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Found 38 results

  1. So, I'll get straight to the point! The other day (11/23/2017) I completed the 8th task handed to me by Prapor and was ready to move onto the 9th or so I thought, however I greeted by a empty task log and when I tried to check what the requirements for the next task was, it stated a LL within a small white almost square like form with a red number 2 next to it. I'm currently as of making this post, level 18 with my loyalty being level 3 with Prapor. My other loyalty levels are level 2 with Therapist, with all aside from the level requirement unlocked and then level 1 with the rest. If you are aware of the requirements that I have yet to do to be unlock this quest, I'd appreciate the help or if anyone is aware of this being a bug and something that I require support to fix or something? Thanks in advance!
  2. vivalau67

    Prapor task

    There´s a bug in postman pat task, I completed including survive and exit Factory Location, but the game didn´t complte...anyone have the same problem????...
  3. Gizmo93

    Problem z odbieraniem Insurancu

    Witam Mianowicie mam problem z odbieraniem ubezpieczen, pewnie nie ja jeden. Ubezpieczenia od Prapora przychodza, sa w wiadomosciach ale... nie moge przescrollowac wystarczajaco wysoko by je odebrac, przewinac moge z 20 wiadomosci poczym nastepuje blokada i nie moge zjechac wyzej. Uwaga nie zawsze ! w 90% przypadkow tak sie dzieje gdy sprawdzam wiadomosci od niego. Jakies pomysly ? Sugestie ?
  4. Hey ich bräuchte mal eure Hilfe. Gestern habe ich den dritten Abschnitt der Questreihe "The Punisher" von Prapor angenommen, in der man 25 Scavs auf Customs töten muss. Ich hatte nachdem ich bereits 21 Kills erreicht habe das Problem, dass ich keinem Raid beitreten konnte, da im Ladescreen immer wieder stand "server connection lost". Nach 10 Minuten in ein und dem selben Raidbeitritt war ich immer noch erfolgslos und habe das Spiel über den Taskmanager beendet und bin schlafen gegangen. Heute muss ich feststellen, dass die Quest wohl den Status "failed" hat. Ich kann sie auch nicht wieder annehmen und neu anfangen. Soweit ich weiß, hatte diese Quest keine Zeitvorgabe und demnach bin ich ratlos. Hat jemand das gleiche Problem erfahren und es eventuell auch schon gelöst? Oder werde ich diese Quest und folgende jetzt schlicht und einfach nicht mehr machen können?
  5. So before the patch my prapor was a level 2 and after the latest patch he is a level one again and next to how much money Ive is required to spent there is what looks like a little graph with an arrow going up and it has a red .20 next to it does any one know what this means
  6. PhineasWhipsnde

    Prapor calling me "sugar" via insurance claim?

    No, it doesn't inhibit my game play, but why is Prapor calling male players "Sugar" via his insurance responses? If he's supposed to insult players on a regular basis (because he's a derp) then OK...but if this is a bug, would be nice to have it fixed. Even simple details matter; just saying.
  7. njdaemon

    4 Prapor quest keys at once

    this is me right now after finding 4 keys in one jacket.. i'll trade them once i'm done with the quest...
  8. godexists

    Prapor Pocket Watch Quest

    I found the room with the poster and key but I can not find the watch anywhere. Is it a car in the dorms parking lot where it is found? I'm just looking for something, even a hint please.
  9. Cookyq4

    Prapor insurance

    Hello, Just a simple question, How long does it normally take for Prapor to get your items back to you? My friend said 12-14 hours, but its been 18 hours and I havent gotten any messages from him saying my loot is gone or if i can get it, Thanks
  10. Trador: Prapor. Problem: Every time a purchase is made the transaction is not counted by the spending meter, meaning i cannot progress from tier 1 to tier 2 gear with this trader. Here is what happened: I noticed I had spent 333.3k with Prapor and I needed to spend 400k to reach tier/ level 2, I had about 450k so I thought I know i'll buy a load of ak74u's. So I buy five but then notice the money did not register as it still say's that I have spent 333.3k. I thought maybe I needed to log out and log in again, so I did and still the purchase has not been registered. I bought another five and again the money did not register. I went into a game and came back out, and it still says I've spent 333.3k with Prapor. So I log out and log back in again, for the second time now and still its saying I've only spent 333.3k so I buy another 5 ak47u's for the third time and some bullets just to make sure its not a gun thing... and for the third time it does not register my purchases. it takes my money and i get the goods but does not register the spend. Has anyone else had the same thing? is it limited to only one trader? I dont have a before or after picture as I am a casual and didn't think to document it. - but I've tested it 3 times and can say its definitely a thing, well for me anyways. Are there any others who've had the same issue? If so - is it limited to only Prapor? How can I get around this? - If I'm stuck with tier 1 gear with Prapor that's going to suck balls.
  11. Butters_Gaming_

    What Happened to my Insured Items

    So I insured my items before going out to the tune of almost 20k ruples... I die and get a message saying that Prappor is sending guys out to get my stuff. I notice I have my pistol, but no flashlight. In addition to that I don't have my pistol magazines. I found 2 horse figures while scavenging and sold them to prappor for about 2700 ruples each which in no way shape or form covers my insurance... I am trying to figure out how I got some items back and not others? Also this is my first day playing this. I really have no idea what in the world I am doing or what I should look out for.
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