you are 100% guaranteed to get them back after death. Now now, hold the fire and pitchforks everyone. I only say this so that the GEAR we get doesnt have a place holder anymore. That means the only thing that we are really needing is PVE material that cant be insured, so the focus is more on the quest tasks and the trade items other then the enemies gear. You still can opt in to kill the enemies and loot them, but this makes the gameplay less annoying for those that are fearful of losing their hard earned loot. Now the experienced Tarkov players will probably read this and go whatever, but some of us dont live and breathe this game. I play this game a bit and have no issue with losing loot now but it does get annoying sometimes when a scav magically shoots you in the head after youve unloaded several AP rounds into him. How to balance the insurance mechanic since its a guaranteed return of goods? Well increase the payment by a large portion. Like, very large. That way our money isnt being hoarded, ppl have millions. Literally. The streamers can vouch for that. How does this help everyone? Well we are now not worried about our gear, we are now focused on the raid, looting what we find, killing what we see, engaging in PVP more often (the ones that dont like the pvp aspect will surely join in more instead of camping and getting the scraps) How does this impact economics? Well weapons degrade. If people are worried a change like this will break the game then make it so that when you receive your lost goods, all the items suffter a 20% durability loss. So this way, you die 5 times, your gear is rubbish, time to buy new gear, or farm it. This suggestion will not stop Hatchet runs etc, but it will help ease it off so that people are shooting more geared players for more fun or mayhem. I know myself and others would benefit a system like this and would be more engaging in PVP if knowing my gear will be back after death to go at it again before they eventually break and have to be replaced. I would rather have my gear fall apart after dying the 5th time then to work really hard in getting the gear or cash and have it be all gone in 30secs. That all being said, I know there can be more issues with having a guaranteed insurance policy, but i think it wouldnt hurt the players to have that peace of mind, and I know that the streamers/youtubers/highly experienced players would probably be ok with it either, hell theyd probably go all full terminator mode and hunt us all down even more then what they are now lol. Anyways, thanks for your time. PS - Now before all the ultra realistic hardcore players out there burn my suggestion in saying that this is meant to be a "hardcore realistic game and that when you die you lose everything, simple as that...." if thats how you are going to approach what I have said, that I suggest the devs remove the secure container for everyone... that way we all can be more realistic.... Just saying.
  22. iamvolner

    Money Case

    Why does the money case randomly take money out of the case? The same thing happens with the wallet its like the game is taking interest or something. Can this be fixed I had a full money case with 3.6 million Roubles in it and check it today with 3.4 million in the case. I lost over 100k for no reason.
  23. Heyndlgarndl

    Dollar stack issues

    Hi. I seem to have issues stacking Dollars. Sometimes it works and sometimes it does not. In -and outside of the wallet. At first I thought the stack limit was reached. Can you stack as much Dollars/Euros in one slot as Roubles, or are there different limits? If so, what are they? Cheers.
  24. Please make hatchlings unable to keep the money they find. There are so many hatchlings that it takes away the fun and challenge. They spawn and run to the safes or anywhere they can find money just to put it in their alpha or gamma container and rinse repeat. I literally run into more hatchlings than geared players. If you make the hatchlings a lower chance of finding good loot, then less of them would be coming out with a hatch... I understand sometimes it's good to be hatchling because you want to let's say run and find the Flash drive for a quest but people are doing it waaaay too much. They're so scared to lose their gear which is a important part of the game. The possibility of losing your gear gives value to your gear which then intensifies the game and keeps you moree on edge.....Please make the probability of finding good loot a little lower for the hatchlings, it would push them to at least come with a pistol lol.....
  25. Hi developers. I love your game and I would just like to add 1 suggestion. When I have my wallet in my gamma container I then pick up money such as dollarsm rubles and euros and insert them in my wallet, then when I go ahead and collect another stack of money and drag it into my wallet, the game doesn't automatically insert it where it belongs. When I drag euros it should go in the euro stack, when I drag us dollars it should go and be inside the US dollars stash, and same with euros. Every time you drag money and put it in your wallet it should automatically go in the stash where it belongs. It shouldn't make a whole stack for itself...thank you developers and may your game be released this year
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